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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2022 11:15am-11:31am CET

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family muslim day waits must full connect. vehicle ever miss you face? behave foreign obama corn who buffet the call? betty sale. beg your la bisman curry. the mo amine o says shalom. the more bob who will for my vs is shalom. a little val called a bow, a message to the alba to the harbor. nicky. never speaking of these really parliament ending his speech to the german
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bonus tart during the ceremony on holocaust remembrance day. very emotional moments ending his speech with a prayer from the jewish prayer book, brought with him to berlin from yard within memorial in his will. if you just joining us in watching live coverage of the holocaust remembrance day ceremonies at the german parliament, the bonus dog in berlin. on the left of your screen, you see present 5 buffer style layer towards the right. they're changing all of schultz and again i was mickey levy speaker, these really parliament, the adjuster. we just saw him embrace the other speaker today the holocaust survivor in our buffer who addressed the parliament earlier. the
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87 year old holocaust survivor. it's been 3 years in raising camp, raising shot concentration camp standing ovation in the german parliament, the booster verbal bus in the center of the picture, the president of the minister. we're going to hear another musical interlude at this point. from a piece written by lena stein schneider, who was a composer also entered at the treason comp, terry's, and shot on concentration camp pieces called our father or king. and it'll be performed by the prog state opera, members of the state offer. they're part of the cultural project musica non
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grata project, the prog national theater opera, and the prog state oper, and then the federal for an office of germany. and this will conclude the ceremony in the german fondest talk. ah ah ah ah
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members of the state offer their performing composition by the next time neither a holocaust survivor during holocaust remembered day, the ceremony being held here in berlin at the stock parliament, if you're just joining us, we've been following live coverage from the bonus. todd, for just over an hour on this holocaust remembers day we are down at the bonus tag, is our chief political editor, michela christner, who's been following the proceedings there as well. mckayla a very solemn ceremony, some very moving moments. absolutely. and you could see that bab abbas the present, or the speaker of german parliament there torn between corona restrictions and the
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very human need to embrace or the speaker of parliament, mckee levy there. but particularly in our, her, the 87 year old holocaust survivor who basically recounted what should have been her childhood. that simply didn't really take place because she was in tilly's in, starts the concentration camp. her parents and her survive. they were able to stay together. but she was wearing a brute m to remind everybody of the one and a half 1000000 children murdered by the nazis. those children who didn't actually get to live their lives. and is that also the? is there any speaker of parliament and seemed to you his voice broke when he read from the very book that belonged to one of those children of 14 year old. he spoke the kadijah prayer, and once again we saw him embrace and in our the survivor. and you can see the
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strain it is on those victims. and those who came after them, their families, to recount their stories and that the holocaust, the liberation of outfits. now 77 years ago is still something that is very much in the present and very much in the present for in our, her was also that message that, that dream of living peacefully together must never be lost again. that message from one of the few survivors that are still here with us to tell their stories. so in a very moving our, in the german bonus tag, you mentioned the broach that our boss was wearing today in the ceremony. the, the butterfly broach. let's listen into what she was saying about part of her childhood and what it was like growing up under those circumstances. we've got to a clip for you that will play now and wearing a butterfly here today. and it's not only a piece of julie,
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a check boy positive friedman wrote a poem in charity and either i mentally he wrote these, i will never saw a butterfly again. and the symbol for the butterfly heard i on high you is a symbol for the one and a half 1000000 jewish children who were killed. so we always wear this butterfly, happy toyed outfits you here and i'm wearing it to day, especially here at the german bonus. tag that was just very short excerpt from the speech delivered to the bonus talk today by in an hour buffer the holocaust survivor, 87 years old. we also heard today from micki levy, the speaker of these really parliament, the kinessa. he was a guest as well, a deliberate, delivered a camembert of address. so tell us about what he had to say mikayla some key
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moments to his address to the bona saga it touched on a number of political issues there as well. absolutely. he basically described what israel and germany have in common to day 2 nations who have risen from that death and destruction and have chosen life. i think this is a very important and notable bridge that he built, particularly on this day of commandments. today. he singled out the former chancellor angola, mackerel at, for having built that bridge surface standing in having made german foreign policy . this is the reason of state here. and germany also said so in the connected in the israeli parliament, that is where the security was at the core that it's a benchmark policy of germany. and he also as stress that this is about defending democracy, the values, and that we stand in for as democratic countries. he called on the now
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turns that all off. so it's a to continue basically, angular mckelvey work there. and of course then there was this very emotional moment to where he became less the official. he became an, a member of the jewish community, of course, who also has his very own personal story and a very much underlining the message or from in our, the survivor. and that it's about sandy info values and building a better future in our baha. of course she herself, lives in a very mixed neighbourhood. her her neighbors are muslims, and that's the kind of world that she hopeful indeed a very moving ceremony there. mikaela, what, how would you describe the atmosphere within the bonus tag to day among the, the parliamentarians and other dignitaries represented
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it's a very somber occasion. i think there is something very commanding about a holocaust survivor speaking a to the german parliament including the far right a f d party. and which is basically didn't use this our for any kind of other political message. we have seen them act differently in the past. it's difficult to not be touched at the very human level. and quite clearly in the m p. 's here are and i've been to quite a few of these are hit by the immediacy of the experience. so i think it is one of those moments that is also historic because those survivors who can tell that 1st hand account are becoming fewer mikayla. thank you very much. that was our or political correspondent, makita kaufman. cheap political editor down at the bonus top here in berlin, where we have just concluded the holocaust remembrance day ceremony. thank you very
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much. mckayla. just going to quickly round up our top story again at this hour. here at dw tv, german parliament has marked holocaust remembrance day with a special ceremony. on this day more than 75 years ago soviet troops liberated the auschwitz concentration camp. the largest death camp, the largest nazi death camps. this . this is the w news of next we got the business for you. i'm terry mart. him, thanks for being with ico india. how can
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a country's economy grow in harmony with its people and the environment? when there are doers who look at the bigger picture, india, a country that faces many challenges and whose people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india. eco india. next on d w. now we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah, magic corner chat, hot spot for food, chair and some great cultural memorials to boot d w, travel off we go with .


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