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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 26, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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oh, frankfurt, a hot international, a gateway to the best connection, self road, and rail, located in the out of europe. you are connected to the whole world to experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by from bought lou. ah ah, this is it. every news live from berlin, last ditch, diplomacy to prevent
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a war in ukraine, with russian troops. massey of the border top european envoys meet in paris to try and eastern shits while washington delivers. it's response to the kremlin security to mass. also coming up, the british prime minister under fire, orest johnson fights for political survival ahead of a report on alleged will breaking allegations of log down parties fueling calls for his resignation. ah, on my mark, thank you so much for joining us. we begin in paris, where high level talks are being held in a bit to diffuse tensions between russia and western nations over a potential russian attack on ukraine, ukrainian and russian delegations are meeting with diplomats from france and germany. the 4 way normandy format has been used repeatedly since russia's
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annexation of ukraine's crimean peninsula in 2014 ukrainian presidential adviser. andre, you're mac. sounded a positive note going into the talks, calling them a quote, strong signal of readiness for a peaceful settlement. well, as those talks are taking place, the u. s said moments ago it had delivered it's written response to russia's security demands. there's the man's include a legal guarantee against ukraine, joining nato and a withdrawal of western troops from eastern europe. the kremlin repeatedly denied plans to invade ukraine despite massing some 100000 troops on its border. as well as the west were causing tensions. the sick listen to russia's foreign minister sig, elaborate for speaking earlier today. global new, good in, you know who disability which out, exaggerating with local hours and colleagues are in some kind of military frenzy of them or going up not gusher. they only talk about one thing among the occlusal punish. you know, you will attack because we will punish you and save ukraine. it won't be pretty and
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you've got the results just for more years. so your present. so the west is using all these hysterical statements to make their position claim newman. we are ready for any developments. if cigarettes you expect, we did not attack any one else. we have been attacked before force and those who did it thought what ledger served every time a young man who's a vehicle. i will not speculate about our western partners. you will so your bush lay awake and apparently as i do not really know how to get out of the am pass into which they have got themselves, which why should form rest or their speaking earlier? let's take you to moscow to our bureau chief uri we're shadow who is closely following developments. a yury, the russian foreign minister. we just heard him accusing the west of overreacting any sign that the kremlin might consider pulling back troops to de escalate tensions. not yet let alone russian troops are still stationed on the z
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ukrainian border. but if you see this built up, not as a real preparation for war, but a rather escort, i believe it was intended for, namely as intimidation. then today's talks obviously also play an important role for the russians at the kremlin, achieved already, at least to one of its important goals as the whole world is watching. and the whole wall world is wandering. what vladimir put in once as russian president certainly has international media attention, and also russia's actual goal as stop to nato eastern expansion is now known to everyone. militarily, russia has a much tougher starting position than during the last talks a year ago in berlin. considering that a nato could support ukraine if a war actually breaks out. and as for foreign policy, put in isn't good a strong position either. after the massive troop deployment on the ukraine and border moscow has turned the entire western vault against it. and nato has made it very clear that pollutants demands to stop eastern expansion are and nonstarter
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yuri, can you give us a sense of how all this is being seen in russia? does it animate a lot of people? is there support for a possible invasion of ukraine? why would say the public opinion here in russia is changing now? ah, just a few weeks ago. hardly anyone here seriously believed that a real war can break out. what is the opinion changed is at? i think nato's announcement that, that the alliance will strengthen its presence in the eastern europe. this decision most likely took not only president putin by surprise, but ordinary russians as well. ah, nato's decision came to response to the demands that the gramlin had presented to nate or with the request for written feedback. and the fact that the needle is going to deploy more troops close to russia. the fact that the weapons are being delivered to ukraine are all that is increasing concerns in russia that ariel war
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could to break out and many russians. no, i thinking, of course, russia has to defend itself. our service show only 4 percent of the russians are convinced that their to moscow is to blame for air possible conflict. the huge majority blames rather nato, for it did use yury rachada reporting from moscow. russia. thank you. when as i now by the other stories in the headlines, kurdish lead forces see they have regained control of most of a prison in northern syria. days after it was taken over by inmates, dozens of people were killed when the team members of the so called islamic state, sees the site last week. unicef has expressed concerns over around $850.00 children, held at facility. people across australia have taken to the streets to protest australia day when he carrying the australian aboriginal flag. the
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contentious anniversary marks the arrival of the british to australia in 1788. 0, well, protesters say it explicitly links the country's national identity to colonialism and want the date changed. but francis has called on paris not to condemn their children. if they are gay, he made the comment in his weekly general audience at the vatican. it's another gesture of outreach to the l g. b t. q. community, which has long been marginalized by the cafeteria and to spain were a 3 year investigation by newspaper. out base has revealed hundreds of cases of alleged child sex abuse by child. by catholic church officials calls are growing for an independent probe. as warren, more survivors break, their silence did abuse young philip sholtes met with one survivor in madrid,
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who hoped such an investigation will reveal the truth about abuse within the church . this was where fernando so mona's torture started on the top floor of best catholic school. he was just 14 and something off a loaner with just a few friends. one rainy afternoon, one of the teachers approached him. he came to tell me, does he want to come to get dry? and i've seen started there. he knew who he was looking for and the kind of loan children everything. oh, but the next 12 months fernando was raped repeatedly by his teacher. sometimes several times a week. he finds that agonizing, that other stuff where clearly aware of what was happening yet. the priest was never held accountable. partly because he was the brother of a well known minister. here you have children walking in the privacy of for they priest on the top of the school every day entering in the room of there. now it's
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impossible. they knew perfectly what was happening. there was too powerful fernando's case took place more than 40 years ago. the journalist inigo dominguez and a team from the epa east newspaper. i currently investigating more than $600.00 such cases, some of which run up to 2018. the team hope their work will force a proper investigation into abuse by the catholic church. in one part of the political party, nor state institution, nor indeed, the church itself has so far wanted to investigate a truth list. it's a very painful topic, gamble, and a politically explosive one. am where explosives in france and germany. the church has set up independent investigative commissions to track down the extent of the problem. the catholic church in spain, however, wants to take a different route. so our family now him the law company to have his capacity
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vanish. church is decided to set up 70 offices across the country. luckily our ceo, which victims can turn to mush proxy marcellus better. so it's not about statistical or sociological questions. very starts. that is the course of your and these offices are. it's about looking people in the eye and telling your story. the egos county story can and gwent respects on alice. fernando sal morner doesn't believe this will work. he himself needed 30 years to tell his story. his former school has now admitted its failure, but he doesn't see that happening in most other church institutions. the bishop was saying the other day that these were few little problems. imagine you're destroying the life of a child that hasn't been brought to you to educate, to take her and, and it's a few little problem. one person is a big problem. one child that is raped is a big problem. fernando says he no longer feels any anger towards his perpetrator,
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but he says he hopes that independent investigations will one day finally reveal the whole truth about child abuse in the spanish catholic church now to where could potentially shape up to be make or break days for british prime minister boys johnson. today the u. k. leader faced a grilling in parliament as his political survival hangs in the balance. mister johnson rebuffed, costa resigned and said he couldn't comment on an ongoing internal investigation into multiple alleged parties in downing street. and the country was in long down an inquiry into the gatherings is expected to be published within days, straight london, metropolitan police also opened their own investigation. and a leader of the opposition to your starboard suggest that the prime minister had knowingly misled parliament. the minister of code says, but ministers who knowingly mislead parliament will be expected to offer that resignation. does the prime minister believe that opposed to him?
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mister speaker, of course. but let me tell the house either. i think he's invited to your question about an investigation, which is, you know, me to speaker icon a comment on the 1st of december. the promised to told this house in relation to paul teaching, locked out all guidance, was followed completely in number 10 from dispatch books. on the 8th of december looked quizzically. set it. on the 8th of december, the prime minister told this house. i have been repeatedly assured since these allegations of mud the walls no party. so since acknowledges the minister o'clock applies to him. what he now resign. oh, and standing outside, westminster is london correspondence or charlotte shall some pill, charlotte, a boisterous session that we just saw there at this has been built as the prime minister's make or break moment, but it looks like he'll survive another day. the sun,
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even speculations for several days, has even a week now about the prime minister's future all his days numbered. this is the prime minister, whose face repeated cools from the opposition to go a number of several members of his own policy. it will say publicly called for his resign, and yesterday we learn. there is now a criminal investigation into these allegations of gatherings during times of coven restrictions. this is a prime minister under immense pressure. but it does look to nights like he lives to fight another day. he said repeatedly and again to day that he won't resign slave. his political fight really is in the hands of members of his own party with the de decide to hold a vote of no confidence. and the thinking certainly is that they are waiting to hear the findings of an internal inquiry into these gatherings that sue gray report is it's a cold here to find out to establish exactly how implicated the prime minister is. and crucially as well, whether or not he lied to parliament,
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something you just were hut but had referred to by the leader of the opposition. that something that would be a resigning offense. now it looks to night, like we won't hear those findings of that report and i have, i've had been widely speculated that because they, even if it is handed over to the government today, that won't be enough time for the prime minister to respond. some speculation that might not come until monday. so this packet tree, this white continues to hear those findings of that report for the public and for the prime ministers are in party as well. and with every passing day, of course, that becomes more damaging for the prime minister. conservative party. charlotte shall some pill reporting from outside westminster. thank you. charlotte. german health authorities recorded 164000 new covey cases in a single 24 hour period. rise infections largely driven by the amazon variant, just all of shelters argued in supportive vaccine mandate as part of germany strategy to slow the spread of the corona virus. lawmakers in parliament debate
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introducing compulsory vaccines legislation already passed, requiring vaccines for health care workers starting in march. a sick look now at some of the latest developments in the pandemic. the united states has shipped 400000000 covert 900 vaccine doses to countries in need. part of its pledge to donate more than a 1000000000 doses to low income countries. sweden extending current current restrictions by another 2 weeks. meanwhile, neighboring denmark moving to lift most restrictions and eastern european countries, including poland, hungary and the czech republic, have all hit their highest infection rates of the pandemic. the region as some of europe's lowest vaccination rates, sick with as you want to get a new is up next dark feel looks at the power of under cover agencies on layla, iraq with.


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