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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CET

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oh, ah ah, a lie from berlin, a fresh bush foreign diplomacy to prevent an old war in europe. i meant fears of a russian invasion in ukraine. the u. s. a. nato offer no concession on moscow security demands. instead, they once again propose a power out of the crisis through dialogue. also coming up flooded roads down power lines devastated homes. a tropical storm sweeps across the southern africa leaving behind but real destruction. dozens are dead and fear the old rise even
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further. and say good bye to easy money and a move to rain and soaring inflation. the u. s. federal reserve that to raise interest rate ah, unequal really good to have you with us. a highly anticipated response and a fairly predictable one. and that the u. s. a nato have formerly rejected moscow. sweeping security demands refusing, among other things to rule out of future nato membership for ukraine. instead, washington offers one. it calls a serious diplomatic path out of the crisis. in recent weeks, russia has mass 100000 troops near its border with ukraine stirring fears of
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another invasion. a military exercise on the ukrainian border. russia is flexing its muscles while washington has handed over a written response to moscow's demand. or response to russia reflects what i said in heave berlin and geneva. last week. we're open to dialogue. we prefer diplomacy and we're prepared to move forward. where there is the possibility of communication cooperation. if russia deescalate, it's aggression toward ukraine, stop the inflammatory rhetoric and approaches, discussions about the future security in europe. in a spirit of reciprocity, our responses were fully coordinated with ukraine and our european allies and partners with whom we've been consulting continuously for weeks. the response was delivered personally by the you are some placid or to russia. moscow, once nato, to close its doors to ukraine. something washington is firmly opposed to nato
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has also sent a written reply rejecting moscow's demands while we are hoping for. i'm working for a good solution, the escalation, we also prepared a forwarder worst on the there for in parallel with our efforts on the dialogue track. and we are also and increasing the redness. our forces are on a dollars have also increased the preston sir, partly to conduct surveillance, to monitor, to have the best possible picture all the developments, sir, in, in, in the round ukraine, but also to broad a reassurance sir, to our allies in paris. there was diplomacy as a lower level. the no mandy format support germany, france, russia, and ukraine together for another round of talks or so
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forth with no very fact that the work of enormity format has resumed is a very positive signal was we had really very comprehensive talks voe. they weren't easy. let's cool, it's a key, an audit of where we are today. why and when law should near us, the next meeting will take place soon, maybe even in 2 weeks and it will take place in berlin. we agreed to continue our dialogue with loading it showed yellow as the u. s. than its allies. russell with rushes, demands of frosty atmosphere spreads along ukraine's border. joe, now by our washington correspondent oliver salad, who has been following events for us from their oliver. hi, let me put and had to wait quite some time to get a response to his security demands. now he's gone in,
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but it's not been made public just yet. what more can you tell us about the content of the reply? and it's frightening call. and secretary blinking talks about a serious diplomatic path forward to day. and that document that was handed over to the russian side to day. that what we know is that it won't offer any concessions of nato in the united states until the russians and the u. s. wants russia to accept ne tools open door policy to move away from their maximum demands, which of course, are russia is claiming or calling for guarantees from the to that ukraine can join . the take of the western allies is that every country can choose with whom to align. and that certainly also applies to ukraine. the response also very likely to find areas of potential negotiation like missiles in europe, arms control, also tactics to further reduce risk. so nothing of that really nicole is new. it's
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rather the reiteration of an old message. and that de escalation that the us you just said and is offering a serious diplomatic path out of the crisis. they're saying, but they don't want to make any concession. so what could that path look like? what real leverage does the west have at this point? and we're hearing a lot of optimism on the diplomatic stage right now. what behind closed doors, and especially if you listen to members of the intelligence community, there is a lot of skepticism that, that this kind of negotiation that is part of kind of a diplomacy in fact would lead anywhere. so what we are hearing is that the situation is considered pretty serious, and that diplomacy can only be one part of a successful approach. the leverage you were asking for, of course, our weapon deliveries for the ukraine. and in addition to the threat of sanctions, and at the same time again, a to offer diplomacy to find
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a way out of these tensions here. so essentially, and we've heard that in the report earlier, nato is trying to put a high price tag on a potential invasion. the secretary said antony lincoln has urged americans to leave ukraine warning that an invasion could be imminent. now the ukraine, on the other hand, is playing down the threat. what do you make of that? well, it is in one part, certainly an abundance of caution. the us trying to avoid that images that we've seen just the summer when kabul afghanistan fell to the taliban when there were no warnings issued early enough, and there were a lot of was a lot of last minute action desperate action and evacuations underway. so this time, of course they can sell they, they can say they warn, early enough, know, evacuation will be necessary and then therefore, also avoiding the political damage back home for the biden administration. but it's certainly also part of the rhetoric of showing that the united states is taking the
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threat posed by russia seriously. for the ukraine. on the other hand, that all sounds a little bit too much like giving up on them. and perhaps therefore, they are reluctant in supporting that kind of rhetoric on re salad in washington, always get speaking to you. thank you so much. dozens or dead. after a tropical storm, anna wreaked havoc in mozambique malawi and madagascar. torrential rains of destroyed crops, cut off towns and left tens of thousands of people homeless. after sweeping through southern africa for over a week, anna has now been downgraded, but the rains continue and much of the region wherever possible people are assessing the damage and bracing for the hardship they see coming their way. these people are fighting to escape the rushing water,
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but make shift rafts. are there only refuge? one women who couldn't find dry land only just survived. i just started swimming. but i did not know where i was heading. i tried to grab hold of a tree along the way, but it felt as if i was being pulled down into the water. i had to swim for a long distance before i found a pall of washed a garbage. i held on to it and slept there until early morning. right. i could feel snakes were there too. i know with the residents of this southern malawi in town, say this is the worst destruction they've ever experienced. one farmer has lost everything, you know, gum or dominique long is devastating up to slow coming. all my main crop has been
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buried. i planted one and a half acres. we're now over crops, a gone longer. you feel you, i am or i know where darcy, i'm right. this is the 2nd disaster i've experienced in my life. and it's the worst we knew about wilma, i'll go, bombard, not worn. we'll go one b. thousands of homes were destroyed by storm anna across malawi and mozambique, and locals have been left with italic tricity due to power cuts. this is the latest natural disaster to hit southern africa, which has been badly hit by storms and cycles in recent years. experts say they're worsening as water's warm due to the climate emergency that's i'll get you up to speed on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. working of fossil military junta has met with members of the ousted government. the former ministers have been ordered not to leave the country without the who just
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permission. the military seized power on monday and detained working fossils democratically elected leader. the crew has been condemned. internationally. british prime minister boris johnson has faced a fresh grilling in parliament over the scandal known as party gates. the u. k. as awaiting the publication of an investigation that could spell the end of his time in office. the su gray report examines johnson's rule and a series of parties that took place when the country was in corona virus lockdown. if you live in the u. s, borrowing money could soon become more expensive. that's the word from washington where the federal reserve has laid out plans for rolling back stimulus to find surging inflation. prices in the us are rising at rates not seen since the early 19 eighties, driven largely by the cost of energy and food. now the central bank is likely to
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increase interest rates and wind down it's asset purchasing program that could help slow down inflation, which as running and it's faster rate in for decades. fed chairman jerome powell addressed fears that a rate hike would hurt the job market. and i think there's quite a bit of room to raise interest rates without reading the labor market. this is by so many measures historically tight labor market record levels of job openings of quits wages are moving up at the highest pace they have in decades. so how does this go down with the financial markets? well, our corresponding against quanta has all the details are well, it was actually pretty strong reaction. initially before the meeting ended to blue chips were up by a good to 300 points, then we got the end of the fed meeting. nothing major happens. but then when jerome
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paul started to prep press conference, that's when the stock prices started to drop at some points. blue chips were down by about to 300 points. so that's a point swing of more than $600.00 points during the trading and session. i mean, if you look at it historically, when we are in phases of rising interest rate, that has often been a pretty good time for stocks because the reason why the federal reserve is increasing. great. because the amount calling me is a strong and not a weak having that set. and that's going to be one of the big questions that the u . s. economy especially also the stock market has been on the rise so strong in the past couple of months in the past, almost 2 years is mainly because of all the stimulus measures from the us government. and because of the ultra cheap monetary policy of the federal reserve, and if those 2 pillar, so to speak, are taken away,
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we have to see how markets and how the economists react. that maybe one final word we shouldn't forget. it's not due to the federal reserve to make their stock market happy, and they have to look for price stability and for port employment. sports. now egypt have defeated ivory coast and a penalty issued out to reach the quarter finals of the africa cup of nations. after the game furnished goal, les liverpool star mos alarm netted the 1st penalty for egypt to put them through a game between molly and equitorial guinea was another goal as a fair with equitorial guinea coming through in the shoot out the cold snap and the eastern mediterranean has now head israel with snow blanket in jerusalem is the heaviest snow the city has experienced since 2013. the winter weather has caused traffic disruption and residents are advised to avoid travel. but as you can see,
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some people just couldn't resist the lore of some season. oh, fun. me. well, not a snowflake inside here in berlin. you're watching t w news. thank you so much for your company today. soccer is a sports colors and the children in this mountain view of the mold eva wears blue color of her favorite book, sexist traditions, prevent her from going to games and play an insurmountable obstacle football on the p starting february 4th on d. w. ah.


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