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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CET

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for ya, molecules has 20 different powers losses. they are peers and rivals with one doing goal to help smart nature for a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind on the brink of eternal life starts february 16th on d, w. ah, ah, ah, this is either the news line from berlin, the u. s. order some of us embassy staff to leave ukraine. the state department
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also says it will have limited ability to assist americans in russia, followed directing calls for immediate sanctions on moscow. look at the latest from washington dc. also coming up a curfew is imposed booking. faso after people barricade the streets with burning tires and support of soldiers staging a mutiny. and by and munich, defend their lead at the top of the point, the speaker with a routine victory over a long time on the performers her to berlin. ah, i'm healing mohammed, welcome to the program. united states has ordered the families of all american personnel at its embassy in ukraine to leave the country. non essential. stoffel also asked to leave. the state department says the decision has been under
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consideration for some time. it comes as talks between us, secretary of state antony, blinking, and russia's foreign minister. so gay love ruled failed to comp. tensions last week, as russian troops continued to mass on ukraine's order of warm us adorned by carrying that you more who is in washington, dc for us will. can you tell us about the state department order? where are you the secretary of state, anthony of lincoln gave an interview this afternoon and he said that a his highest responsibility is the safety and, and the well being of the people who were proceed department and who are under his care and hours later we learned that the se department indeed ordered diplomats families to depart the united states embassy and keith, due to the height and fears of irrational attack on ukraine. the embassy has also authorized non emergency employees to the parts of the say department also urged us
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citizens in ukraine to consider departing the country as soon as possible using commercial flights. and at the same time, a senior se department official said that these are prudent precautions, that in no way undermined the u. s. support for retrain. and that this decision has been made based on the military build up in the region. yes, so i mean, that must be some clear significance here regarding this pull out of non essential us personnel in ukraine as we've also seen additional shipments of defense equipment as well. they are different parts and they are all making the situation. they're obviously more tens and this is happening day by day. but it is also pretty clear that the united states, as well as russia, they are both of flexing their muscle. so we know that russia, for example, has the blue troops, tanks and missiles along the ukrainian border, and russian forces are now surrounding ukraine on different sides. but also the
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united states has sent a military aid package and has delivered military equipment in ukraine. and they of course, want to show their support their help to ukraine on a military ground on the u. k. has done the same, but still a lot. there are 2 important questions that are key to answer. the big question is we are going to see military invasion and sanctions in the next days or weeks. the 1st question would be, what if russia acts in a so called grey zone, meaning a space between war and peace? like, for example, election meddling or cyber attacks that would this be enough to make the united states and its allies to impose sanctions. m, russia could definitely also shape the face of ukraine with these kinds of strategies and without the cost of a war. and secondly, with the west, meaning the united states and its allies in europe, the united on the sanctions. they would impose on russia, europe, and especially germany, as you know, gets almost
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a 70 percent of its gas from russia and at the end of the sanctions. might be even worse for germany and other countries in europe. county that you more in washington dc for us. thank you very much. now as the military aid arrives in give from the us, poland and britain as well as elsewhere, calls are growing for immediate economic sanctions on moscow. but washington says, diplomacy needs to be given more time it's been dubbed the new cold wall with relations between russia and the west, as biting as the weather on ukraine's east and boulders. we're pretty long. the british foreign officers publicly accused president putin of planning to install this pro russian politician was as a new ukrainian leader model. you have had moore, i have been a fee as critic of key f pivot to the west has denied the claims given lot of and
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the russian foreign ministry, branded the assertion fake news, the u. s. and the u. k. are sending military aid to ukraine with baltic nations set to follow. germany's hands off approach is attracting criticism. but the u. s. secretary of state denied the divisions. i've been on the phone and saw might my own a german counterpart. ah, for mr. a burbock and i can tell you that the germans very much, i'm sure our concerns and our resolute endangered, are determined to respond to respond swiftly effectively. and in the united way. up to a $100000.00 russian troops have amassed that ukraine's boulders over recent months . with moscow demanding that ukraine will never be allowed to join nato. putin is also denied. he is planning to talk. but those living on ukraine's
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frontier with russia are far from reassured with life on the edge of something very terrible is caring. so yes, i can say i'm of scale for now daily life continues, but as a political temperatures plummet, people here all to away how quickly that could all change. now as ukraine gets more military aid in response to russia's build up of troops, other european countries also making those to counter the tensions. the idyllic island of goods then to in sweden is seen tanks and troops rolling through normally quiet streets behind the historic fortress walls. of the islands capital vis be life. looks like a film set. got blonde is
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a popular baltic vacation destination. but in recent days, military patrols have been stepped up here. the tanks and heavily armed soldiers show that sweden is ready to defend itself. the last days were worked for worked with in holland, single, situational awareness and our get some more freedom of actions actually to be prepared if something should happen. the soldiers and military equipment were brought here from the mainland military experts funded by sweden's defense ministry. believe that if russia suddenly decides to target the baltic, states got land would be strategically important. if you controlled island of got land, you can prevent those 3 enforcements arriving and set up a 5th complete for the operations that you want to do. got landless, mainly from tourism,
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but now some residents fear the island could become the focal point of world events . i have no idea so scary. i don't think the russian come and take did dialing. got love. now. most of the islands, residents think the reinforcements recently deployed, so got land are more a sign of vigilance than a harbinger of a possible conflict. who has led to some other stories making headlines around the world. thousands of people are demonstrating in the u. s. capital against coven 19 measures like mosque wearing and proof of vaccination. they're demanding people have a choice whether to be vaccinated or not. many say they shouldn't be forced to take the vaccines. on during president elect, see a modern castro is facing a crisis after a block of her deputies promised to give congressional leadership to another party . hundreds of her support as her tested outside the legislative building. the move
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could hand controlled back to the 2 parties that have governed the country for generations. sullivan members are in also for a 3 day summit on afghanistan, some growing humanitarian crisis. it's all a bond spokesman, called the talks between the group and west and officials, as a step to legitimize the afghan government is shop. it will as are made the comment, often meeting with women's rights activists and human rights defenders are many as president our men sarkis ian has resigned, citing his inability to influence domestic and foreign policy. armenia has been in political uncertainty since clashes broke out with neighboring as a by john in 2020, in the disputed region of not gonna cut about alika if you has been imposed in brooklyn, of faso. that's off the soldiers stage. the mutiny demanding more support for their fight against armed groups. they also called for military leaders to step down.
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hundreds of protest is gathered to show their support for the soldiers and some set fire to the ruling party's headquarters. the sound of gunfire was reported near the president's residence, his whereabouts remain unknown. the ominous sound of tear gas fired on protests as by security forces. on saturday, a crowd gathered in the keno fast those capital wagons do, grew dissatisfied with the government and president rock of boris inability to control legit had its insurgency. this troubled the country, the 7 years. you full crew earth or maps, rock must go. we all agree on that. we believe that the government is catastrophic estimate grew local inasmuch apostrophe catastrophic. in always, especially when it comes to security, it will apply reply security day when a bad remember the next day, further signs of unrest. this time from the army. heavy gunfire coming from several
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barracks in the capital plus disrupted internet connections prompted fears of a clue. the defense minister was quick to get on the air to deny the government had lost control of mobile immersion law. the government has confidence in the army which remains committed to the republic. we asked the people to remain calm to carry out their duties. we are following the developing situation so we can provide information on the real reasons for the shootings who handle good. so i can tell you that for the moment everything is under control and we ask our army to continue to support our republic and carry out its mission to protect its territory. and its people. it is, it was you and the potential not to latoya. it will kill us, but his words did little to calm. the protesters who rampaged and set fire to the ruling parties. headquarters, more demonstrations sprang up across the capital in support of the mutilating
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soldiers. that up at the lack of support in fighting the islamists, the soldiers demanded more resources and at the military top broth be sacked. all of this just a week after 12 people were arrested on suspicion of planning to d, stabilize institutions in the country. ah. and then the bundis ego on sunday bar and munich beat harter berlin for one. putting the 6 point lead at the top of the table, i had a bruce he adored, went with a victory in berlin by and remained firmly in control of the title of race. ah, fire munich visited the blue side of the capital for their clash against struggling hair to berlin. the reigning champions had beaten her tongue in 6 of their last 7 meetings, fire laid on the pressure and struck 1st through current into lisa kingsley coleman's cross found his fellow frenchman who beat his defender to the bull,
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and finished with a strong header. at the 45th minute mark thomas mueller got himself on the score sheet doubling. byron's lead, joshua kim ich delivered a well placed free kick which mueller flicked into the net for his 7th goal of the season. that made it to neil for buyer and going in to half time, much to hurt those dismay. the 2nd half, some more goals as leroy sunday pounced on a sloppy ball, played out by her as goalkeeper. alexander swallow, easy pickings for the buyer and forward. who was quick to slot the ball into the open goal. ah serge number you finished off a lovely through ball to make it 4 for byron. further adding insult to injury, an error from substitute diet open mcconnell saw byron's clean
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sheet go up in smoke. but you're going eco, comes, go with a mere consolation for one, the final score as buyer and extend their lead at the top of the buddhist. make a table back to 6 points. and his reminder of our top story. united states has ordered the families of all american personnel at its embassy in ukraine to leave the country. non essential. stoffel also asked to leave. the state department says the decision has been under consideration for some time and had concerns over a possible russian invasion. you're watching the w news live from berlin up. next is dr. bull taking a look at some of the hottest music from nigeria, moving people around the world and watching take care of
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a what interest in the global.


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