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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CET

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how can a country's economy grow in harmony with its people and the environment? when there are doers who look at the bigger picture? india, a country that faces many challenges and whose people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india. equal india 90 minutes on d w ah ah, this is d. w unions live from berlin. the u. s. reassures nato allies in the face of russian aggression towards ukraine. the pentagon was more than 8000 troops on
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heightened the lead in case they need to deploy to europe. also coming up, the coup d'etat in brookings thaw, so the army says it has to post the government, suspended the constitution and close the borders. it comes a day off the demonstration, calling for the president to reside. ah, hello, then i'm really mohammed. we start with russia's trip, builds up on the border with ukraine and nato's fears of our russian invasion. the united states has puts 8500 troops on heightened alerts, but he to respond. if nato decides to deploy forces. the pentagon says no final decisions were made on deployments now, but nato has announced its sending more ships and fight to jets to this defenses in
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eastern europe. in recent weeks, russia has mass around 100000 troops near ukraine's border. moscow denies is planning an invasion of warners that speak to our washington bureau chief in as poll says, why are we seeing this move at the moment? well, the goal of sending military reinforcements to eastern europe would be to provide to ference's and to re assure european allies that the u. s. is on their side. but as for now or a healer, there has been no suggestion. u. s. troops would deploy to ukraine or take, pardon any combat rolls. this still is part of the diplomatic game or flexing muscles, but having that said, there is no question. the developments are really worrying us president joe biden als spoke to european allies. what, what do we know about that goal?
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well, one of the core questions was under which circumstances nato would be willing to take military actions. so, how do they define an invasion from russia are, for example, cyber attacks already an invasion. what about political interferences or where do they draw the red line? and the 2nd important topic are sanctions. sanctions might be much more harmful for your of them, for this is for the united. so for the united states, especially germany because of its dependency of the russian gas. now the e u has emphasized that diplomacy should take priority and all of this nato has said that it's going to be bolter bolstering as a terrence in eastern europe. how does all this that together? well, hurry rayleigh, at this point, nobody really knows what russian president vladimir putin plans to do, or if he maybe already has decided to invade ukraine. secretary state and state
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secretary of state, sorry, antony blinking said in an interview yesterday with a b. c that the united states is taking the step by step and is evaluating the situation every day. and you, with the latest developments they mainly want to show that they are ready to react to a possible invasion in s pole for us in d. c. thank you very much. at least 6 people have been killed and dozens injured in a crush outside the stadium where host cameroon plates, cameras in the african couple of nations. the incident took place at the entrance to the land bay stadium in the capital, the own day. the confederation of african football says it's trying to gather more details on what happened. the game went ahead on schedule, with fans inside the stadium. unaware of the deadly scenes outside it ended in a t one when folk have a room. oh,
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the 2nd look at some of the stories making headlines around the world. you k prime as it bars. johnson held the birthday party during england 1st hovered, 19 locked down in june 2020. that's according to britain's i. t v. news that johnson is under pressure to resign over reports. the numerous party so place at his residence when social gatherings were banned, a report into the allegations is due later this week. britain's high court is ruled that wikileaks found at judith assange, can appeal to the supreme court against his expedition to the u. s. a. san just wanted, therefore leaking hundreds of thousands of documents linked to the rules of kennesaw, anti rock. the world's most powerful telescope has arrived at his destination of a 1500000 kilometers away from earth. the james web space telescope will allow scientists to look back in time when the 1st stars and galaxies were forming. ill
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also look for possible signs of life around the universe. at the military in bikini faso has stage to coo and ousted president ra hub, lori. it comes off the days of unrest, including strict demonstrations and gun battles at army barracks and to run the president's residence. the military and many civilians are angry at the government . failure to rain in jihadist malicious temper unless you live on television. burkina faso military announces that as staged and who am given president ra couple in the boot on guys more jubilation in the streets of the capital. we're going to go for years the, because now they have been plagued by overall, isn't islam. insurgency is a growing national problem to which couple they did not have an answer to. ah, it would, you get a deputy,
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i must say that it was expected. because our country has been in the situation for 6 years without a real solution to this terrorism. and i have been suffering for 6 years now. thanks to the colonel with his team with his strong army. we are saved from to day onwards. we thank god ah, soldiers have taken the president into custody. they have published a lesson of his resignation on national tv. ah, the military has also suspended the constitution and dissolved the government. the international community has voiced its concerns. the secretary general strongly condemns any attempt to take over of government by the force of arms. he calls on the cool leaders to lay down their arms and to ensure the protection of the
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physical integrity of the president and of the institutions of working of faso. we call for the immediate release of president caberry and other government officials and for members, the security forces to respect for kenneth foster's constitution and civilian leadership. as the sunsets ever wanted to go to support his hope for new era in work, he not fosten was the don has seen weeks of pro democracy protests after a military coup in october. so fought more than 70 demonstrators have lost their lives. thousands have been injured on monday, protest is took to the streets again. and once again were faced with violence. t w's as you increase reports from the capitol cartoon. it's noon on monday and so dance kept it to 2000. so once again, gathering to demonstrate against military rule, this is our country, probably. we cannot just stay away from them. i guess people watching the tv. no,
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we have to watch you helped people will want to give him a g. mo, many 30 is to please sit down. i am on the organization. however, this, again, that is on a very unique they have a high level of pretty well, usually, awareness, political awareness, national awareness that you know that my bringing fully furnished the mobility. this is the right system. what county the protests are not organized by political groups, but neighborhood committees. people are gathering in several locations and got to him the capital home officer done the group here will be trying to march towards a presidential bellas. and normally this is when things are escalating because the security forces trying to stop them. thousands, join the group along the way, young adult. they try to block the side streets to avoid,
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to text by the military. the people wants to toppled blonde, they sing as they are stopped by the security forces, the current president, that last year's cool, that ended the joint government with a civilian prime minister. now once again, the security forces react with violence. they started with and it's all over the ass. so people just turning back now but impossible to move her. oh. 6 come back so many of our brothers have lost their lives. this desperate young men is shouting, i and this time again, dozens are injured and for kills. ah, that veil violent. there is no any law that actually control them. and i think the order they have is to go to shoot, to kill honestly, this is a very criminal,
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a thing to do. and that he had a machine, a committee to shoot. this falls directly to that. several western countries already suspended financial aid worth over $700000000.00 with rising depths and pressure from the street. we wanted to talk to the military government about its future plans, but no one was available for comments. a woman has been killed and several other people wounded in a shooting at heidelberg university in southwest germany. police say the attacker was an 18 year old man. he opened fire inside a lecture hall before turning the gun on himself. an investigation is currently underway. a university town shaken by a violent attack. just after noon, an armed attack, a storm to lecture hall on heidelberg university campers and started shooting at students. leaving 4 people injured. the man fled and killed himself
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for the 18 year old german suspect lived in nearby mannheim. we have already searched his flattened, gathered evidence. what we have been able to verify so far is that directly before the attack, he said to whatsapp message to somebody in which he wrote that people now had to be punished. the floor is resorted. missing one of his victims a 23 year old student later died of her injuries and hospital police a it appears the attacker had poured his weapons abroad. germany's chancellor expressed shock at the events. it breaks my heart to hear this news. my thoughts are with the relatives and the victims. and of course with the students of the university of hydro bag. the university is the oldest and most prestigious in germany. when we will see cape universities and the city of
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heidelberg should and will continue to be spaces where people can move without fear, where science can prosper and where young people can prepare for life. the info, after months of distance learning due to the pandemic students, he had only returned to in person classes 3 months ago. the joy of been back in lectures and seminars now tainted by tragedy. of a $100.00 employees of the catholic church in germany including priests have come out as members of the l. g p t q. community the calling for an end to discrimination. they've experienced the issue of homosexuality has caused a major rift in the catholic church between reformers and conservatives. crystal simpson is a preacher, and he is homosexual. he's not the only one more than 100 people working in the
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catholic church have publicly admitted they aren't heterosexual and thus don't conform to the churches ideology. many of them fear the consequences. thus they say, i am not worthy of working in the service of this church that i am a gay freak and that it's irresponsible for people and especially young people to be entrusted to my care. oh that, that would form for the bishop of often helmet teaser feels it's time for a change in the catholic church. he says the institutions view of homosexuality is outdated. i says, as it is this interpretation of the bible, incorrect in modern society remedies or if you mean that fundamental statements made about the phenomenon of homosexuality are inconsistent with current scientific knowledge than yes. the german bishops conference, welcomed mondays initiative and said no one should be discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation. send layman says it is important that so many people found the courage to come out at once. i shall, but as a see,
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i think it takes a lot of bravery to be part of the catholic church, especially as a priest and then say i am gay or i am trends on because these people could lose their jobs. so i have great respect for them. lots of distinguished was the respect, the dozens who joined initiative despite the risk are demanding the catholic church change to reflect modern society. well, that said you're up to date, you can find much more news analysis and video on a website that is d w dot com, including buy stu must on youtube. up. next is doc fell. i'm really mohammed, as watching take care. bye soccer is a sport of dollars.


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