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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2022 12:00am-12:16am CET

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ah, what's true, what's vague? it doesn't matter be only area work. we'll hook people. we ship light on the opaque world who's with why are they a threat to whistle oak creek wolves this week on d w. a news? ah, this is data we news line from berlin seeking a way out of the diplomatic deadlock as ukrainians braced for
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a possible russian invasion, the united states wants to ensure the un security council. meanwhile, the prevalent phase little ground for optimism and resolving to prices also coming up a solemn trip to germany parlour and marks holocaust remembrance day with a special ceremony commemorating the millions of jews and other minorities murdered by the nazi and no more masks no more restrictions the spying record infection rates on the spread of the alma kron barry and denmark is getting ready to drop off cobit cards. ah, i'm the confirmed welcome to the show. the united states has asked that the un security council need publicly on monday to discuss russia's military buildup along
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the ukrainian border. and a written statement, un ambassador linda thomas greenfield, called russia's behavior, quote, a clear threat to international peace and security. in recent weeks, russia has lost some 100000 troops near its border with ukraine. russia, military drills on the border with ukraine. these are the scenes keeping the west on its toes. yet, russia has repeatedly said it has no intention of invading ukraine. and that even the thought of war between the 2 nations was unacceptable. a position also echoed by residence in the streets of moscow. before you were young, google, i am not ready to go to war with a fraternal people move slow, we are slavic, it's not acceptable. there are no threats from the territory of the ukrainian state
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. therefore, i believe it doesn't make sense to resolve the up when you want. i understand that there is a risk of a full scale war. but i believe that the parties will manage to negotiate all their disagreement ready for the store and come to a consensus. listen, you could, you can go through me all. but after the u. s. and nato rejected moscow's main demands, including barring ukraine from ever joining nato. every one is waiting to see how president vladimir putin will respond. so far, the kremlin has offered a glimmer of hope that a d escalation may be possible by keeping the door open for further talks. lucas, it's a georgia concerning the document replying to russia's demand concludes. there is a response that allows us to consider the beginning of a serious conversation. but on secondary issue global, there is no positive reaction on the main issue in this document we need. another
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chance for diplomacy will come next month when russian french ukrainian and german delegates will meet in berlin for talks. the russian foreign minister there saying that there is hope for the start. i'm a serious conversation on secondary questions. earlier we spoke to journalist j cordell and moscow and asked him what those could be. it felt very much like deja vu here in moscow today on the one hand giving a little bit of optimism and on the other hand, almost immediately shooting it back down. so use for a minute, ruffle miss. the 2nd level of said he has been what he has. welcome to respond by the u. s. over the secondary issues. those are things like talking about possible military missile deployments in eastern europe. it's about opening up communications or military exercises and maybe even some corporation on things like cyber between the russia, nato, russia, and the u. s. now that so fine and good, but moscow has made very clear from the very beginning multiple times. that isn't
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really what it's interested in. the main crux of what is interested in is this guarantee from nato and the u. s. that ukraine and also georgia would never be admitted as members and level of today accused the u. s. being quite crafty in his response of only picking out the things he wants to talk about and completely ignoring the substantive issue of the sensor. the german parliament has marked holocaust. remember and stay with a special ceremony including tributes to victims and witness testimony. remembrance day marks the liberation, 77 years ago of the outfits extermination camp. 11000000 men, women and children were murdered. she survived the delays inch dot concentration camp, which she entered with her parents when she was just 7 years old. 20 members of english, our back has family, were killed by the nazi regime. she endured horrible conditions, antilles inch that for 3 years and was bedridden for,
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for more. such was the dire effect on her health. to day on holocaust memorial day, alabama warned the german boone, this tug that anti semitism is still alive. oh papa no. oh, and i still have very clear memories of that don't time mention o at time of terror and hate live the sadly this cancer has returned and hate of the jews has become commonplace again, in many countries of the world including germany, people this disease has to be cured as quickly as possible. emer, your high uncle echoed by the president of germany's parliament who said january 27th is not only a day of remembrance, hortense, this being all i talk to days also a day of shame for what previous generations of germans have done. shame that the
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perpetrators never showed a few far too few had to answer to the courts for too many good off with punishments that amounted to a mockery of the victims. also in attendance was israel's parliamentary speaker, mickey levy who recalled how democracy can descend into tyranny. so it is here, a new look within the wolf. at this building a little beam which standeth silent, stone and still witnesses. he hugged them will god we remember and knew how fragile democracy is gone. and we are reminded of our duty to protect it at all. cost levy recited the jewish mourners prayer, reading from a book used by a german jewish boy on his bar mitzvah. he broke down in tears. oh, oh. oh,
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never again. the cold that echoed through the german moon. this tug on this day of remembrance was now get you up to speed on some of the industries making headlines around the world. to day. hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets of sir john's capital marching to the house of a protester killed in clashes earlier this week. he died when security forces fired live ammunition to disperse, crowns, gathered, and cartoon. at least 76 people have been killed since the sudanese military took power in october. thailand's navies, as an oil spill off the country's eastern coast, will take at least 5 more days to clear the lake from an under see pipeline began on tuesday and was eventually stopped a day later, the government says it's examining the impact of the leak on the environment and there is also been a fresh oil leak at a refinery off the coast of peru. authorities say had happened during work on an
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underwater pipeline at a refinery owned by spanish energy joint reps. all those new league adds to the environmental emergency caused by a massive oil spill, triggered by the recent volcanic eruption in the south pacific ocean cleanup crews in peru, racing to contain the oil spill. a painstaking task inland. a call to action has residents lining up to donate their locks. it turns out hair of all kinds is an excellent oil absorber. a method discovered by a hair stylist in the 1990s. the strands are collected and stuffed into sausage like buoys, off the coast. the spills have contaminated more than 20 beaches in peru,
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and people are willing to sacrifice more than vanity for the greater good if they don't have it, i have a small breed that belongs to my sister who died 2 years ago from leukemia. the original idea was to donate it to an organization that makes wiggs for people with cancer, but i forgot to take the braid lawyer given me. so i said, well, there will be another opportunity some time. and i thought that this is a great opportunity order for others. the chop is a small price to pay. if not, we'll get a, a hair grows in abundance and fast. if animals die, it's also an economic loss. they are living creatures, hair grows back, i don't care much about it. i care more that i can help a cause to hello, what the less cake of. well, you, that had an oil spills are not uncommon in peru more than 1000 have been recorded
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in the past 25 years. environmentalists accused the government of prioritizing foreign investment over the environment. still, authorities are adamant that the company will be held accountable and may even be forced to shut down. but ecologists fear the damage is done. it took rep salt 2 days to react to the 1st oil spill, now peruse worst ecological disaster in recent history. despite rising co, red 19 infection rates, denmark is sent to become the 1st country in the european union to drop almost all corona virus restrictions starting next week. prime minister and mentor frederick's and wants to quote, well come life as we knew it before cove it as an experiment closely watched by neighboring countries. and one that is based mostly on denmark's extremely
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successful vaccination campaign. it's on everyone's lips, the end of restrictions, even though an estimated $1.00 and $5.00 in copenhagen have had cove. it many are relieved. that was little time. now i think people have been longing for this. make this after the prime minister met frederickson warned people not to underestimate the virus but said cove, it was no longer a critical threat to society. we are still promoted for their restrictions over the last 2 years were proportionate. but we've always said we won't have restrictions if they're not necessary and they no longer are jaeger is india. denmark has already dropped restrictions, ones fact was in september. now the rates of infections is more than a 100 times what it was back then. the end of restrictions is not possible due to the high vaccination rate. more than 80 percent of people have had 2 jobs. 60 percent have had the booster that makes the illness milder and the pressure on
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hospitals lower. yeah, it is interesting how many would in, compared to germany, more people are fully vaccinated in denmark 95 percent of the elderly. i jabbed here. so almost every one who can be vaccinated has been vaccinated. that can't new vaccinated uploaded for now. bars and restaurants still have to close as 11 p. m. but from the 1st of february, the party can go on into the night. talking about parties preparations are underway in china for the lunar new year. next tuesday, and with them, the big rush to get home for the holiday countries, migrant workers are expected to make a 1000000000 tramps during the season. which as why it's called the world's biggest annual human migration. but the coven 19 pandemic. as casting a shadow over their journey, the annual trek to be home for the start of the year of the tiger is starting in china's cities. travellers returning home from the capital are happy to be seeing
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their families. for many, it's the only chance every year to see children, parents, and friends. but they're also anxious about traveling during the pandemic incognito yellow because the pandemic situation last year was worse. i also didn't go home. i felt lonely staying here. that's why i'm very excited that i could go home this year and i would cherish the time i spent my family fidel our before the pandemic. the concourse of beijing train station would be packed with people at this time. this year, the number as more modest though the transport ministry expects 1 point one, a 1000000000 trips to be made during the lunar new year travel season. that's a 3rd higher than last year. but many local authorities are urging residents not to come home as they're worried about spreading. the highly transmissible, alma kron variant china has adopted a rigid 0 covert policy. focus on mass testing. extensive quarantines and snap
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block downs. local authorities are going all out to prevent covered flareups, especially with events like the beijing winter olympics looming and february. you know, he's in the middle. i'm anxious every day because the pandemic is still quite serious . or john ever, i don't want to bring trouble to my home town. my wife i've tested negative now, but what if it changes to positive and i have no choice but i'm determined to go home the coming days we'll see a difficult balancing act. how to keep the arm across variant and check and still allow migrants to return home for what's the biggest festival of the year. that's her time. stay with us for a business. allen can rally for me and the entire team. thank you so much for your company. people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center.


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