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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2022 3:02am-3:30am CET

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a extermination camps. 11000000 people including 6000000 jews were murdered in the holocaust. and watching the the winners. you can get much more information on our website. that's d, w dot com ah, on edge in ukraine. a tense wait for russia. next move after nato and the u. s. make no concessions on moscow. security demands the back and forth has ukrainian stuck in the middle, many or hoping diplomacy and dialogue can help avert war while bracing for the worst. but it's not the only country, wary of the possibility of russian aggression. sweden, yes, sweden is bolstering its defenses on the island of god, land. i'm so me. so misconduct, and this is the day. ah,
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i am hoping for a peaceful solution. i can't even talk about this without trying to use. there is a response which gives hope for the start of a serious conversation on secondary questions. the renewal of talks in the normandy format is already a positive signal. i don't have much faith international diplomacy, but i do believe in russia is common sense. our country does not intend to attack anyone. we consider even the thought of war between our people to be unacceptable in global. the main issue is our clear position, an admissibility of further expansion of nato. ah, we began the day with a diplomatic deadlock between russia and the west over ukraine. after moscow issued a list of security demands, like the withdrawal of nato forces, from eastern europe, nato and the u. s. delivered a clear no. now the kremlin says there was little optimism that de escalation is
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possible, but the 2 sides are still talking and there are hopes that they can still reach some sort of agreement to dial down tensions. here's what russian foreign minister survey lever offset. suca said suzanne you'd as for the content of the document, there is a response loop which gives hope for the start of a serious conversation you on secondary questions. but in this ocoee my dwelling there was no positive response to the main question soon was its usually new aluminum. of course, the main issue is our clear position on the it admissibility of further expansion of nato to the east, and the deployment of strike weapons that could threaten the territory of the russian federation to do good as his good fugitives. let's bring a d w's, terry shell to standing by for us and brussels. hi terry. good to see you. so the u . s. a. nato delivered written responses to russia. security demands, and it wasn't what rush i wanted to hear, was it? it wasn't what russia wanted to hear, so me, but it's certainly what russia expected to hear what is contained in those letters,
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as we understand it, since they're still classified, is exactly what the u. s. in nato told russia to expect there was never going to be any consideration of not accepting new members for nato or of somehow going back to the borders of pre 1997. which means before the accession of, of the baltic states, for example. so that was never going to happen and russian knew it even when it was making those demands. but it was important for the u. s. in nato, to go ahead and deliver these letters in person as russia had asked for in order that they didn't give moscow an excuse to say that they were no longer willing to continue down this diplomatic path. if we look at the messaging from moscow, russia has accused the west and nato in particular, of escalating tensions by deploying troops and equipment to east european member countries. so let's take a look now at how nato has continued to beef up its presence, particularly on that eastern flank. this is just an exercise. for now,
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at least, we'll be at one taking place, just 50 kilometers from russia's border with ukraine. in recent months, rushes with a $100000.00 troops, tanks and missile systems within striking distance, not only ukraine, but also eastern european nature. members, russia says it has the right to hold exercises wherever it pleases. be that on its own territory, or the invitation of bruce's ruler, alexander luke cinco, and accuses western media of whipping up quote hysteria. before russia's 2014 annexation of ukrainian crimea. nature had no permanent presence member states bordering russia. since then, the block is stationed around $5000.00 troops in the baltic states. in addition to regular exercises, such as these in luck, near the similar number of nato and us forces in potent retentions, once again rising, they try lowe's, now offering to up their presence in members states closest to russia, denmark ascending a frigate to the east and baltic sea as well as for additional f. 16 jets lithuania,
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spain for its pot, sending worships the black sea and offered to dispatch you or if i to aircraft, to bulgaria. the dutch government announced plans to send to if that if i fight is to bulgaria misput navient army units on stand by while fronts express willingness to deploy troops to romania, which as a border with ukraine. will this a company been used? the united states has placed more than 8000 troops on alert for short notice deployment to europe. oh, with ruled flurry of publicity. most analysts agreed that the plans announced too little to shift the balance of power region. russia, they estimate already has more troops and it's cleaning grad regional, the baltic alone, and nato has the entire region. and that's on top of nuclear capable missiles for now, the seems to be about showing solidarity with small and they to members, rather than significantly upping the stakes with moscow. so terry, what is nato? is response to russia's accusations about its presence in the east. well,
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that piece explained it very well. nato did not have a beefed up presence in the east until after russia annexed to crimea from ukraine illegally. and so after that, the baltic states and, and poland felt very threatened, not knowing what the kremlin would do next. what border it may come across next, and that's when nato established what are called these enhanced forward presence units. they're in estonia, latvia, lithuania and poland. in order to to basically reinforce the border, should moscow decide once again to, to, to cross that line. so that's how nato defends it. it says, you know, we wouldn't be there if you hadn't done what you did in ukraine. or if we look at the fact that, as you mentioned, nato has said that removing its troops from eastern europe is a non starter. it, what concessions is nato actually willing to consider in negotiations with russia? concessions isn't a word that you hear used here in brussels at all because nater doesn't feel like
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it should have to. basically back down from anything. it says that russia is the aggressor in russia, is the one that needs to change its behavior and change its military posture. so what, what nato has offered is continued dialogue. more meetings discussing other issues that are not so a not so critical not, not so dangerous, like changing a military exercises more transparency, giving each other more warning about what kind of drills they be doing, how many soldiers. and that's something that russia has said it asked for, but it has not been willing to, to provide on its side. so that that's really in the interest perhaps of, of both of, of the sides, both nato and of moscow. they're willing to discuss nuclear policy. they're willing to discuss arms control. they are not willing to discuss a limit on who can join nato in the future. well, you know, you, ukraine isn't the only country feeling threatened by russia's military maneuvers at the moment. is it? that's right, and it's kind of shocking to think that sweden and finland a would,
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it would actually be feeling a strain, you know, although finland shares a huge border and, and sweden has an island not far from kalynne and grad. they're not normally. countries that feel rattled by this, but this build up on the border with ukraine has really shaken countries far beyond ukraine. and that's why i decided to go to the swedish island of gauntlet, which is in a, a really geo strategic position from got lind, if you were to seize that island, you would be able to control the air space. you would be able to control the waterways leading to the baltic states, and that's why the swedish government has begun reinforcing with military units that island. let's take a look at what i found in normal times, the only large groups of foreigners coming to gotten and are the $1000000.00 tourists who flocked to the swedish island every year. but now the swedish government is preparing for the possibility of unwelcome visitors as russian president vladimir putin's military maneuvers spread concern far beyond ukraine. we
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cannot exclude an armed attack against sweden. and what we want to do, we us know is to be very clear that we are ready to defend sweden and the course of that. we are also doing what we're doing on dial on mclaughlin. kirkland is a do strategic prize dual and the baltic c as central for nato's access to its baltic allies and its swedish and finished partners from this island, you cannot control both the air and sea waste in the region. garland was a key military asset for sweden, for centuries, until 2005, when the swedish government assessed post cold war tensions as so low that it disbanded all the permanent military units here in what turned out to be just wishful thinking. that's why the swedish government has been re arming the island since shortly after russia's seizure of ukraine's crimea region and has intensified it in recent weeks. that got land could be next in the kremlin site is no longer
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unthinkable for swedes watching the russian government continue to escalate a bit like a game of chicken. we're one of the drivers rush on this case as you're strong. the . ready steering wheel out the window, so we're having to unfortunate to some kind of crash in my view, defense minister hook this believes the country has enough friends to feel safe, even without being a member of nato. we have deep corporation with united states who have us. you care, so we're a close partner, we are unable to partnership. we have a not nordic solidarity, a doctrine. and we also have the solidarity doctrine in the we're p and union. but being a partner to need, oh, doesn't provide the guarantee of mutual def, since that allies get and which pull yonce in head of the swedish parliaments. defense committee feels his country needs. we can hope we can assume we can wish that we get the support from nato, but we cannot no longer rejoined alliance. a recent poll shows an increasing number
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of swedes support nato membership. but that still only amounts to about a 3rd of the population. for now, anyway, if something very serious would happen in this part of the world, mister booth and decided san something him in the baltic region here. i think we would apply very quickly. but then the question would be whether need or would accept a country already in dire straits, especially if got land were gone. terry, from your reporting there, what is your impression? how realistic is it that gotten really is in the kremlin sites where you could see from that map just how important got lind is. so it's not necessarily that the swedish government thinks that russia would try to seize garland is just that with the kremlin so unpredictable of these days. and looking at the history, nobody thought crimea would be seized either. they cannot completely rule it out. and so as the defense minister tells me, we have to prepare for things. we don't even want to think about. we can't even
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imagine, but yet, no one can say the probability is 0 that it would happen. and so the swedish government, which does not want to join nato, simply feels that it has no choice but to boost the arms, the arms and troops on that island. they say if the kremlin were to make this decision crazy as it sounds, now that it would try to invade got lend. the swedes would definitely be putting up a fight, and it would be no easy battle for russia. terry shows reporting there from brussels, so thank you so much. coming up on the day. remembering the holocaust and ensuring future generations, never forget, especially as survivors are disappearing. germany marks international holocaust remembrance day. oh no. oh, and i still have very clear memories of that dark time mentioned houses. oh, a time of terror and hate live. sadly this cancer has returned and
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hate of the jews has become commonplace again in many countries of the world, including germany. ah. here in germany, the archbishop of munich says he is taking moral responsibility after a damning report released last week about how the archdiocese handled sexual abuse cases between 19452019 cardinal 900. mark said the church had not done nearly enough to help victims, but he also said he would not be stepping down. last week's, independent report was heavily critical of pope benedict. the 16th who himself handed the archdiocese the head of the archdiocese from 1977 to 982. it faulted his handling of several cases of sexual abuse. i'd like to welcome now mathias cot. she is the head of the organization. i could go tish or square table, which represents people affected by sex abuse in the catholic church. welcome to
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the day. as we get started, the vatican has been defending benedict's record. i want to play you what's being said there, and they get your reaction to it. so let's listen it. during his pontificate, he and during his troops around the war will benefit met the victim. it was a 1st book to met systematically, the victims of the abuse. he was near the victims, hurting the victims crying with the victims and asking forgiveness to the victim, show it to the war for what's happened. so mr. cuts, i'd like to ask you, we heard they're asking forgiveness from the victims for what has happened. do you think benedict deserves such forgiveness? i think one has to ask oneself, why did he do this? why was he the 1st poke? it was because the survivors movement all over the world starting from the us, but also in central europe in his home country, germany,
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pressing the public were pressing the church to answer would be abuse crisis. so when we're talking about munich, his performance as archbishop of munich, he was guilty of coming up opperation. he was responsible to have a pedal 53 again in the office, in his diocese of munich. and this guy had the opportunity to abuse dozens of young a but afterwards. so i do expect and would expect the form of pope to apologize for these crimes and mistakes. so to call them and then we can talk. but i had really difficulties to accept this description of the pontificate of benedict the term. certainly here in germany has
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promised that there will be changes. if you look at what cardinals i had marx said today, he said he has a moral responsibility and he's valid that there will be reform. do you actually trust that that will happen? my problem is not the 1st time we have heard this. the statements of shock and apologies, and we will learn our lesson and we will renew all of our church. and i have heard it several times in the last 12 years or so. so i really ask, where are the measures, where is taking responsibility in concrete form who is opening the path for new development in the church and who is leading for the survivors meeting for help and
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compensation and who is offering these and concrete measures? i haven't heard this from how did on marks today since i haven't heard it in the past from chelsea that i want to ask you more about the perspective of survivors as you just mentioned from that view. what consequences should there be for pope benedict and cardinal marks and other church leaders involved in cases not just in germany, but really around the world. i really can not imagine way how leaders like coffee and marks recognize to have been part of the clerical system abuse system of the path can really lead to new development within the judge. so i think they need to step beside and newly does need to assume. and i really hope that the late people
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in the catholic church sees the opportunity and the urgency to take responsibility. because the of the bishops obviously are not longer in the position and the vatican is longer the position to lead this process of change and of supporting the victims. just a quick last question which mr. catch with so many people here in germany leaving the church. what do you think is the future for the catholic church here? if they are not changing very soon, the mentally. then there will be very small. catholic church in germany in the future will leave it there much. he has cut the head of the organization. echo tish or square table that represents people affected by sex abuse in the church. thanks so much for joining us here on the day. thank you for having me.
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ah. germany and the world have been remembering and honoring the victims of the nazi regime, who died in the holocaust with the message never again. international holocaust remembered stay marked the day more than 75 years ago when soviet troops liberated the ocean its concentration camp. millions of jews and other minorities were murdered in holocaust. the german parliament held a sombre ceremony featuring a speech from a concentration camp survivor who delivered a clear message. the lessons of the holocaust are as relevant as ever with the rise of anti semitism. she survived the delays inch that concentration camp, which she entered with her parents when she was just 7 years old. 20 members of english, our back has family, were killed by the nazi regime. she endured horrible conditions, antilles inch that for 3 years and was bedridden for for more. such was the dire effect on her health. to day on holocaust memorial day,
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alabama warned the german boon this tug that anti semitism is still alive. avo hobbin know the po and i still have very clear memories of that don't time mention houses who at time of terror and hate lie the if the sadly this cancer has returned and hate of the jews has become commonplace again, in many countries of the world including germany, deutsch, beagle, this disease has to be cured as quickly as possible. the merc. yeah. hi. how call echoed by the president of germany's parliament, who said january 27th is not only a day of remembrance. what is this being off and talk to days? we'll sit, i have shame for what previous generations of germans have done. shaw shame that
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the perpetrators never showed. i feel far too few had to answer to the courts. far too many got off with punishments that amounted to a mockery of the victims through the old fog light. also in attendance was israel's parliamentary speaker, mickey levy who recalled how democracy can descend into tyranny high. so it is here, a new look within the wall for this building i room which stand a silent stone and still witnesses. he had them. oh god, we remember and knew how fragile democracy is gone. and we are reminded of our duty to protect it at all. cost landfill and his levy recited the jewish mourners prayer reading from a book used by a german jewish boy on his bar mitzvah. a little he broke down in tears. oh, i to love never again. the call that echoed through the german moon. this tug on this day of
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remembrance as a world marks holocaust remembrance day, a debate as ignited in the us about how it is taught in schools. that after one school board in the state of tennessee voted unanimously to remove a pulitzer prize winning book about the holocaust from its curriculum. the graphic novel called mouse depicts juice as mice and nazis as cats. the school board objected to some violent images, a few curse words and one image where a character is drawn in the nude, the books author art spickle men whose parents survived the holocaust called the decision demented and or, well, ian. and we have our reporter, i'm in s, if with us here in studio to tell us about the story. he also happens to be a tennessee native. i mean, thanks for bringing the story to us. i mean, it is hard to imagine a book about the holocaust that doesn't include violence. so what exactly was the school board objecting to you here?
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but an irony here to me is that this book was chosen and is chosen in schools around the country. i mean, it was taught in my school as well because it does not to pick the hard cost with gratuitous violence. so it's, it's chosen as a book that does it in a way that is approachable for 8th graders as people from 13 to 14 years of age. that's not a child. so it's not people who have never seen violence before. a lot of the debate was focused not just around the violence, but around the language as well. let me just show you what they were talking about . to give you an idea what the one man says. it shows people hanging, it shows them killing kids. why does the educational system promote this kind of stuff? it's not wise or healthy. and then a woman who is not on the school board, but she is there as an educator. she says, i think at any time you're teaching something from history. people did hang from trees, people did commit suicide, and people were killed over 6000000 were murdered. i think the author is portraying
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that because it's a true story about his father who lived through that. now you can see that there's a, this is the debate that people are having about this book. and unfortunately, she for the people who want to keep using the book, she's not in the school board, and it was voted down unanimously our people reacting to this decision on all, this is a popular book around the country and a lot of teachers were outraged and some of them took the twitter to say this was the best book that they've ever used to get 8th graders to really be interested in his history and learn the horrors of what happened during the holocaust. a couple of people even offered any students from mcman county who wanted to read the book, could just message her on twitter and she would send a book to them for, for he, we should say, says in the u. s. the moment part of a larger debate over what should be taught in schools and what books for example should be banned. so tell us more about that. that's right, the culture war is raging in the us. now the left is not shy of making its own demands on content. we've seen
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a lot of things on hulu and streaming services like hulu, being taken down because actors wearing blackface, or saying words that people find offensive to minorities. but on the right, you see the focus being kind of directed toward the schools. the curriculum also library, is there a library associate association, united states that they'd never seen so many demands to take books out of school libraries? a lot of that is focused on the horrors of slavery and also l g, b, t, identity and sexual reassignment surgery. so the culture war is raging and i don't think we've seen the end of it. and mouse is just the latest victim. he is amen. as reporting for us there, thank you so much. that was the day as ever, the conversation continues on line. you'll find us on twitter at dw news. my handle is at a some ugly ass. it was great to have you with us and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow. thanks for watching.
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ah ah, with ah, it's important not to discourage honestly, because i'm in my country. i am doing anything wrong. and i'm just trying to
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present my con, my to korean. she wants to defend her country against the likely russian invasion. that's why she's training along with other volunteers. can the ukrainian army count on them during a conflict to focus next on g w. the battle against cove it the only clue variant is putting healthcare systems around the world to the test. vaccination campaigns are accelerating while restrictions are intensifying once again. but are these measures enough to stop the spread of home across a fax data and reports cove? 19 special in 60 minutes on d. w. o.
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devastated with to how we can with cars carried off money. the facts of climate change, i mean, felt worldwide before a station in the rain forest continued, carbon dioxide emissions have risen again. young people all over the world are committed to climate protection. what impact will they have? because change doesn't happen on its own. make up your own mind d. w, lead for mines. mm mm.


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