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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2022 9:00am-9:31am CET

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o peak wolves this week on d, w ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin. the press push for diplomacy to prevent a war in europe, amid fears of
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a russian invasion in ukraine. the u. s. and nato offer no concessions on moscow security demands. instead, they once again propose a path out of the crisis through dialogue. also coming up, sweden deploys military patrols on the streets have got blunt, a strategic island in the baltic sea after russian landing ships hail too close for comfort and flooded roads down power lines devastated homes. a tropical storm sweeps across southern africa, leaving it behind a trail of destruction. dozens are dead and its fear. the death toll could rise further. plus as the world marks holocaust remembrance day, we meet one survivor doing all she can to keep the memories of nazi atrocities along ah hello, i'm terry martin. thanks for joining us. the u. s. a. nato have formerly rejected
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moscow. sweeping security demands refusing, among other things to rule out future nato membership for ukraine. in its written reply to moscow's proposals, washington offers what it calls a serious diplomatic path out of the crisis. in recent weeks, russia has massed some 100000 troops nearest border with ukraine stirring fears of an attack. a military exercise on the ukrainian border. russia is flexing its muscles while washington has handed her a written response to moscow's demand. or response to russia reflects what i said in heave berlin and geneva. last week. we're open to dialogue. we prefer diplomacy and we're prepared to move forward. where there is the possibility of communication cooperation. if russia deescalate, is regression tort, ukraine stops the inflammatory rhetoric and approaches. discussions about the
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future security in europe. in a spirit of reciprocity, our responses were fully coordinated with ukraine and our european allies and partners with whom we've been consulting continuously for weeks. the response was delivered personally by the u. s. and plaster to russia. moscow wants nato to close its doors to ukraine. something washington is firmly opposed to nato has also sent a written reply rejecting moscow's demands while we are hoping for. i'm working for a good solution. the escalation, we also prepared for worst under their, for in parallel with our efforts on the dialogue track. we are also a increasing the redness. our forces are on a dollars have also increased the preston sir, partly to conduct surveillance,
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to monitor, to have the best possible picture all the developments, sir, in, in, in the round ukraine, but also to broader reassurance sir, to, to alice in paris. there was diplomacy at a lower level. the no monday format brought germany, france, russia, and ukraine together for another round of talks or so far didn't all. the very fact that the work of enormity format has resumed is a very positive signal was we had really very comprehensive talks voe. they weren't easy. let's call it a key, an audit of where we are today. i am on la sherwood, near us. the next meeting will take place soon, maybe even in 2 weeks, and it will take place in berlin. we agreed to continue our dialogue. lodging assured yellow. as the u. s. and its allies, russell with rushes,
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demands of frosty atmosphere spreads along ukraine's border. dw terry schultz has been covering the story from the beginning and joins us now from brussels. terry, the u. s. a. nato have now delivered written responses to russia. security demands . what's their message? the message, terry, is what we've been hearing now for weeks. that it is very important for moscow to understand that the u. s. and nato want to continue the diplomatic dialogue, but that some of these demands are simply not acceptable. the large one being, of course, that nato would agree not to expand to other countries. notably ukraine at this point. so this is not coming as a surprise to moscow. what's in these letters, which i might point out, remain classified at this point, but which we heard about in press briefings last night. but at the same time, both the u. s. and nato are willing to talk about other issues that are important
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to moscow. nuclear policy arms control, possibly even a reduction in military exercises if moscow would agree to the same. so there are points that the u. s. and nato would like to see russia engage on, but they simply had to put this in writing as the kremlin requested to show that they were willing to continue the diplomatic path and very much hope that moscow will do the same. meanwhile, terry of russia has been carrying out military maneuvers, not just on ukraine's borders, but elsewhere as well. ukraine is not the only country feeling threatened, is it? that's right of after 2014. then there was this big shock that russia would actually cross internationally recognized borders and sees territory that belong to another sovereign nation. so now with this huge build up and the fact that no one can say exactly what's in vladimir putin's mind, there are other countries worried about their territory in the baltic sea in
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particular. and sweden has this beautiful island of got linden situated right off kalynne and grad, so not far from from russian territory. and from where you could, if you wanted to, if you sees to this island block both air and naval access to the baltic allies of estonia, lead in lithuania, as well as to finland, which is not a nato ally. so i went to got one to see for myself, just how vulnerable it seems in normal times, the only large groups of foreigners coming to got land or the 1000000 tourists who flocked to the swedish island every year. but now the swedish government is preparing for the possibility of unwelcome visitors as russian president vladimir putin's military maneuvers spread concern far beyond ukraine. we cannot exclude an armed attack against sweden. and what we want to do just now is to be very clear that we are ready to turn sweden. and because of that,
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we are also doing what for doing owned island. mclaughlin. kirkland is a do strategic prize jewel in the baltic c as central for nato's access to its baltic allies and its swedish and finish partners. from this island, you cannot control both of the air and sea waste in the region. garland was a key military asset for sweden, for centuries, until 2005, when the swedish government assessed post cold war tensions as so low that it disbanded all the permanent military units here in what turned out to be just wishful thinking. that's why the swedish government has been re arming the island since shortly after russia's seizure of ukraine's crimea region and has intensified it in recent weeks. that gauntlet could be next in the kremlin site is no longer unthinkable for swedes watching the russian government continue to escalate a bit like a game of chicken. we're one of the drivers rush on this case as you're stronger the steering wheel out the window. so we're having to unfortunate to some kind of
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crush in my view, defense minister hook this believes the country has enough friends to feel safe, even without being a member of nato. we have deep grace with united states who have us, you chaos. we're a close partner, we are a name to partnership. we have a north nordic solidarity, a doctrine, and we also have a solidarity doctrine in the repeal in union. but being a partner to need. oh, doesn't provide the guarantee of new tool defense that allies get. and wit, pull yonce in head of the swedish parliament defense committee feels his country needs. we can hope we can assume we can wish that we get the support from natal. but we can look know, uncle rejoined alliance. a recent poll shows an increasing number of swedes support nato membership, but that still only amounts to about a 3rd of the population. for now, anyway, if something very serious would happen in this port of the world, mister booth and decide so on something in the baltic region here,
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i think we would apply very quickly. but then the question would be whether nato would accept a country already in dire straits, especially if gauntlet were gone. is there a real fear, terry? that got man could see a russian invasion. i don't think the swedish government is scare mongering by any stretch. what they say consistently is simply that they can't rule it out. and this is what you hear from analysts both on and off. the record that no one knows what russian president vladimir putin is going to do. they can only measure what he's capable of doing. and he's capable of doing a lot. and as you saw, my pisa russia has sent naval ships into the baltic sea just sailing by there, just keeping an eye on things. and that strikes fear, or at least concerned in the hearts of many. so what the swedish government is doing is just getting ready, just in case they say, terry,
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thank you so much. that was our reporter, terry schultz in brussels. catch up on some of the other stories making headlines today badly needed. international aid has been delivered to the pacific island nation of hunger vessels. from australia, britain and china had no arrived. bringing water plus basic medical and sanitation supplies. the island kingdom was devastated by an underwater volcanic eruption and soon ami. 2 weeks ago, it destroyed villages and knocked out communications. there's been an oil, the gas refinery near peruse capital lima authority say it's happened during work on an underwater pipeline at the la la refinery. owned by spanish energy giant reps, all workers are still trying to clean up a major oil spill which took place just 10 days ago. interest rates in the united
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states could soon be on the way up in march. the federal reserve is expected to raise the cost of borrowing for the 1st time in nearly 2 years and wind down its asset purchasing program that could help slow down inflation, which is running at its fastest rate in for them. germany has seen another record number of new covered 19 infections. the country's disease control center, the whole but called institute registered more than 203000 new cases in a single 24 hour period that some 70000 more than the same time. last week, experts say the increase has been driven largely by the only chron, mary. and here's a look at some other developments in the pandemic. investigators in france say they busted a network of fraudsters who allegedly produced over 60000 false vaccine for certificates . the ring was uncovered after a health insurance company noticed irregularities. denmark is announced, it will lift most restrictions next week. the government says that although
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infections are surging, they're not overwhelming. the health system. the white house says the united states has shipped some 400000000 cobra 19 vaccine doses to low income countries. it's part of an earlier pledge to donate about 1200000000 doses to these regions. dozens are dead after tropical storm on a rec, havoc across southeastern africa, mozambique and madagascar have reported widespread flooding and damage and in malawi, torrential rains have destroyed crops, cloth, towns, and left tens of thousands homeless people are assessing the damage and bracing poor the hardship they see, coming their way these people are fighting to escape the rushing water. but make shift rafts. are there only refuge? one women who couldn't find dry land only just survived.
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i just started swimming. but i did not know where i was heading. i tried to grab hold of a tree along the way, but it felt as if i was being pulled down into the water. i had to swim for a long distance before i found a pall of washed a garbage. i held on to it and slept there until early morning. right. i could feel snakes were there too. i know with the residents of best southern malawi in town, say this is the worst destruction they've ever experienced. one farmer has lost everything. he now gambled armenia long as devastating up. just look, coming. all my mays crop has been buried into. i planted one and a half acres hubbard now run over crops, had gone among value for you. i am i, i know where darcy,
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i'm right. this is the 2nd disaster i've experienced in my life. oh my, and it's the worst. about wilma, i'll go bombard, now warner g, a one be thousands of homes were destroyed by storm anna across malawi and mozambique, and the locals have been left with italic tricity due to power cuts. this is the latest natural disaster to hit southern africa, which has been badly hit by storms and se clones in recent years. experts say they're worsening, as water's warm due to the climate emergency ceremonies are taking place here in germany. it around the world to mark holocaust remembrance day . on this day, in 1945 russian soldiers liberated auschwitz concentration camp in nazi occupied. poland. more than 2000 men, women and children were saved. they only survived because they were subjected to inhumane medical experiments. or than 6000000 jews were murdered in the holocaust.
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many survivors who are still alive today were children of the time dw met up with one woman imprisoned in germany's bergen belsen camp. she endured unspeakable horrors, but remains determined to bear witness. i should warn you that our next report contains graphic images that some viewers may find disturbing. the 1st thing that hit us was the smog and the smell. there was a terrible smell and then you through that smoke, you saw people. and then people by their really skeletons and, and they're shuffling along like zombies. and they'll shuffle along and just collapse and die with marla. trib itch is back at the place which nearly killed her. bergen belsen and nancy concentration camp which killed tens of
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thousands of others. the 91 year old is here to tell her story. with ever a few a living survivors, it feels increasing the urgent to pass it on. when she arrived at bergen belsen, marlo was just 14. she had already spent years in a ghetto, in hiding and as a slave laborer. she was polish, and jewish, and every one in her family was either dead or missing, a part from her cousin anne who was 7. the girls arrived together. they were so over crowded. they had no room for us. and the dead bodies all over the place and the piles of bodies and piles of naked twisted, decaying corpses. it was a horrific sight when british forces liberated bergen belsen. on the 15th of
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april. 1945. they found tens of thousands of unmarried bodies and $60000.00 prisoners on the brink of death. whether moments that you, you didn't think that you would survive up. so lift clear, it didn't think anybody would survive. people are just dying at such a rate. and it was obvious, even if helped it didn't come when it did. i mean the whole camp would have just died out health to mentally after the war mana and her cousin ann was sent with other children to sweden. and then a letter arrived from mother's brother ben. he had survived a different camp and made it to the u. k. she soon went to join him for many years . marla tripage didn't talk about her childhood experiences,
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but now she feels she has a duty to speak about the past while she still can. and in the next hour, a ceremony will be held in the german parliament to mark holocaust remembrance day d. w. as chief political editor, michela kutner is there for us. mikaela. tell us more about the ceremony taking place today in the germans. gonna start? well here john, in parliament, the dumb president, the german chancellor, will be hearing from in our, the 87 year old who is also one of those few remaining survivors. he was deported to today instead at the age of 7 and will be speaking to germans and we'll be talking about her experiences. and already this morning we heard from micky livi to speak of the israeli parliamentary will also be speaking here today who called on the world ready to defend democracy. and that there is a lot more at stake when we hear of the rise of anti semitism. and this is also
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what i heard from outfit survivors when i was there 2 years ago who said that there's also always something more behind anti semitism that this is about and really suppressing people that it goes to the very heart of what society is made of so once again, like every year, we will hear representatives try to find words for what was the unspeakable. that was planned 80 years ago in what is known as the van, the conference which was commemorated last week. where in a kind of board style meeting and something was planned that became a breach of civilization. so a day of commemoration here in germany that is also accompanied by the we remember hash tag with we remember that predicted to official buildings here in germany together. thank you very much. the w g political editor, mikaela,
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cook mother and dw news will broadcast the german parliament ceremony to remember the victims of the holocaust. later this morning. it's about 40 minutes from now at 9 a. m u t. c. let's look at some other stories making headlines to day thailand and saudi arabia say they have agreed to restore full diplomatic ties, announcement come some anti prime minister prior. chon china chose official his a to saudi arabia. odds in bangkok and react, haven't seen 3 decades of mistrust and hostility after a political scandal back in 1989 surrounding a sensational jewelry. honolulu at pope francis is called on parents not to condemn their children. if they are gay. he made the comment in his weekly general audience at the batt. again, it's another gesture of outreach to the l. g. b t. q. community, which has long been marginalized by the catholic church. british prime minister
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boris johnson has faced a fresh grilling in parliament over the scandal known as party gate. the u. k. is awaiting the publication of a report that could end his time in office. it will examine his participation in a series of parties that took place when the country was in coroner virus lockdown . and burkina faso military hunter has met with members of the ousted government. the former ministers have been ordered to not to leave the country without permission. the military seized power on monday and detain burkina faso, a democratically elected leader. the crew has been condemned international soccer now and egypt 10 star mo seller has faded ivory coast in a penalty shoot out to reach the quarter finals of the africa cup of nations after the game finished colas. in extra time, sala scored the clenching penalty for egypt. to put them through the 2nd round of 16 match of the night was another goal is
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a fair with equitorial guinea winning in the shoot out to take the last spot in the quarter finals o d. w. west, after corresponding alyssa, chuck wilma, is with me here to talk about africa's biggest football competition. alyssa will get to last night's matches in just a moment. but 1st, what about the atmosphere of the tournament since that terrible crush outside of a stadium in yona day on monday night? well, morning, sorry to you just like you said the terrible crash as we saw before that match between cameron on the output and so on. today, camara, so just about an odds of football, which left about 8 people dead and about $38.00 people injured. and it has been a bit of a fall out from that. first of all, i thought stayed and would not be hurting that matches are off for now because it is the main, stayed on the limby stadium. so you might say the atmosphere has been tainted if you like. i would it. that's how that happened to ada lambasted you. okay,
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now the football last night matches egypt against ivory coast is supposed to be. that was supposed to be the big one. what were the highlights for you? well, ah, it clearly has to be. it was a good game after st. sorry i you finish girl as with an agent on ivory coast that he lived up to the been in there was not of quality of football on disco, the likes of school. my mom, she plays his football for dish to got side in it, but as the guy we saw him hit the woodwork, i'd across by a learning that day. but in terms of the play by play, a boat seems went, attitude when he took the penalties, shoot us up an extra time on who else very to settle to proceed is than i'd. liverpool sty himself. mohammed sally. he was cool as ice. i went to school his penalty, but the advantage was given to the egyptians app that he might see united defender eric bye. he had his burnouts, he saved by de goalkeeper of egypt. so looks abraham. i said i, katy went on the start of a tournament, taking egypt to the next round, which is the quarter finals where dev face and north african side mo rocca. so
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alyssa, who are the stand outs for you in this tournament so far? well clearly terry we can talk about is taught him without talking about daddy host side. i, cameroon, and dad. inspirational caps in are now twin america, top scorer at terry. that's a abaca r vaughn. son bonded up. okay. he's got 6 goals so far in this tournament. and you can't go against him to get more goals because he's the captain. for cameroon, he scored in almost every match displayed in his tournaments. his really got the crowd behind him and behind the camera in the unseen, they'll take on on saturday. a well, a damned guess. i devote clearly. you wouldn't you know, surprise many by qualified to do stay because ganga. don't forget had video taunts in his tournament. so cameron alongside asked them and, and captain top's got out must have rebecca. and maybe you have to spare thought to for more. how may sala is he has called just about one goal. why was inspirational yesterday? i'm school when and penalty? yes will. how may i sell a big star? ah, this, i will back up big star 6 goes and also for morocco,
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the man who plays his football, alongside uno mas yet p as g. none other than ash, traffic ye, me to some of the big names so far, so good. it is tournament. ok, so cameron, looking very strong. the quarter final start on saturday. who do you expect to be in the final for? hi, terry, is that sophomore now? gabby? ab surprised many as debutantes. they've beaten to like so far to nicea in their group. i. they've also shut know that seems that's a come to dakota finals. now they take got a communion side who i didn't dominic reliance the i to host or you might say is this the exit door for gum yet? where to get to stop it because you don't really see any one stop in cameroon for making that final solid sip. but, you know, cameroon, over gambia, you've got bulky, not fussy against that sinister. now tunisia in those shots, nigeria who did so in a group state, so to nice i guess, to book an hour, so maybe migrate the policies with our fancy to nisa for that one, many african findings will do. so that is another gap between d. i could toto gideon c. well, as we saw yesterday he susco one who and guilty by who said that penalty for,
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for them they take on synagogue. maybe. yeah, you want to keep synagogue for that one for the class. semifinals ok are cheaper. i only after a couple of nations did others, alyssa shaquilla, thank you very much. and kato, now the cold snap in the eastern mediterranean has hit jerusalem with snow blanketing that city. it's the heaviest snow jerusalem has experienced since 2013. the wintry weather has caused traffic disruption, and residents were advised to stay indoors. but as you can see, some people just could resist the lure of some seasonal park. you're watching dw news from berlin. i'm terry martin. thanks for being with with
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into the conflict zone with to sebastian the streets of hong kong
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a quiet these days. the pro democracy movements have been tamed. this week we talk for a 2nd time to regina, long time law maker in hong kong, legislative council, and head of the prob, aging new people's party. what kind of future? hong kong, now, i am with hello guys. this is a 77 percent the platform with issues. hey, sure, idea. you know, all these channels we are not afraid to talk to young people clearly have the solution. the future is
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77 percent. now, every weekend and d, w one of mankind's oldest ambitions could be within reach or what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world for in a race against time. they are peers and rivals with one daring goal to help smart nature. more life starts february 16th on d, w with the streets of hong kong a quiet these days. the huge demonstrations of recent times long gone the pro democracy movements have been tamed.


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