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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2022 1:00pm-1:30pm CET

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how do we make cities greener? how can we protect habitat, what to do with a bowl? our ways we can make a difference by choosing smarter solutions over stain said in our ways global ideas, environmental series included $3000.00 on d, w, and online. ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. tensions between russia and the west enter a pivotal phase. russian foreign minister survey lob addresses were quarters here
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live after talks about us counterpart antony blanket. the last ditch talks are supposed to diffuse a crisis over ukraine as fears grow of war in europe. also coming up the you will decide whether nuclear power dissolve deserves a label that would see it classified as good for the climate. germany. as against that, calling the initiative an attempt at green washing at ah, us singer meatloaf, best known for his seventy's head, that out of how has died at 74, will look back at a legendary career in entertain. ah, ah, i'm send me some good that's good to have you with us. america talk diplomat,
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antennae blinkin and russian foreign minister survey lopper of held high stake. although short talks in geneva this morning. the meeting, follow the 10th stand off over ukraine, that some fear could lead to war in europe. now the 2 countries have agreed to keep pursuing a diplomatic path to work on their differences. but both men have played down hope of finding any resolution today. and let's get the perspective from moscow. we have our correspondent, emily sherwin standing by for us there. hi emily. this meeting was a little bit shorter than than we had perhaps expected. and sergei love has been speaking to reporters. so tell us what you make of what we've seen and heard. well, of sergei lover of called this meeting today, an interim meeting. he said the fact that it was shorter than expected wasn't necessarily a bad sign. as this is part of an ongoing process. that's how he presented it to the press in his statement. he said that the us use the opportunity of this meeting
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to clarify some of the russians positions. and that the russian side is still very much expecting a written response to its demands sometime next week. and that actually, anthony blinking was essentially preparing for that written response. that's what the russian foreign minister said is saying at the moment to the press in his statements following that meeting, he said that the u. s. had repeated some of its positions when it comes, especially to nato eastern expansion and had talked about the fact that nato had an open door policy. but it seems that the russian side is certainly presenting it as if the u. s. is decide that has to compromise while it stands strong when it comes to, to its own demands, including on, on that nato 8 eastern expansion that i mentioned. definitely tell us a bit more about that because there was
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a lot of anticipation of these talks in geneva today was described by some as a last ditch effort, perhaps to ask de escalate rather the situation. but in this time, all this diplomatic activity we've seen has the russian position, it's demands actually changed. know, the russians have, in the last 2 weeks, you know, we've seen all these talks between various groups between the u. s. and russia between nato and russia, between the o. s. c, e and russia, various foreign ministers speaking as well. we've basically seen the russian side repeating the same demands and not really budging on them. and the main demand that the russian side has been making is that they want a written guarantee from nato and from the u. s, that there will be no more eastern expansion of the nato alliance. they say that, that russia sees that expansion as a threat and sees the alliance as a threat. and they also want to guarantee that the ukraine, that ukraine,
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another will, will never join that alliance. the west has gone into all of these rounds of talks, basically saying that that is a non starter, but the russians are holding onto that. any way we have seen in the last 2 weeks. also some suggestions from various parties on ways that the 2 sides could move forward. for example, nato had against oldenburg proposed, perhaps some mutual guarantees on arms control more transparency on military exercises. the german foreign minister this week proposed to sergei love roth. continuing resuming talks on ukraine, on peace in ukraine in the normandy format, which is as a format of talks between ukraine, russia, france, and germany. it does seem that russia is prepared to listen to these suggestions and open to the suggestions. but it does seem that there are kind of holding on
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strong to their main demand, which is that they don't want any more nato expansion. it seems like there's actually a long rod road ahead when it comes to these negotiations. right. see that these, emily? sure. when reporting there for us from moscow. thank you very much. let's move on to the mother headline from around the world. now. several people have been killed in air strikes in yemen, targeted it targeting rather the contest, the city of data. they've also reportedly caused a nationwide internet blackout. according to an advocacy group, the saudi led coalition supported yelman's government destroyed telecommunications hub and nearby buildings. leaving chaotic scenes at a local hospital and numerous casualties. mexicans in the border city, su, that's what it's are demanding. justice for a murdered lesbian. couple activists march to the attorney general's office seeking harsh punishment for the perpetrators. on sunday police found the dismembered
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remains of the 2 women on a road. she was a what a scene 11 women murdered this year already after a $172.00 were killed last year. officials in gonna say at least 17 people have been killed and dozens injured in a massive explosion and the west of the country police reported the blast occurred when a truck carrying explosives to a gold mine collided with a motorcycle videos posted on local media, showed a large blast site and dozens of destroyed buildings. austria's parliament has passed a new law making coven 19 vaccination. mandatory for adults. it is the 1st european country to approve such a wide reaching measure. so far, only 72 per cent of austrians have been fully vaccinated against the corona virus. one of the lowest rates in western europe. 137 in favor to 33 against austria's vaccine mandate passed by a clear majority in
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a 1st for any european country legislators said it was a drastic but necessary step. probably compulsory vaccination isn't something we wanted. but unfortunately, it's become a necessity to close the big vaccination gap in austria. it's my deep conviction that only then will we have a realistic chance, a regaining the life we had before. the corona virus. from early february, every one over the age of 18 must be vaccinated. with exceptions for those who are pregnant, have a medical exemption or have recently recovered from covey. 19. after an introductory phase, anyone still holding out could be find thousands of euro's thousands have joined regular street protests against restrictions and vaccination. a few 100
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protesters gathered outside parliament in vienna as votes were cost. but inside only the far right freedom party voted against the mandate, their leader said he would continue to refuse to be vaccinated. her flute. this vaccine mandate is an act of disenfranchisement him with a single blow. millions of austrians are being downgraded mortgage. they're not independent sovereign paypal, any moral, this, sinking to the level of subjugated people, of 74, north or offer them for connecting the bill must now passed the upper house and the freedom party has vowed to challenge it in court. now for look at some of the other developments or in the pandemic, dozens of drug makers will make cheap versions of merck's cove at 19 pills under a deal to help poor nations. the drug has been reported to cut the hospitalization
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rate among those with early signs of infection. japan's health ministry has issued fast track approval for the biotech pfizer vaccine for children ages 5211. a rollout is expected in march, and france will begin to lift its covert 19 restrictions on february. second, thanks to what have been called encouraging signs that the wave of all micron varied infections is ebbing. the european union is considering whether to label nuclear power green that could make atomic energy eligible for investments aimed at making the future of carbon free. and today is the last day for country to object to the plant, which has been very controversial from the start. now overall, 13 e u countries use nuclear power generating just over a quarter of the blocks electricity. but there are huge differences between member states. in recent years, france got almost 70 percent of its electricity from its 58 reactors. and the share in germany was down to 11 percent in 2020. and the government here is actually
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shutting down the last 3 nuclear reactors this year. now belgium says it wants to phase out nuclear by 2025 spain by 2035. but fran plans to ramp up adding 6 new reactors. so back in phil, finland are also building new facilities and poland has long said it wants to build its own. the issue with expose the fault line between the major powers. germany's position is largely that the risks of nuclear accidents outweigh the benefits of climate friendly and reliable energy production. but the french and others say, nuclear power must be an essential part of transitioning away from carbon based fuels like coal. who shima nuclear disaster shook the world in 2011 and change the way many people view nuclear energy onto shack says fukushima mobilized him the french anti nuclear activist. travel to japan, after the catastrophe for worth it to the hope for me. this looked like the end of
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the world after from this moment on, i really asked myself about the risk that the population is exposed to, especially women and children when living next to a nuclear reactor or other nuclear facilities. being exposed to possible nuclear accidents because she was actually dore nuclear, while some new countries decided to face out nuclear energy after fukushima, france stuck to its nuclear tradition. more than 15 nuclear reactors are spreads over the territory right now. clearly a wrong choice. andrea shacks is the 70 year old lives on a peninsula normandy, northern france, that is well known for its natural beauty. and for its high number of nuclear facilities, france derives about 70 percent of its electricity from nuclear plants like this one here in flam, or will it f electricity of france. a largely state own company operates these nuclear plants and says they're safe and strictly monitored. predicts like andrea
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shock, think differently. brutal for the older nuclear power plants get, the higher the risk of accidents, you really cannot say they are infallible food. finally, nuclear power plants produce nuclear waste. 100 holder's vehicle receiver. easy here in la. ugh, close to the activists. tom town, a plant process as nuclear waste. the factory is the regions biggest employer at this local debate on further investments in nuclear power residents also bring up the huge risks. but the company's spokesman says, nuclear is better than garza and carbon facility. we're facing a climate emergency and global warming. and even if nuclear power was not designed for this purpose, it now represents a huge advantage that it doesn't to mit, lots of greenhouse gases, book who de guess if it's here in it's it to become carbon neutral by 2050 france has already announced it will start building new nuclear power plants,
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despite criticism from some e countries like germany, energy expert nicola mustard, she supports the french government's move them of molly idea now is to develop reactors that can be produced on an industrial level in factories as automated as possible to make it cheaper and guarantee quality yardly liquidity, alpha. for also shack, new technical solutions are not the answer. he wants nuclear power to belong to the past, but france has already decided it will be part of its future. we mentioned that today is the last day for consultations on the use plants, the labeled gas and nuclear power is green. and we can speak now to michelle kuth up. he's a member of the one to sign for the free democrats and the party speaker on energy policy. mr. calls are welcome to our show. is this plan from the you would ask if it's, if this plan from the you is green washing i would say
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it's not about greenwashing. it's about different ideas. you remember we as germans, we say we want 100 percent renewable energy and we want to speed up the way we reach this goal. that's why we have a solution that has in the end, the goal that we have this 100 percent green energy. and of course nuclear power cannot be said as a green technology. so why couldn't you consider the partners in poland and france, for example, why couldn't you convince them rather, that nuclear energy is not green and not the way forward? now i think the you countries, they have different agenda and it's in europe. it's not always about convincing the others, but it's about finding join solutions, especially if france relies heavily on nuclear power at the moment. so it's on us
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to, to show that the way to 100 percent renewable energy works out out. and on that way, we try to use a gas and then have the gas that us now that is no gas become green gas on our way to have 100 percent renewable energy's ok. you're saying that it's all about the transition forward towards renewable energy, but we spoke to cloudy comfort earlier from the german institute for economic research. and she told us that further investments in gas and nuclear power, it will actually hinder the transition to renewables. so isn't this just slowing down to move forward? it will certainly not slow down our way on to the 100 percent renewable energy. and i think as soon as other countries in europe see that this works out, they will follow many countries in europe. one have this goal,
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and i think it's, it's on us to show how this we can work with nuclear energy we for the moment could use of course emissions. but it's not, it's not a green technology. there are high risk this radioactive material. that is the problem over thousands of years. so overall, atomic power can is a high risk for society, potentially for environment. and that's why we say it's not a green technology, and that's why we don't want to go that way. any further understand that you're saying that germany can lead the way forward here, but how can the unique it's ambitious climate goals when different member states are going in different directions. and i think the climate goes will be met, as we've seen for the last year. the goals are met and that's what we need to speed
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up now. so what we do in germany is we better conditions for the, for, for the past building of wind energy, we are doing conditions for energy network. so overall we have a strategy that will make sure that we will meet the goals and that we reach our goal to have the 100 percent green energy. ok, last question. i want to come back to this point about this green label. what do you think the consequences would be of this going through? i think that we are in a discussion at the moment from the german side. it makes sense that we better the conditions for the, for power plants that are based on gas as we see gas as a huge component in transforming energy supply from,
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from fossil energy supply to green energy supply. so we're in this stage of discussion by now, and it makes sense to, to better the conditions for this green way so that many european countries can agree that this is the way a think france will follow this way. as soon as they see that it is without that many risks, but with the big game for economy and the environment as well. we'll have to leave it there. michelle cruz it from the free democrats, the speaker and energy policy for the party. thank you very much. thank you. you're watching dw, still the come on our show. 19 year old sarah rutherford becomes the youngest female pilot to fly solo around the world. will hear about the highs and lows of her record breaking select. it's coming up in a moment 1st, the us ingram meatloaf has died at the age of 74. he was best known for his hits
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bat out of how and i do anything for love. the cause of his death has not been disclosed. grammy winner was born marvin lea a day. his career spanned the 6 decades and he sold more than a 100000000 records. he also started in over $65.00 movies, including the rocky horror picture show. here's his hit. i would do anything for love from 1993. 0, i . but i oh. and scott rock spur from d w culture is covering this story for us. hi scott. he really was a huge presence in the entertainment industry. tell us more about me, lo, sighing. yeah, i mean, he was a completely larger than life, a character um, in his, in his music on, on stage in, in many films or that that he did a,
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i mean meatloaf really broke all the rules. he wasn't any one's idea of what a pop star should look like um or what a pop star should sound like. his music, really a defied all the pop music or categories. it was almost operatic in its scope. i'm and and, and also he made these incredibly long pop songs. his, his is, is music, songs, woods with stretch 891012 minutes long. i could do i do anything for love was over 12 minutes long and spent 5 weeks on the u. s. a. top of the u. s. charts, and he managed to break through despite all this and become one the most successful pop hours of all time selling upwards of a 100000000 albums worldwide. what do you think? set him apart as a singer and a performer? yeah, i think performance is the key a meatloaf said himself that he had trouble being taken seriously as, as a, as a pop star. and that people often saw more as a, as
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a circus clown. i'm. and i think that it came a bit from it's sort of theatrical background. he started in stage musicals, and he was incredibly theatrical performer. his music was a theatrical and unclean, as i said, broke all the rules. and my favorite song of his is paradise. by the dashboard light, probably the best ever song about making out in the back seat of a car. i'm and that as again, is, is, is, is, has a musical range that goes from maybe janis joplin to, to freddy mercury. and he, as i said, broke all the rules and, and that's why his, his fans worldwide really adored the man. and he really is known around the world as a singer. but i understand he actually considered himself to be 1st and foremost an actor. is that right? yes. that's right. as i say, start on stage. and he he started a he performed um, eddie, from the garage door, pictured her in a stage version. before i'm performing the same role, i'm in the film version of that, a people of who of love of the film fight club. i remember him as the
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a big hearted and very large breasted man, who, who consoles edward norton in various a male therapy sessions in that film. and he said that he thought himself as an actor, 1st and foremost, and i think that sort of the act trap, the patrick ality, that sort of performance is really what carried over into his music. i'm not all. critics appreciated that about. his fans definitely did. and i think looking back, we'll see that was truly his contribution to, to pop music into entertainment. in general, the rats got rocks per from d. w culture on the death of meatloaf at the age of $74.00. scott, thank you very much. a british belgian teenager as become the youngest woman to fly solo around the world after a 5 month journey's. r. rutherford is back on solid ground in belgium. she says she took on the challenge to encourage more girls and women to get involved in science, technology and a v. a sion. there was no cabin crew on board to prepare for this landing.
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at 19 year old daughter, mother ferg, touchtone, and belgium. she became the youngest women in history to fly solo around the world, and the youngest person to do so, you know, micro like aircraft a hero. welcome a way to turn really hard to, to change the trip 5 months long. and even this last both pretty tricky, even yet it's been a challenge, the always or rather foods around the world, right? spend 5 continents and covered 52000 kilometers. she raised money through sponsorship and often stayed with host families. czar shared the highs and lows of her adventure on lane. the trip took much longer than expected, and there were moments of turbulence. so right now my, my russian visa has just expired. so i'm actually not allowed to get into the country, which is frustrating. no stories, is it that way? i know unless you get to places because i didn't like lying around somebody i fell
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on the ground. the little bit was fine and then suddenly the class. so getting low and low. think at the i one point also 600 feet, which is pretty scary. beyond breaking records, 0 had a bigger mission. meeting local and giving talks along the way. she tried to inspire other girls and young women to get involved in a vacation science and technology. conversion soil that work continued growing up for the money, the other part of some kind of hoping to be different. yeah, i'm going to messages from both girls and women to saying that they sort of flying up to see what i've been doing, which are legal, even your to your mission. i think so. i think i like to think it was an emotional were union for our mother, beatrice. we says there were some nail biting moments. this is no risk. she is breaking records after all. but. but i was very confident in skills and her
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experience and also in the team of the whole team behind. and that when we get to the safe spot, barely out of high school, or rather for plan to keep her feet on solid ground for no apply for university. but she hopes her double world record, will encourage girls everywhere to spread their wings in any way they can. we have a chance to speak to our brother for a little earlier. we asked her what inspired her to embark on her ation journey. if she had any scary moments during her solo flight, here's what she had to say. i think one of the most challenging moments was flying over siberia because it's like minor sets of degree shots on the ground and the very long flights where i'd go for 100 o'clock as we got saying anything, human know, roads, electricity cables, no villages, obviously, you know, people and so if the engine stops, then suddenly i am hours away from rescue. and i don't know how long i can survive
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in minus 5 degrees. let's get a reminder now of our top story here on d, w. us secretary of state antony, blinking, and russian foreign minister survey love have health talks in geneva aimed at the fusing the crisis over a feared incursion in ukraine. the meeting comes in at warnings from the west that it will take swift and severe steps in response to any aggression by russia. coming up next, our health and wellness sho, in good shape, takes a look at why water is so important for our bodies. for all of us here in berlin, thank you for watching b w. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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