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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2022 12:00am-12:16am CET

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regardless of gender ah, where's blue? the color of her favorite sexes traditions prevent her from going to games and play with an insurmountable obstacle. blue girl football on the peak, starts february 4th on d w. ah, ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin. the head of germany's naval forces, steps down, vice admiral the chi akeem, shown back resigns after controversial comments come to light. the navy chief later
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apologized for his words on ukraine and russia, but has now been forced to leave his post. also on the show. fears of a resurgence as the so called islamic state battles, kurdish forces in syria dozens die in fighting after that, your hottest group targets a prison in the northeast in an attempt to free thousands of its fighters also coming up desperately needed. drinking water arrives in tonga and more aid is on its way as the scale of to devastation from last week. tsunami becomes catering. ah, i'm pablo foliage. welcome to the program. we start in ukraine where attentions are on the rise after diplomatic efforts to ease them did not make much progress.
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russia still seems to be beefing up its military presence on its border with ukraine, while the u. s. and the u. k. have sent military support. germany won't send weapons to ukraine, saying that it would only escalate the situation. meanwhile, controversial comments from the country's top naval officer have done little to reach an agreement in berlin over how to proceed in the ukraine, russia conflict, the russian military flexing its muscles in the war nets region bordering ukraine. moscow denies its planning and invasion, but with this slick video released by its defense ministry, it at least wants to send the message that it's ready to fight to the west in ukraine. reinforcements are arriving the u. k. sent anti tank missiles earlier this week, and the 1st delivery of u. s. military supplies has also touched down the baltic states of promised,
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similar support, arguing that diplomacy alone cannot prevent a military conflict. aggressiveness, who said that her guide and was the aggressor always weighed impossible. losses also use and likely damage also did em. i think i had a strong state or capable of defending itself. what steve is really the only way to increase the chances of a peaceful resolution. oh, really me there last year to be just was that it however, it's a principle of deterrence not endorsed by germany, which has disappointed kiya by refusing to supply weaponry to ukraine. because now off the cuff comments by germany's naval chief have added more fuel to the diplomatic fire hi. of him shewn back on a visit to india, said russian president, vladimir putin probably deserve respect. and that the crimean peninsula annexed by russia would not return to ukraine. just with clay. brought me up in slow
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go, no, come. but this is the fact that we have to do that. well, legal issues are actually pushed most. so, um, so you did the legal no, we'll see the question well, ok, i go remarks that have now cost him his job, and the pho part has added to the misgivings in kiev over germany stands on ukraine . while meanwhile, the u. s. state department has refused to confirm media reports that it is ordered u. s embassy staff and give to leave ukraine. it comes as tens of thousands of russian troops gather at ukraine's borders. this comes as washington has sent its 1st shipment of a $200000000.00 military aid package for ukraine to bolster its defenses. a u. s. cargo plane landed at an airport in the ukrainian capital with 90 tons of military
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equipment, mostly small arms, ammunition. russia has repeatedly denied that it's planning a new attack against ukraine. well, for more i'm joined by our washington correspondent, catalina she moy. hi catalina, good to see you. now if it turns out that media reports are back to us ordering their embassy staff to at leave, the ukrainian capital are correct. what message are they sending? well, the tension is obviously already growing by law. you can see this also in the last statements from the white house and the state department, and in case the creation of u. s. implements based in kiev are officially confirmed. this could point to an even more tense scenario. of course, at the same time, it's important though, to point out that russia is using this 10 situation as a demonstration of power. to bring the united states to the negotiation table, to discuss security issues in europe and most importantly,
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to proceed to washington. to accept it's a core demand that to ukraine. b bar from nato. but again, the recreation from you as the plummets based in ukraine has not been confirmed yet either by the white house or the side, the state department. and there have been some media reports, as he mentioned that families of american diplomats posted in here had apparently been ordered to begin evacuation on monday. but this has not been confirmed yet. no kind of, you know, seem to be listening to the dialogue between the us and russia that had taken a more conciliatory tone on friday. now, so does this military aid package on the arrival of military equipment heightened tensions? well, when save that, russia and the you as the and, and its allies have taken a more conciliatory tone by road. they are both playing the game. and the report mentioned it of flexing models. russia has deploy troops,
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tanks and missiles along the ukrainian border, and russian forces are surrounding ukraine on different sides. and the u. s. has sent a military aid package and has delivered military equipment us you just mentioned. but they of course, want to show that they are willing to support and to help you crane on a military ground. but the important question here, pablo is, what happens if russia, as the actions are not purely military? what if russia acts in a so called gray zone, meaning a space between war and peace, like, for example, election meddling or cyber attacks in ukraine? would this be enough to make the united states and its allies impose the screws sanctions? president biden has been talking about rush, i can definitely also shape the feet of a nation with these kind of strategies. we have already seen that in history and without the cost of a war. washington correspondent, quarterly. not you more. thanks for your time. let's take
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a look now at some other stories making headlines around the world. a taliban delegation has arrived in the norwegian capital also for 3 days of talks with western diplomats and afghans, civil society members. it's to groups. first official talks with the west on european soil since he's in power last august. the discussions on human rights on humanitarian aid are set to begin on sunday. security forces or fire tear gas protestors in burkina faso capital, several 100 people defy to been. i'm on gatherings to march through while good to go. as anger grows at the government's inability to stop to hottest attacks, the violence has killed thousands and displaced one and a half 1000000 people. steven a mats has been elected as the new chief of germany centre right christian democrats. after decades, the shadow of former chancellor anglo medical match has vowed to redefine conservatism in germany and reconnect with voters of all ages after his parties
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historic eviction from government last year. in barnesville form, even now the so called islamic state as long state's largest scale attack in syria since it was defeated there in 2019 a prison holding jihadists in the northeast of syria was to target the kurdish lead syrian democratic forces say they recaptured. most of the inmates that escaped with clashes continue in the area. a 2nd attack by ins took place in iraq at an army barracks, north of baghdad. 11 soldiers were killed in the jihadists deadliest up operation in the country. this here the sound of intense gunfire, fills the air in the syrian city of has soccer. as kurdish lead forces fight with militants from the so called islamic state. the bottles have been centered around the choir on prison with thousands of suspected i as fighters are held.
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the fighting broke out lays on thursday when i a sleeper cells launched an attack on the prison. 2 days later, the kurdish nat forces, backed by us coalition aircraft, are struggling to regain control. the violence has sent peasants of civilians, fleet, the area wrangler, iran. they describe how i s entered their neighborhoods, killing local residents. when everything is dark, what's going on? because selling filtering of death, ah, hundreds of kilometers away in iraq. mourners have been burying the victims of another audacious. i asked strike a deal. so they called me in the morning a half past days. you know, such that they tell me what your son died is marsha i had to, i went to the airport. yeah,
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but i thought was happening. your father got out of thought. they said something happened to them. islamic ok kill them. 11 iraqi soldiers were killed in a 2 30 am rate on their military base. i asked managing to breach the armies defenses and then escape into the nice that you will a talk show. i still looms large in iraq and syria. almost 3 years after the collapse of it's kind of us well, earlier we asked middle east analyst daniel gala, if this amounts to a come back of i ass in the region. well, these attacks are doubtlessly spectacular, but they're not without precedent. operative smaller in certain groups in the more decentralized fashion have been operating in iraq and also syria over the last couple of months. we see targeted assassinations, some acts that resembled more like conventional reagan tree,
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a criminal activities black mailing. but yes indeed. i think these groups, these are just insurgents, groups are benefiting back, generally unstable situation in syria and the political term on iraq. and frankly, yeah, this is a reminder, i never did very much alive and kicking though it's not centrally organized. of course, far away from the military capabilities. the aid has started arriving in tonga after last week's volcanic eruption, answered ami devastated much of the country in the south pacific. so far, 3 people have been reported ad to have died, but many more are still missing. experts are only now able to assess the scale of the damage. after days of waiting, aid is now flowing on to the pacific island of tonga, beast, new zealand vessel is carrying a quarter of
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a 1000000 liters of clean water. a top priority. according to the united nations, it's clear from the limited footage available, be destruction left by the soon arming. and despite the welcome arrival of help, tompkins are aware that the road to recovery will be long. tongue as recovery from this disaster is going to be long term, and i think we need to ensure that we keep the momentum up after tongue has got enough water. we're gonna have to rebuild it. it's going to be a long road to recovery. only 3 deaths from the massive eruption have been confirmed, but the harrowing stories a survival a beginning to emerge. the scariest part to me was when the waves spect from land into the sea. what came in to my mind when i was helpless at sea with 2 things.
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one that i still had faith in god. second was my family. and i wondered if they would think that maybe i had died with communications with the islands to limited. and i be completed as dialed. please check the number and dial again. families around the world are facing an agonizing wait for news. yeah, it's very hard to me to. i don't know what happened for them. flights can now land after the room way was cleared of ash, but deliveries must remain contactless to prevent coby 19 being imported and triggering under the crisis. the country can ill afford well, just before we go some sports news in the bonus league when you and berlin have moved up into the champions league qualification places after
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a victory away from home against boris. yep. mentioned glad back. it was max cruiser who wrapped up the 3 points with this winner in the 18 4th minutes. it's been an incredible week for known, who beat local rivals hatta to book a place in the german couple quarter final and now find themselves in 4th place in diploma. sneak a table in only their 3rd ever season. in the top flight. at you're watching the w news of next sports life where we take a look at football culture in africa that's coming up after a short break. and don't forget, you can stay up to date on all the latest news on our website, d, w dot com or follow us on social media. for me to team here berlin, take care to see the top. the next are welcome to the dark side.


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