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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 26, 2022 10:00am-10:16am CET

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or in a race against time. the dna molecules though, has 28000000 different our glasses. they are peers and rivals, with one daring gold to outsmart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. on the brink of eternal life starts february 16th on d, w. and ah ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin. britain's top lawmaker,
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a rule breaker anticipation is high ahead of the release of an internal report into alleged locked l parties that the british prime minister's office. it's findings may decide worse. johnson's political future also coming up western leaders, issue stern warnings to russian president vladimir putin ahead of christ, as talks and parents. he could face personal consequences if russia in bade ukraine . ah hello, i'm terry martin. thanks for joining us. or us johnson's political sir. bible was in question ahead of the release of an internal inquiry. it could come as soon as today. the report looked at multiple alleged lockdown parties at the british prime minister's residence, the london metropolitan police of also opened an investigation into gatherings.
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johnson maintains that no rules were broken, but pressure over the party. gates candle is growing by the day. boris johnson is under fire again for attending his own birthday party at downing street in june of 2020 london's metropolitan police have now launched an inquiry. here is events, honesty do i well go the mit decision to conduct his own investigation. but as i believe this will help to give the public, the clarity it needs and help to draw a line under matters at the time. covet restrictions, did not allow socializing indoors. and a series of leaks suggests that a string of illegal social gatherings took place at downing street. this particular one was a surprise thrown by his wife and attended by several others. what we know is the 30 people gathered that his wife was there and that the interior designer was there
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as well as if it was my birthday. ah, and my wife and an interior designer rocked up at work. ah, that was christmas k o. the birthday cake. and a celebration if which is the rules labor, paul, as the investigation looms like coals for johnson to resign, are increasing across the political spectrum. yes, i think the public might their minds on i think public opinion has already concluded that he broke the rules that he might on that he hasn't told the truth about it. i mean, he hasn't got the authority to lead the country when we're in the middle of huge challenges and therefore he has to go for the good of the country. for now, johnson may still sound bullish across this country, but if enough, conservative impedes decide delita has gone too far. the prime minister could be forced to resign by apologizing, more rejoined by our correspondent, beg,
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at mass in london. bergen, boris johnson will be facing questions in parliament today. what's he up against? it's very, very serious for him. terry. it's not just one allegation that he might have broken the rules in a small way, but it's really a series of allegations about a series of parties that allegedly took place in downing street where he lives and works, but also across wide whole. so it's about the culture in government and, and that's where many british people are just really, really angry about what they're hearing. they see their own restrictions that they were under. they know that they, they couldn't meet other people in doors. they couldn't attend funerals off of family members. they were not there when loved ones were dying in hospital. so all this has happened on a grand scale. and meanwhile, the impressionist, that those people who made those strict rules really didn't care about them,
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and that makes people very, very angry. and that really puts the moral authority of forest johnson at question here. now, johnson is being investigated on 2 levels. there's the police investigation and an internal investigation. the results of the internal investigation understand could be coming soon. any idea when that will be released. this is the subject of much speculation here in london at the moment. it's a, it's a new, a report by a civil servant and she expect said to be released in full is what we understand. now it could be published as soon as today, the ah, the understanding is that it's actually finished and a, reportedly, there are some juicy details and that report already about photos with why showing wine bottles and also the prime minister. so that report, if that does get released today, that will give a lot of their conservative and peace will now have to decide of outdoors.
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johnson's future will will give them a lot of food for thought. well calls for johnson's resignation or growing louder burger, as we all know. does he still have support sufficient support within his own party to hold on opinion amongst his m p. 's, who are really determining about his future that seems to be divided. there are some who are trying to brush this off. they say he was ambushed with a birthday cake. it was a surprise party. he didn't really know about. it's not his food. somebody else said, well, there has to be a sense of proportion. if the prime minister ged says serve the slice of cake in his office, what's the big deal? but there are others who take as much more seriously. and we know that one former minister david davis has asked him to resign in parliament. so there are others who are very,
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very angry about it and it takes 54 of his members of his own party in parliament to actually launch a vote of no confidence express. ah, their wish to do that. and then this would happen. of course, the other opportunity would be for boris johnson to resign. but we really don't see any sign of that happening soon. just yet. being a thanks so much our lunch correspond burgomaster. it's like a smother. stories making headlines this, our poland has begun the construction of a wall along its eastern border with metal roof. the 186 kilometer long wall is aimed at deterring migrant crossings. after thousands attempted to enter poland last year, warsaw accuses beller. russian authorities of encouraging migrants to fly to minsk and then helping them reach the board. the u. s. coast guard is searching for $39.00 people reported missing after a boat was found capsized off the coast of florida. according to
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a survivor of the vessel took to see in the bahamas on saturday. authorities believe the boat was being used for humans smuggling. demonstrations have taken place in more than a dozen cities across mexico to protest the murders of 3 journalists already this year. in the border, city of tier one or 2 journalists have been killed in the space of a week. officials say more than 90 percent of murders of journalists and rights defenders go unsolved in mexico. 3 people are receiving medical treatment after a large explosion in the greek capital, athens, the blessed damaged and office block and smash nearby storefronts and a busy part of the inner city. the cause of the explosion was not immediately clear us present, joe biden says he might impose personal sanctions on president vladimir putin. if russia invades ukraine. that warning comes ahead of talks in paris to day between
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germany, france, ukraine, and russia aimed at defusing the crisis. the leaders of germany and france say they are committed to resolving the situation through diplomacy, but they also renewed warnings that moscow would pay a heavy price for invasion. several western nations had put troops on alert and stepped up arms deliveries to ukraine, and eagerly awaited arrival. at keith, air pot, military equipment sent by the united states to shore up ukraine as it braces 4 possible russian invasion. it's the 3rd shipment, but it's not enough to resist a bigger and better equipped army government official say. bit to headphones. you please help us to convince the german government to be more proactive dba at 2 a geren of year. we urgently need defensive weapons of often v as in july and we were alone and, and we not in night. so i know you, nobody will send us troops, and not even the american, a sauna. we have to defend ourselves such i didn't. but germany's new government
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has not answered the calls at a meeting with french president, a man when micron and berlin chance all of shots once again ruled out sending heavy weapons to p. s. forgiveness. good. there are reasons for this which of course to stem from development over past years and decades thought seems to so nevertheless, we have of course done a lot to actively support economic development and big and the development of democracy in ukraine. often with financial possibilities and international responsibilities about we have a dish cut, deborah, auditor, and that's why ukraine knows that it can rely on germany. and i think that also shows politics to a large extent and approach that has earned berlin, heavy criticism from some of its eastern european partners and from kia itself. and while german and french representatives prepared to meet with their ukrainian and russian counterparts on wednesday to seek it automatic solution,
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some ukrainians are preparing for the worst on the outskirts of their capital. the civilian volunteers are undergoing military training to defend their country on their own. if need be. the latest on joined by dw correspondent mathias bellinger in kia, good morning mathias. so more diplomacy to day representatives of ukraine, russia, germany, and france milligan, paris. what's the most that you crane can hope for in that meeting to day mathias? while nobody expects this meaning to this meeting to yield any results yet, but the point of it is to keep talking and to keep the past to some kind of compromise open and to engage russia in talks for ukraine. it's important. the important thing about this meeting is that it is at one table with russia. this has not happened for a long time. and a most of the talks that we've seen before. they were bilateral, or between ukraine and their western counterparts or moscow and the west.
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so this is of course, the only the only format where ukraine is at the table. that's the most important thing for ukraine. results are not expected. now, fearing a russian invasion of ukraine, some countries have started pulling out staff from their embassies in kia. meanwhile, ukraine's present as appealing for com. what are you seeing martinez? how are ukrainians dealing with the situation? i think of ukrainians are alert. they are very aware of the situation. people think about what might happen, but they're not panicking. there are no erb panic, shopping of groceries. the currency is stable. we don't see people in a hurry to get prepared. people have been preparing in, in, in, in several ways for, for years them, or that. and,
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and everybody knew that something like this might happen at some point. there are people who have enlisted in these volunteer brigades that we've also seen in this, in this report. and others have a thought about what they would do. but nobody's is that is taking urgent precautions. now, several countries have staffed up arms deliveries to ukraine. germany has so far refused. how important are these arms deliveries poor ukraine's defenses? i think that they have 2 main, a. the 22 main benefits for the ukrainian side. one is of course, that it's a signal that ukraine has the support of the west and in more than words, that's important here. that's the signal to moscow as well. and the other one is that these weapons, they're mostly a weapons that are lightweight weapons that can be deployed easily and quickly to the front. and that would increase the damage that ukraine can inflict on an
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invading army. there is no illusion that ukraine could somehow defeat the russians, but it could make an invasion more costly. so all these weapons are meant to raise the cost of an invasion. and he has thank you very much. they w mathias bellinger in kia or you may be looking for a place to put your money a potentially good investment. well, the son of the legendary beetle john lennon, might have a deal for you. julian lennon is offering up pieces of beatles memorabilia for auction. but not in physical form, rather as non fungible tokens up for grabs the n f t's to the handwritten notes to the 1968 song, a jude among other collectables. but with bidding already over $50000.00 us dollars, they won't come. she when a fine,
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just reminder the top stories were following for you here today. an inquiry into alleged locked l parties, and british prime minister boris johnson's office could be released in the coming hours. pressure has been melting for johnson to resign over the issue. and us present job wife has said he would consider leveling personal sanctions on russian president vladimir putin. if russia in bade ukraine talks between germany, france, russia, and ukraine to defuse the crisis, could be held in paris later today. i got another news update for you at the top of the next hour for me and all of us. here's the w, thanks for watching. ah,
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soccer is a sport of the many colors. mm.


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