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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 26, 2022 8:00am-8:31am CET

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77 percent. now, every weekend on d w with this is dw news coming to live from berlin is britain's top law maker, a rule breaker. the results of an investigation into alleged lockdown parties that
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the british prime minister's office is expected in the coming hours. it's findings may decide morris johnson's political future. also coming up. western leaders issue stern warnings to russian president vladimir putin. a head of crisis talks in paris . he could face personal consequences if russia in base ukraine. and this german intensive care nurse refuses to get vaccinated against coven, 19 decisions that could cost her her job plus will introduce you to the twin artists, celebrating the provincial beauty of the world's dying coral reefs. one stick to the top. ah! hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us. for us, johnson's political survival could be decided in the coming hours. an internal
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inquiry is expected to be released that looks at multiple alleged lockdown parties at the british prime minister's residence. the london metropolitan police have also opened an investigation into the gatherings. johnson maintains that no rules were broken, but pressure over the party gate scandal is growing by the day. boris johnson is under fire again for attending his own birthday party. at downing street in june of 2020 london's metropolitan police have now launched an inquiry in donald street. i welcome the mits decision to conduct its own investigation. but as i believe this will help to give the public with clarity it needs and helped to draw a line on the matters. at the time, coven restrictions did not allow socializing in doors. and a series of leaks suggests that a string of illegal social gatherings took place at downing street. this particular
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one was a surprise thrown by his wife and attended by several others. what we know is the 30 people gathered that his wife was there and that the interior designer was there as well as if it was my birthday. ah, and my wife and an interior designer rock trumpet work. ah, that was kristi's k o, the birthday cake. and a celebration it pushes the rules label off as the investigation looms like coals for johnson to resign are increasing across the political spectrum. yes, i think the public might their minds on i think public opinion has already concluded that he broke the rules that he might on that he hasn't told the truth about it. i mean, he hasn't got the authority to lead the country when we're in the middle of huge challenges and therefore he has to go for the good of the country. for now,
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johnson may still sound bullish this country, but if enough, conservative impedes decide, delita has gone too far. the prime minister could be forced to resign. i apologized sincerely for more rejoined by our correspondent, beg, at mass. in london, bergen boris johnson will be facing questions in parliament today. what's he up against it's very, very serious for him. terry. it's not just one allegation that he might have broken the rules in a small way, but it's really a series of allegations about a series of parties that allegedly took place in downing street where he lives and works, but also across whitehall. so it's about the culture in government and, and that's where many british people are just really, really angry about what they're hearing. they see their own restrictions that they were under. they know that they, they couldn't meet other people in doors. they couldn't attend funerals off of
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family members. they were not there when loved ones were dying in hospital. so all this has happened on the grand scale. and meanwhile, the impressionist, that those people who made those strict rules really didn't care about them, and that makes people very, very angry. and that really puts the moral authority of forest johnson at question here. now, johnson is being investigated on 2 levels. there's the police investigation and an internal investigation. the results of the internal investigation, i understand, could be coming soon. any idea when that will be released. this is the subject of much speculation here in london at the moment. it's a, it's a new, a report by a civil servant and she expect said to be released in full is what we understand. now it could be published as soon as today, the ah, the understanding is that it's actually finished and a, reportedly,
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there are some juicy details and that report already about photos with why showing wine bottles and also the prime minister. so that report, if that does get released today, that will give a lot of their conservative and peace will now have to decide of outdoors. johnson's future will will give them a lot of food for thought. well calls for johnson's resignation or growing louder burger, as we all know. does he still have support sufficient support within his own party to hold on opinion amongst his m p. 's, who are really determining about his future seems to be divided. there are some who are trying to brush this off. they say he was ambushed with the birthday cake. it was a surprise party. he didn't really know about. it's not his ford. somebody else said, well, that has to be a sensor for top proportion. if the prime minister gets served
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a slice of cake in his office, what's the big deal? but there are others who take this much more seriously. and we know that one former minister david davis has asked him to resign in parliament. so there are others who are very, very angry about it and it takes 54 of his members of his own party in parliament to actually launch a vote of no confidence express. ah, their wish to do that. and then this would happen. of course, the other opportunity would be for poor as johnson to resign, but we really don't see any sign of that happening soon. just yet. big a thanks so much our lunch correspond it. burger master you as present, joe biden says he might impose personal sanctions on president vladimir putin of russia. if russia in bay's ukraine, that warning comes ahead. multilateral talks in paris, ah,
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to day aimed at refusing the crisis, the leaders of germany and france met in berlin to coordinate their response. they committed to resolving situation through diplomacy, but they also renewed warnings that moscow would pay a heavy price for invasion. several western nations had put troops on alert and stuffed up arms deliveries to ukraine, and eagerly awaited arrival at kias airport military equipment sent by the united states to shore up ukraine as it braces for possibly russian invasion. it's the 3rd shipment, but it's not enough to resist a bigger and better equipped army government official say, a bit to headphones it own. please. helpless to convince the german government to be more proactive. dba to a geren of year, we urgently need defensive weapons of oven. v isn't align where alone and, and we're not in night. so i know you, nobody will send us troops and not even the american, his honor. we have to defend ourselves such,
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i didn't. but germany's new government has not answered the calls at a meeting with french president, a man where micron and berlin chance level of charles once again ruled out sending heavy weapons to p. if forgiveness, good, there are reasons for this which of course to stem from development over past years and decades plots, imbecile. nevertheless, we have of course done a lot to actively support economic development and victim and the development of democracy in ukraine with financial possibilities and international responsibilities that we have for dish gotten develop odessa. and that's why ukraine knows that it can rely on germany. and i think that also shows politics to a large extent and approach that has earned lynn heavy criticism from some of its eastern european partners and from kia itself. and while german and french representatives prepared to meet with their ukrainian and russian counterparts on wednesday to seek it of magic solution,
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some ukrainians are preparing for the worst on the outskirts of their capital. the civilian volunteers are undergoing military training to defend their country on their own. if need be. over the latest time joined by dw correspondent mathias bellinger in kia good morning mathias. so more diplomacy to day representatives of ukraine, russia, germany, and france meeting in paris. what's the most that ukraine can hope for in that meeting today? martinez? well, nobody expects this meaning to this meeting to yield any results yet, but the point of it is to keep talking and to keep the pass through some kind of a compromise open and to engage russia in talks for ukraine. it's important. the important thing about this meeting is that it is at one table with russia. this has not happened for a long time. and a most of the talks that we've seen before. they were bilateral,
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or between ukraine and their western counterparts or moscow and the west. so this is of course, the only the only format where ukraine is at the table. that's the most important thing for ukraine. results are not expected. well, fearing a russian invasion of ukraine. some countries have started pulling out staff from their embassies in kia. meanwhile, ukraine's present as appealing for com. what are you seeing mathias, how are ukrainians dealing with the situation? i think of ukrainians are alert. very aware of the situation. people think about what might happen, but they're not panicking. there are no a panic shopping of groceries. the currency is stable, we don't see people in a hurry to get prepared. people have been preparing in, in, in, in several ways for, for years. them of that and,
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and everybody knew that something like this might happen at some point. there are people who have enlisted in these volunteer brigades that we've also seen in this, in this report. and others have a thought about what they would do, but nobody is, is that is taking urgent precautions. there are several countries have stepped up, arms deliveries to ukraine. germany has so far refused. how important are these arms deliveries for ukraine's defense? i think that they have to main of the to, to main benefits for the ukrainian side. a one is of course, that it's a signal that ukraine has the support of the west and in more than words, that's important here. that's the signal to moscow as well. and the other one is that these weapons, they're mostly a weapons that are lightweight weapons that can be deployed easily and quickly to
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the front. and that would increase the damage that ukraine can inflict on an invading army. there is no illusion that ukraine could somehow defeat the russians, but it could make an invasion more costly. so all these weapons are meant to raise the cost of an invasion. and he has thank you very much. they w mathias bellinger in kia let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. poland has begun the construction of a wall along its eastern border with better bruce, the 186 kilometer long wall is aimed at deterring migrant crossings. after thousands attempted to enter poland last year, warsaw accuses bell russian authorities of encouraging myers to fly to minsk and then helping them reach you border. in yemen, the number of dead has climb to 91 after saudi led coalition airstrikes last week. who the rebels have handed over victims bodies to their families for burial. the
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conflict between the saudi led coalition and it ran back to tease, has escalated in recent dance. u. s. coast guard is searching for $39.00 people reported missing after a boat was found. capsize off the coast of florida. according to his survivor, the vessel took to see in the bahamas on saturday. authorities believe the boat was being used for human smuggling. women have taken to the streets of quito, ecuador to call for legalized abortion last june. the constitutional court discriminant decriminalized brother pregnancy terminations, but only in cases of rape. conservative president guillermo la, so has announced he will veto any abortion bill that goes beyond ruling re sit on the un has called on to leaders in burkina faso to restore democracy after the army ousted president rock of board on friday on monday. rather, it's the latest in
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a series of cruise in west africa in recent weeks, but on the streets of the capital walk into there appears to be widespread popular support for the new military junta. ah, taking it to the streets, jubilation and relief that now after years of islamist terror attacks, something will be done. no. so done on that. we are very, very happy because the burkina army has taken its responsibility. second, this is what we've been asking for for a long time. they've assumed their responsibility and we are proud of them. and the military announced the qu, live on television, saying they've taken former president rock cabaret into custody. they also posted what they said is a letter of resignation. cavalry his whereabouts are unknown. his government had struggled to respond to years of islamist attacks,
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such as the incident last november in which 49 police officers were killed. the crew has been condemned, widely outside burkina faso, the u. n, and the u. s. have called for civilian leadership to be restored. the eco was group of neighboring west african countries has also condemned it. but many here, one to turn away from their neighbors and their western beckers. 7 vanilla said it was just that they left it. oh echo was is with the western countries thinking but the people of burkina faso do not agree with them. oh no problem. we can have somebody, we want them to leave us alone and let us live with dignity with our valley and soldiers who have brought us out of the bad times. heated up. the city stepped up and we strongly support russia, and we call on it to engage with our new government to define a new strategic plan for securing the region. enough is enough to many deaths to
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many refugees, but no bob pointed out of the has good. while celebrations continue burkina faso neighbors say they'll hold an emergency summit in the coming days to decide on their response. germany has reported its highest 7 day incidence rate of coping 19 cases. yet with over with infections registered at over 900 per 100000 people. for the 1st time. health authorities recorded a 164000 new cases in a single 24 hour period. the rise is driven largely by the dominant omicron variant . the german parliament is set to debate compulsory vaccines later on later today, the government has already passed legislation that will make vaccines required for health care workers from march, unvaccinated staff could be banned from work or even fire. we spoke to
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a nurse who works at a cove at ward herself, but says she won't get vaccinated, whatever the risk, milligan law to day subpoena suda is working as an alternative practitioner. she offers her patients homeopathy treatments. on other days, she walks as an us in an intensive care unit. when the pandemic started, she volunteered and a covet ward. even local newspapers reported on the story. as mcclendon 20 settling of ease, little fawn above him, it is a small intensive care unit. but over 50 percent of it was occupied by corona virus . patients of this have during my shifts, i really experienced how desperately patients were struggling for an envelope that really got to me. rudy puts in dod voltage album, loft, lincoln, from her own experience. she knows that the disease has cost many lives. however, she doesn't want to get vaccinated against cove at 19,
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even though it will be compulsory for health care workers and germany from much. and that ammonia instead of being vaccinated with the vaccine whose effect i can't assessable, i'd rather catch the virus. naming, of course, the at that could go badly. but then i would rather accept death on my own tom. and as i'm kind of video man taught a phone call from him lawmaker and dr. paula p shutter voted for compulsory vaccinations. she wants to prevent patients from being infected by nursing staff. so this one's a anna, it's all our medicine for all of us working in health care. it is our job that we do not put our patients at unreasonable risk on. and the cove at 19 vaccination is extremely safe, which is why it is acceptable to enforce it. to protect our patients. chosen subpoena believes an alternative therapy, not in vaccinations, despite all the scientific proof that they work. most health care workers are
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vaccinated, but sabina could now lose her clinical job. though to the focus of commons, i am on our back. should that really happen? and my employer would say 50, but we are a danger to the patients. von, then i will accept that and then i will not work there anymore. and now at our biden vanetta, she would then be missing out on several 100 euros a month, but that won't change her mind. she says she will remain unvaccinated. for more, let's bring in our political correspond manuel shaw's. emma, german parliamentary as they are debating a blanket mandate for cobra. 19 vaccinations. what are they considering exactly? well, tell you what's really important to realize what's happening today is not a vote. it is a round of discussions only, there's no mandatory vaccine that will be decided here in germany today.
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parliamentarians oval parties in favor or against the mandates will debate between them, serve on whether or not they want this mandate to be voted. and on the feasibility of this mandate, there are supported and up by the president federal president. pon about the time i had highlighted a few days ago, how important the bait was, he said that of course, the state is under pressure to act timely in this type of pandemic. but also he said that this didn't replace the requirement to weigh up argument and balance arguments and balance interests that are state. this is precisely what we're going to see today in the parliament. that it's a very hotly debated topic. so here within the german population, even if 2 thirds of the population are actually in favor of a mandatory vaccine, it's not really black and white. and maybe let's listen directly to what some people had to say about mandatory vaccine. if i see nick as i used to know really
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does, it's probably right to make it mandatory for people who work a lot of his others from teachers to hers co workers. overall. i'd say that i'm in favor, but oh, so that i'm not sure how long or if i say honestly, if you're hoping of info, i'm personally against making vaccination mandatory for some groups of the population only. for example, for health care workers. they are, but i, to me this would be the worst solution and i say either you make it mandatory for everyone or for no one followed africa. so to get abo, everybody should do it yearly. of course it's as damaged or now there is a big rush, but people have had so much time to get vaccinated up. so i've also done it and i just think it's the right thing to do the aisle. if i, i'm in favor of making vaccination mandatory because i think that everybody should watch out for each other and make sure that we get out of these pandemic up last time. new muscle in the give m a if the german parliament does end up approving
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a blanket vaccine mandate, do they have any idea how it could be enforced? well, here's why it might be difficult for germany, for one, even within the governing coalition, it might be problematic to agree on mandatory vaccine why they agree that general mandate could be implemented. they agree on it only for people over 18, for example. not all members of the coalition would also go for a mandatory vaccine, free liberals down could be for example, he's the vice president of the window stock. he was, that's a mandatory vaccine, would have lethal effect on the and vaccinated him gemini. and it, it would only lead in his opinion to wave of the ministry administrative headers with the fines being issued against unvaccinated. and both the greens, n d f t p to free democrats would be in favor of a mandatory vaccine from
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a defined they don't need to protect the most of the rebels, so they would have to agree on that. and of course, on how to implement it within the population. mandatory vaccines, highly controversial, or political, corresponding amount of shots. thank you so much. now, living reefs are called the rain forests of the ocean, but climate change is threatening the delicate ecosystems. a new exhibition and berlin's border museum draws attention to their beauty and their plight through a crowd source project created by thousands of dedicated crochet fans from around the world. and living wonder rendered in co shy. thousands of women have spent hour after hour. clicking the needle, the deep concentration, a collective effort mingled with an ecological message. literally the day we
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started our project, christine job, that if the great barrier reef, if the die out out willie reef would be something to remembered by and in 2005. that was a joke. twin sisters, christine and margaret, where time 1st called on people to crochet corals in 2005 together. they wanted to build an entire reef. little did they know they would be hitting the zeitgeist on the head almost 2 decades later. combining climate change in environmental protection with their own feminist approach. when we started the project, we didn't know how many people might participate and we thought maybe 2 thirds women, one 3rd men, but in fact it's been 99.99 percent women of the 20000 more than 20000 people have now participated. but it's the celebration of the women's work that is the important thing. or one of these women is marrying ashtosh michael as
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a crochet enthusiast. she is particularly proud of the project. you hop on go found me the, i know i started with one, and within 2 months i made around a $170.00 of them. they weren't easy to make money comes on of off for her stolen. what might look like simple stitching is actually complex mathematics called hyperbolic geometry, an hipaa body style, cynthia. these are flu, hyperbolic refers to the area that's created by adding another stitch from marson. this area then grows bigger and bigger. he even grows her, built on for the carl is increases its chances of survival. mel mobley copeland, somebody you know, at this crochet reef, feminism needs maths, but also environmental awareness. not all the corals here shine in bright colors. some like bleached and ill. others are covered in plastic, will rubbish,
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reflecting the reality and the world sees. you're watching dw news from berlin, just a reminder of the top story we're following for you today. an inquiry into the ledge lockdown parties that british prime minister boris johnson's office could be released in the coming hours. pressure has been mounting for johnson to resign over the issue of next it's close up here on dw. i'm terry martin for me and all the team. thanks for watching. thing with
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. well sir fiving,
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the holocaust sanctuaries against termination natalia ro make is seeking them out and restoring them. ah, uncovering secret hideout close up. ah, on d. w. eco, india. how can a country's economy grow in harmony with its people and the environment when there are doers? who look at the bigger picture? india, a country that faces many challenges and whose people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india. eco, india, in 60 minutes on w. o.
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and william, how to think on it goes on dollars, will i and was high. and if i had known that the boat would be that small, i never would have gone on the tray, but i would not to put myself and my paris in that danger. oh god, the theme of the intellect he was leave would love on sunday, hunted london, liberty to give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there, but it went and got of it. you want to know their story info, migrants clarified and reliable information for my grants a jewish cemetery in warsaw has more than.


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