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where conglomerates meet cyril laws with through what's big, it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people. we shed light on the opaque world who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to us all o peak worlds? this week on d w a ah ah, this is d w. news live from berlin. the u. s. rejects calls for immediate sanctions
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on russia. ukrainian soldiers patrol day a border is more than 100000 russian troops mash on the other side, but u. s. secretary of state antony blink and says, diplomacy needs to be given a chance 1st to discourage russia from inviting. also coming up a few as imposed in bikini faso optim paypal, barricaded the streets with burning ties in support of soldiers. staging a mutiny, a demanding military prosper zine as anger rises over the inability to stop an islamist insurgency and make over for em and the hams, or at least they mascots the candies famous, but melting in your mouth, not in your hand. now i want to be known for something else, inclusiveness. ah, i'm anthony. how'd welcome military i deserve. i think in here from the u. s.
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pollen. britain and others as he crime faces the threat of a possible new invasion by russia. calls have been growing for economic sanctions on oscar as it builds up its forces along the border. but washington has said, diplomacy needs to be given another chance. it's been dubbed the new cold war with relations between russia and the west. as biting as the weather on ukraine's east and boulders. woody long, the british foreign officers publicly accused president putin of planning to install this progression politician was as a new ukrainian leader whittaker. yet had moore, i have a feast critic of key f. pivot to the west has denied the claims even last month, and the russian foreign ministry, branded the assertion fake news. the u. s. and the u. k. are sending military
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a to ukraine with baltic nations set to follow. germany's hands off approach is attracting criticism. but the u. s. secretary of state denied the divisions. i've been on the phone and saw might my own a german counterpart. ah, for mr. burbock and i can tell you that the germans very much. oh, sure, concerns and are resolute in being determined to respond and to respond swiftly, effectively. and in the united way. up to a $100000.00 russian troops have amassed at ukraine's boulders over recent months with moscow demanding that ukraine will never be allowed to join nato. putin is also denied, he is planning to talk, but those living on ukraine's frontier with russia are far from reassured with life on the edge of something very terrible. it's caring. so
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yes, i can say that i'm of skate for now. daily life continues, which is a political temperatures plummet. people here are all too aware how quickly that could all change as great as michael committee with us now. he's a history professor at the catholic university of america, and a former state department expert in the president obama era. welcome to you. western politicians say there is a very real of risk of a russian invasion into ukraine. michael, what's your system? i think that's absolutely correct. although you want to be a little bit careful about the word, an invasion, there are many kinds of russian tools of, of interference that may not be technically speaking, a kind of ground invasion. but that to a sort of conventional grant evasion was absolutely within the realm of the
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possible b u. s. and the other countries have sent already sent or of agreed to send a weapons to ukraine. michael, you talk about pulling different leave is, is this enough to make russia reconsider it's position? does this change anything? it may change a few of the kind of smaller calculations that russia is making. i don't think it's enough to change the overall calculus to do that. the west would have to assist you with air power, which would be an enormous step. and i think we could credible promise or threat to russia, putting boots on the ground in the event of a wider ration, or there's really skepticism or we're not just to do that from washington to london, to berlin, to brussels. germany, michael has been accused by the crating and government of not showing enough support compared to its nato allies. do you see a truth in that? i jones, i think that germany is being consistent to transfer america policies going back to
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2014 in which chapter america inside of the argue that there was no military solution. obviously the situation is, is changing, but germany remains integral to the current sanctions regime on russia. and germany would be of interest in future sanctions regime in the event of a wider war. it seems to me that it's germany is right. you know, not involve the top militarily and what's going on. and i think there's probably consistent with the views of the german public. so it's germany's choice me and, and i think it's a reasonable and, and some of the russian side vladimir putin has always warned of an, a split expansion of nato. if this conflict this relationship solvable in any way, even if the current tensions are resolved, i think it is solvable, but it's immensely difficult. it would require extraordinary diplomatic efforts and lock release from both sides of this. at this stage, russia has increased the temple,
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things of such an extent as militarized situation has led me to a series of unreasonable demands on the west. it's, it's near impossible to respond to that in the short term. but if innovation is averted and there's time bracket, temperature cools down a little bit, there is incentive on both sides to figure out a solution to create that doesn't involve a wider reach or so there is, i think, a small bit of hope, but you have to be very, very optimistic to believe in the short term committee along really appreciate it. when the government became a fossil has imposed a curfew on the capital one to do good. that's out. the soldiers mutinied to demand more support for they fought against islamist militants. they also called for military leaders to resign. hundreds of protest is get that to show their support for the meeting is some burned and looted the headquarters of the ruling party. when
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you saw on a you while i'm a musician. well, good luck. we're not. it got us got us. she put a block to block. you can reply ok clearly there's a problem with the report will come back to it later. early up on this topic, i spoke with journalist henry wilkins in what to do. and i asked him, what the people support for the army actually might? yes, i'm seeing what we're seeing at the moment is a full scale to this morning when i wake up. this is already been done. since about 5 i am. so i could see the capsules largest
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military base. i was down there around about 7 morning. the military from that base have taken over the entire place, a detainer or a half an hour off. so i was trying to take pictures and get a list of them on the go with c, b, the government, while i was in detention, a minister to friends, was on national television, saying that the situation was control. the situation is not a that was journalist henry wilkins in at why going to be there? ok. let's have a brief look now. some more stories making headlines and other parts of the world and a fire at a popular night club in the cam. rooney in capital you own day has killed at least
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17 people authority say the play spread to an area where cooking gas was being stored, triggering loud explosions. tragedy comes as cameron hosts the africa cup of nations football tournament armenian president, armand sarkis. ian has resigned from his largely symbolic position, citing his inability to influence domestic and foreign policy during times of national crisis. armenia has been in a political crisis since classes broke out with neighboring as a bygone in 2020, into the disputed region of nagondo. cuba though, in place of fatigue, gas, and used water cannons to disperse, demonstrate as protesting against covey, 19 measures. tens of thousands took to the streets in brussels after the government announced that people would need booster shots to gain access to bars cinemas and some other venues. portugal prime minister antonio acosta has cast his vote in the
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snap general election holds show his incumbent socialist party still ahead of its center right rivals due to the pandemic. there's an early voting option to reduce crowds next sunday. the planned election day more than 300000 voters are expected to cast a ballot to day. well, eminem's are getting a make over the chocolate candies aren't changing, but all of the multi colored mascots are getting new looks and updated personalities. parent company, mars rigley announced the re branding earlier this week. it says the redesign is meant to make eminem's more inclusive and more reflective of today's society. and the, and sign in the logo will become more prominent. and the marketing will lane into the different shapes and sizes of the candies. the new tagline is eminem's for all fun cod digital reporting that show stock when is he adjusting tom? this is my turn. michel, what changes are we going to say?
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put me to weighs. okay, well let's start out with the lady. eminem's. ms. green and miss brown. miss green is going to lose her sexy go go boots. they're going to be replaced with some sensible sneakers, ms. brown. she's known as the smart ceo type. she's going to lose her, so let us get some more sensible pumps. both of them are going to lose the ms and from their names to de emphasize gender. and they're going to be c as a team that works to empower women that throws shine and not shade sensible palms a want to know about what's coming for yellow, orange, rid ok. those are the guys. and they're now supposed to represent the competing emotions of this generation, generation z. so yellow used to be kind of a dope. he's going to be more of an optimist. now, orange is now going to be the avatar of this generations anxieties. red used to be the alpha male, he's going to be more of a team player and blue, he's going to be the guy who shows up to shows up with kind of a sense of humor right now. what did my research earlier and had
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a packet of peanuts maybe 45 minutes ago? you have no idea. but i certainly type the sign like inverse for that, that's an exclusive i taste this, i'm of what is behind the brand refresh. i think a lot of american companies over the past couple years in the wake of the black lives matter movement in the wake of the me to movement have taken a look at their branding and logo and done some reckoning and perhaps done some changes to, to try and be more inclusive, if you look at the branding of eminem's and the adverts over the past couple decades. they really leaned into sex, the stereotypes. so, you know, the red alpha male always getting the girl being in charge. the yellow one was real, do 1st, and then the green one definitely was very sexy. you know, there's an adverb from the mid otts, and really they cast a lot of these adverts in a world that was dripping and chocolate and sexual fantasy. there's one where she's doing a strip tease. so i think the company just wants on a different direction. but what about online that the companies doing that i had to
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do this, but was they the public outcry? was the the, the real need to do it online? yeah, i think a lot of people on line are echoing your question anthony, why now? who called for this and you know, i went on instagram and saw the where they put the video of this announcement and there were 6000 likes. and then about $1500.00 comments that were full of snark and criticism. a lot of anger, that green has lost or sexy boots. can't empowered women wear boots. there's a lot of cynicism from people who wonder can a corporation be woke? and then the most cynical point that a lot of people are making is the fact that the parent company, mars, is facing a lawsuits about child labor involved a lot of top chocolate makers in the us. so seen as an effort to change the conversation, but not necessarily be woke. michelle guaranteed i will stay on top of this one. thanks your time. now before we go, the 10000 sport fans attending an indoor hockey game in the u. s. last, not new. the forecast a down pool. and after the 1st gulf scored by the home team,
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the hershey bays, the rain began. teddy bit by the thousands, the 10s of thousands began to write down the teddy bear toss. this is known as is a kid's charity event held every year by the 2nd tier club in the state of pennsylvania. and the place that they seem to enjoy it to. the final numbers aren't in yet, but organizes were confident they would surpass the teddy total of last year of nearly $45000.00 base for children in need. 45 not to go out on your watching d. w. news coming up. sports life takes a look at where africa's best football players come from. i'm anthony howard. i'll have more news for you at the top of the next hour. stay with with
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