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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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has 77 percent now every weekend on d w ah ah ah. this is it every news line from berlin?
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at least one person is killed in a shooting at heidelberg university. several others are injured after gunman opens fire inside a lecture hall. the attacker, reportedly a student at the university, is also dead. also coming up shoring operates defenses. nato sends more ships and planes to eastern europe as pierce world. russia could invade ukraine. moscow appears as the elias of escalating the crisis over a possible attack, but continues its own military build up at the border, plus celebrations and bertina paso, amid reports, the countries present, is being held by rebel soldiers. the mutiny comes a day after demonstrations calling for the president to reside. ah,
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on line ok, thank you so much for joining us. and we start with the breaking developments. one person has reportedly been killed and several others wounded in a shooting in the german city of heidelberg, according to police and assailants shot at people in a lecture hall at heidelberg university in the south of germany. before killing himself. one of the injured later died of their injuries in hospital it's hacker is said to have been a student at the university as spokesman from the police gave this statement. shortly after the attack, i can take a loan attacker entered the lecture hall on campus here to day and injured several people. we suspect using a long gun after that he fled. and as far as we can tell, at this point, he shot himself dead. us or we'd not say about the attack at this point, so show me i couldn't go to meeting the stump least who delagarza
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please spokesperson is speaking there earlier and with me on the said is it? i mean, as it was closely tracking developments for us, i mean, of course we understand now that one victim has sadly come to are there injuries? do we know anything about the other victims in their condition? we don't know much about the victims at this point. the police have released very little information of the person who died was a young woman. that's what we heard and tragically to come to a gunshot wounds from a rifle which the perpetrator was carrying. but we haven't heard yet about the condition of the other 3. now the perpetrator himself, there is also very little information being released about his identity. sources told german media that he was a student at the university. he's a young man, but we don't know anything about motivations. politically, religious or otherwise an hour expecting a statement from the police are expecting a press conference in a couple of hours that will hopefully give us more clarity on what is behind this
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attack. and of course, heidelberg, this has shaken the city because the city is built around the university. they're only about $160000.00 people in the city itself. but the university has about 30000 students, and it's germany is all this university, a lot of international students coming from all around the world to, to study here at this very hallowed institution. what reactions have there been so far to this incident? well, as i said, the police have not really given a full press statement that we're expecting soon. but we have heard from the chairman of the student body, peter album, and he said, we are incredibly shocked as the catastrophe that defies everything imaginable. in the context of lectures, exams and university lives. so that's the person representing the students there at heidelberg university. and then a statement from a member of the german parliament. the bonus tag spend kindler said this is terrible news coming from heidelberg. my thoughts and sympathies go out to the victims and their families and friends right now,
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how can i put this into context 1st? how common is an incident like this in germany? well, why we might hear a very of shootings that universities and schools in the us. very often this is a very rare occurrence in germany. we have had terrorist attacks in germany over the past few years, like in the lot of countries in europe. but school shootings themselves are very rare. they've only been 6 in all of german history in the last century anyway. and the last one was in 2009 when 9 people were killed. so as i said, this is shaken, not just tyler berg, but the country itself, because this is something that with german is strict gun control laws is a very rare occurrence here. right? i mean, i see several putting on late developments. i me and thank you. let's sir, have a brief look at some other stories that are currently in the headlines. a former popa, benedict, the 16th has admitted to giving a false statement during a german probe into sexual abuse. the pope falsely claimed he was not present at
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a meeting in the 1980s. the ex both claimed this did not occur with ill intent investigation, commissioned by the catholic church, found he had failed to act in for child abuse cases. written this high court has ruled that wiki leaks found, or julian sancha can appeal to the supreme court against his extradition to the united states. he's wanted there for wiki leaks, publication of hundreds of thousands of leaked documents relating to the of gone asked on any rocky wars. the united arab emirates says it has intercepted to ballistic missiles over the size of abu dhabi. the attack is the 2nd on the muradi capital this week. humans who the rebels have claimed the attack and threatened to expand their military operations against the m r. u e is part of a saudi led coalition that is fighting the rebels. emma emma alan
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concern is growing that a qu is underway in the west african nation of burkina faso. uranus soldiers are reported to have detained the country's president. his exact whereabouts are known . heavy gunfire was heard around the presidential palace overnight and soldiers at a number of bases staged uprisings. the military and many civilians are angry at the government's failure to reign in h. a hottest insurgency. it's a show of support for what looks like a coo and a direct criticism of the government and president, cowboy people had already taken to the streets at the weekend saying the government had not done enough to control security in the country. reports of shooting and mutinies in army barracks followed further unrest on the streets and then heavy gun fiber account near the president's private residence. damage to these vehicles from
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the presidential fleet. tell a grim story. the king of faso has been struggling with an islamic insurgency that has troubled the country for 7 years now with the president in their custody. the soldiers demanding more resources to fight the jihadists, as well as calling for the top military bras to be sacked. all of this just a week after 12 people were arrested, including a military chief on suspicion of planning to destabilize bikinis institutions, president cabal res attempts to quell the protests, have failed, and although he has not been seen, he has been on twitter appealing for calm. we must silva, contradictions, through dialogue he treated, acting on nation is going through difficult moments. these are without doubt, uncertain times for an already unstable country. we want a pivot now to our other top story. our nato allies have put forces on stand by a mid spiraling tensions between russia and western nations over
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a possible invasion of ukraine. the elias ascending more ships and fighter jets to bolster defenses and eastern europe. russia has mast, an estimated 100000 troops near ukraine's border reports in moscow and kia spoke to people to gauge their views on the tensions between their 2 countries. first, let's hear from people in the ukrainian capital will need to she will move burnberry. i am very worried. listen on your things are not easy in our country at this moment, but i hope the diplomats can find an agreement and that there will be peace in ukraine if you would agree. okay, and you know, of course i'm worried there are people living here and they are in danger. yoga mostly my think nothing will happen is just the usual french from the big bonded next door, which will bandito national, associate, mickelson trillion. assume there's nothing we can do. i have to walk can feed my
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family. i don't have time to think about what i will do if something happens with your good news. that was your fee. i have friends in kiev, joe and i love ukraine. are you? i'm against war, your voice roster bismark him a war would be pointless. there wouldn't be one. all we see right now is an attempt to world wide to heat up the atmosphere at an attempt by certain people to make others believe that one site is planning to attack the other. no, mom, when you got the always said though, we don't want war. ukraine is a brother, nation for us, malicious why war? this is a political fight with the but it is good, but we'll most get my presence here and over there. do have something in their heads. at least they don't seem empty. so war won't happen. can you believe that? meanwhile, the european union says it's ready to impose quote, never seen before. economic sanctions. should russia the site to invade ukraine? you foreign ministers meeting in brussels,
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say they want to double financial assistance to ukraine. the group is also holding talks via video link with the u. s. secretary of state. the kremlin denies that it is planning innovation, accusing the west of quote, escalating a conflict. ryan arts at whittaker her is a member of germany's green party. he is an u lawmaker and sits on the foreign affairs committee, sir. welcome back to dw news. germany now finds itself in the eye of the storm, of discussions in the tenses of geopolitical tensions in europe for quite some time . for international viewers, can you explain where does germany stand right now on the ukraine? russia issue. the german government is very clear in expressing solidarity with our friends in ukraine. and very clear in warning,
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the russian president of escalating the president, entrance and germany a hoss expressed, clear support for a co here and share western strategy of law trying to deter the russian leadership from going to war against you came by signaling that there will be unseen economic sanctions, if that happens, i think germany, lily a house, an own interest and an obligation to show this level of solidarity. now sir, one of the most urgent issues right now is of course the question of whether or not to help arm ukraine. so we can defend itself, jeremy continues to decline to do so. what do you make of that position? well, i think there have been
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a couple of arguments against providing arms to ukraine that i would not chair of some have argued that this should be a prevent that for historical reasons. that of course alludes to the 2nd world war and the aggression of nazi germany. against the soviet union, but i would emphasize that the ukrainian people suffered at least as much under this aggression asked the russian people lead. so we have an obligation towards both of them who are heap the piece if we can. on the other hand, i would argue that at the moment it is more important to focus on preventing a situation where the arms might be helpful. we want to fight the
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exit of the mounting tensions without resorting to military means. and i think emphasizing that and investing, everything we can on that angle is a worth. the contribution were the contribution, none. the less diplomatic efforts to have floundered. how likely is it that germany will have to take on a more muscular approach when it comes to russia, something that its allies wants it to do? i think for all of us, germany, european allies, the united states, there is the same, all pass ahead. and that's not an easy one. we have to show cleared the termination to defend our friends from ukraine without escalating the tension. this is not simple. this also
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requires patience. i am strictly opposed to the opinion that the diplomacy has failed. diplomacy still has the task to deliver and we should not of the impatient with that in that regard. but if push comes to shove, it is clear with germany stance half these tensions and conclusions sir exposed germany's achilles heel, that germany have a massive problem when it comes to being too dependent on russian gas deliveries. and this is something that is not going to go away according to a study that i mandated a couple of years ago from the deutscher institute, the dutch us a fortune in berlin. germany is less the pen than on russian energy
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supplies than many other european nations. i think it's a myth to assume that germany is acting out of dependency. i believe that germany should man up on clearly put the north stream to pipeline all the table a we should not shy back from clearly signaling to the russian leadership that in case they are scenting their troops across the ukraine and border a knew that this pipeline would be stopped together with our wide array of other economic measures. germany, wo lot shy back from that. i bought a car for his a member of germany's green party you while maker and also says on the eel foreign affairs committee. sir, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. thank you for having me.
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stone chance the olaf schultz is set. so whole talks on the pandemic with regional leaders today to discuss the way forward. as alma con, case, the search, some politicians are calling for an end to restrictions because the new variant appears to cause less severe disease and vaccinated people. but some doctors, especially those working hospital, say it is too early to give at the all clear. a typical scene in one of germany's emergency rooms an incoming patient is tested immediately for coven 19, and receives the news they're infected with all micron. germany's latest wave has cases spreading faster than ever, and many health workers are also expected to catch the virus. the university clinic and regensburg is bracing for impact. ma'am for them so much was it that we were able to bring in students. we have a part time staff who have increased their workload. and we have teams that work in rotating shifts. teams to some extent at the fest in and she can gov,
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it is how the stuff other dr. marcus zimmerman doesn't just lead his hospitals emergency department. he also coordinates with other clinics and physicians in the region to see not if we're still seeing growing infection rates without the staffing to reflect that will be legal. the weekly videoconference of doctors and clinics is an important means to directing the flow of patients. if one hospital is full, they can use the network to quickly find free beds for days every one in regensburg whose tested positive for coven 19 has had the omicron variant. despite this few, were among them need inpatient treatment, a vis cindy with foot and flung the other. it's a bit the quiet before the storm was we expect the number of incoming patients to grow and quickly me as, but i'm more worried about the staff than about the patients vendetta. if we have growing numbers of staff out sickles, then treatment at our hospital will be stretched to its limits on the house fun on dickinson. coming in, regensburg the helicopter unit flies and fixed teams to minimize the significant staff loss. if only kron cases continue to soar, if been caught up being at us, if,
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if i'm optimistic that we will handle it, i think we're well prepared. we know where to put our patients and, and who knows, and maybe this wave will miss us. my, they inflect plaque to cloth of ellen, conky halls with flexibility and co operation. germany's medical community as standing together, despite the challenges faced with her attention to sir donna where protesters have marched on the presidential palace in the capital hartfield calling for an end to military rule. security forces used to tear gas and water cannon to try and disperse people. relentless protesters have demonstrated regularly and so don, since the military took power in a coup, few months ago, the takeover has up ended sir, dan's transition to democratic whoo. after 3 decades under autocratic president, omar bashir. okay, take you straight now to khartoum. adrian creek is out there and we can hear the
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chance people rallying behind you adrian. set this stage for us. how has the day unfolded? well, as you said, tens of thousands, ian hot to try to much to watch the presidential palace. but there were stopped by the security forces, which once again used violence. they shot g, a gas into the crowds. i saw myself. dozens of people were injured and taken away to hospitals like the one right behind me where we are now at the moment. at up until now people are admitted to this hospital, people with injuries, the sudanese doctors association. i have already confirmed that one people has died by life, ammunition, remember more than 70 people have died in sudan since the been since the crew in october, many killed by ammunition. and the government however, has always said we didn't kill any protest us so far. adrian, this protest have been going on for months now is a resolution in site well, it's a very difficult one,
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because basically the military quit the relationship with the civilian side. they was the both civilian and military government before joined governments. but the cool, basically finished that now the people he on the streets are angry. they do not want to compromise. they only want a civilian rule, they want democracy. on the other hand, you have the military, and for them it's also lots at stake. 2 main points, one is the economic aspects, basically military senior, military officials. he are controlling huge part of the south of the sudanese economy. and on the other hand, also the issue off impunity and justice. lot of people were killed here in the past demonstrate us, and of course people who are demanding, just as so many military people are afraid that if the civilian side is taking over, that they could face consequences. but the pressure on it is increasing not only on the streets also financially. a lot of western nation have quit their financial support. we're talking of volumes of around 700000000 u. s. dollars. and also you have to recall that sued on has massive depth about
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$70000000000.00 you as dollars. so that is a big problem and increase reporting from heart to much to don on the pro democracy protest. thank you for your reporting. italy's parliament starts voting for a new president. today the favorites is current prime minister mario draggy. but some fear the government will be destabilized. if mister draggy is elected president w christine wind, while reports from rome, when it's den, this will be a portrait of mario dragging. the man who may very well be italy's next president, the 74 year old technocrat, who hated the european central bank and is currently serving as prime minister. he's why be like to broad and here at home? another sooner he is a very serious person and knows what he is doing. inventory of allah, he's authoritative. he has the skills recognized at european and world level among
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his improve your truth for us, he's perfect, but it's political interests and not public popularity that will decide druggies a fate. choosing the head of state is the job of lawmakers just over a 1000 of them from across the country. these great electors, as they are known here, are from all sides of the political spectrum. this is the query nalley palace, the president's office in rome. one analyst put it to me this way. if mario druggie doesn't get elected as president, it will most likely be because political parties cannot agree on what happens after he leaves his office. as prime minister rigolato, he presented very boldly. go as prime minister maria druggie has brought much needed to be listened to its ease, chaotic politics, where governments here often collapse off to just one year. his departure from the premier ship could plant the country into political crisis, especially if it triggers and early election. there are 2 scenarios in, in the case of drug is election as a person of the republic. uh,
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the 1st one is the are, doesn't agree man to retrieve the political forces that are composing his majority to set up another column. this is the best case scenario. the other scenario is the election of dragoon, but does not a cooperation among fully the parties very difficult to set up another government. and in this case, druggists preserve the republic in front of carls might decide to dissolve department and coming back to vote. i think the 1st scenario is more likely bought . we cannot exclude. busy the 2nd one, all eyes will be here on parliament this week. we secret ballots will be cost in person and a coven protocols. the artist only needed a few minutes to finish his portrait. but it's going to be at least a few days before italian snow. if mario druggie will indeed be there, next president that report by christina, one to walk in the one as they go on sunday bar and munich easily beat hurts are
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brilinta, restore their 6 point lead over doors went up the top of the table and remained firmly in control of the title race, ah fire munich, visited the blue side of the capital for their clash against struggling hair to berlin. the reigning champions had beaten her tongue in 6 of their last 7 meetings . fire laid on the pressure and struck 1st through corn into lisa kingsley coleman's cross found his fellow frenchman who beat his defender to the ball and finished with a strong header at the 45th minute mark thomas mueller got himself on the score sheet. doubling. byron's lead, joshua kim ich delivered a well placed free kick which mueller flicked into the net for his 7th goal of the season. that made it to neil for buyer and going in to half time, much to hurt those dismay. the 2nd half, some more goals as leroy sunday pounced on
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a sloppy ball. played out by her as goalkeeper. alexander swallow, easy pickings for the buyer and forward who was quick to slot the ball into the open goal search. now green finished off a lovely threw ball to make it for, for byron. further adding insult to injury, an error from substitute diet open. the cano saw byron's clean sheet go up in smoke . but you're going eco comes go with a mere consolation. for one, the final score as buyer and extend their lead at the top of the buddhist. make a table back to 6 points and here's the look now at the bonus like a standings after the 20th match day of the season with 14 to go. all as we just saw a buyer and are on top with dormant, trailing when you on berlin. have moved up to their hetty heights of the champions
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league places at the bottom 1st stay in last place. despite their went over miles, while augsburg and wolf's work slipped closer to the automatic relegation. so before i let you go, reminder of our top story right now here in germany, at least one person was killed and several people injured. following a shooting at heidelberg university, police have confirmed that the attacker who was reportedly a student there is also that he wants to do to renew the life from berlin. stick with us up next to it. every news asia with rush batter jay, i'm by laraca berlin. ah
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ah. with
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colonial oh, does it mean modern or artist searched for treason mark and she a izzy planning issue. aren't 20 in 60 minutes. d, w. d w's talk showed strong opinion, clear positions, international perspectives. every week we get to the point on a current topic.
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open controversial committee shift is one of mankind's oldest ambitions could be within reach. ah, what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world are in a race against time? ah, they are peers and rivals with one daring goal to help smart nature on the brink of eternal life starts february 16th on d, w with 37 years a shock coming up to date.


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