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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2022 10:00am-10:16am CET

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story ah. ready he wasn't on women, especially victims of financing and labs, and take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen. in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information ah ah ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin fears grow that
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a military coup is underway in bertina paso. in west africa, reports are coming in that the president has been detained after soldiers staged mutinies. at several bases, also coming up that states quarters the families of its diplomats to leave ukraine . state department says it's taking precaution because military action from russia could come at any time. while sco denies its planning and invasion and by munich, defend their lead at the top of the bonus league with a routine victory over a long time under performers. how to berlin? ah hello, i'm terry martin. thanks for joining us. the president of burkina, faso, rock, cowboy, has reportedly been detained at a military camp amidst concerns of a potential to in the west african country. have
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a gunfire was heard around president's residence in the capital of walk to go overnight. the government has imposed a country wide curfew after gunfire erupted on sunday, at multiple barracks in the capital. soldiers want their commanding officers to be fired for failing to contain a jo, hottest insurgency. for the very latest, let's bring our west africa, corresponded a marquis acoya, and we're here, we're getting reports that president ra cowboy has been detained. do we know where he is at this point? absolutely correct, terry, a president couple. it has been detained at the military camp. at that's what we do and that's how it's followed. a heavy gone fi. i feel like, while the rest of a backing up is looking at bit slaps. there was a big battle if you like, in the presidency where he was detained by this military personnel. did this is now as big kind of in states meant that they have made,
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which is opposing what's the defense minutes i had said yesterday when you said that the countries in charge, similarly, the company, does that mean the government is not in charge as it is because the president has now been detained by the military and the military commentary. now this is looking more and more like a military coup. has anyone claimed to have seized power sites dusty expectation typically when does happen? you know, the military would not waste time in declaring deposition and whatnot. so we expect in that, you know, in the coming as a fluid, as this is. and i says, developing that, there's going to be a statement or the military will come out to say, this is what is going to happen. well, those will be in charge of, but cannot pass or moving on ad since they have not detained. a president, cowboy himself, we are not sure we have not gotten any information from the government side, but we hoping that definitely before to the end because is going to be myriads or
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stories coming in that there will be a statement from that courses market give us a little bit of background here to this, what appears to be a qu, oh, what are the military's grievances, what do they, what rise, i mean, over the course of the year as since our president couple or of course took over. there's been at that level of this satisfaction that his mob been able to take charge, uncontrolled, the security situation in the region, particularly how the militants are, you know, very, very active in that country. now the military is asking for more resources to be able to take child. they are also asking that, you know, debbie given or that they need to take control and the things the what makes this different is the fact that we've seen a lot of support from the people as opposed to other times where, you know, military it where there is a ministry of support that military call. it looks like it's not the military, but this time we have seen the people given it or as support in the military to say yes, take all of our one to, to stand. you know,
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wanted to take charge of the country because the president has failed. so those are their grievances and both are what they're asking for, that they need more resources and that they need support themselves to be able to, you know, take child and to fight this militancy that is been affected. ah, burkina faso, if you like. i could thank you very much. that was our correspondent market acoya. there. now us has ordered the families of its diplomats in ukraine to leave the country. non essential staff have also been told to leave in the next hour, u. s. secretary of state antony blank and is set to brief. you foreign ministers on move to diffuse tensions over russia. aw, with russia over the crisis. more on that in a moment. but 1st this report the u. s. issues and official alert ordering the families of diplomats to leave ukraine. washington warns of its limited capacity to help americans in the event of a russian invasion with in tea of volunteers are joining the effort to defend their
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country. still in the capital opinions very on just how big a threat russia poses bob will need. lucy will move forward. i am very worried when you pull things are not easy in our country at this moment. but i hope that diplomats can find an agreement and that there will be peace in ukraine. so you would, if we recruit yoga mostly i think nothing will happen is just the usual threat from the big bonded next door which will bandito muscle, cecilia nicholson from the machine. there's nothing we can do. i have to walk, can feed my family. i don't have time to think about what i will do if something happens with your good nickelodeon. if something does happen, the u. s. has vowed to support key f. ukraine is pushing for sanctions
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against russia. but washington says, now is not the time russian agents in ukraine, but as to the sanctions are the most important thing we can do is to use them as a deterrent as a means of dissuading russia from engaging and for the regression. at one sanctions are triggered, you lose the to turn effect. so what we're doing is putting together a whole series of actions that would figure in present putin's calculus, moscow denies plans to invade its neighbor. yet, up to 100000 russian troops have amassed at ukraine's borders over recent months. the u. s. and the u. k. are sending military aid to ukraine with baltic nations set to follow the u. s. secretary of state and you foreign ministers, are meeting the a video link monday to discuss a unified response to russia or more on that meeting of joy now by our brussels beer chief alexander phenomena. alexander, what can we expect from this meeting of u foreign ministers and their u. s. counterpart today will,
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of course ukraine is front and center on the agenda and the foreign ministers are very eager to hear what you are. you as secretary blinking has to say, and what is his assessment of his meeting with the russian foreign minister lever off last week. and then they will talk about the situation about potential next step sir. they are expected to issue a statement at the aunt of to day a statement that is certainly aiming to stressor the use unity and also to send once again, a strong signal to moscow that to you is ready to impose massey 3rd sanctions. if a russia is going to use force against the ukraine, and there will be 2 things and i will be watching out for and this statement whether the foreign ministers will define under which circumstances the european union is ready to impose sanctions. and whether there will be any mention of the training military training mission that the you is considering in ukraine,
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and that would be, of course, a strong sa, assign of support for ukraine. as mentioned, the usaa has ordered some of its embassy personnel out of ukraine. the used top diplomat was asked for his response to that was, wasn't it? well check as of the lincoln will is play nash did reasons of this announcement. we're not going to do the same thing because we don't know any specific reasons. but secretary lincoln really for much, and i don't think we have a good time with eyes as far as the negotiation going on on the going on. i don't think that we have to let the plane and i leave that you foreign policy chief, they're saying that the block does not intend to follow the u. s. and pulling some of its r personnel out of ukraine, alexandra to the u. s. and the e, you have different risk assessment of the situation in ukraine.
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well, i think that's a what's also burrell indicated in his statement there to the foreign ministers. want to hear more from the u. s. secretary of state about the situation in ukraine in the u. s assessment there, and we also can assume that more countries will follow suit. and this with regards to a potential evacuation of their embassy stuff. we heard from the austrian foreign minister and shine beck who told us that his country has a contingency plans, but they are not thinking about implementing their immediately them immediately. and the german foreign minister and alina burbock also told us that the german government is assessing the situation on a regular basis because of the safety of the personnel is, of course, the, the absolute priority. however, she also added data for germany. it's important not to contribute to creating more
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uncertainty in ukraine that could for example, scare of a potential investors. so that is of course, something all the topics that the u. u foreign ministers will be talking about today. he and brussels alexandria. thanks for helping us stay on top of this story . that was our brussels bureau chief alexander phenomena. it's catch up with some other stories making headlines around the world. today. authorities in the united arab emirates say they have intercepted to ballistic missiles over the skies of abu dhabi. the missiles were claimed by humans who the rebels who are promising to step up a tax on the way e. it's the 2nd attack in a week targeting the emerald capital and further escalates tensions across the persian gulf. western diplomats and taliban members are meeting in all slow for a 2nd day of talks on afghanistan's growing humanitarian crisis. and taliban spokesman called the talks a step to legitimize the afghan government, you shop,
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you will as a, made the comment after meeting with women's rights activists and human rights defenders with agreeable french fashion dishonor tele mccloud, has died, allows dramatic designs to fine haute couture over several decades his work was worn by celebrities such as diana ross, madonna, lady gaga, and cardi b. the frenchman was also a dancer, acrobat, and abbot bodybuilder. he was 73 years old. i knew some sports now and in goodness legal action on sunday, by a munich easily beat. how to berlin reestablishing by and 6 point lead at the top of the table ahead of doors meant with their wind by and remained firmly in control of the title rash. ah fire munich visited the blue side of the capitol for their clash against struggling hair tub berlin. the reigning champions had beaten her tongue in 6 of their last 7 meetings. fire laid on the
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pressure and struck 1st through current into lee. so kingsley comans cross found his fellow frenchman who beat his defender to the bull and finished with a strong header at the 45th minute mark. thomas miller got himself on the score sheet doubling. byron's lead, joshua kim ich delivered a well placed free kick which mueller flicked into the net for his 7th goal of the season. that made it to neil for buyer and going in to half time, much to hurt those dismay. the 2nd half, some more goals as lee roy sunday pounced on a sloppy ball. played out by hurt as goalkeeper. alexander swallow, easy pickings for the buyer and forward who was quick to slot the ball into the open goal. ah serge number you finished off a lovely threw ball to make it for for byron. further adding insult to injury. ah,
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an error from substitute diet open the cono saw byron's clean sheet go up in smoke . but you're going excellent, comes go with a mere consolation for one, the final score as buyer and extend their lead at the top of the bonus. think a table back to 6 points. leipzig stretch. their latest one is like a winning street to 4 where the victory of revolt spork, whose season has gone from bad to worse. it took until the 2nd for the home side to put themselves in fronts. thanks to home, darian midfielder, really albany. he headed in this re bound to take the lead. soon afterwards, josh, go. bob, you'll lobbed the ball into the net to make it to escort finished 4th last season and are now in 15th place with pressure mounting on coach florian cooper. just reminder at the top stories were polling for you today. the president of akina
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ha, so rock mark cavalry has reportedly been detained at a military camp amidst concerns of a potential to the west african country. heavy gunfire was heard around the president's residence in the capital walking to go overnight. m u s. has ordered the families of it's diplomats and ukraine to leave the country. non essential staff have also been asked to leave. the state department says the decision has been under consideration for some time. the main concerns about a possible brush, an invasion is, is that the news line from berlin up next, you got a documentary for you this time looking at one farmers fight for the climate. i'm terry martin from me and all of us here dw, thanks for watching. ah .


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