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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2022 7:15am-7:30am CET

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person classes 3 months ago. the joy of being back in lectures and seminars. no tainted by tragedy. the world's most powerful space telescope has arrived at its destination orbiting the sun over 1500000 kilometers away from earth. mission engineers will now calibrate the 18 segments of the telescopes primary mirror to form a single light collecting 6 liked collecting surface. the james web space telescope will allow scientists to look back in time when the 1st stars and galaxies were forming. it will also look for possible signs of life around the universe. watching dw news. i'm terry martin. thanks ringwood. ah, ah.
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ah, soccer is a sport of many colors. and the children in this mountain village know them all. but can everyone be a dog with them regardless of gender? emma wears blue, the color of her favorite sexes traditions prevent her from going to games and play an insurmountable obstacle bloomed girl football on the peak that starts february 4th on d w. ah, ah. and that's because the hoist can you are the long time security policy advisor of uncle michael in the possible also,
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germany's un ambassador. now you the future head of the munich security conference . so when you look towards that board where vasa faces ukraine, how close is europe tore their well back? no, you just mentioned that. then i was the diplomatic advisor to transfer merkel. and of course i lived through the period 20131415. the aggression of russia for the invasion of ukraine by rushers. so when you look at the situation today, you, you know, you remember what happened 8 years ago when the sanction cit then rusher scaled back their, their attacks. and, you know, we don't want to have this and see that repeated. so what we want this time is to have this very strong, massive reaction put into the window so to speak. so that russian knows exactly
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what, what happens if they actually take the step that them put indicated they are ready to take. well, we still have no sanctions list yet from the european side. at the same time, we are hearing that britain also the united states are bringing back some of the diplomatic staff in the ukranian capital key if we have a political storm across the west. also with the german navy chief stepping down after basically saying that putin probably deserves respect. so how united is the west at the moment, and how much is it believing in itself and its competition? so you could see that when this and said what he said he was, you know, the same, they basically he was suspended from work. this demonstrates that there is unity in the german government. there's unity in europe. there's unity with us. i think we
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are, by the way, we're very happy also with the way our american friends are coordinating this. how much more responsibility does germany have to take sides? the top is still sitting on the fence over the issue of no string to he tries to avoid mentioning it also says that everything has to be on the able. a dummy also doesn't want to send any arms into the region. citing historic reasons is germany taking up responsibility here. but germany plays a very important role. we already did last time around and when after rusher invaded ukraine, it was transferred america together with president along to get bread and per sanker. and putting around a table, we see the minsk agreement, we stop the, the aggression and you just mentioned correctly that the german trensler has actually said that all the options are on the table, including the options of north stream, not going to and this is very,
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very important that we clearly tell the russian that, you know, there is nothing off the table when they actually take the step and, and invade, invade ukraine. again, what's your take on what putin actually one put in you know, you, you have to deal with put in for a long time. we have seen that in all the post soviet space. we have seen it from georgia. we have seen it in ukraine beside last year in the yellow rose, we seen it a few weeks ago in class time. people are very unhappy with the post soviet and world. and putting, of course, is afraid that this could also spill over to russia. therefore, he is playing now a very tough game on it, on its opposition. it's a very nationalistic course that put in is driving right now where he ceases population. when you look at, when you look at the media in russia,
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all very nationalistic, this is how put in belief that he can keep his people happy and doesn't have to face opposition as seen in other countries. and this is part of his game is, is very nationalistic policy. and so he has clear intention there. and this is where i think we have to understand what he tries to achieve. and we have to stay tough and tell him that this is where the buck stops. but at the same time, and this is, i think we did very well as international community. keep all channels open, see to it that we talk and see how also in a faith saving way, he can get out of the where he has maneuvers himself into. so what's his key aim is it to the stabilize europe? is it to destabilize ukraine and recreate soviet styles their influence around russia? yes, he has said that, you know, the fall of the soviet union was the biggest catastrophe of the 20th century. and
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he's trying to re establish a kind of a soviet union, russia style. so he's trying to destabilize the repeat union, the countries because he doesn't want to see our models to succeed, because this could give their own citizens and idea that they want to also democratic lives. they want is flourishing civil society. now let's look at all i saw it. germany's new chancellor. he's done something in relation to china that you as uncle michael's advisor on the former thompson mac. we'll try to avoid which is to directly address the question where europe stands between the united states and china. he said that europe, germany should not become a billiard for a between those 2 powers. is that a mistake to even off that question?
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well, you know, i said earlier that germany place a very important role now in the question of, of the ukraine country, germany overall has assumed a more active role in politics and people are asking for this. we do this when you look at the balkans who are very active, you know that into my plat, libya conference where we try to get libya on a democratic way and there are some successes there. we are now more active in this i hill suite. defend a rules based international order. this is our position also towards conflicts that we see with china, you know, we insisting on implementing the rule of law. so it's not that we, those stay with one side or the other, but we insist on the respect for, for intention of, for the last chapter for the university declaration of human rights. it is our
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position. how delicate is the balance between economic interests and those rules that you've decided? you know, it's, it's a said with regard to russia, it's always very important that you talk, that you keep on trends open that you discuss what is very important, that you don't become too dependent on one country. you have to see that you do 1st, you fi, you have to be clear, you must not be in a situation where you can be blackmailed. so diversification in trade is very important. this also, this also is true for our economy creation ship with china. you mentioned the thought health region. the south region is strategically important for europe also for germany. germany has a large 1 december latree mission that how concerning is the d
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stabilisation of molly that we're seeing right now? no, it is. it is very concerning. the room is important for us, it is for, for the population there, it is also with regard to possible flows of refugees and it is a region that is close to europe. so we have to be active there. and i think when you, when you look back over the last years, no germany has never been f active in africa as we are right now in the framework of the g 7 transfer and launch the compact with africa where you regular have an important african countries participate in g 7 and meeting so it's very important. why are there right now? what action is just on money? so, but what is very important, and this is for me also this one of the conclusions from our engagement. and if can extend the supplies also to molly,
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i think it's important that we are there to help stabilize, but what you need is a partner. you need a national government. that also is committed to the rule of law that is committed to build independent institutions. and that is committed also to the rule of law, civil society, if a government is not ready to do that then and it doesn't make sense to, to, to stick there and support that govern militarily because it will in the end, not, not, not succeed. so i'm very much in favor of engagement, but it has to be on the partnership agreement and you have to see and one has to recognize that what the partner government does is actually good for the development of the country for the implementation and of the sustainable development goals, which are key for the implementation of good education,
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strong institutions. if that is not the case, we have to leave the country. and if there is no reliable partner like enough gone, it's done where nato's us germany left. is it the right step to start diplomatic talks with a regime like the taliban, like they are now taking place in the way? i think that you have in on, when you look at conflict towards white over history, even with partners where you never thought you would talk to if there are some back channel talks, if you are and see how you can resolve issues. and there are problems where, you know, we, we, of course see how bad the situation is in afghanistan for, for women in part of the country, the carrying situation. just to say ok, we will talk to to you, we will, we will, we will not engage this, not the right way. i think this, this careful way forward. norway has it tradition in these kind of
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talks to organize these kind of talks. i think it's something positive now you are you to take over the head of the munich security conference? how much of an issue will be the perceived weakness of joe biden, back home as he was president, president biden bit like a totally different way from president trump apps in similar ways. president obama is concentrating on the domestic issues and us faces a lot of problems and that the u. s. government is focusing on those problems. it's only legitimate what is important is nevertheless, that we keep us engaged in foreign policy as an important partner. and i see that happening with the biden administration and in the ukraine christ, you could see how much they reached out to, to europe in so much they tried to coordinate the action and that is something
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positive. and the munich security conference will be a reflection of this positive development that i see doing this last week and back today because of how it's going from advisor to i'm going to knock on future head of security conference. thank you very much. it was my pleasure. thank you. ah, i mean, it is colonialism. oh, how does it she modern day or artists searched for trees or mark. and she, a lesson is a printing issue aren't 20. ah auntie, doing a pulse ah,
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the beginning of a story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's all about the perspective with happiness is for every one. human penises are very different from primates. penises, we have a totally ridiculous romanticized view of nature. a there and david and this is climate change, regulate sex, who happiness in 3 books, you'll get smarter for pre d w books on you too. ah, on the one hand you.


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