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tv   Eco India - The Environment Magazine  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2022 11:30am-12:00pm CET

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how can a country's economy grow in harmony with its people and the environment? when there are doers who look at the bigger picture? india, a country that faces many challenges and whose people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india equal india. next dw, we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah romantic corner tread hotspot for food and some great cultural memorials to boot w travel off. we go with
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most people on our planet one to live in cities. it's accessible, cutting edge facilities, high o, p. better education to name just a few that makes city living attractive to so many of the you an estimate that for more than 75 percent of the world's population, this will be a reality by the year 2015. how are cities preparing for this search? what needs to be done today to ensure that cities of the future are environmentally sustainable? that's what we'll talk about today. hello and welcome to eco india. i'm some of that i call lead start in a city i call who will buy more, more land in discourse to metropolis is being used to build residential complexes and office spaces. there's been a 62 percent increase in mobile population in the last 3 decades. a trend that's expected to continue. one of the impending questions is this. how are we going to
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ensure that so many people have enough food to eat? and organization in the city is helping people do their bit to tackle this inevitable problem. the can can more shalley, albert is and her team. the 1st stuff is to clear that andrew, they're preparing the ground for the planting off to meet those chillies. be nuts and mala bar greenwich. the groups current. workplace is the grounds of a school in the middle of summer. by here are the environmental activists are setting up the latest food flores. why we need to compensate for the, you know, we want to, you know, everything you know, that can happen automatically by itself. and it's gone automatically happened when, especially when a lot of the sea and a lot of for, you know,
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open spaces and what used to be, you know, green cover is being taken away. the average temperature in mom by has risen noticeably in recent years. that's mainly because the city has lost around 40 percent off. it's green spaces over the past 3 decades, along with one 3rd of its water bodies. at the same time, the built up areas have expanded by 66 percent the food forest, which usually cover just small areas are designed to recreate green with all over the city. i definitely think that a food for us is an effective solution for the city because it's all, you know, creating an ecosystem by itself. adding, adding a lot of value to the grim gobble. it's going to benefit a lot of fall buds and people and hence livelihood, depending on them. the food was well conceived by georgia, my deals and his non profit organization turning died. he decided to take action at
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6 years ago after his mother developed respiratory problems from the poor quality trees was something that, you know, i was attracted to as a solution to try and fight back the feeling a quality and i decided on the food forest concept mainly because a food forest. busy is based on a natural living ecosystem. although it takes a few years to establish, we regenerate the soil, we leave emily of the landscape. there are various ideal location for a small food forest in the middle of the oven jungle, from open spaces on the grounds of school, and often ages 2 strips of land between apartment block. this is the color neighborhood near the city center, measuring just 4 meters wide by 44 meters long. this florida, sniffling between buildings was established several years ago. the planting follows a specific system,
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so that about 8 different layers of food use out of with your dollars to use. you want to shorter to bush's shrubs grass layer basis layer route layers, that a tree bush and in certain bases as even the fun. and also, you know, the layover, you have water plants as well, was written the main idea is to try and cover the surface of it with some form of a root system that sees to the water infiltration and some kind of cover planting of food for it. cost between 15 and 30 pounds and repeat, or around 360 euros. the work is mainly finance, through donations. once it's been set up, residency volunteers help out with the upkeep. the forest side essentially biodiversity hot spots for insects and birds and locals benefit to go pirates. i mean like you are, the advantage of having a food forest is that we have free access to all these through it. i think it's quite incredible to have this option is in the middle of
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a city like combined it's up and it is especially good for the younger generation is a, was cough either george remedial is, provides regular updates on social media. he used to work in the advertising industry, but gave up his regular job to focus on the forests. in this post, he explains the principle of food for us and how it can help with waste management . in a food forest, i can manage literally tons of wrist. we've taken over 5 tons of bio mass from the surrounding areas and we've done this thing called b mulching. so much is basically like a cover like it's like having clot over your skin. it protects the soil, reduces the evaporation, as it breaks down and degrades. it forms compose to forms new dreams, rich layers of soil, and a habit that for all gains of creepy girlies, which we considered as best friends as they break everything down and create new
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layers of sight. lots of saplings i needed to plant of the forest. and here to there are plenty of volunteers willing to help me. and then what i didn't use is the balcony of an apartment number to nurture to me, tools to leave and being a plan ready for planting. i. they did decide because in newspaper being alive and i am very fond of reading newspapers i came across. i think i contacted him say wanted to be a small side of this big movement. despite on the hill, it hadn't been easy for george remained us. some of the plans in the forest have died because they didn't get enough water. but his sexes shows he's on that ice boss. he's already planted 12 o'clock noon by with many more plans for the
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future. now, if you are a resident of one by like leap, dealing with torrential reasons, is a part of life. but in many parts of the world, climate change among other reasons is causing unseasonal and heavy reasons where the forecasts often provide a reliable update for the wider geographical region like a city, state or country, but may prove unreliable for smaller geographies. a scientist in germany is now developing a new more precise e i supported reentry. rebuttal visited him to find out how it works. one day in 2018 you leon hoffman rushed into central arkwin on his bike, a storm cloud scattered overhead. open badani zane and monterey institute's weather radar with one by the time i reached the city center and there were already a few puddles of water. and then the storm really hidden. i just half an hour later,
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most of the inner city was flooded. laza, hydraulic engine air hoffman is meeting maximilian new slur from the arkan fire department. on that day he was one of the 1st to arrive at the scene. towns and villages across the region were flooded. in a matter of minutes, the emergency services were overwhelmed with calls and struggle to cope. if these birds either sunday church shows how much damage flash flooding can do right now we're at kaiser plot. you can see that the streets here were completely flooded. drive us were taken by surprise in a situation like that. it's not even possible to horton off the streets in china. we never know with the rain will be heaviest and what damage will cause. also, thanks to technology developed by you, leon hoffman often is the 1st german city with a risk based early warning system for plu, feel flash floods. first, he used to drone to create a cartography of the entire city. the heavy rainfall simulation shows that water
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flows to the lowest part of the city, the kaiser plants square. the data for the pilot project is supplied by a weather radar house in an industrial park on the outskirts of the city of her. it's a meaty relaunch decal. gauge to measure or estimate rainfall or other forms of precipitation in a given area. funny ego or album need are flux oper, donaldson yet. and the way it works is it emits a signal that interacts with the precipitation and then relate back to the radar. on done, we don't follow that from radar. this data allows you leon hoffman to make a precise prediction about which areas will be most affected. not cancer come on and you can see it very clearly when you look at the simulation and evaluate it. this is rosetta secondly, the water flows along the street and goes around ben's when
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t on the finish. i know is, here is a small traffic island which is factored in, which 6 or the water flows along it, and then reaches a local low point on. so now look on teeth. this is the vest, bonham station and underpants that was flooded in 2018 and rendered inaccessible. mab, fabiola such an early warning system could be hugely beneficial in countries like india, where extreme rain of answer increasingly common flash flooding is a bigger threat in india than in any other country in the world. apart from bangladesh, here late inside monsoon periods, obviously have to be taken into account via their fuel. langer words, i time of these are much longer stretches of heavy rain. tom was under his asthma day and i could set side and the model should still be able to provide short term predictions or what. but the system would 1st have to be modified on movement 1st. hoffman plans to calibrate it more precisely to conditions and ask him he's
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working together with the city of authorities and the emergency services. we've got a if a hospital is affected or a private home where exactly and with the water will be vacant. the super i said it just needs to be formulated in simple terms, source ventilation, so no meteorological jargon, property terms, everyone can understand it and it has gotten bozeman, for example, 50 leaders per square meter, little 3 caught me in or on the water level of so in so many centimeters, so have in your home and that's what owns us. 5 would really help the fire department and the general public hearing not often any little soon was absent. they can refer to the map and the forecast rock to prepare for an event. every city faces different challenges and there's no silver bullet against climate disasters. but with his early warning system, all him now has
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a tool to tailor its response to any future flooding. emergency now normally is oil and gas made the relatively small european country, very rich law regents on more money compared to other europeans. the capital city also is a small city about 700000 people live here. most of them like all slow because the city has invested a lot to become environmentally sustainable over the us as low as one of europe's fastest growing cities. a challenge the norwegian capital is meeting with, among other things, innovative architecture also changed radically. the last 20 is um, the cars has been taken out of the city center. and there has been built a lot of cultural buildings as well along the harbor main, mainly. and then it's becoming more lively, open and welcoming city i, i suppose,
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architect animals. linda has been watching the development of ost, lowe's urban planning for some time. right up to the late 19 ninety's shipping containers and heavy traffic dominated the bureau to be co waterfront quarter. to date people, culture and the environment take precedence. one exam is the diamond judge vica library. the building causes very low emissions and thus meets the norwegian, passive house criteria. it 6 floors offer a variety of spaces to work and study in some feel like an urban living room. it's a melting point. if i burn, hopeful to citizens of all slow, everybody can come here, but it's also em sustainable in the way it's built, but also liked you can't park half when since you have to use public transport. that so many aspects within the building which is really sustain not far from the library and the neighborhood again, but again, is the new national museum. the facade is covered with norwegian slate,
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a highly durable natural material pos, low plans to become climate neutral by 2030. among other strategies, the city has a mobility concept that favors bicycles and public transportation. there are purchase subsidies and lower vehicle taxes for electric cars. as well as a good e car sharing infrastructure another showcase project is bulkhead. it used to be an industrial park, but now the area is car free with energy efficient, residential and commercial buildings. and a market whole with an integrated power plant that generates energy for vulcan, from geothermal and solar panels. what's really special about 3rd can, is that it's, it's a city within the city, and it's a mis mixture between the re use of old industrial architecture. and then i mixed with new buildings, so it's kind of
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a really vibrant tub within our slow. i'm with this remarkable mixture between you and old animals also stand to benefit from aust. lowe's green strategy. beekeeper, alexander duvie a keeps 45 hives on osler's roof, thriving bees help keep ecosystems intact. a so called b highway runs through our slow supplying pollen for the bees. the be highway a works like that. we have a plant air be friendly, flowers in a inner road as crossing the whole or slow seat to center. so that b scanner flying around dead without to get problem to find their nectar resources that we have in other cities can learn a great deal from all slow and it's sustainable concepts for the future
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trick allah was an average town in greece with about 60000 inhabitants until it got a new mayor in 2014, he started to change it into a modern smart city. drones for transportation of medicines are being tested, intricate at the moment, and act to connect the elderly and disabled to caregivers is being tried out. we visited the city to find out how to can ology is helping solve solve its common problems. tree killers mad dimitris pappas to, you won't let an occasional internet crash cantu him. not even with a delegation from his german sister city looking over his shoulder. they're gathered in the town halls, control room, but from here, the 1st smart city in greece is operated. local ross of the german guests are impressed. ben s as in, from a computer scientist myself, and to be honest,
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there a step ahead of us. we can learn something from them. this was my was was on the pin and via lennon. from here, the staff can monitor how many parking spots are occupied. the municipal water pumps power usage for the street lighting, and even how full the dumpsters are. puppets to you is aiming for a green and energy efficient tower. he admits he'll need far more than a high tech control room in the bush. equal to this isn't just about the new technologies, wouldn't it's about a new way of thinking that we need here in greece yet, isn't, and we've seen horror, the old thinkin, got us, you need to put them in for example, breaking the habit of going everywhere by car man passed are you rides his bike where he can? 3 colors become known as the countries bicycle, friendliest town. the otherwise average community of over $80000.00 in the central greece is exploring other tech solutions, such as the lecture mobiles. the man brought in for the towns. officials
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a modest 1st step towards what he envisions as a greek silicon valley. ah, after was, wouldn't, you know, we have the advantage of our central location in greece, man, i'd like to see a young creative startup subtle here. it was the right thinking we can stop to migration to the big cities. and when the young people back to push, boom, because with george's crystal moto says in the vanguard of the young tech elite, he's helping the regions farmers achieve better crop yields. bear with gun measure all the humidity that a lady from me to build out much further. she made the in the soil, the temperature here, the borrower, the pressure and cover customer solutions for the farming is. and because we have a mayor of, of these open minded that to keep monsieur ac at the town hall, the open minded man is showing his guest from. i'm back the next innovation, a machine for printing official documents and forms. for now,
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it just prints test sheets. the greek government won't accept electronic signatures . this also left the her instead of supporting us to the government and its agencies are always tossing wrenches in the works that the problem the much of. so we try to find ways to get around the government agencies, men, we're not going to let them slash down with the ideas to make dealing with the city government. unlike the federal agencies as an bureaucratic as possible for the people of tree color, whether applying for building permits all marriage certificates, every email receives a prompt answer. thank you. listen, i thought my application by internet and i picked it up today completely processed . citizen service is also play a major role in parking in town drive is confined and paid for parking spot. using an app tree can, i won't be resting on its laurels. a self driving many baths will be in service here. ideas like these have brought praise for 3 color and money to energy and cost efficient management of help the town reduce its dead burden by
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almost half $3.00 can i is setting an example for the rest of grease. the way out of financial crisis is the smart way. those of us who live in concrete jungles understand the value and the need from korean spaces, box and gardens help improve a quality and the micro climate of cities. but in booming real estate markets and with sorting land prices, their d prioritized, an alternative to create green lungs in cities may still be available. let's see how this design a hotel is a green oases in the middle of the german capital. it features a garden in the courtyard, plants on the roof and ivy on its facade. the project is the brainchild of berlin. bass architect you oh, elmwood grinned to answer and amman, grown to that, gotten a snatch at garden, also has a nice climate to touch. very quiet here inside the courtyard and the humidity is
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pleasant for you. get me at the moment you walk in on it, does you good hoot oh, the stablish mode is set to open soon as a hotel in the center of bill in it used to house a detention center for women and juveniles. this form a prison wing is now the hotels corridor. osteo prison cells have been turned into modern hotel rooms. traces of the past are visible everywhere, and the building is classified as a historical monument. of course, you need a great deal of sensitivity and you have to make a lot of your case by case decisions about what to keep on what to change and how to change it to be. the most crucial part was the moment of transformation, creating a positive atmosphere and banishing the elements of fear in the buildings has on for months, an artist, calm shafts above in the numerous plants and trees create an update ambiance inside and out. the architect, you are deliberately incorporated them and they cover nearly half the surface area
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. and then he'll want a shawl. if you look down here, you can see how we've added plenty of greenery to every space possible. as we removed courtyard flooring and planted vegetation and its benefits the whole urban ecosystem. when architects bailed new buildings or convert old ones this way, no doubt i'd be abided on. and the coach out of the architecture firm is very green to the jew, a has been collaborating since 1991. in addition to studying the impact of plans on people's well being and the environment practice. they also instruct theory at a university, palumbo to go into an st, even wrote a book about the topic, entitled quota texture. the term comes from the latin word for god, m. o. two's. and the english word architecture. especially in edison, probably him hob, it's clear there are problems, he stays with lots of rainfall, for example, and air quality invent. so it's just nice to encounter places with nature in our private lives are at work. it boosts our quality of life volumes quality to us on
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the architecture means not just incorporating plants but consisting of plan ah, out plants. green architecture is also meant to protect the climate. one famous structure is the boscoe, vertically or vertical forest. the milan italy, boasting of the 900 trees, it was conceived by italian architect stephano bow adding. ready across europe, visionary buildings are springing off where plants play a major role like the grained waste incineration plant. a coven hill in copenhagen by danish architect, bianca ingles, or curb bergen spy. in dusseldorf, by german architect, krista of england. hovan a building shall holding 30000 hedges across the globe designs by the single po based whoa ha aquatics shine as green superlatives like this multi story luxury hotel with swimming pool conceived as
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a grain oases right in the middle of densely populated cinnapool back in berlin the latest project by green to answer is a public park on the top of a private building. construction is about to begin with. it has it in no global. it's really a global challenge. and that's why there are architects worldwide tackling at a net. and i think we should network more. oh, i want to develop strategies together to better address the need to add extensive green spaces to building. i'd like to incorporate these demands and policy making world wide, and they all stand to benefit a little fun quote to texture presents a sustainable architectural style for the cities of the future. ah, the time to build green spaces is now the time to use technology to foster environmental sustainability is now the time to act on moving away from fossil
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fuels is now i hope this episode has given you some perspective on how environmental sustainability in cities is possible and already under way, i'll see you again next week with many more such thought provoking stories until then, goodbye, and thanks for watching the news news news with
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it's important not to discourage because i'm in my country, i'm not doing anything wrong. and i'm just trying to protect my company and my
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korean she wants to defend her country against the likely russian invasion. that's why she's training along with other volunteers. can the ukrainian army count on them during a conflict? focus in europe. in 30 minutes on d. w. into the conflict zone with sebastian the streets of hong kong, a quiet b days. the pro democracy movements have been tamed. this week we talk for a 2nd time to regina, long time law maker in hong kong legislative council ahead of the prob, aging new people's party. what kind of future for hong kong, now, a 90 minute, d, w. o.
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sister is a sport in the children and this mountain village of them all. huh. where's blue? the color of her favorite teen but sex its traditions prevent her from going to games and playing an insurmountable obstacle. girl football on the peak starts february, 4th on d. w. ah, frankfort hot international gateway to the best connection, self air, road, and radio, located in the out of europe. you are connected to the whole world of experience, outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services all. be our guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by frappe waterloo.
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ah, ah ah ah ah, this is d w. news live from burly a fresh pushed for diplomacy to prevent a war in europe. i made.


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