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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2022 7:15am-7:31am CET

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say yeah, it was an emotional reunion for czar's mother, beatrice. he says there were some nail biting moments. of course, this is not what i risk. she is breaking records after all, but, but i was very confident ins, our skills and her experience, and also in the team, the whole team behind. and that we kept the safest possible very low to high school . zara rather ford plans to keep her feet on solid ground for no apply for university. but she hopes her double world record will encourage girls everywhere to spread their wigs in any way they can. inspiring that's it from me on this team . don't go away to w, a business is ready for take off in a few seconds with chelsea, delaney and the carpet. i'll be back at the top of the off with my 1st vice. i was a sewing machine. ah,
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where i come from. women are boned by their social goals. even something as simple as learning how to write a by side vote isn't. since i was a little girl, i wanted to have a bicycle of my own, but it took me years to life. finally, they gave up and went to buy me on my side and returned with a sewing machine sewing, i suppose, was more appropriate for girls than writing a bite. and now i want to reach out to those woman back home for bone to buy their duties and social rules and inform them about that basic rights. my name is de about oklahoma and i work with ah, get ready for $100.00 barrel oil. strong demand and rising geopolitical tensions
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have since the prices for crude oil soaring in europe aimed to rein in big tack. the european parliament moves to impose unprecedented curves on online content. and we take you to turkey, where record inflation in shops have to raise their prices almost daily. well, look at if the government is making things better or worse, chunky delaney and for land. welcome to the show. global oil prices have surged to the highest level and 7 years this week, but analysts are warning that this could be just the beginning of the price rally. some now expect the price of a barrel of crew to top of 100 dollars this year. strong demand and the price supply problems are largely to blame. but geopolitical tensions are also playing a role. smoke rises from oil tanks that exploded in the united arab emirates. the satellite image shows the aftermath of an attack by humans. iran aligned hootie rebels. 3 tanks exploded,
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killing 3 people. the incident is still being investigated, but it shows how vulnerable the middle east is. not just the emirates, but also libya, and many other oil producing countries. geopolitical tensions also including the threat of a new russian invasion of ukraine, have caused a tremendous rise in the oil price within just a year. it increased by almost 70 percent. supply constraints are also adding to rising oil prices, petroleum producers, slight nigeria and russia have under invested in the sector. they expected lower demand because of the transition to green energy in many countries. demand for oil, however, is not decreasing. quite the opposite, especially in china, where the middle class is growing and with it, the demand for heating, oil and gasoline. now for more and that's the ins quarter. our correspondent in new
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york joined us now. so yen, what our investors saying here, are we going to see oil at $100.00 a barrel? well, actually, some traders are saying it's not are christian if, but when all will reach $100.00 a barrel. goldman sachs, for example. it says, saying that could already happen in the 3rd quarter of this year. clearly that does depend on demand, what seems to be pretty strong. more and more countries are using a cobit restriction. so that is helping. and then on the other side, we have supplies and they don't seem to get too high at this point. the opec plus countries, for example, are having difficult just to even meet their production quote us at this point. so at this moment it does look that actually we could see $100.00 that at the end will also depend on production in the united states and will also depend on demand. for
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example, from china, the 2nd largest economy on the planet. wiggins, you mentioned that there, why is opec plus wire oil producers in general having such a hard time just pumping more oil? well, i mean if you look at the united states, what has been the biggest oil producer on the planet in the past couple of years? a lot depends. for example, on the permian basin, that's where the sale production is taking place here in the united states, especially early on in 2020, when the pen demik started, oil prices plunged. and so a lot of companies actually decided to take down those sale for production. and it does not work like a light switch where you can switch it on or off to take time and investments to get production going again. and then we have those geopolitical tensions. pardon you, for example, in africa while open plots is not meeting their production
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a quote us at this point. yes, credit quarter, new york, thanks so much now the european union says it's time for the likes of facebook and google to face more scrutiny here. the european parliament has now agreed to a proposal to do just that. it's called the digital services act, and it means that those mostly american tech giants would be required to do more to tackle illegal content on their platforms or risk, huge fines before it can become law and must be negotiated and implemented by you member states. that's a process that is likely to take many more months. but the dna is also raising concerns that it can be used to restrict free speech before that vote d. w. brussels. your chief, alexandra von nomine. caught up with more corner a member of the european parliament who helped write the bell. she asked him how far it's curbs would go. the big classrooms we, they,
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they have to stick to the roots. we make sure that illegal content is taken down by the platform, but we also make sure that there is no censorship in the, in the digital world that we let things online that are legal and that we make sure that there is no big app load filtering and so on, we had huge protests by, especially young people a few years ago and we make sure that we strike the right balance here in regulating big tech. now over to turkey, where president raj, a tie up air to one has pledge to bring down the country soaring inflation, but many blame his policy of keeping interest rates low for the current crisis. our correspondent and drill julia han reports from assemble for the men g has to print new price stickers build eggs toilet paper. almost everything he
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self in his small shop in the stumbles, cutty co district has become more expensive again. normally that one is going to take this pack of pastor for example, a year ago, i sold it for 3.5 liter us. now it costs more than twice as much. that's not normal . manufacturers and wholesalers are hiking prices several times a month. and d m n g has to do the same. sometimes he says he is barely able to keep up on for another reason. i've been a shopkeeper for 10 years, but i have never seen anything like this right now. the wholesalers don't make a profit. i'm not making a profit, and the customers suffer to on the nobody wins. every one is losing a longer shronda all around the world. nations are grappling with rising inflation due to the corona, virus pandemic, and higher energy costs. but the price spikes here in turkey have been exacerbated by a dramatic depreciation of the country's currency. the lira,
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according to official figures, inflation has sought to 36 percent. that's the highest rate in nearly 20 years. yet many think that even this i popping figure is an understatement. ruggedized for i think inflation is higher. everything got at least twice or 3 times as expensive, which with electric charged with us. we know exactly what we are paying at the supermarket. i think it's 50 percent or more. i'll fly now. now i've been running around for 2 hours trying to find cheap bread. i think we're seeing 100 percent inflation right now. garbage rubiser on social media to anger about the price explosion is growing. this twitter account with more than 100000 followers, is called inflation diary users post photos showing changing price tags in grocery stores. i also use the shallow president, reggie of ty, about once economic policies have so far been unsuccessful in court. nevertheless,
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he says he is convinced that prices will soon fall, ugly, ugly, not very economist. good am i to abide, disagrees. she projects that inflation will likely rise further eroding incomes and savings. you started from looking at that towards the end of the 1st quarter. we will see inflation rates of 50 to 60 percent. the real problem is that president ad one thinks he is the chief economist here in the country. and everyone else doesn't know anything that will only change with an election and a new government to condition you to the next elections in turkey aren't officially due until 2023 shop own of what the m n g does not know what will happen in the mean time, but he knows one thing for sure. the next price hike will definitely come. now from mecca cities to villages on asia, motor bikes rule the road. green. e bikes offer an alternative,
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and with battery charging stations becoming more common, the green 2 wheelers are picking up speed. like many people here in taipei, aiden lee hits the road onto wheels. but when his fellow riders have to head to the gas station to refuel, he goes to a battery swapping station. instead. he told me to go to woods in metro taipei, it used to be really inconvenient to swap batteries, but in 2017 or 2018. there was a rapid expansion of stations. you see a lot of them as you walk down the street. lee is a go guerrero user. the taiwanese start up has 450000 subscribers. that swap an average of 330000 batteries every day. and for li, the green alternative only costs about 10 percent more than he would pay to buy fuel every month. for go roll started in taiwan. electric to wheeler
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only made up less than one percent of the overall sales of to we live in the market today. now, after we started and in just to 5 to 6 years, we're good up market from less than one percent to not over 10 percent overall in taiwan, google ro likes to compare the ease of battery swap stations, vending machines and says they already of number gas stations and 4 major taiwanese cities. the firm has big expansion goals for 2020 to go. guerrero wants their stations to out number, all gas stations in taiwan. and then going after the world's largest to we'll a market, india, china, and indonesia is what we're focus on. for the next phase, taking really all the lesson learn and all the capability and all the technology that we have developed in taiwan. and then going into those large markets to make an impact go. the ro is now looking at
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a nasdaq listing in the 1st quarter of 2020 to the new business is expected to be valued at over $2000000000.00. not bad for 2 wheels. now, french champagne sales rebounded last year despite many restaurants being closed due to corona virus restrictions, the producers federation says 322000000 bottles were sold in 2021 and that more people are drinking champagne at home. sales were up with in france and abroad so much in fact that don perry on and mo, at, and shand and saw shortages. and that's all for me and the team here. and berlin, thanks so much and see you next time. ah, the battle against cove it the only covariance is putting healthcare systems around
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the world to the test. vaccination campaigns are accelerating while restrictions are intensifying once again. but or is these measures enough to stop the spread of omicron, fax, data, and reports covey? 19 special. next on d, w to the point, strong opinions, clear positions, international perspectives. final preparations are underway for the winter olympics in beijing, china, and struggling to sustain it. strict 0 covert strategy, so kill the countries new great wall to wall round the athletes old. find out from to the point shortly. to the point in 60 d w ah,
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thinker is a sports guy, the colors and the children in this mountain village. oh the ah, can everyone deal with them regardless of gender? emma, where is blue? the color of her favorite sex is traditions, prevent her from going to games and playing ah, an insurmountable obstacle, little girl football on the peak that starts february, 4th on d, w. o. o. welcome to our code at 19 special on d w.


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