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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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so has 28 different our glasses. they are peers and rivals with one during gold to outsmart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. on the brink of eternal life, starts february 16th on dw. ah ah, this is d w. news live from burly, the u. s. rejects calls for immediate sanctions on russia. ukraine soldiers patrol
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they a border has more than 100000 russian troops mass on the other side. but u. s. secretary of state antony blink and says, diplomacy needs to be given a chance 1st to discourage russia from invading. also coming up a curfew as imposed in burkina faso after people barricade the streets with burning tires in support of soldiers staging a mutiny. they're demanding military bras, resign as anger rises over the inability to stop an islamist insurgency. ah, m. anthony howard broke into the program. military aid is arriving in keith from the us, poland, britain, and others as ukraine face as the threat of a possible invasion by russia. calls have been growing for economic sanctions on moscow as it builds up its forces along the border. but washington has said,
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diplomacy needs to be given another chance it's been dubbed the new cold war with relations between russia and the west. as biting as the weather on ukraine's eastern boulders will pretty well. the british foreign officers publicly accused president putin of planning to install this prohibition politician was as a new ukrainian leader to pay you have had more. i have a fee is critic of key as pivot to the west. global has denied the claims given last month. and the russian foreign ministry, branded the assertion fake news, the u. s. and the u. k. are sending military aid to ukraine with baltic nations set to follow germany's hands off approach is attracting criticism. but the u. s. secretary of state denied the divisions. i've been on the phone
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and saw might my own a german counterpart. ah, for mr. burbock. and i can tell you that the germans very much sure concerns and are resolute in being a determined to respond and to respond swiftly, effectively. and in the united way, up to a $100000.00 russian troops have amassed at ukraine's boulders over recent months. with moscow demanding that ukraine will never be allowed to join nato. putin is also denied. he is planning to talk. but those living on ukraine's frontier with russia a fall from reassured with life on the edge of something very terrible. it's carrying. so yes, i can say that i'm of scared for now. daily life continues,
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which is a political temperatures plummet. people here all to a way how quickly that could all change as michael came in with us now he's a history professor at the catholic university of america and a former state department expert in the president obama. you're welcome to you. wisdom politicians say there is a very real risk of a russian invasion into you cry. michael, what's your system? i think that's absolutely correct. although you want to be a little bit careful about the word innovation. there are many kinds of russian tools of, of interference that may not be technically speaking, a kind of ground invasion. but that to a sort of conventional grant invasion is absolutely within the realm of the possible u. s. and the other countries have sent already sent or agreed to send a weapons to you cry. and michael, you talk about pulling different leave is, is this enough to make russia reconsider its position?
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does this change anything it me or change a few of the kind of small calculations that russia is making? i don't think it's enough to change the overall calculus to do that. the west would have to assist you with their power, which would be an enormous staff and i think make a credible promise or a threat to russia. putting boots on the ground to the event of a wider rushing warrant. there's really skepticism or not just to do that from washington to london, to berlin, to brussels. germany, michael has been accused by the credit and government of not showing enough support compared to its nato allies. d. c. a truth in that i jones, i think in germany as being consistent to chancellor, america's policy is going back to 2014 in which chance are america. and that if the argued that there was no military solution, obviously the situation is changing, but germany remained integral to the current sanctions regime on russia and germany
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would be of interest in future sanctions regime in the event of a wider war. it seems to me that it's germany is right, you know, not involve the top militarily and what's going on. and i think that's probably consistent with the use of the german public. so it's germany's choice me and, and i think it's a reasonable one. and some of the russian side vladimir putin has always warned of an eastwood expansion of nato. if this conflict this relationship solvable in any way, even if the current tensions are resolved, i think it is solvable, but it's immensely difficult. it would require extraordinary diplomatic efforts and luck really from both sides of this at this stage, russia has increased the temper. things to such an extent has militarized situation that has levied a series of unreasonable demand on the west. and it's near impossible to respond to that in the short term, but if innovation is averted and there's time and perhaps the temperature goes down
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a little bit, there isn't center on both sides to figure out a solution to creating future that doesn't involve a wider regional war, so i think a small bit of hold, but you have to be very, very optimistic to believe in the short term mark. okay. it's good to have you long . really appreciate ok. let's take a brief look at some other stories making headlines in other parts of the world now . now many and president armand, sir kitchen, has resigned from his largely symbolic position, sought his inability to influence domestic and foreign policy during times of national crisis. armenia has been in a political crisis since classes broke out with neighboring as a by john in 2020, in the disputed region of nagondo cadillac. those in place of fatigue as an used water cannons to disperse demonstrators, protesting against coven 19 measures. tens of thousands took to the streets of brussels after the government announced that people will need a booster shots to gain access to bars cinemas and some other venues. firefighters
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in the u. s. city of philadelphia have extinguished a blaze at a high rise building. officials say the flames were limited to the exterior of the skyscraper. it were no reports of injuries. a fire at a popular night club in the caribbean capital, yet one day has killed at least 17 people. authorities say the play spread to an area where cooking guess was being stored, triggering loud explosions. the tragedy comes as cameron host, the africa cup of nations football tournament. of the government of picking a fossil has imposed a curfew on the capitol. why do good that after soldiers mutinied to demand more support for their fight against islamist militants? i also called the military leaders to resign. hundreds of protesters gathered to show their support for the mutineers. some of whom burned and looted the headquarters of the ruling party. the ominous sound of tear gas fired on
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protests as by security forces on saturday, a crowd gathered in the keno fast. those capital wag do, grew dissatisfied with the government and president rock of boris inability to control that you had an insurgency. this troubled the country for 7 years. beautiful grew her or perhaps rock must go. we all agree on that. we believe that the government is catastrophic. isabel grew la guinasso, catastrophic, catastrophic. in always, especially when it comes to security, it will apply reply security day when i'm back. remember, the next day fir, the signs of unrest. this time from the army. heavy gunfire coming from several barracks in the capital plus disrupted internet connections from did phase of a to the defense minister was quick to get on the air to deny the government had lost control. it is, you know, dooku the law. the government has confidence in the army which remains committed to
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the republic. we asked the people to remain calm to carry out their duties. we are following the developing situation so we can provide information on the real reasons for these shootings, london. so i can tell you that for the moment everything is under control and we ask our army to continue to support our republic and carry out its mission to protect its territory and its people. it will show the potential not till it were in the populace, but his words did little to calm. the protesters who rampaged and set fire to the ruling parties, headquarters more demonstrations, sprang up across the capital in support of the mutilating soldiers that up at the lack of support in fighting the islamists, the soldiers demanded more resources and at the military top broth be sacked all of this just a week after 12 people were arrested on suspicion of planning to d,
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stabilize institutions in the country. let's bring in our west africa correspondent, florist to water in lagos, nigeria, now florida. we have reports of an overnight curfew in place in became faso. what's the latest you're hearing? wanted the latest you're hearing this situation in buck enough fast. so is still developing the latest we've had. is that coffee that you mentioned, that the government has imposed a coffee from 8 p. m to 5 a. m. now this cons after an attempt at ku. i'm was reported in book kina fossil which of course the government has denied, but our source is on the ground. tell us that a military coup is in fact on the way in the country. first, the government had earlier, as he said, denied, and attempted to was taking place. what then is the point, the casey run out the point right now. well that's,
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that has been, this is who has shown us the situation in booking our fossil contrasting information. the god main denying the qu, but still imposing a cough. you obviously to quail the security situation a to quell the unrest that is currently the has been ongoing since morning. now in the morning there are reports of gone fires and then civilians coming out in support. of the military. so the cough few is obviously an attempt by the government to kind of calm the situation down. and as they say, get the situation on their control floors. the question of why now the unrest created we think by the military and equally, why does it seem to have the support of a good number of people number but a lot of civilians invoking our fast. so our support seen this military coup and
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the reason is because many of them feel like the of the, the, the anger of the soldiers accord the our own frustrations as well, which is merely the lack of the gov meant 2222 to handle the seat of security situation in buckingham fossil, and they have been min m islamic terrorists groups attacking buck in our fast. so since 2014 and the government in bach, enough fossil has failed to put that under control, has failed to equip the military to really fight against. this is clammy terrorist groups that are heavily funded by arcade on ices. and so this is just a way of them expressing the frustrations with the government in power and hoping that the military would take it toughest stands against the security problems in the country for us to acquire in lagos, nigeria,
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thanks so much. ah, some sport before we go, let's take a quick look at how things stand in the bonus like a table off to the 20th match day of the season. and by him, of course, on top with dockman, trailing by 6 points on, yawn berlin out there in the verified atmosphere of the champions league, places after they win against glad buck downstairs foot remain in last place. despite their, when of a mindful, outspoken wolf spoke, both of slipped closer to the automatic, relegation spots. now before we go, the 10000 sports fans attending an indoor hockey game in the u. s. last, not near the forecast a down pool. and after the 1st gulf scored by the home team here, the hershey biz, the rain came down. teddy bears by the thousands, by the 10s of thousands. we think the teddy bear toss is a kids charity event held every year by the 2nd tier club in the state of pennsylvania. and the players seem to like it to the final numbers on in yet,
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but organizes were confident they would passed the last teddy total of nearly $45000.00 de beers and they all go to children in 45. looks great. that's all the news. the now coming up report i goes to a french island to discover the faith of thousands of people who were torn from their families as children promised brought a future. that didn't happen that's coming up after a short break. i'm anthony howard. i'm done for now. public for the las we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the next hour. stay with us through oh, where i can.


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