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tv   The 77 Percent - The Magazine for Africas Youth  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2022 7:30am-8:01am CET

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a super latino is simmering this year. and if agree and feel community rumbling once again. researchers are monitoring a change in their volcanic gases. they are familiar with the signs of a potential blast, but spontaneous super volcanic eruptions are still shrouded in mystery. tomorrow to day. in 60 minutes on d w, literature invites us to see people in particular, i to see myself as the kids find the strange grown up world. my only objective when is to share what a thing beautiful. did you books on you tube? mm hm. ah, hello my fellow 77 percent as welcome to a new edition of the show for africa majority the youth,
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i am eddie micah junior. in this episode, we appreciated the arts, chicken, our design, and meeting talent across the african continent. first, stop the democratic republic of the congo where creative minds tend trash into us. been in the capital kinshasa, we debate what the congolese odyssey needs to reach the next level. finally, with this niger, and as i not getting caught you, laurie, given how his creations combine, designed on storytelling. now if you're ready like eddie, then let's start off in the democratic republic of congo, a country known for its vast natural resources, rain forest, and of course, lumber music. but as you know, it's also home to a very vibrant art scene. at the dfcs established artist often feature at art
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festivals and exhibitions across the world. but to day we are meeting up and coming congolese artist, whose work really making chassis art scene tech no longer with our art. we go to people on the streets because when we performing art centers, nobody sees us. only the people in high places come to see us there. but we want to be seen by calling people africans like us or so my name is particular to i'm an artist in duck pu yellow. the a bell. i'm self taught performer. i didn't go to our school. i've not been doing art for 7 years. in the heart of kinshasa, famous art neighborhood, latangelo life, the artists collective. exactly. i love you that the house of beautiful life here, the artist, residencies are for artist, like patrick, self taught. but one thing to dedicate their lives can be, i think i've also in the past it was difficult for people to
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understand. when i went back home, everyone would come and they would even call to say, where are you? i tell them i'm at home and they would say no, you're not at home. you've been on the river or looking through the trash. but after a while i started explaining to them, not my art is not trash or you cycle trash and turn it into. and slowly the started to understand. yeah, yeah. klaus. one of family and community have accepted choice appreciation for his work in terms of financial games. it's hard to come by. the be, are these odd world is largely self organizing, collective like bees or supported through the efforts of more successful tumbling artist, as well as a handful for an art initiative for the artist here performances and the chances to sell their artworks. and we appreciate the additional
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ag, they are all those difficulties. they are people come here and say, i'll buy these for 500 euros. they take it, and afterwards we see that they sell 842-503-0000 euros. and there is no fair remuneration for the creator to walk up. because we have children, we have houses to rent and families. i left a school and that is all on adam is a 9540 to his marriage or his mom. they force him to questions out like just that class lately for my mean, i've only gone up. we go was united, but literally colonialist came and divided us like a kick. when you are in front of a broken mirror, you are not going to see yourself in full. so this is what has happened to africa. and specifically, congo are the same time. the mirror also shows us. the beauty is the seller. lou
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mila is la. both the these are playing a quite come to self. see, we've been called sorcerers delhi quin's. but afterwards, after watching us by staying with us, they understood us all that blue. we are play and not a gas all of his fire. we also do a great service for our city. we pick up the trash on the road and turn it into art in order to restore kin labelle kinshasa the beautiful. because right now our city is filled with trash. bell skimming on speaking with them. all i can say is, wow, you know, making something beautiful out of trash shows real genius in my opinion. but congolese art is not just important for the country by the whole world. did you know? unesco has recently added congolese boom bar to its list of intangible welled heritage
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. the musical genera on dance is often referred to as the song chuckles congolese history to celebration on morning. but still not all congolese feel like their cultural heritage is appreciated enough. in kinshasa, we met some artists from all over the country who told us about the struggles the fees in the our quest for recognition and support for the our work. this takes us street to our streets debate. ah, hi everyone, my name is wendy bash and you are watching the 77 percent magazine. we are here in kinshasa, in the democratic republic of the congo in this city. there is music and art everywhere. so today we are talking about god sure. and appreciation of the cultural heritage. i'm going to the 1st experience alice, can you tell us what our means to you? love bowmois acts for me. it's something that defines you. what is the component
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that describe so you are that shows our identity. and so in short, our art is us. that's it. the wife no class he knew, follow. i don't remember, don't ever have whoo or i clear. so i'm going to, or i clear now you are one of the 1st female rapper e in d as see. you must have had a lot of challenges to get to where you are today. or can you tell us about dog stickers that you have to face in your car? you have your competitor on what? look i hear this up from your mother. well, 1st of all, i think that being a woman in the rap world, which is considered to be less noble than rumba is already a problem. you see there are men who look at you like, what is this woman doing and wrapped up our in my case, i have my family that was there for me even when nobody believed in what i was doing the choir, even when we were called dreamers a little at the time we were just considered crazy people who were getting into something that was out of all a world ammonia. double my family,
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jim thornton. i have lucas, jo, lou, i will now go to miss you. kiss your room, your party is willing, the country to day you. how do you support them? sidney? okay, to mom. no panel, not ladon doubled. eliza, good day. it don't go pip. we are taking our time 1st to listen to them as people, as we especially put impression on the government. still that a copyrights are respected and we also fighting against piracy. because the also make money of the artist that is also professionally develop it will or the lad to pass short. so see importance you love, we did go with have a on tell me, did. why do tell much of a direct him. so you said that you are working in terms of copyrights. i was now jump to buy at shamela in terms of copyright, t or india. see, do you agree with christian lou? move down to g, her to taylor, his gentleman, oscar i think so. call me there. some efforts are tabbing made it, but they are not effective. they're not effective because the minister of culture is not very involved. sonic who julius emptied bar enamel. so what you are telling
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us the afternoon is that in demo of copyright and cultural policies, nothing has been done yet. so that makes you disagree. absolutely. well, yeah, you did absolutely. every effort by the previous effort of the current minister of the minister of culture who made the mischa plants. but every time any minister comes in, it doesn't work out. we only start from scratch, define a closet, will we ask ourselves, what's going on? i'd have people r idle sitting on the hands of what they are going to walk to microphone d. w form massey. thank you very much. now i'm going back to alice combs should room like lou. they said they support us on copyright issues. i'm going to stay on that right now. i've been in a lawsuit for 2 years against a big very company that infringed my copyrights. and i brought all the proofs forward. now it up and saw that just is us. it's one way's in this country. now. i as a small fish who does not have $100000.00 to bribe people,
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i find myself sing monsters. i find myself 1st, sing, monsters facing a multinational, the bribes important people who are in the sockets. there have been accusations of corruption, not the judicial level as well. suddenly nothing has been done about it for the last 2 years. we've shown on the food logistics of it. do santiago, give a we have a concrete example here of an artist whose right of have been violated. mr. lama was talking about copyrights and your party is rolling the country when you want to say to what you just intended to like. what he's saying is, the reason why we came to power, the president repeated, it's even in gama. he said, if we have a real problem with our justice system, who will not be able to change the country, we have to change the country with every one's involvement dumont. so now we are going to look at this treacherous because you have out is here, we're talking about copyright. they're talking about the value of they were, do you at this point, feel that you have been some point in you? in some spoke to her nestle, we're
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a congolese structure. we thought are the help of the institutions. but if it doesn't work, it's just not going to work as a result or we don't have any help. but we are making doing with what we have about to help the i little of perkins, or even our government for ah, what the exterior? no, so to know liz, after to decent. so i'm going directly to deal dory. d. mr. deb and out. what do you want to st. jude? the problem is global. it's the responsibility of the politicians. but it's also the stakeholders who are responsible. the artist must fight. we have been able to make our rumble famous on the other side of europe. thanks to this musician. and that's without any support from politics. why did this happen? they understood that they have to sell their product orders. so hello, every thing that we heard today is there any or for the cultural sector here in the assay ball yet yet liz walked while yet miss walk basket were that is not for me.
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that is harper, because we will not stop fighting. we won't stop doing what we used to do because they are to be political representatives to what it means that they are powerless. but at the same time, they try to blame us. my hope is that mister hardy ambassador will help us to find solutions to our problems. to day, let's look at all these for us as we have here. data casino, who to day is doing huge things. but why did doug get more support from french and belgium government than their congolese government? i have toward the united states of toward many countries in the world of hard support from the us government, the french government, the english government, the belgium government, but never from the congress government. however, since i am an artist here, i pay the convoy his government every 2 years. i renew my artist cards, which are useless to me. why are you the head of a country if you don't know how to do anything for us? well, i have a lot to say,
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but i want to stop here once i get here from bonham. bullshit book of to that, the armies remember i taylor, i don't know. let's close reef ratliff. is there any hope for the cultural sector today in the asi is i would say the same thing as my brother when it comes to having hope we do what we do because we are passionate and we want the generations that will come after us to be able to say that there are people who fought for such a class. i think that in this sense, yes, if we have held up. but it is a little difficult because the statement that he made is clear. if you have 5 years and 3 years have already passed and nothing has happened and 2 years, i laughed well, you should not be surprised when songs like the ones of alice are coming alice, we are coming to the end of our sure, thank you all for watching the feel free to share and comment on our page. you know, talking about art brings out the passion in people. but clearly the crate of art
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industry needs a lot of support and attention from governments. what do you think that you want to watch more of our debates? visit our huge you page and don't forget to share your thoughts with us. but 8, we're not done. what arts? let's go to ghana and meet risin star. i'm walk waffle. his paintings are being snapped up by international collectors. but how did a fisherman's son from a cra become one of the wells most sought after contemporary artist? let's find out in his artwork touches millions and he sold for such a painting of a mockup waffle. our world famous, the gun in artist whose work has been compared to that of ocean expressionist mustache, gustav claimed and egon. sheila has fought a courier literally with his own 2 hands being an artist. i think that in guy, you know, for sure that you don't have a career like you don't have a life. no,
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you're not gonna make anything for me like this, you know, from the beginning because your parents. busy love you this support you, but they would tell you point blank that you're not gonna make anything from it. not that college of hide and he's a waffle attended a private ask will in a crop. and in 2014, he got a scholarship to study at a vienna art academy in austria. so this walker walker, i often say a more co is a sculptor. i feel he's sculpting his paintings, his characters that he hasn't been to a new visual language with regards to skin, especially black skin is up to lap one walk for the 1st time since a mako blah forced college days. some of his eli works are going on display in the austrian capital in 2020 to 13 self portraits for 2017 hours
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in a space where i needed to like looking to myself. and so for that article i timed in mid since i like painting black bodies in hing deanna, you have less black bodies. this is a way, so you know, a way to keep up painting. dr. bodies will be just to looking to myself, it nowadays. sales office wakes up women and collect as one a piece of the action marco bow, awful, left. 6000000, 800000. your back are sweat. that a 1000000 at an auction in 2020. his wife's sword for 15 times your estimated price, driven by grow in demand for works by black artists. so the 1200000. congratulations jack. i'm walker waffle is in demand in the fashion well to parry labeled your even put his paintings on this. yes. summer collection, he is enjoying his success by the steering clare of the high paying
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a cra, he wants to start on our school in this neighborhood to push other young gagnon artists to reach des, potential hang on a will and how to paint. and i mean, we have the technique, we can, we can do it. but you know, presentation in lynn in how to talk about someone else's work and, you know, getting criticize to, to be better is something that we did not get. so i think that's what i'm giving them and maybe they see that waffle has made it to the top, but he knows stain on top. is an art in itself. it's a beautiful thing too for special, but neos i just have to know that she just and i know facing and everything can go wrong. you know, it cannot. it is this. i feel like that if you don't all the best to i'm want to watch all and all other artists trying to make it to the top and stay in there. now,
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many of you have been sharing your thoughts on social media about to post. we put up, we asked, how can we support upcoming african artists to make a living? well, let's check out some of the comments coming to 1st one coming from philip shabrika share. who says it begins by having genuine people in positions of authority, who are able to identify raw talent without having ideas on how they will personally benefit. if that talent takes a good shift. now, that is a well noted coming from you philip. let's check out another comment from more e. richard who says we have to accept an api sheet ourselves as one united africa fest shared knowledge consume made in africa, and stopped tribalism and ethnicity. now, you know what, i couldn't have said that better. thanks a lot for those comments. it's always great to hear from you, you know,
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art takes many forms and can start anywhere case in point young khaki, louis a british niger and designer who started his business. what a simple pair of socks he channels his eye catching creativity into fanny char toys on urban spaces. a laurie is also entering the world of architecture open to tell stories through his designs. ah, how to put a huge frame. i purchased pictures back to when i was around, so i'm at 7 or 8 having gone so weddings and chart services in house parties. and not here wanted to love to really display the wealth, assure the product culture. so to call it varies about memory on member advocate scene will color and what it meant in hard me to fill, i think call resorted state of mind, was it shows how you want to express yourself. now you feel mining thinker, laurie,
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and i'm an artist designer based in north with london. my design started in 2011. i had a small seizure which is just myself, from a young age of always locked design. the prompt interior of not furniture rugs. the one of the biggest things me was living in are you in house be nigeria, than leaving your house and, and being told your british how much was quite tough? mean 20 honest pat hardwick celebrate both his cortisol. i love so much as a daily into my freight of work hornby, my studio and i think that was, it was right as of toe stories driven designs and passed on to my mom and dad into objects. chairs, for example, architectural put up the final furniture that was the introduction of how to pay them was storytelling, have been defined, mckeathan, my dear, and so forth. floor the coat away, which are parables. and that was how it will fit into my design practice. and we're looking, that's what my, what does it chose to celebrate human grants within my upbringing also gives you an
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insight into my like me, to my journey trying to crate with that we can kind of connect to and give us some sort of sense of belonging and ownership of where it's a chair or on the parson prophecy or the college palace. we all have to some sort of memory that we attached to the building or that space. because we've experienced it today with the collective design market cry. lizzie's, those people been as industry relate to my story because they haven't been or lived how i pronounce. so he continent with a story which is fine. but i think i found it quite south trying to get my foot in his door with it. so you know, hey, i'm trying to shoot up a different perspective of design and store with swapping. it should be sort of her my question my producer started working on was is she lost his wits winning most minutes when he threw out to the end of last year started out. she just give me a sheen of dishonest and soc started online wearing them on my feet and then go to
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my phone and post my image on these grounds. i got like people likes which was crazy for a parasol, which stuff. okay, this is interesting. it's, it's a one big product. how can i now develop into full collection that isn't just lifestyle so, so i'm with good. been a tree product launch. i'm working but i my more to visit, you know, we're small to what we think might be things. we're just going to just to keep it. it comes and hopefully keep giving this product thought, bring joy. my love to your life. i think that's just a beautiful way to bring joy and love to life. you know, one of the best ways to express art is to music. you can ask, gannon, rappa, and musician called slogan stone. we caught up with him in ghana as he takes us on a tour of the former capital of the ashanti empire. kumasi ha, hello, be broadway by the name flo game, stone. real name croak with zab. walmart, born and bred in this city, of whom i see
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a city of my benefits that i love. who must be got his 2nd largest c, t and the capital of the historic shanty empire. the city was also a symbol of resistance to the british colonization. wrapper and musician, flocking stony is actually related to the royal shanty family. but he's not the only one around here with royal blood. everybody in mass, if he was right out because we are all set down of the same. yeah. all right, well the influence of the shantia and play can be felt everywhere in the city as well. the king also owns the spot which holds the multi cultural center, flocking stone, texas to one of the workshops there to show us from doing craft traditional lecture . symbols, which are handmade by craftsman, recommend messages of wisdom, and also show the distinctiveness of the shanty culture. all my claudia, my cap might change everything my ring. everything is full of edging grass symbols
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to represent where i come from. yeah. we passed by the heart of my seat because of the central market. it is the largest of its kind in west africa, more than $10000.00 traitors. walk here, right after the head of the flocking service. and it re solving traditional going the unfair at the feet and one chuck. but you can get lots and lots of local flavors and muscle fair muscle full is freshly med here. anytime after they think. i'm so happy. but mostly isn't just a royal city with bread food. it is also famous for a handle of and clot can to, which was featured in the hollywood movie black contact as a symbol of african culture. when, when you check my videos and all that, you realize that i put on some key points just to represent where i come from. because the representation of us of asked the shunting people of the agony as the
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african just around the corner flocking stolen is shooting his video for his truck taking over. he's faithful fonts around him in the video on more to buy. yeah, yeah, yeah. so, so if it's going down right now, and the ticket about video shoot, i'm here with a crew, mag jelly yet is, is the streets. this are securities is kumasi. and all this is this representation of us pick, you know, one full centuries kumasi has been sent off a shanty guinea in an african culture. it's heart is still beating strong to the musical for, oh. well after that introduction to kumasi, i think it's time for you to visit god. i don't think so. i hope you enjoyed all the art talk to day time for an artistic pun. sadly,
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it's time to draw the curtains on the show. well, we came before your feedback, so get in touch on facebook, youtube, on our instagram channel, as always, will leave you with some music. and of course there's no better choice to day than 10, yes, se. so with a midnight train. now i have got the train to catch myself so the next time i for now with ah,
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ah ah ah ah, ah, ah ah ah, ah, with
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a supervisor chino is simmering with euro and if agree and field near naples, rumbling once again researchers are monitoring a change in their volcanic gases, they are familiar with the signs of a potential blast, but spontaneous super volcanic eruptions are still shrouded in mystery. to morrow to do in 30 minutes on d, w. o. these places in europe or smashing the records. step into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of europe's record breaking sites on google maps. youtube and now also invoke form
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ah, 100 soft use in my hand. when i come from rod your romance, unimportant means of transmitting mules and information. and when i was young, my cancer was brought in money. the war problem to punish most people. would garza around fraud you received? it was my job to, to in one of the allotted, just odd you said so thought everyone in the town called listen tools that days or nothing husband for answered my longed carrier in durham. none more. um, it's a long evening stop. i hot us. i was it's were ordered by choice in this car, a way to transmit my name is
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natasha monmouth. and i will d w ah, ah ah ah, this is d, w is coming to live from berlin.


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