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and the children in this mountain village to know the wares, blue color of her favorite sexes, traditions prevent her from going to games and play an insurmountable obstacle. little girl on the p starts february, 4th paul and d, w. ah, this is news life from rural and giving diplomacy. another shot, germany and france joint forces calling on russia to de escalate tensions with
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ukraine. french president m r. on my call and durban chance the offshore see, they'll pursue dialogue with russia. but worn. there'll be a high price to pay if there's an attack on ukraine. also coming up, britain scandal hit prime minister fights for his political life force. johnson tells parliament he welcome say new police investigation into parties held at his precedence during lockdown as public anger. ah, on that, thank you so much for your company. french presidents, a manual my call insist that paris is united with berlin on the need for diffusing the conflict between russia and ukraine. but he warned that moscow will pay a high price if it attacks ukraine. made the commerce after leading with german
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chancellor, olaf schultz in berlin to coordinate their response to attentions between russia and ukraine. but on the chancellor said they wanna do everything possible to resolve the situation with you to show the plugins only should pretty darn good. this is what the german leader said moments ago wasn't officially his, steve was important to us is how we can act jointly in view of the very difficult situation along the ukrainian russian border. and there are many troops stationed there in it's therefore necessary, this of everything is done to ensure the situation developed differently. and some fear it's developing at the moment. that's asking that this money moved to the 1st nist. we have up and we therefore expect clear steps from russia to that helped to deescalate the situations at 12 to invite and we all agree that military aggression would have serious consequences. she having the consequences. losses to there was a chance of speaking moments ago or less for the reach out to our chief political
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editor, michaela christner, as she happened to be at the press conference. mikaela is this an attempt by 2 major you countries to present a united front? absolutely, and it's of course very much needed with their indeed being different positions within the european union when it comes to relations with russia. at the same time, we heard him on my call, the french president who off. so as a token to this evening fest out what is meant by ross's threat in much more detail when it comes to hybrid threads that russia was developing into a force of instability here in europe. and that this was a very disconcerting situation, which hadn't reached an end position. so a lot of worries that over what the future of european stability could be. and also both him on my call, but particularly bullet saw it, the german sansa pointing out those decades old documents that set out what that
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security order was supposed to be, which russia has signed off on, including the joint commitment never to change european borders. once again, well, this has happened in ukraine already with the annexation of the crimea peninsula, and it is happening to varying degrees with efforts of hybrid destabilization, particularly of former soviet states. now a potential diplomatic option is the so called are the so called normandy format talks that are scheduled to take place tomorrow. let's take a look at what those talks exactly mean, and we'll pick up a conversation after that. a small gesture, but a big breakthrough. a handshake between russian president vladimir putin and his then ukrainian counterpart, petrol porridge, shinkel. it was the normal deformity forced to excess and their 1st set down summit in the bellow, russian capital minsk,
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in february 2015. the talks helped some men to cease fire, an eastern ukraine, which had been locked in a civil war between russian backed separatists and government troops. thousands had already died in the fighting talks and parish in october 2015 set a time table for new elections in eastern ukraine. but the fighting didn't stop with frequent violations of the ceasefire. since then, leaders of the 4 normandy format countries have spoken on the phone and occasionally met in passion or sent their top diplomats december 2019 again in paris. the 1st face to face meeting between vladimir putin and a new ukrainian president. flor to me as to lensky. the result agreements to strengthen the cease fires and the prisoner swap. the 1st emotional returns came
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later that month. then came covered. the summit stopped, but the conflict rumbled on. russia began moving additional troops and military equipment to its border with ukraine. by the end of 2021, it had an estimated 100000 soldiers surrounding ukraine from the north east and south, fearing an invasion, france and germany called for the normandy countries to return to the negotiating table. michela are these talks that are scheduled to take place tomorrow, a viable diplomatic option? well, learn from the outcome. one thing is for sure. they are still very far from bringing those leaders to the table will be once again be the top. diplomats, we heard him on my call today, announced that he will be talking to berkeley to flooding their putin on friday on the phone. so clearly the question who you speak to when you talk to europe this
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week for so will be a minute called a friend, theda with his country holding the presidency of right now. and just simply that these tunnels remain open while there are also other formats. direct talks with the united states, a new format of normandy, including the united states, the o. s. c, e, the organization for security and corporation euro, which was found a decades ago to prevent exactly what is going right on. right on right now between russia and the united states and europe, all of those talks are happening at the same time. and we heard of both the distress that it's important to exploit all of those avenues, while at the same time preparing for the worst. now he critics are saying patricky ukraine is saying that germany is not doing enough, not agreeing to deliver weapons directly at the same time. europe here today trying to demonstrate a very much united front when it comes to those talks and negotiating with russia. mikayla in recent days,
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a lot of criticism has been levied against germany for its ambivalent position on this topic. how is the government reacted to rebukes at times that it cannot stay out of this conflict? well, it says it doesn't want to stay out of this content. we saw all sorts argue and he was asked again to day and why germany wasn't delivering weapons. while he is citing historical reasons, because of germany's very bitter role negative role in europe in the past. but that also, he argues, is the reason why germany will be united with its european partners because of that very responsibility. it has over ukraine. solidarity with ukraine. now, how much of this is talk, how much of this is accent? we hope we will never learn. we hope that these talks, of course, will succeed to find a peaceful resolution. chief political editor, michela kutner. thank you. we a pivot now to the united kingdom were all eyes are on prime minister boris johnson
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in a dramatic development police are now investigating allegations. the parties were held at downing street that breached cove at 19 lockdown restrictions. mister johnson now faces perhaps the biggest crisis of his leadership with calls for his resignation, where we louder either day. bonus johnson is under fire again for attending his own birthday party. at downing street in june 2020 a party that broke lockdown rules at the time. london's metropolitan police have now launched an inquiry into a series of possible locked on breaches at buddhist johnson's office. and residence do i woke permits, decision to conduct his own investigation. but though i believe this will help to give the public with clarity it needs and helped to draw line under matters at the time. quoted restrictions did not allow more than 2 people to meet indoors. and a series of leaks suggest that a string of illegal social gatherings took place at downing street. this particular
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one was a surprise thrown by his wife and attended by several others. what we know is that 30 people gathered that his wife was there and that the interior designer was there as well as if it was my birthday. ah, and my wife and an interior designer rocked up at work. ah, there was kristi's k o birthday cake and a celebration. it pushes the rules label profit as the investigation, luna light calls for johnson to resign. are increasing across the political spectrum. yes, i think the public, it might be mullins on. i think public opinion has already concluded that he broke the rules that he made on that he hasn't told the truth about it. what means he hasn't got the authority to lead the country when we're in the middle. huge challenges and therefore he has to go for the good of the country. for now,
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johnson may still sound bullish, but if enough, conservative and p decide their leader has gone too far, the prime minister could be forced to resign. i apologize sincerely for a 2nd now to london. i did have his correspondence, a bigot moss is covering this, the ongoing unfolding a story, a beer gets that i understand mister johnson addressed to parliament earlier, but he didn't have that much to say. it was very short lay land, a little bit peculiar, almost like he was distancing himself as though he wasn't really implicated in this investigation. whereas we know this is exactly the subject of the police investigation. now into there, the conduct of the prime minister and also other staff in downing street where he lives and works and also across other government building. so he is definitely
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deeply implicated in all this, a bigot. it's been a relentless stream of damaging revelations that have come to light. you've been reporting on them and it seems that public opinion is now starting to turn against the primary. so sick listen to what some people in london are think, and then we'll pick it up after that. well then a 2nd, so long as mean so many controversy so far hasn't kicked my officer with teflon pm at the moment. i've never expected emails from him. totally disappointed. it's just one thing after another reading and i think that excuses around joy really well to be honest. it's like you said she probably grew. she called gardenia. treatment excuses. are we coming from and not everything, excuse an apology. the other died a slug in, so in all our intelligence failures in teaching, so that dom that we're going up with. yeah, i'll be on this. always vote for it's got a go pro, girls go go singing criticism their beer. get out. how significant is it that the
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police are investigating a sitting british prime minister? is there a precedent for this it's really a hugely, hugely significant and you can hear it. and the voices of their londoners that are interviewed. people are really better because many of them have made personal sacrifices. there were not able to be with loved ones when they died or were not able to attend funerals. so this really is a working feeling. and in many people as though there is one rule for them, very strict lockdown rules. and another rule for, for the people who make the rules who don't really stick to them at all. and this really gives the impression that the, the moral authority of bonds borrows johnson's leadership is really challenged. hugely. and for example, mark drake for the 1st minister of wales, has questioned that moral authority. and he said he is really not fit to leave the
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country. so, you know, when, when somebody who is the leader of devolved nation and whales says something like that, that really speaks it very, very loudly and the m. p. 's, one, our have to decide about boys. johnson's future will really, ah, be debating amongst themselves whether he really is the right person to lead them into the next election. reagan mass reporting from london burger. thank you. a real life james bond moment may soon no longer be the stuff of fantasy, at least and one european country. so mac is transport authority, has deemed a flying car to be air worthy. the air car earned its wings after extensive test flights. a company says certification opens the door to mass production and a revolution for mid distance travel. i but vehicle takes around 2 minutes to
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transform from plane to car and takes regular petrol pump fuel. but aviation experts say it will likely be some time before transport by flying car really takes on watching daily news live from bro lynn. stay here up next. how many waste drivers have sacrificed their lives in the quest to be the fastest doc film has the answer? after a short break, i'll a lock in berlin on behalf of all of us here. thank you very much for choosing to spend time with us. i'll say tomorrow, imagine so many push it out in the world.


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