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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2022 5:45pm-6:01pm CET

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the u wants to revolutionize how it generates its power foot plan to label nuclear and natural gas plants. as green investments are exposed a split among member states and pakistan inflation is making life less and less affordable. many pakistan is say, the government is to blame and powering up, we'll look at the rise of electric scooters on asia street. this is due to be a business on robots in berlin. welcome to the program. a rao over the e. use energy future. the european commission wants member states to accept its plan, to label some nuclear and natural gas projects as sustainable investments. it would open them up to billions of yours and potential funding. but the very concept of nuclear energy as green is one that has the e u. split currently, actually about half of these $27.00 countries operate nuclear power plants. germany
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is actually one of them, but it's switching off the last ones this year they've been unpopular here for decades. however, some of the members see nuclear power has very much the future. the international atomic energy agency says new nuclear plants are plant and all of these countries that you can see here labeled in orange, they include finland, poland, and the biggest nuclear advocate of all france, from their arena. straus reports. they know that they are they who, cushy mouth a nuclear disaster that shook the world in 2011 and changed the way many people, few nuclear energy onto shack says fukushima mobilized him the french anti nuclear activist, travel to japan. after the catastrophe for worse as to the hope for me, this looked like the end of the world. after from this moment on, i really asked myself about the risk that the population is exposed to, especially women and children when living next to a nuclear reactor or other nuclear facilities. being exposed to possible nuclear
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accidents because she was actually door a nuclear. while some new countries decided to face out nuclear energy after fukushima, france stuck to its nuclear tradition. more than 15 nuclear reactors are spreads over the territory right now. clearly a wrong choice. andre shacks is the 70 year old lives on a peninsula normandy, northern france. that is well known for its natural beauty and for its high number of nuclear facilities, france derives about 70 percent of its electricity from nuclear plants like this one here in flam, or will it f electricity of france. a largely state own company operates these nuclear plants and says they're safe and strictly monitored. predicts like andrea shock, think differently, brutal for the older nuclear power plants get, the higher the risk of accidents, you really cannot say they are infallible food. finally,
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nuclear power plants produce nuclear waste, 100 holder's vehicle receiver izzy. here in la ugh, close to the activist town town. a plant process as nuclear waste. the factory is the regions biggest employer at this local debate on further investments in nuclear power. residents also bring up the huge risks. but the company's spokesman says, nuclear is better than garza and carbon cecilia. we're facing a climate emergency and global warming. and even if nuclear power was not designed for this purpose, it now represents a huge advantage that it doesn't to mit, lots of greenhouse gases will coo guess if it's here in its spits to become carbon . usual by 2050 france has already announced it will start building new nuclear power plants. despite criticism from some countries, like germany energy expert, nicola said she supports the french government's new, lead them on. the idea now is to develop reactors that can be produced on an
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industrial level in factories as automated, as possible to make it cheaper and guarantee quality yardly like unity alpha. for unfair shack, new technical solutions are not the answer. he wants nuclear power to belong to the past, but france has already decided it will be part of its future. or friday actually sees the end of a consultation on the use plans to label nuclear power and natural gas, as well as green investments and open them up to more funding. so let's discuss the plans further with claudia. comfort from the german institute of economic research . thanks for joining us on data we business. can we 1st of us to just explain to us why the european commission feels it needs for natural gas and nuclear to be designated as green? well, 1st of all, we need a regulation that defines the requirements. what is really
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a financial product that is green and sustainable and nuclear obviously is not green, it's risky, it's costly and at all. so it's not sustainable at all. so. and on the other hand, also far too far, so natural gas is not sustainable because it creates high emissions. and both should not belong to this you regulation, all this taxonomy because we need to channel the investments into renewable energy, into energy savings and electric mobility and all this. and both technology is nuclear and foster natural gas hinder the transition. so that's why it's important . but the argument, of course for both of those is that they are essential to getting us to a point where we have enough energy. we're emitting less carbon dioxide in the mean time. in the meanwhile, we don't have the renewable sources to, to make up for it. while the most important thing is that we have now to invest, because right now we have
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a certain share of nuclear natural gas right now in the system, but it needs to be rig declined because natural gas is to emission and tanf serve and nuclear too costly it also takes a lot of time to construct the power plant and look at the most recent buildings of this power plant. it takes a decade or more. we don't have this time. we need to invest right now into renewable energy, into really a green transition. and this is why it's so important to china right now, the investments into real future technologies and not those which hinder that transition. to him as a chance, the european commission is rethinking this needs to designate natural gas in particular is green, given the way the relations are going with russia. and the fact that it appears that natural gas is perhaps not the reliable. it is not as reliable stream of it that we thought it might have been. yeah, i would hope so, because right now as to describe russia and geopolitical risk,
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we have right now. and we have to reduce the share of natural gas and the system. so if germany would really decline, and to would say where this, the natural gas is not part of the you. taxonomy and france on the other head says nuclear, it's not, we would have the best solution. and hopefully this will happen that they both agree are in the middle a, so to say, and that then we have would happen you taxonomy which really drives the investments into a full, a renewable energy system. because that's the best system for the month that are going to tell us what the results of that consultation we're cloudy, comfort, thank you very much for joining us. thank you. let's take a quick look at some of the other global business story is making the news french energy group total energies has decided to withdraw from me on mar, because of the civil unrest there. it's just the latest western company to pull out of the country since last year's qu, total energy is treating to withdraw from the don a gas field. as a writer says,
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russia central bank is suggesting a ban on crypto currencies. is suggesting of ban on cryptic terms, is it describes the likes of bitcoin as a threat to financial stability and the monetary sovereignty of the government. previously, china had also been the mining of directors. similar reasons now in pakistan, prime minister iran con, is being blamed. the sky rocketing inflation, the rising cost of fuel, food and electricity are source of much tension in the country which already had high levels of poverty. some pakistan is to say the thoughts of turned to begging or even crime. amid a rainbow of orange red and yellow spices and a karachi market, pakistan is used colorful language to speak of their prime minister, assigning am culpability for the countries high rate of unemployment and 10 percent inflation cons 2018 campaign promised to quash longstanding corruption and cronyism
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and implement social programs that would benefit the poor. instead, the price of cooking oil rose 130 percent. the cost of fuel is up 45 percent. quite a bit, not only close food prices are increasing during this government and they're unaffordable. these days only death seems to be the alternative way to survive. women, one year after assuming office con was able to negotiate a $6000000000.00 loan from the international monetary fund. but ultimately, is government only received a 3rd of that amount because it failed to deliver the reforms. it had promised he was forced to raise prices of fuel and electricity. now his chances for reelection are as precarious as the country's economy. yeah, good. controlling inflation will be a very big challenge. fordham ron han, and if he is unable his government, his administration is unable to, to control it. it will have a very big consequence for the ruling,
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but only a few years after sweeping to power on a wave of popularity. cons party was soundly defeated in provincial elections in its stronghold last month. now from megacities to quiet villages in many parts of asia, motorcycles rule, the roads are increasingly electric bikes, offering alternative and with battery charging stations becoming more common. the green 2 wheel is picking up speed like many people here in taipei, aiden lea hits the road onto wheels. but when his fellow riders have to head to the gas station to refuel, he goes to a battery swapping station. instead. he told me that with the woodrow in metro taipei, it used to be really inconvenient to swap batteries. but in 2017 or 2018. there was a rapid expansion of stations. you see
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a lot of them as you walk down the street. lee is a go guerrero user. the taiwanese start up has 450000 subscribers, that swap an average of 330000 batteries every day. and for li, the green alternative only costs about 10 percent more than he would pay to buy fuel every month. for gold started in taiwan, electric to wheeler only made up less than one percent of the overall sales of 2. we live in the market today. now, after we started and in just to 5 to 6 years, we're good at market from less than one percent, to not over 10 percent overall in taiwan, google ro likes to compare the ease of battery swap stations to vending machines and says they already number gas stations and 4 major taiwanese cities. the firm has big expansion goals for 2020 to go. guerrero wants their stations to out number,
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all gas stations in taiwan. and then going after the world's largest to we'll a market, india, china, and indonesia is what we're focused on. for the next phase, taking really all the lessons learned and all the capability and all the technology that we have developed in taiwan. and then going into those large markets to make an impact go. the ro is now looking at a nasdaq listing in the 1st quarter of 2020 to the new business is expected to be valued at over $2000000000.00. not bad for 2 wheels. and so for me on the business, same here in berlin, if you do want more from us to head over to our website, it's d, w dot com slash business. you can also find plenty more about content on the d, w, and use youtube channel on facebook at dvd dr. business, but ah,
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with ah, to the point. strong opinions, clear positions, international perspectives. final preparations around the way for the winter olympics. anybody j china and struggling to sustain it? strict 0 coven strategy. so count countries new. great will to walk around. the athletes hold. find out to the point shortly. to the point with respond d. w. or thank you for agreeing that this time it
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destroys casey's house and field climate change has become an existential threat for the canyon farmer. now it's time to act. his mission takes him all the way to the speaking podium of the world climate conference. in 75 minutes on d w. a soccer is a sport of ellers and the children in this mountain village. you know them all. emma is blue, the color of her favorite, but sexist traditions, prevent her from going to games and play an insurmountable obstacle. girl football on the peak starts february, 4th on d, w ah,
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i could states pledge to keep talking to ease tensions over your crime.


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