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howard appears and rivals with one dearly goal to hope, smart nature for a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind on the brink of eternal life, starts february 16th on d, w. ah . ah, this is david is lying from berlin. britain's prime minister fights for his political life. orest johnson tells parliament he welcome
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a new police investigation and 2 parties held at his residence during lockdown. the majority of friends are ready to see him go. also coming up, stand back or else france and germany send a joint warning towards russia a day before a new attempt at diplomacy. the 2 countries insist that an attack on ukraine would come at a higher price for vladimir putin and as winter bites in afghanistan, more and more people are struggling to survive. we meet 2 families whose lives have taken a drastic turn for the worse since the taliban take over. ah, i'm to call for at least welcome to the program. british prime in sir boris johnson
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is clinging on to his post. after a london police launched an investigation into multiple gatherings at his residence, that allegedly breached colbert 19 lockdown restrictions. findings of a highly anticipated internal inquiry could be published within hours. johnson maintains that no rules were broken, but pressure over the party gave scandal. as growing by the deck, buddhist johnson is under fire again for attending his own both their party at downing street in june 2020 london's metropolitan police have now launched an inquiry into a series of possible locked on breeches and borders. johnson's office and residents enjoy well cook permits, decision to conduct his own investigation. but as i believe this will help to give the public with clarity it needs and helped to draw a line under matters at the time. quoted restrictions did not allow more than 2 people to meet indoors. and a series of leaks suggest that
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a string of illegal social gatherings took place at downing street. this particular one was a surprise thrown by his wife and attended by several others. what we know is the 30 people gathered that his wife was there and that the interior designer was there, as well as if it was my birthday. ah, and my wife at an interior designer rock trumpet work. i. there was christy scott birthday cake and a celebration. i appreciate the rules label profit as the investigation, luna like calls for johnson to resign or increasing across the political spectrum. i think the public it might be molly himself. i think public opinion has already concluded, but he broke the rules that he made and that he hasn't told the truth about it. i mean, he hasn't got the authority to lead the country when we're in the middle of huge
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challenges. and therefore, he has to go for the good of the country. for now, johnson may still sound bullish, but if enough, conservative emp, decide the veto has gone too far. the prime minister could be forced to resign. by an earlier we spoke to the w london correspondent, charlotte shell, so pill and asked how likely boris johnson is to weather the storm. there is an enormous amount of anger that is allegation of the allegation of essentially the people who made the rules. one then following the rules themselves, but it won't be the public who decides the prime minister's future at this particular juncture. of course, he has the option to resign. if the findings of that internal report or the police investigation of the damning he's so far, absolutely ruled out the question of resigning. so the real question now is will his own members upon design and 8th and the conservative party turn on him? and that is very much open the debates at them. i'm well enough members of his own
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party decide that they don't have enough confidence in him. now, of course, the longer this drags along the longer this is the more damaging this is for the party. many themes to be waiting for the outcome of the inquiry this su great inquiry before deciding on the prime minister's future. if that is indeed released, we could see perhaps some m p 's making a decision on the prime minister's future. charlotte chelsea pill in london reporting their head of multilateral talks due to kick off in paris. on wednesday, the leaders of germany and france met and berlin to coordinate their response to tensions between russia and ukraine. the 2 committed to doing everything possible to resolve the situation through diplomacy, but they also renewed warnings to moscow that an attack on ukraine would come at a higher price. several western nations have meanwhile, put troops on alert and stepped up arms deliveries to ukraine.
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an eagerly awaited arrival at ts airport military equipment sent by the united states to shore up ukraine as it braces for possibly russian invasion. it's the 3rd shipment, but it's not enough to resist a bigger and better equipped army government official say bitter headphones. it will please help us to convince the german government to be more proactive dba to a geren via we urgently need defensive weapons of often visit online. we're alone into and we're not in nights. i know nobody will send us troops and not even the american arizona. we have to defend ourselves such i didn't. but germany's new government has not answered the calls at a meeting with french president a manuel, micron and berlin chancello love. charles, once again ruled out sending heavy weapons to p. f. forgiveness. good. there are reasons for this, which of course do stand from development over past years and decades. consequences
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. nevertheless, we have of course done a lot to actively support economic development and big and the development of democracy in ukraine, offered with financial possibilities, spell and international responsibilities that we have just gotten diva odessa. and that's why ukraine knows that it can rely on germany. and i think that also shows politics to a large extent, an approach that has earned berlin, heavy criticism from some of its eastern european partners and from kia itself. and while german and french representatives prepared to meet with their ukrainian and russian counterparts on wednesday to seek it a pragmatic solution, some ukrainians are preparing for the worst on the outskirts of their capital. these civilian volunteers are undergoing military training to defend their country on their own if need be. that's now get you up to speed on some of the other stories making headlines today. bohlen has begun the construction of
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a wall along its eastern border with bell, of course, the 186 kilometer long wall is aimed at deterring migrant crossings after thousands attempted to enter whole and last year or saw accuses bella, rosie, and authorities of encouraging migrants to fly to minsk and then helping them reach the e you border at least 19 people are dead in indonesia as west pop, while after a nightclub caught fire trapping victims inside the blaze broke out after rival gangs attacked each other with machetes, arrows and molotov. cocktails, police say the death toll may rise, but the guy the death toll has climb to 91 after saudi led coalition air strikes in yemen on friday, who the rebels have handed over the bodies of the victims to their families for burial. the conflict between the saudi led coalition and the ran back to thes as
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escalated in recent days, hundreds of people have marched through the streets of burkina, faso capital. why do go in a show of support for the new military lead honda? it ousted president ra, couple re on monday after widespread protests against his government. it's the latest in a series of crews and west africa in recent weeks. ah, taking it to the streets, jubilation and relief that now after years of islamist terror attacks, something will be done. so done that we are very, very happy because the burkina army has taken its responsibility. this is what we've been asking for for a long time. they presume their responsibility and we are proud of them. the military announced the qu, live on television, saying they'd taken former president rock cavalry into custody. they also posted
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what they said is a letter of resignation. cavalry his whereabouts are unknown. his government has struggled to respond to years of islamist attacks, such as the incident last november in which 49 police officers were killed. the crew has been condemned, widely outside burkina, faso, the un and the u. s. a cold for civilian leadership to be restored. the echo was group of neighboring west african countries has also condemned it, but many here wanted turn away from their neighbors and their western beckers. 7 good militia was just yet if they left it. oh, echo was is with the western countries. but the people of burkina faso do not agree with them. oh, no problem. we can talk about that. we want them to leave us alone and let us live with dignity, with our valley and soldiers who have brought us out of the bad time to get it up. he said he stepped up and we strongly support russia,
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and we call on it to engage with our new government to define a new strategic plan for securing the region. enough is enough or too many death to many refugees of. nope, i'll put them out of the escorted coil celebrations. continue. bertina fossils. neighbors say they'll hold an emergency summit in the coming days to decide on their response. 3 days of meetings between and taliban delegation. western diplomats and rights groups have wrapped up in oslo. the talks, the 1st of their kind since the militant islam is took over power in afghanistan, focused on the dramatic humanitarian situation and the country aid organizations believe that 90 percent of the population now live in poverty. many families struggle to make ends meet with some even resorting to selling their children. hi nadia, how sun is looking through garbage collected by her children,
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taking aside scraps of paper to heat the oven. oh, the family of 7 is barely surviving on the outskirts of kabul. they came here in autumn after fleeing the taliban. have you got the been jealousy of them and i don't know what to cook. my children are hungry. i tell them, god will help us, that we will get something to eat. the mother worked before as of washerwoman. now she is no longer able to pay for rent for the hut. in her desperation, she's considering to offer her oldest daughter to the landlord as payment rather than the devil than i think you must have to wait go muck with you need to help us finding it as if my children are still so very young and the lead if we have nothing left, no or a little, and my little boy is sick, chemical wants it. i said, oh cool that her son is an urgent need of medical care. he is malnourished,
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just like many other children. here. the winter in kabul is freezing, but with temperatures dropping well below 0. good mom up the dears. life to has changed. after the taliban took charge of afghanistan, he still works as a teacher at this school, but hasn't received a salary since last september. mohammed doesn't know how to pay for heating in his apartment. bolona thoughtful, cold killed us. we can't afford the firewood any more by ourselves. you go, could you give us the little include that? i had to borrow money for it. that gave both you viva. haughty boykin. to feed his family, mohammed has rented out a part of the flat. the middle class in afghanistan is getting poor up by the day. joan, who alone do called shackle. i already sold some of our furniture,
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including my bookshelf over you mean the more the for the org. i really loved it. luke, could bob well more, amy, why did i coy stock? the united nations is handing out food. the need for aid has tripled since the taliban took over in afghanistan. an estimated 4000000000 euros is needed to pull the country out of party. what we need is the international community to rally. we need global leaders to put the women and children understand at the top of their global agendas. this is not a crisis of their making. these are are innocent people, nadia hassan and her children have not didn't received any international aid for them. this winter looks to very, very long the africa cup of nations is going ahead despite monday's fail
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crush at all and base stadium and the commer, rooney and capital. yeah. own day, which claimed the lives of at least 8 people and left dozens injured on the pitch. on tuesday, senegal, who were runners up and 2019 defeated k word a to nail to advance to the quarter finals, and cameron, liver bulls. saudi o, my ne, opened the scoring for a cynical or red card. heard cape birthdays chances of coming back in that match. and despite malawi, getting on the score sheet, 1st, morocco responded with 2 goals to secure the victory and a spot in the quarter finance. that's our time. stay tuned for business. thank you for watching. mm ah to the dark side.


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