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ah, a there and david and this is climate change brags, it's sex. happiness in 3 books. this is the point for you. you'll get smarter for free. did over you books on you. ah ah, this is did all the news live from berlin, 200000 pounds of lethal aid. the u. s. embassy in kiev says, this military shipment has now arrived to help ukraine prepare for
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a possible invasion as tens of thousands of russian troops gather on its doorstep. also coming up desperately need a drinking water arrives in tonga and more aid is on the way as the scale of the devastation from last week's tsunami becomes clearer. and on the small screen, a historical drama that takes us back to 1938. as hitler looks at to embed czechoslovakia, european leaders met with him and munich, hoping to prevent another world war ah, am abby core of us and welcome to the program. we begin this hour and ukraine. we're the 1st shipment of additional american military aid has arrived. according to the u. s embassy there. this is part of a package worth $200000000.00 promise he of last week, by
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u. s. secretary of state antony blinking. the initial delivery includes defensive weapons and ammunition as the country prepares for possible russian aggression. moscow has deployed some 100000 troops along its border with ukraine, but insists it has no plans to launch an attack. the russian military flexing its muscles in the worn at region bordering ukraine. moscow denies its planning and invasion. but with this slick video released by its defense ministry, it at least wants to send the message that it's ready to fight. there is real concern in the region about russia's motives. russian troops are now positioned in bella, rues, all along russia's border to ukraine, and our mast an eastern ukraine. where fighting has been ongoing for years. further to the north, the baltic states of estonia, latvia and lithuania,
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are promising to support ukraine with shipments of weaponry and military support. arguing that diplomacy alone can't prevent an armed conflict. aggressiveness, who said that her guide him was the aggressor, always way, got impossible, losses sausages and likely damage. also, i did him, i think that a strong state or capable of defending itself or to steve is really the only way in to increase the chances of a peaceful resolution. oh, really me, their policies that they just was that it was however, it's a principle of deterrence not endorsed by germany, which has disappointed kiya by refusing to supply weaponry to crane. because now off the cuff comments by germany's naval chief have added more fuel to the diplomatic fire hi option shown by on a visit to india said, russian president vladimir putin probably deserved respect. and that the crimean
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peninsula annexed by russia would not return to ukraine. just looking to somebody who claim it brought me up in slows is go look on this subject of we have to do that. oh oh the go issues. oh, actually let you most these remarks have now cost him his job. and the fo paul has added to the misgivings in kiev over germany stance on ukraine. but with the uncertainty looming, ukraine has been assured that it doesn't stand alone. the u. k. st anti tank missiles earlier this week, and the 1st delivery of u. s. military supplies has already touched down. meanwhile, residence in kiev formed a human chain in celebration of ukraine's national unity day, hoping that opposing sides can still come together and hold on to their stated goal
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of a diplomatic solution. oh, i was bringing d w, correspond mathias bullying, who joins us from kiev mathias. what exactly has been delivered and what does this mean for the conflict now? well, i, ukraine is no procuring weapons from many countries there. there was this big shipment from the u. s. to have been deliveries from britain, also other countries, the baltic states and the netherlands have announced shipments. it's mostly about light weapons that are easy to use and effective in case of an evasion, anti tank weapons. of course, a complicated military systems are less urgent on the list as it would take time too, and store them and train soldiers. so it's, it's mostly a weapons that would make an invasion by russia more costly. this is the, the idea now to deter russia by making an invasion, costly our tar,
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aside from the turns, there's also been a flurry of diplomatic activity aimed at defusing tensions by now. the united kingdom says the kremlin is trying to install pro russian leadership in ukraine. what has a written reaction been there to this accusation? this press release is raising more questions than it provides answers. they gave a list of 4 former officials of the general coverage administration that the administration there was ousted in the might on protests until 2014 saying the kremlin wants to inform them that how they want to install them and, and how at what strategy that that, that they're using, would this be the people who are on the list, for example, after a possible invasion? or is there any, any other plan did? there's no answers to that. so this is kind of very strange and, and, and hard to understand information. these people are not popular, so one thing we couldn't possibly exclude is that russia wants to somehow, or
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a spur, a popular movement to install them. and you want to ask you about some of the controversy in germany right now regarding the comments made by the countries now ex navy chief as we sign that report there. how has kiev reacted to what he said? i think these are these men, these, these mentions of this now retired navy chief, i have really galvanized sir a feeling that has been lingering in key if that to germany is an unreliable partner. because sir, the 2 main reasons are not stream to which would, as people see it here, considerably weak and ukraine's position by making it less relevant as a country for gas transits. and the other thing is germans refusal to provide weapons to ukraine, m a. and that does not only include that germany does not sell itself weapons to ukraine, which is something that could be easily a circumvented by buying weapons everywhere anywhere but that germany is also
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blocking weapons deliveries. for example, from the baltic states or who need permission to re sell weapons that they once bought in germany or from the nato procurement agency and her while diplomats are not sir confronted on this issue. ah, discontent is high and civil societies even accusing some people in civil society or even accusing germany of sabotaging ukraine's efforts to defend itself is only a correspondent, man, he has buying a reporting from kia. thank him. a t s aid has started arriving in tonga after last week's volcanic eruption, and su nani devastated much of the country in the south pacific. so far, 3 people have been reported to have died, but many more are still missing. experts are now only able to assess the scale of the damage after days of waiting aid is
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now flowing on to the pacific island of tonga. this new zealand vessel is carrying a quarter of a 1000000 liters of clean water. a top priority. according to the united nations, it's clear from the limited footage available, be destruction left by the soon army. and despite the welcome arrival of help, tomkins are aware that the road to recovery will be long. tongue as recovery from this disaster is going to be long term, and i think we need to ensure that we keep the momentum up after tongue has got enough water. we're gonna have to rebuild. it's going to be a long road to recovery. only 3 deaths from the massive eruption have been confirmed, but the harrowing stories a survival a beginning to emerge. the scariest part to me was when the waves spect from land
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into the sea. what came in to my mind when i was helpless at sea with 2 things. one that i still had faith in god. second was my family. and i wondered if they would think that maybe i had died with communications with the islands to limited. and i be completed as dialed. please check the number and dial again. families around the world are facing an agonizing wait for news here, it's very hard to me. do. i don't know what happened for them. flights can now land after the room way was cleared of ash, but deliveries must remain contactless to prevent covey 19 being imported, and triggering under the crisis. the country can ill afford. let's take
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a look now from the other stories were falling for you. this hour at allegation sent by afghans. dance taliban has arrived in the norwegian capital oslo for 3 days of talks with western diplomats and members of afghan civil society. it's the groups. first official talks with the west on european soil, since seizing power. last august. new zealand is upping its measures to combat coven 19 after several confirmed cases of the alma kron variant prime minister jacinta are darn says. the nation is now under a red alert. she has followed her government's guidelines and has postpone her own wedding, which was scheduled for next weekend from thousands of people in vietnam are morning buddhist monk and peace activist tick not hun, who died on saturday. he was credited with bringing the concept of mindfulness to the west and his reach within buddhism was seen as 2nd only to the dalai lama he
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was 95 feeders, merits has been elected as the new chief of former chancellor, anglo miracles party, the christian democrats merits has vowed to, quote, redefine conservatism in germany and reconnect with voters of all ages after his center, right parties, defeat, and elections last year. we turn now to a new film that asks the question. could hitler have been stopped in 1938. the british german, netflix production munich, the edge of war, focuses on the munich conference held that year on britain and france, met with germany in an attempt to evade another global conflict. by agreeing to let hitler annex parts of czechoslovakia, british prime minister and neville chamberlain, played by actor jeremy irons, take center stage in a story that had profound consequences for the world. ah, men and women of britain, the amazon as long as war is not
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gone. that is always german acts as yes, levona and sandra, hoola play members of a fictional, early opposition to hitler. they want to stop the british appeasing hitler by killing a secret document to chamberlain. one that proves the dictator has expansion is plans that go far beyond the su, dayton land line. you go to munich to morrow and get the document you like a plate by george mccoy. it's sent to get the document from his old german friend who hopes to trigger a plot against hitler. it'll be an act of espionage on the phone soil. mm. the 2 friends, complicated relationship is at the core of this wild place drama, exploring the individual responsibility to resist a criminal regime, but as to form in his intellect. often
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in this film, chamberlain is not a fool hoodwinked by hitler, but a leader who knew that neither the british military nor the british public were ready for another war in 1938. from a later perspective is always easier to say he, he was not eve and he underestimated hitler. yes, he did. but yet he believed in peace. and he believed in in politics and diplomacy. and in order to avoid many people losing their lives, hammer play poca. well, a gangster without having some cods on farms sleeve to bundle league, and now dormant are keeping the pressure on byron munich at the top of the bonus league table. after being hoffen heim, in a 3 to thriller early holland, open the scoring early on after some crafty team play, and then on drake,
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her marriage equalized before half time right there with his 100 goal for half and heim, but after the break. dorman, captain mark, always put the visitors back ahead before an own goal further extended their lead. another late goal for half and time was not enough. as dormant went home with all 3 points. you're watching the doubling it less of me up next is our tech show shift living in the digital age? i'm abby. quite often, i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news, but you can get the latest any time on our website. that's d w dot com bye for now .


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