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ah, every one has the right ah, every one has the right to say ah, ah ah ah, this is d. w. news live from berlin. a fresh push for diplomacy to prevent
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a war in europe. amid fears of a russian invasion ukraine, the usaa nato offer more dialogue, not concessions to moscow. security demands kremlin says its views on the crisis had been disregarded. also coming up germany's parliament marked holocaust. remember to stay with a special ceremony commemorating the millions of jews and other minorities who were murdered in nazi bandito camps during the 2nd world. after a catastrophic oil spill off the coast of korea concerned citizens a done, i think they had to help with the cleanup. and the 17 champions of the african cup of nations now just to, to turn to when it's all on the line. marcella, the liverpool style helped egypt, moved through the quarter finals of africa's biggest football of it. ah,
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i'm anthony. how'd it's good to have you with us. russia says it will consider an offer from the us for more dialogue. the ukraine crisis but insists its views have been disregarded. the u. s. a. nato formerly rejected moscow sweeping security demands refusing, among other things, to rule out future nato membership. the year crime in recent wakes, russia has masked some $100000.00 troops near its border with ukraine stirring fees of an attack. a military exercise on the ukrainian border. russia is flexing its muscles while washington has handed over of written response to moscow's demand or response to russia. reflects what i said in keith, berlin, and geneva. last week. we're open to dialogue. we prefer diplomacy and we're prepared to move forward. where there is the possibility of communication cooperation. if russia deescalate its regression toward ukraine,
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stop the inflammatory rhetoric and approaches, discussions about the future security in europe. in a spirit of reciprocity, our responses were fully coordinated with ukraine and our european allies and partners with whom we've been consulting continuously for weez. the response was delivered personally by the u. s. and plaster to russia. moscow, once nato, to close its doors to ukraine. something washington is family opposed to. nato has also sent a written reply rejecting moscow's demands while we are hoping for. i'm working for a good solution. the escalation, we also prepared for her worst under their, for in parallel with our efforts on the dialogue track. and we are also, i'm increasing the redness. our forces are on
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a dollars have also increased her. the preston sir, partly to conduct surveillance to monitor, to have the best possible picture all the development, sir, in, in, in there under crane, but also to broader reassurance sir, to, to alice in paris. there was diplomacy at a lower level. the no mandy format brought germany, france, russia, and ukraine together for another round of talks or some fog vinson over. the very fact that the work of enormity format has resumed, is a very positive signal i. we had really very comprehensive talks voe. they weren't easy. let's call it a key, an audit of where we are today. why am when la sherwood near us? the next meeting will take place soon, maybe even in 2 weeks, and it will take place in berlin. we agreed to continue our dialogue,
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lodging at short yellow. as the u. s. senate alive russell with russia, demands of frosty atmosphere, spreads along ukraine's border. let's bring in correspondent emily sherwin in moscow at a time. emily, the kremlin, is comparing current tensions to those of the cold war to we take it from that, that the us, the night a response to russia's demands haven't gone down to well in moscow. well, i think what we've seen today from the kremlin is a bit of a mixed response. i would say that there hasn't been some of the outrage in the rhetoric that we've heard in the past. are the kremlin said that putin kremlin spokesperson, rather saw that they said that putin has seen are the u. s. and the nato, a response, and that he would hold consultations and respond at a later date. and it seems that the kremlin wants to take some time over that
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response. they pointed out that actually nato and the u. s. took around a month over a month in fact, to respond to russia's demands. but also, i, of course, you know, the u. s. and nato here, yesterday, rejecting russia's main demand for a stop to nato's eastern expansion. the kremlin today said, you know, that their views are not being taken into account. i think that, that responds, was hardly a surprise for russia. they, i think, went into these conversations about security guarantees. essentially, knowing that the west could never agreed to no further nato expansion towards the east. and they've been hearing that in the last few weeks in various rounds of talks from various western officials. i think the strategy going into this was really to play a high stakes game of poker, almost bargain a little bit too high and see what they can get from the west. the only question is
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now, you know, with the main demand from the russian, decide not being fulfilled by the west. what can they do to basically not lose faith? yeah, that's run the next question being, what comes now? the world wife's, emily, does this make a russian incursion, more or less likely? well, the fact that the kremlin said, you know, we're going to take our time, makes it seem like they're not going to take any rash decisions when it comes to military action. the kremlin spokesperson me to be school today also talked about the possibility of further dialogue. he talked about the fact that majesty blinking the u. s. secretary of state and the for the russian foreign minister, a city lover off had said that they might hold further talks. he also didn't exclude the possibility of talks on a presidential level. and of course, you know, in the next 2 weeks, there will be further talks in the normandy format on ukraine, in berlin as well. so it does seem like the russian side is open to keep talking
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and wants to keep talking. they are though very firmly, leaving the military threat on the table. it seems with upcoming military exercises in bel with bella. ruth joint military exercises. and i think the strategy there is to essentially keep the pressure on by, by not withdrawing troops so that they can keep talking and get what they want or as much of what they, what they want as possible. emily sure. when in moscow, many things okay, let's take a look now. some of the other stories making headlines around the world became a fossil military hunter has met with members of the asked a government. foreign ministers had been ordered not to leave the country without permission. the military seized power on monday and detained bikini fusses democratically elected leader, who has been condemned internationally, badly needed international aid has been delivered to the pacific island nation of
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tama vessels from australia. britain and china had now arrived when water was basic medical supplies and sanitation supplies as well. and i went, kingdom was devastated by an underwater volcanic eruption and soon army. 2 weeks ago it destroyed villages and knocked at communications. germany has seen another record number of new covey 19 infections. the country's disease control center, the robert cock institute, registered more than 203000 new cases in a single 24 hour period. but some 70000 more than the same time. last week, experts say the increase has been driven largely by the army from various let's take a look at some of the other developments in the pandemic now. and investigators in france say there, boston a network of fraudsters who allegedly produced over 60000 false vaccine certificates the ring was uncovered after a health insurance company noticed irregularities. denmark meanwhile, has announced it will lift most restrictions nest next week. the government says
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that although infections are surging, they're not overwhelming. the health care system and the white house as the united states has shipped some 400000000 covered 90 vaccine doses to low income countries . it's part of an earlier pledged note to donate about 1200000000 doses to these regions. the german parliament has marked holocaust remembered state with a special ceremony that includes tribute to victims, witness testimonies and music. ah . one of the guest speakers was 87 year old holocausts of other and go our backer. she described her traumatic childhood into these inch that concentration camp and urged unity in the face of hatred. the speaker of these riley parliament also addressed lawmakers more than 75 years ago. it was when soviet troops in the
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breadth of the ashes concentration can millions of jews and other minorities were ultimately noted in the holocaust. oh, how they know think oh, and i still have very clear memories of that dark time. go into the at time of terror lie and haiti's eclipse. we sadly this cancer has returned and hate of the jews have become commonplace again. in many countries of the world, including germany, the, this disease has to be eradicated as swiftly as possible. your height of more in this, i'm joined by our chief political editor, michela kirchner. mchale a holocaust survivor. in our back there mentioned anti semitism in her speech. do you think her message got through to politicians? it suddenly got turned to politicians. i spoke to here in parliament,
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served by the over arching question that was hanging in the room. today's weather, this will get message. we'll get through to younger generations. and there's, that's also why the we remember campaign is also turned to take talk and we heard the president of the israel kinessa it, the parliament, mickey levy there, basically call on how to convey this message to the youth that it's about standing in for values that a future under rate of generation should understand, you know, it, it never fails to really hit me when you hear a witness account that this truly was a mist childhood. we also heard there in the alba show, a butterfly brute, which reminds her of one and a half 1000000 children that didn't get to live about childhood. those lies that they were supposed to live because of the holocaust. so quite clearly the message that yes it is a dark past, but it's still here in the to day. and there was
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a very emotional moment where and she concluded her speech and then the speaker of the connected came to embrace her to hug her. and because it is such a human, such an emotional moment, that horns also those generations that followed that nobody can escape from and through the pledge from germany that it doesn't even want to escape. that responsibility that it takes responsibility, something that was also recognized by the speaker of the can assets levy. there. you mentioned in the speaker of the israeli parliament, the kinessa, mickey livi, took the opportunity to say a haber pair, let's take a listen. now you, this prayer book was used by a jewish german boy by swim bush, not his bar mitzvah on the 22nd of october. for nancy said she, i currently snap for or shortly before the november program. i do aud kili,
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also known as crystal niger leaf nisha, shortly before that life. and the funny was meant to live, so was chatted, mitzy or big monga was shattered by reality in germany. a mother do mamma. this prayer book ebony which against the background of the atrocities of the holocaust hill, both silent witness, light the walls of stone and steel of this building. feel good dish. so you slade, i will now read their kaddish prayer for israel. it good out need kadesh? him. era? belmont. deborah, kill day family. manhood day. it's must balcony. vehicle over michigan. behave hon. oberon, cornel will buffet the horn. betty sail burglar with his mom,
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curry v mo. a man of sasha long be more. bob, who become of vs, is shalom a little cold. oh, i knew to love to love mikayla heartbreaking it a breathtaking moment. if we can describe it as that, what was that moment like when that emotion was, was brought in today. yes. really. i mean it's, it's actually almost and painful to what are the also the frustration of the holocaust survivor in our home for her. they're trying to really convey that message into the present of, of those horrors of the past that are simply unimaginable. they are really hard to really take in and understand. so we had in the rank and fall of politics
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there. but at the end of the day, it was a room full of human beings trying to make sense of the past and trying to really bring this message into the future with a tangible sense of fear and concern about against the backdrop of a rise in anti semitism also in germany in the whole world that those lessons may not have been learned and never again is what to make. you levy said was the concluding message that that needed to be understood. and bab abbas at the present of the german parliament said, well this happened in broad daylight. so yes, it's unimaginable, it happened. and it must never happen again. and that is to do the work. those politicians in that room but across the world have cut out for them because of that many thanks. many holocaust survivors who are still alive to die with children at the time they were imprisoned. dig ably made up with
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one woman held in germany's bergen belsen camp. she endured unspeakable horrors, but remained determined to bear witness. i should warn you that our next report contains graphic images that may disturb some viewers. gone to the barracks, their bodies, the lice and the disease. but even nature cannot fully reclaim this site. because for now, some a still passing on what they know. the 1st thing that hit us was the smog and the smell that was a terrible smell. and then you through that smoke, you saw people and then people by the really skeletons and, and the shuffling a long lugs, zombies and thou shuffle along and dos collapse and die.
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marla tripage is back at the place which nearly killed her bergen belsen. and nancy concentration camp which killed tens of thousands of others. the 91 year old is here to tell her story. with ever a few a living survivors, it feels increasing the urgent to pass it on. when she arrived at bergen belsen, marlo was just 14. she had already spent years in a ghetto, in hiding and as a slave laborer. she was polish, and jewish, and every one in her family was either dead or missing, a part from her cousin anne who was 7. the girls arrived together. they were so over crowded, they had no room for us and the dead bodies all over the place and the piles of
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bodies and piles of naked twisted decaying corpses. it was a horrific sight when british forces liberated bergen belsen on the 15th of april . 1945, they found tens of thousands of unmarried bodies and 60000 prisoners on the brink of death. whether moments that you, you didn't think that you would survive off. so lucy didn't think anybody would survive. people were just dying at such a rate. and it was obvious, even if helped it didn't come when a deed, i mean the whole camp would have just die down path to mentally after the war mana and her cousin ann was sent with other children to sweden. and then a letter arrived from modest brother ben. he had survived
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a different camp and made it to the u. k. she soon went to join him. for many years, molla tripage didn't talk about her childhood experiences. but now she feels she has a duty to speak about the past while she still tan are, let's take a look now, some of the other stories making headlines today. interest rates in the united states could soon be on the way up in march. the federal reserve is expected to raise the cost of borrowing for the 1st time in nearly 2 years and want down it's asset purchasing program that could help slow down inflation, which is running at its fastest rate in for decades thailand and saudi arabia. so they have agreed to restore full dipping diplomatic ties. the announcement comes amid time prime minister, prior to knockers, visitor to saudi arabia, bangkok and reared have seen 3 decades of mistrust and hostility. after
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a political scandal back in 1989 surrounding a jewelry hust with our gallo with music streaming providers, spotify pulling neil young's music from its catalogue. this comes after a request from the singer songwriter young objected to the streaming service airing . a popular podcast criticized for spreading misinformation about coven 19. earlier this month, hundreds of scientists and medical professionals signed a letter urging spotify to remove the podcast. of there's been a fresh oil leak at the refinery. off the coast of peru, authority say it happened during, during work on an under the bought a pipeline rather at the la pam pier refinery owned by spanish energy giant rep. so it comes as the country grapples with a massive oil spill earlier this month, triggered by the volcanic eruption in the south pacific ocean. meanwhile, residence in the capital, lima, a taking part in a unique campaign to tackle the miss cleanup crews in peru,
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racing to contain the oil. still a painstaking task inland. a call to action has residents lining up to donate their locks. it turns out hair of all kinds is an excellent oil absorber. a method discovered by a hair stylist in the 1990s. the strands are collected and stuffed into sausage like buoys, off the coast. the spills have contaminated more than 20 beaches in peru, and people are willing to sacrifice more than vanity for the greater good if they think, olympic, i have a small breed that belongs to my sister who died 2 years ago from leukemia.
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the original idea was to donate it to an organization that makes whigs for people with cancer. but i forgot to take the braid lawyer elemy. so i said, well, there will be another opportunity some time. and i thought that this is a great opportunity order for others. the chop is a small price to pay w. okay, so it got hair grows in abundance and fast. if animals die, it's also an economic loss. they are living creatures, hair grows back, i don't care much about it. i care more that i can help a cause to have a what the less cake of. well, you, that had an oil spills are not uncommon in peru more than 1000 have been recorded in the past 25 years. environmentalists accused the government of prioritizing a foreign investment over the environment. steal authorities are adamant that the
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company will be held accountable and may even be forced to shut down. but ecologists fear the damage is done. it took rep salt 2 days to react to the 1st oil spill, now peruse worst ecological disaster in recent history. to sport now, and egypt and star marcella had defeated ivory coast in a penalty shoot out to reach the quarter finals of the africa cup of nations after the game finished colas. in extra time, seller scored the clenching penalty for egypt to put them through. the 2nd round of 16 match of the night was another gall this affair with equatorial guinea winning in the shoot out to take the last spot in the quarter fonts. they w west africa correspondent alyssa chick, warmer is with me to talk about the tournament that has africa taking the global spotlight, alyssa will get to the excitement of last night's matches in a minute,
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obviously. but can we talk a little about the, the mood of the tournament since that deadly crush outside the stadium back on monday and how the tournaments moving on? well anthony, to talk about the mood of a tournament our dan cameron, if you might, fidget, been about subdued at tainted after by 8. people died on about 38 injured in a crash on monday that state i'm in particular was these are suitable hosted the opening ceremony and his shuttle to host the closing ceremony. but for now, no matches would be going on until at least what a note is, an investigation. because half one guarantees that such a don't happen yet against which is matches have been been moved to oddest agents for the remainder of the tournament, but it's handled atmospheric, tainted, easy would. so let's digging on last night's matches and the excitement alissa egypt against ivory coast had the star power in it. clearly it did well under one nor the man to talk about that muhammad sailor, who scored the winning penalty for dejection. fetters who take them to the quarter
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finals where they will face a very strong north, african derby, a fellow team out morocco. i regret had loss of stars and loss of mem spots more. marcella when it mattered most of the penalties, spots dispatched well for i for egypt. don't get your crystal ball that alyssa, the quote, a final start on saturday. who do you say you are on the record? he who do you see in the final 4 synagogue? that's for sure. our turn is yeah, that's for sure. host cameron, obviously they've got the top scorer, obviously abaca, and that he gave it to morocco, anthony, and egypt. oh, let me keep my fingers crossed. morocco might edge. it's i think based on a crystal ball der anthony. you are on the record. alyssa, thanks so much for your time. alyssa. chuck walner from lakes. thanks so much. now the cold snap in the eastern mediterranean has now hit jerusalem with snow covering the ancient city. the heaviest snow jerusalem has experienced since 2013 the wintry
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weather has caused traffic disruption, and residents were advised to stay indoors. but as you can see, some people just couldn't resist the lure of some phantoms. ah, it wasn't a doubly use coming up next in d. w. news, asia. why the movie fight club is being streamed with an alternate ending in china . and how could be non tennis impacting travel plans for millions of chinese ahead of luna media all that and much more up next with parish energy. you're watching daily news live from berlin. that way. more news in half an hour time. don't forget to which i'd say for everything you needed. d, w dot com stay with with
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