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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2022 8:00pm-8:30pm CET

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a biking and reliable information for migrant ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin giving diplomacy. another shot, germany and france. call on russia to deescalate tensions with ukraine. french
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president, demo on my call on german chancellor old offshore say they will pursue dialogue with russia, but they warn there will be a high price to pay if there was an attack on ukraine. also coming up britain's prime minister fights for his political life force, johnson tells parliament she welcomed the new police investigation and to parties health as residents during locked out as the public anger, growth, tragedy api, africa, cup of nations. in cameroon, at least 8 people are killed and dozens injured in a stampede at a stadium entering class heavy snow blankets, the turkish city of istanbul, causing traffic chaos with thousands of people stranded in their vehicles and at the airport. ah, i'm assuming it's almost gone. i'm glad you could join us french president. demo on my car insists that paris is united with berlin on the need to defuse the conflict
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between russia and ukraine. but he warned that moscow will pay a high price if it attacks ukraine. he made the comments after meeting with german chancellor or laterals in berlin to coordinate their response to tensions between russia and ukraine. shaw said they want to do everything hostile to resolve the situation through diplomacy. and this is what the german leader had to say. wasn't officially his sustie. what's important to us is how we can act jointly in view of the very difficult situation along the ukrainian russian border st. peter talk and there are a great number of troops station there. so it's essential that everything possible be done just to ensure the situation proceeds differently from how many people currently fear it could. to the 1st nist, we have autumn. we therefore expect clear steps from russia to, towards a de escalation of the situation. and we all agree that any military aggression will have serious consequences soon. she having the consequences. losses to we
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could speak now to our chief political editor, michelle, our kuth. now she was at the press conference given by ola shells. in my my call earlier. i miss ella, what's your impression? how closely aligned are the positions of germany and france on these tensions over ukraine on terms of the outlook and the approach. they are very much aligned the way they interpret it is slightly different, and we just have to remind ourselves that united states just put 8 and a half 1000 troops on alert. we're seeing nato law and demonstrations of power. we're seeing the new verse on the russian side and right in the middle of this, the european union, it's leaders meeting here in berlin left. 6 soil that his country, germany has a d 7 presidency, but particularly france french president emanuel mccall, who holds the presidency, need to find a way to not just to convey the message that they stand united,
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but that they would also be willing to act. and we've heard all our show is that stress once again, that is quite clear that it will have a very high price. but clearly what he means is economic sanctions, where he says they will be very clear, but doesn't want to go into the exact details. and the french side really wanting to demonstrate unity. well, the big question mark is, would anybody be willing to go beyond that? and that's where. but lynn has been very cagey. even when it comes to whether a country like a steering is allowed to pass on weapons that were formerly german. indeed, and that's the question now about support for ukraine, because germany has continued to say it will not send defensive weapons to ukraine . do you see that the possibility of that changing know, all sorts was asked once again where the germany would provide weapons. he said no, not for historic reasons. and that germany would stand in for ukraine,
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remaining a country where a gas is basically sent through increasing and maintaining its strategic importance economic importance and supplying funds also to the economy that at the same time as sonia wants to use, ironically, and still a cold war era, eastham and a weapon send those to a ukraine, and that's something where domini is still sitting on the fence, but no, the government line maintains no direct supply of weapons to ukraine. a lot of criticism coming from picky from eastern partners in poland for that and either husband, criticism of germany for not taking a more aggressive position towards russia. how does the government react to that criticism? well, it is trying to be as clear as it possibly can by saying that it stands in for the sovereignty of ukraine. that is a lot of rhetoric. and the big question mark is,
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what would it mean if russia steps over that line steps over that border? something that was diffused in 2014 after the annexation of crimea with a german proposal. and that's the norm on d. a format. and that includes russia, ukraine, france, and germany around the table to discuss this. now this talk of a more extended format, also that includes the americans that talked going on at the sea level. so germany at this moment stands for the belief in diplomacy, which succeeded to a certain degree, arguably last time around while at the same time maintaining pressure. also thanks to united states or chief political political editor, michelle ok. now for us there, thank you so much. in the u. k, all eyes are on prime minister,
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boris johnson. police are now investigating allegations at parties were held at downing street that breached cove at 19 lockdown restrictions. johnson now faces perhaps the biggest crisis of his leadership with calls for his resignation growing louder by the day. bonus. johnson is under fire again for attending his own birthday party. at downing street in june 2020 a body that broke lockdown rules at the time. london's metropolitan police have now launched an inquiry into a series of possible locked on breaches at buddhist johnson's office and residents enjoy well cook permits, decision to conduct his own investigation. but as i believe this will help to give the public with clarity it needs and helped to draw a line under matters. at the time, coven restrictions did not allow more than 2 people to meet indoors. and a series of leaks suggest that a string of illegal social gatherings took place at downing street. this particular one was a surprise thrown by his wife and attended by several others. what we know is that
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30 people gathered that his wife was there. and that the interior designer was there as well as if it was my birthday. ah, and my wife and an interior designer rocked up at work. ah, there was kristi's k o birthday cake and a celebration i. 6 appreciate the rules label policy. as the investigation, luna light calls for johnson to resign are increasing across the political spectrum . i think the public made their minds on i think public opinion has already concluded that he broke the rules that he made on that he hasn't told the truth about it. what means he hasn't got the authority to lead the country when we're in the middle of huge challenges, and therefore he has to go for the good of the country. for now, johnson may still sound bullish, but if enough, conservative, emp,
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decide the leader has gone too far? the prime minister could be forced to resign. hold of drugs or london correspondent charlotte chelsea pill is covering the latest on the story for us. hi charlotte. the findings of an internal inquiry that's being conducted into those reported breaches of locked on regulations. it could be released as soon as this evening or tomorrow. it's not yet clear, but will they be made public? well, this is absolutely and moving situation this evening, and to clarify there are the 2 investigations now going on in tandem earlier today we have this hammer blow announcement for the prime minister that the police will be investigating a number of alleged gatherings. and then of course, there is this in town and report which you were talking about as well, which has been running for several weeks now. and we had understood that due to this police report, the internal report would be pushed back for
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a while. it appears now that that isn't the case. if you say there are reports emerging that it could be handed to to number 10 as soon as evening, perhaps tomorrow morning. and if that is the case, the prime minister has promised to address m p 's in the house of commons. as soon as that is, those findings are released setting the stage for potentially explosive day tomorrow. now, the question would it all been made? puppy made public, there is something that is still apparently being discussed at the moment, according to the latest statement. but of course, there is going to be a huge amounts of public pressure and pressure from the old position for all of the details of that internal report to be released. this is a scandal that a sparked quite the outcry in the u. k. let's listen to what some people on the streets of london, how to say about it. well then, a 2nd so long has been so many controversy so far and hasn't kicked him out of officer smith teflon pm at the moment, so i've never expected any more from him. totally disappointed. and it's just one
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thing after another really. and i think that excuses around joy really well to be on the slide. you say she probably grew, she called gardenia. these treatment excuses are we coming from in june of everything, excuse an apology of a died a slot. and so we know that intelligence railey is in teaching, so that dom that we're going to play voice it. yeah, i'll be on this. always valued response is got governing protocols go shallow here . there. not a lot of support for boris johnson. what are the prime ministers chances of survival at this point? well, if he had not reports a short time ago, the prime minister, he said he welcome the announcement of this police investigation. he says that it will draw a line under the master. but if you had that for members of the public, there was an enormous amount of anger off to this allegation of the allegation of essentially the people who made the rules. one then following the rules themselves, but it won't be the public who decides the prime minister's future at this
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particular juncture. of course, they have the option to resign. if the findings of that internal report or the police investigation of particularly damage have absolutely ruled out the question of resigning. so the real question now is will his own members of parliament during unpaid and the conservative party turned on him and not very much open the debates at them will enough members of the same policy decide that they don't have enough confidence in him. now, of course, the longer the drugs on the longer this is, the more damaging this is for the party. many themes to be waiting for the outcome of the inquiry. this su gray inquiry before deciding on the prime minister future. if that is indeed released tomorrow, we could see perhaps some m p 's making a decision on the prime minister's teacher. and charlotte, just taking a look at the bigger picture here. i mean, how significant is it that the police are investigating a sitting prime minister? well of course, that's extremely significant. it is changed the damaging for the prime minister.
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that it, that it appears that enough information was found in this and tunnel inquiry for that to be submitted to the police to run what is a criminal investigation. that of course, is very uncomfortable for the prime minister and the others who will be investigated as part of this. now, the consequences are unlikely to be more than fine with the consequences for they were found to have broken coven rules during covered restrictions during the lockdown. but of course, this is another nail in the coffin of the prime minister. and his officials, who if i say, are accused of holding gathering off to gathering when all those was under locked down rules are corresponded. charlotte shall some hill in london. good to talk to you let's get around about some other stories. power supplies are gradually returning to tonga after the erection of an undersea volcano 10 days ago. but now nearly 2 dozen sailors on an australian military ship
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delivering 8 have tested positive for covert 19. australia is working with tongue in authority to keep the ship at sea tongue that has so far avoided any covert outbreaks. the european union has condemned a decision by russian authorities to add jailed opposition leader election, a volney, and 8 of the top allies to a registry of terrorists and extremists after surviving being poisoned with a nerve agent and only was jailed last year for alleged parole. violation. european court of human rights has heard that turkey's detainment of a german turkish journalist wasn't infringement of his personal rights of turkey. arrested denis hutto and february 2017, accusing him of writing terrorist propaganda. he was detained for $290.00 days. the court ordered encore to pay $13000.00 euros in compensation. hundreds of people have marched through the streets of burkina, faso capital. we're going to go in a show of support for the new military lead on top. it ousted president rock
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caberry on monday, after widespread protest against the government. it is the latest in a series of cruise in west africa in recent weeks. taking it to the st. jubilation and relief that now after years of islamist terror attacks, something will be done on that. we are very, very happy because the burkina army has taken its responsibility. this is what we've been asking for for a long time. they've assumed that responsibility and we are proud of them. the military announced the qu, live on television, saying they'd taken former president rock cavalry into custody. they also posted what they said is a letter of resignation. capillaries, whereabouts are unknown? his government had struggled to respond to years of islamist attacks, such as the incident last november in which 49 police officers were killed. the
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crew has been condemned, widely outside burkina, faso, the un and the u. s. have called for civilian leadership to be restored. the eco was group of neighboring west african countries has also condemned it, but many here wanted turn away from their neighbors and their western beckers. jamila said, yeah, was just that they left it. oh, echo was is with the western countries thinking, but the people of burkina faso do not agree with them. oh no problem. we can never know something that we want them to leave us alone and let us live with dignity. yes. with our valley and soldiers who have brought us out of the bad time to get up, he said he stepped up and we strongly support russia. and we call on it to engage with our new government to define a new strategic plan for securing the region. enough is enough to many deaths to many refugees. number. nope,
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i want to know the has good while celebrations continue. burkina faso neighbors say they'll hold an emergency summit in the coming days to decide on their response. we can speak not to our west africa correspondent, a mca acoya, she's following the story from nigeria for us. i america, we didn't see people there celebrating in the streets. does that ref, reflect the sentiments of the majority of people and breaking a fossil absolutely. so may was, we saw today's, not just in what i do go, we have seen a lot of you know, bucking up is coming out and celebrating at these hor cool that has happened was seen such as well in cairo, which is the 5th largest city burkina faso and across but so essentially within what that means is that indeed the people are happy because they're saying, well, what's the civilian root can not give us the military, you know, and they've come now to do that. and an activist was head today saying that, you know, they've been asking the now to post president cowboy to leave because he's not able
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to take care of the security situation. but he's refused, but now the military have done that and they are happy. so indeed, he kind of caused that a sentimental satisfaction and happiness for the people of burkina faso. what about the messaging that we've seen from the winter so far it saying that they want to re establish constitutional order in reasonable time? how reliable is that? i mean, to me, i guess was a small concern in is the fact that these, they didn't give it time frame. if we quickly go, you know, to what has happened in miley, you would also remember that that's what she said when they took over ponce that they would do in return to democracy within a reasonable time frame. but what we've seen is it this, which is what led to the most recent sanction, is the fact that they are holding on to power and saying they're pushing it back to 2025. also it, if we're not certain that that's will definitely happen. and how soon that is going to happen, you know, we can only but hope that the, we'll keep the outward,
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but typically on historically following how you know, cause have happened and taken over power by military in the past, in this region, in west africa, particularly you did don't relinquish far so to see as soon as they see it, so we cannot say a 100 percent that that is going to be the case for back in a faster precisely. we also don't know much about what's happening to president cavalry, the prime minister, other senior officials. what can you tell us about their whereabouts? yeah, i mean that we've not been able to see him see anything else or speak to the nation apart from of course the treats that we as saw earlier yesterday. of course that would have been by someone who was handling his st. nothing has been heard about his whereabouts on those who were taken as well. however, french president emanuel micron said he's been told that that now deposed, president cowboy is in good health. again, a rear coiled,
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what's the military said that they've taken those that they've taken a is safe, a safe condition and in good health. so it means that they are taking, i mean, did not put them in any harm, so to speak. so that's what we know, hopefully maybe somehow sometime at their whereabouts will be new and he'll, he will be able to address the nation even though ever be such opportunity for him again now that he is deposed semi and his one asked quickly about the international response as well, the west african walker was, has condemned the school. does that have any effect on the hunter? i mean, over time, most people in the region with say for lack of a better word, sometimes you know echo as just it's almost like not as fam, when it comes to these is sort of things in times of action. however, we do know that typically after condemning it, if they continue and don't, maybe do what they say alco us is likely to sanction them. but again, we've seen form, you know, the clips that we played and other to people are really saying, look,
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we don't even need to echo as you know, we don't need to intervention, we are okay. awesome. so it just may not necessarily have any strong effect. you like me or west africa correspond america, korea reporting for us there. thank you very much. at least 8 people have been killed and dozens more injured after fans stormed a soccer stadium hosting and africa cup of nations match in cameroon. the stampede took place at the entrance of the newly built allenby stadium in the capital dionte . ah, it was supposed to be a night of celebration. but it quickly turned deadly as fans inside limby stadium settled in to watch cameron's national team play camaros tragedy was unfolding outside of oklahoma. the stampede began as thousands tried to force their way into an already packed stadium. as the crowd surged through, the gates security personnel were overwhelmed. those trampled in the crush will
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rushed to hospital. but the casualties soon became too many for stuff to handle with homes would love me at all. my family vent the stadium home up afterwards. i get a call to come to the hospital. when i arrived, i find my big sister screaming and my little brother is lying down here and i want them a little further. my nephew, if i can find the others columbia in brooklyn, st. picky edna pregnant women just died under your results were baby yet, you know, to counseling the mother, but the babies here. now one insight, there are so many deadline to to le yet, and i'm under ml cameron. ian president pulled via, has ordered an investigation into the tragedy, but it will come as little consolation for those whose loved ones were caught in the crush. a large snow storm and cold front is causing chaos, and turkey's largest city is stumble. traffic is ground to a halt, leaving thousands of people stranded overnight in freezing conditions,
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authorities are urging people to stay home while they work to clear the roads. hundreds of passengers were also left stranded at if dumble airport after flights were cancelled. travellers stranded anniston bill's main airport where hundreds remain in limbo after a heavy blizzard. planes are grounded on snow covered runways, but the scene is far from serene. all flights in and out of the airport are suspended . passengers feel their left on their own and one of the biggest airports in the world when another we've been him on the 24 hours. we have to go to parents, but we have no information. the apple didn't give us any advice. look enough. muscle. passengers documented chaotic scenes after many were evacuated from stranded flights on monday evening. world quarter airport cruise worked to free a passenger bus stuck in the snow. one of the cargo terminals collapsed under the heavy snow. miraculously no injuries were reported. outside the airport,
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the city of around $60000000.00 was also brought to a standstill. thousands spent the night in their cars waiting to be rescued. it's done bills. disaster coordination center said over 1500 vehicles. and 7000 people were working to manage the situation. putting the on on the auction with i've scattered powerful snowfall but to day, especially after 3 pm, there was serious amounts of nonstop snow a take on the european side, his and that is cause lot of problems out in the field and work continues either shy, childish while out there, i mean you back at the airport passengers face more hours of waiting as the city digs itself out. usa be asian authorities are investigating a popular youtube or who posted a video of himself bailing from a plane with a parachute before it crashed. trevor jacob's video is drawn criticism from pilots and aviation experts. they say it looked staged and they accused them of performing
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a dangerous stunt for clicks. jacob, performer olympics now water runs a youtube channel where he often uploads videos of himself performing risky stuff. and d w, i mean s s has been looking into this for i mean, so why did the other pilots think that this was stage? there's just so many red flags to me. a lot of pilots pointed out that he just seems not only prepared but eager to jump out of the plane. as soon as something happens, you can see the propeller starts that stop spinning in a certain point and he doesn't seem to even try to restart the motor, which a lot of pilots that you've learned in basic training is already open the door about to jump out of the plane and then he goes out and you can see he's also holding a self, he's telling himself, descending, already wearing a parachute which a lot of house pointed out would be very difficult and such a small plane. now i talked to an a vh expert, david lear mount. he said he was very suspicious when he thought he said, even if
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a prop plane like this, if the engine stops running, you can still land the plane. it turns into a glider essentially. and even if not, you have many, many minutes before you have to bail from like this. if you're already wearing a parachute and i'll trevor jacob himself said, i did not purposely crash my plan for abusing youtube is he always wears a parachute and he's always filming himself tuesday, so that's no reason to be suspicious. that's his answer. but what would the consequences be for him if it's proven that he did do some purpose? it's pretty unclear at this asian expert david, the amount that i talked to. he said he's never seen a case like this where somebody crash a plane on purpose to get attention. now, of course it is against the law to recklessly and carefully operate a plane in the us. he could be fined, he could lose his pilot's license. i wanted to know if there was the criminal charges pressed against him, but the amount told me that given that he's flying over a place with not many people in, at the national forest, it's unlikely that those keys of endangering anybody besides himself,
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he's not the only person on youtube doing something dangerous to get clicks, right. that's right. i mean, you to be seen a lot of stuff gone wrong. it's gotten so bad or it got so bad that you to actually band uploading videos of dangerous stunts in 2019. now this is just my speculation, but it could be a reason why he would fake something like this because if it looks like an accident and you can still upload and put it in the category, don't try that at home. in fact, i mean, i said thank you so much for bring us that story. all right, that's it for our show coming up next sunday, w highlights from mass day 20 in the book. but it's like a rather under show kick off with a, with
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who a a pulse with the beginning of the story that moves
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us and takes us so long for the ride. it's all about the perspective. culture information is either you news and warner. w made for mines. oh oh. and the battle against covey and the oma cru variant is putting healthcare systems around the world to the test. vaccination campaigns are accelerating, while restrictions are intensifying once again. but are these measures enough to stop the spread of omicron, fax data and reports in our weekly coven 19 special?
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