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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CET

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moreno race against time. the dna molecules will have 28000000 different our glasses. they are peers and rivals, with one doing goal to help smart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. on the brink of eternal life, starts february 16th on d. w. in with this is the w news live from berlin. tensions between russia and the west over
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ukraine are still rising. the military build up continues to pace on both sides of the border between russia and ukraine, and the situation makes for a diplomatic headache. in germany for off the coast comments caused a top maybe commander his job. poland plans to build a border wall on its frontier with batteries to prevent migrants from crossing into its territory illegally but campaign or saved the barrier could have a devastating effect on the local wildlife. desperately needed drinking water arrived in tonga and more 8. it's on its way as to scale off the devastation from last week to nami becomes clear. ah, i am pablo felice. welcome,
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the program. we start in ukraine where tensions are on the rise. after diplomatic efforts did not make much progress. russia still seems to be beefing up its military presence on its border with ukraine, while the u. s. and the u. k. have sent military support, but germany won't send weapons to ukraine, saying that would only escalate the situation. meanwhile controversial comments from germany's top naval officer resulted in him losing his job. the russian military flexing its muscles in the war next region bordering ukraine. moscow denies its planning and invasion, but with this slick video released by its defense ministry, it at least wants to send the message that it's ready to fight. there is real concern in the region about russia's motives. russian troops are now positioned in bella, rues, all along russia's border to ukraine, and our mast in eastern ukraine,
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where fighting has been ongoing for years. further to the north, the baltic states of estonia, latvia and lithuania, are promising to support ukraine with shipments of weaponry and military support. arguing that diplomacy alone can't prevent an armed conflict. aggressiveness, who said the bus that her guiding was the aggressor always weighed impossible. losses sausages and likely damage also did em. i think that a strong state will capable of defending itself. what steve is really the only way in to increase the chances of a peaceful resolution. oh, really me there last year to be just was but it's however, it's a principle of deterrence not endorsed by germany, which has disappointed kiya by refusing to supply weaponry to crane. because china now off the cuff comments by germany's naval chief, have added more fuel to the diplomatic fire. hi, of him shown by, on
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a visit to india, said russian president, vladimir putin probably deserve respect. and that the crimean peninsula annexed by russia would not return to ukraine. just looking to somebody, i'm glad you brought me up. his license is go look um. this is something we have to do that. oh, oh, the go issues ah, actually pushed you most. these remarks have now cost him his job. and the fo paul has added to the misgivings in kiev over germany stance on ukraine. but with the uncertainty looming, ukraine has been assured that it doesn't stand alone. the u. k. sent anti tank missiles earlier this week, and the 1st delivery of u. s. military supplies has already touched down. meanwhile, residence in kiev formed a human chain in celebration of ukraine's national unity day. hoping that
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opposing sides can still come together and hold on to their stated goal of a diplomatic solution. oh yeah. but for more on this, i spoke to our washington correspondent carter lena she, moya and i asked her if the arrival of american british and other military support in ukraine means an end to the more conciliatory tone we saw during diplomatic talks on friday. oh and save that rash and the u. a as the and, and its allies have taken a more conciliatory tone a barrel. they are both playing the game and the report mentioned the id of flexing muscles. russia has deployed troops, tanks and missiles along the ukrainian border. and traction forces are surrounding ukraine on different sides. and the u. s. has sent a military aid package and has delivered military equipment as you just mentioned. but they of course, want to show that they are willing to support and to help you crane on
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a military ground. but the important question here probably is what happens if russia as actions are not purely military? what if russia acts in a so called gray zone, meaning as paste between war and peace, like, for example, election meddling or cyber attacks in ukraine? would this be enough to, to make the united states and its allies impose the severe sanctions? president biden has been talking about rush, i can definitely also shape the fate of a nation with these kind of strategies. we have already seen that in history and without the cost of a war. washington correspondent, quarterly. not more. thanks for your time. the so called islamic state has launched its largest scale attack in syria since it was defeated there in 2019 a prison holding suspected chartists in the northeast of syria was to target. the fighting continues and dozens of deaths have been reported. a 2nd i asked to attack took place in iraq at an army barracks, north of baghdad, experts,
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a instability in both countries is helping the resurgence of the militant group. here the sound of intense gunfire, fills the air in the syrian city of his soccer. as kurdish lead forces fight with militants from the so called islamic state, the battles had been centered around the grey rhone prison were thousands of suspected iron fighters are held. the fighting broke out late on thursday when i a sleeper cells launched an attack on the prison 2 days later, the kurdish led forces, backed by us coalition aircraft, were still struggling to regain control. and i, i suppose that now islamic state is only in the prison, apart from the prison. they aren't present anywhere. we've checked the college and the agriculture building said you're going away. the silos and the surrounding areas of the prison are under our control. and we're surrounding them in,
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but they do have weapons, but they can't do anything with them, but they might run out of ammunition so they can't fight back. but i don't it's there when it my dad called islamic state however said via the messaging platform. telegram that its forces were still fighting in neighborhoods outside the prison grounds. the violence has sent thousands of civilians fleeing the area around gray, ron. they describe how i us entered their neighborhoods, killing local residence. well, everything is dark on what's going on there selling filtering of death. experts say i was building up to the large scale attack over the past few months. i think these groups, these are just insurgents, whoops. are benefiting from the generally unstable situation in syria and the political term on in iraq. and i, frankly, yeah, this is a reminder that i as, as never in debt and it's very much alive and kicking though it's not centrally
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organized. and it's of course, far away from the military capabilities. it had a couple of years ago. just hours after the attack and syria began, i as fighters managed to enter in iraqi army base, killing 11 soldiers in their sleep. before escaping into the night. the dual attacks show ins still looms large in iraq and syria almost 3 years after the collapse of itself styled caliphate. let's take a look now at some of their stories making headlines around the world. new zealand is helping its measures to combat cove at 19 after several cases of alma chron were confirmed. prime minister jacinta ardor and says the entire nation is now under a red alert. this triggers more restrictions, including mosque wearing and limits on social gatherings are dern has even canceled her own wedding, which was scheduled to take place next weekend. and the taliban delegation has arrived in the norwegian capital oslo for 3 days of talks with western diplomats
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and afghan civil society members. it's the groups. first official talks with the west on european soil since seizing power. last august. the discussions on human rights on humanitarian 8 are set to begin on sunday. the border between poland and better reese has been in the headlines for months. now since those scenes went round the world of migrants stranded in batteries and desperate to cross into poland, which is you territory. now poland plans to build a wool to replace the razor wire friends between the 2 countries. it's aim is to stop these illegal crossings by undocumented migrants. but environmental campaigners say a war will also stop wild life from roaming free in the area and could cause genetic damage. dw correspondent jack park sent us this report from that border. residents of the ancient b of asia forest. this links and these walls caught on camera drops at the end of
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last year. this 600 year old forest is home to an estimated 12000 species of wildlife. christoph smith studies these animals, and he says the government plan to build a 186 kilometer wool, 5 and a half meters high on the countries border with paras will have a devastating effect on the genetic mix from the moment when the war will be fully constructed then we will have 2 different populations, completely separated from each other and it will affect the day, the future. it will affect the sustainability of this population. because if we divide populations into smaller and smaller or no sub populations, then they survival is, is more and more a vulnerable he moved the forest is already divided for animals by roads and intersected by multiple rail lines. the government wants the wall to keep out
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asylum seekers who were crossing the border, pushed by the government of neighboring bella, reuss. i've been reporting on the issues on the border for a number of months now, and this is the closest i've been able to get to the border just over there, maybe 300 meters away is the board offense. and the border guards say that while the numbers have continued to drop, the numbers of people crossing the austell attempts to break down the razor wire fences and to get people into poland who the gods intercepted 32000 people in november last year. now though, there's just a handful per day people in this area continuing their usual winter activities. while the heavily guarded exclusion zone remains in place. the government says the building of the wall is happening in consultation with wildlife experts. missile is promised that i'm aware that there are places in the national park, the boucher forest, which needs a special conservation. she called you looking up the details. i'm sure that the lord god who are completely responsible for building the wall. they are tasked to
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build a wall with see duration of the natural environment. venture bro, up of the vogtle nisha quest is rosanna zacalo? sure, luis come back in the forest. christoph says, his institute has provided the government with a plan for wildlife pathways through the wall to prevent the division of animal populations. and he hopes it will be followed. aid has started arriving in tonga after last week's volcanic volcanic eruption in soon ami devasted and the soon army devastated much of the country in the south pacific. so far, 3 people have been reported to have died, but many more are still missing. experts are only now able to assess the scale of the damage. after days of waiting, aid is now flowing on to the pacific island of tonga, beast, new zealand vessel is carrying a quarter of a 1000000 leeches of clean water. a top priority. according to the united
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nations, it's clear from the limited footage available, be destruction left by the soon army on despite the welcome arrival of help, tompkins are aware that the road to recovery will be long. tongue as recovery from this disaster is going to be long term, and i think we need to ensure that we keep the momentum up after tongue has got enough water. we're gonna have to rebuild. it's going to be a long road to recovery. only 3 deaths in the massive eruption have been confirmed, but the harrowing stories of survival a beginning to emerge the scariest part to me was when the waves spect from land into the sea. what came in to my mind when i was helpless at sea with 2 things. one that i still had faith in god. second was my family. and i
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wondered if they would think that maybe i had died with communications with the islands to limited. and i'd be completed as dialed. please check the number and dial again. families around the world are facing an agonizing wait for news. yeah, it's very hard to me. do. i don't know what happened for them. flights can now land after the room way was cleared of osh, but deliveries must remain contactless to prevent cove 19 being imported and triggering under the crisis. the country can ill afford. you're watching over the news of next sports life for me and the team here take care see to south the next hour
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