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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2022 7:00am-7:14am CET

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how smart nature, ah, for a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. on the blink of eternal life, starts february 16th on d, w. ah, ah, this is d w. news coming to you live from burly. the united states orders the family so its diplomats to leave ukraine. state department says it's taking
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precaution because military action from russia couldn't come at any time. moscow denies its planning and invasion, also coming up fears of a coo in burkina faso in west africa after soldiers stage mutinies at several military bases. but the government says everything is still under control and apply on munich. defend their lead at the top, the buttons league with a routine victory over a long time under performers at the berlin. ah . hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. the us has ordered the families of all american personnel of it's embassy in ukraine to leave the country non essential, stop. i've also been asked to leave. the state department says the decision has been under consideration for some time. u. s. victoria state antony blink and meth,
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his russian counterpart said lopper off at the weekend the to fail to secure a breakthrough to end the crisis, but agreed to keep working to ease tensions. earlier we asked w's washington correspond, carleen or troy, about the motives behind the state apartments, orders a secretary of state, anthony blank, and gave an interview this afternoon. and he said that his highest responsibility is, am the safety and, and the well being of the people who won't proceed. department and who are under his care. and hours later, we learned that the se department indeed ordered diplomats families to depart the united states embassy and keith. due to the heightened germany's hands off approach is attracting criticism. but the u. s. secretary of state denied the divisions. i've been on the phone and saw might my own a german counterpart, ah, for mr. burbock. and i can tell you that the germans very much sure are concerns
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and are resolute and being determined to respond to respond swiftly effectively. and in the united way, up to a $100000.00 russian troops have a master ukraine's boulders over recent months. with moscow demanding that ukraine will never be allowed to join nato. putin is also denied. he's planning to it's huck, but those living on ukraine's frontier with russia a fall from reassured life on the edge of something very terrible and scaring so yes, i can say this is kind of scary for now, daily life continues. but as a political temperatures plummet, people here all to away how quickly that could all change
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the government in the west african state of burkina faso is denying reports that the crew is under way after soldiers mutiny that several military bases. the soldiers are calling for more resources to fight an islamist insurgency and want their commanding officers to be fired. demonstrators also took to the streets the weekend to protest the government's failure to stop the islamist. the ominous sound of tear gas fired on protest as by security forces on saturday, a crowd gathered in the keno fast those capital wagons due to dissatisfied with the government and president wrought conform inability to control that you had an insurgency. this troubled the country, the 7 years you full crew or, or perhaps rock must go. we all agree on that. we believe that the government is catastrophic. listed. well, good luck. we're not a catastrophic, catastrophic in always, especially when it comes to security. you can apply reply security day when not bad
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. remember the next day for the signs of unrest. this time from the army. heavy gunfire coming from several barracks in the capital plus disrupted internet connections. prompted phase of a to the defense minister was quick to get on the to deny the government had lost control at the moment it usually due to the mom, the government has confidence in the army which remains committed to the republic. we asked the people to remain calm to carry out their duties. we are following the developing situation so we can provide information on the real reasons for the shootings who handle. so i can tell you that for the moment everything is under control and we ask, i'll army to continue to support our republic and carry out its mission to protect its territory and its people. it will show a potential till it were in the populace. but his words did little to calm the protests as who rampaged and sat,
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but to the ruling party's headquarters. more demonstrations sprang up across the capital in support of the mutiny being soldiers that up at the lack of support in fighting the islamists, the soldiers demanded more resources and that the military top broth be sacked. all of this, just a week up to 12, people were arrested on suspicion of planning to destabilize institutions in the country to catch up on some other stories making headlines around the world. today . western diplomats and taliban members are meeting in all slow for a 2nd day of talks on afghanistan's growing humanitarian crisis. and taliban spokesman called to talk to steps to legitimize the afghan government. this chaffey will awesome, made the comment after meeting with women's rights activists and human rights defenders. french fashion designer gently mcglenn has died mccloud
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dramatic designs defined haute couture over several decades. his work was worn by celebrities such as diana ross, madonna, lady gaga, and carly b. now was also a dancer acrobat, and an avid body builder. he was 73 years old. thousands of people have been demonstrated in the u. s. capital against proven 19 measures, including mass wearing and proof of vaccination. they're demanding people have a choice whether to be vaccinated or not. many say they shouldn't be forced to take the vaccines. german chancellor, all of schultz is set to hold talks on the pandemic with regional leaders today to discuss the way forward for our way forward as omicron cases surge here in germany . some politicians are calling for an end to restrictions as the new variant appears to cause less severe disease in most people. but some doctors, especially those working in hospitals, say it's too early to give it the all clear. a typical scene in one of germany's
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emergency rooms an incoming patient is tested immediately for coven 19, and receives the news they're infected with all micron. germany's latest wave has cases spreading faster than ever, and many health workers are also expected to catch the virus. the university clinic and regensburg is bracing for impact. ma'am for them so much was it that we were able to bring in students. we have a part time staff who have increased their workload. and we have teams that work in rotating shifts. teams to some extent at the fest in and she can gov it, it has the stuff. ha, dr. marcus zimmerman doesn't just lead this hospitals emergency department. he also coordinates with other clinics and physicians in the region to see not if we're still seeing growing infection rates without the staffing to reflect that will be legal. the weekly videoconference of doctors and clinics is an important means to directing the flow of patients. if one hospital is full, they can use the network to quickly find free beds for days. every one in
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regensburg who's tested positive for coven 19 has had the omicron variant. despite this, fewer among them need in patient treatment. i've is cindy with foot and swung the other. it's a bit the quiet before the storm was we expect the number of incoming patients to grow and quickly me as, but i'm more worried about the staff than about the patients. vendetta. if we have growing numbers of staff out sick was then treatment at our hospital will be stretched to its limits. house fun on dickinson, coleman, and regensburg the helicopter unit flies and fixed teams to minimize the significant staff loss if omicron cases continue to soar. if been caught up being at a 3rd with i'm optimistic that we will handle it. i think we're well prepared. we know where to put our patients and who knows and maybe this wave will miss us on my. the inflect practical of it in conklin has a house with flexibility and co operation. germany's medical community as standing together, despite the challenges faced is lifted. some other developments in the pandemic
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world wide, chinese authorities have lifted a month, long locked down on the northern city of she on the move comes a day after a commercial flights resume to to the city with 13000000 residence. tough restrictions for frances, on vaccinated population go into force on monday. restaurants, bars, sporting events, and long distance trains will be off limits without a job or proof of recovery from cobit 19 and the pacific nations of curiosity and samoa have entered lockdown after international arrivals tested positive for corona virus. the islands had almost completely avoided any cases for 2 years in go to sleep soccer on sunday by a munich beat, how to blend for one. putting their 6 point lead at the top of the table. a had a brush you dormant with their victory in berlin by and remained firmly in control of the title rich, ah fire and munich visited the blue side of the capital for their clash
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against struggling hair tub berlin. the reigning champions had beaten her tongue in 6 of their last 7 meetings, fire laid on the pressure and struck 1st through current into lisa kingsley coleman's cross found his fellow frenchman who beat his defender to the ball and finished with the strong header. at the 45th minute mark, thomas miller got himself on the score sheet doubling. byron's lead, joshua kim ich delivered a well placed free kick which mueller flicked into the net for his 7th goal of the season. that made it to neil for buyer and going in to half time, much to hurt those dismay. the 2nd half some more goals as lee roy sunday pounds and a sloppy ball played out by hurt as goalkeeper. alexander swallow, easy pickings for the buyer and forward. who was quick to slot the ball into the open goal? serge,
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never you finished off a lovely threw ball to make it 4 for byron. further adding, insult to injury. ah, an error from substitute diet open. the cono saw byron's clean sheet go up in smoke . but you're going eco, comes go with a mere consolation for one, the final score as buyer and extend their lead at the top of the bonus. take a table back to 6 points are be live. so you have extended their run in the bonus tag it with the to nail victory or both spoke his season continues to go from bad to worse. it's took until the 2nd half for the home side to put themselves in front . thanks to hungarian midfielder bill. the one who headed in this rebound was snatched the lead. soon afterwards, yas coke bottle lobbed a helpless crude and castillo to make it to wolf's book,
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who finished 4th last season or now and 15th, with pressure mounting on coach oriental fountain. and here's a look at the bonus league, a table standings after the 20th match day of the season by on our of course, on top with darkman trailing by 6 points when you and ballin are up in the rarefied atmosphere, the champions league places after their when against glass but at the other saw at the other end of the table fruits spate in last place despite their whenever mines, while augsburg, and both or both slip closer to the automatic relegation spots. just reminder, the top story we're following for you here today on the to be news. the u. s. is ordered the families of its diplomats in ukraine to leave the country. non essential staff have also been asked to leave. the state department says the decision has been under consideration for some time amid concerns for a possible russian invasion is,
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is the w news from berlin up next we've got world stories for you looking at how south africa has coped with the omicron serge. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching. ah ah, people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center.


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