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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CET

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what she was on has 28 different hours a day, or peers and rivals, with one dearly goal to help smart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts for june 16th on d, w. ah ah, the state of the news line from berlin speaking a way out of that diplomatic deadlock. what 10 chance over a possible russian invasion of ukraine running high the united states wants to take
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the issue to the un security council. meanwhile, the kremlin seems little ground for optimism and resolving the crisis. also coming up on the anniversary of the liberation of germany, parliament, large holocaust remembrance day with a solemn tribute commemorating the millions of jews and other minorities murdered by the bus. after a catastrophic oil spill in pro concerns that are donating their locks to help with the cleanup. ah release, welcome to the shell. the united states has asked about the un security council meeting publicly on monday. russia's military build up along the ukrainian border
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in a written state, when de one ambassador linda thomas greenfield, called russia's behavior, quote, a clear threat to international peace and security. in recent weeks, russia, asthma, 100000 troops near as border with ukraine. o russian military drills on the border with ukraine. these are the scenes keeping the west on its toes. yet, russia has repeatedly said it has no intention of invading ukraine. and that even the thought of war between the 2 nations was unacceptable. a position also echoed by residence in the streets of moscow. before we were young, good, i am not ready to go to war with a fraternal people reflected, we are slavic, it's not acceptable. there are no threats from the territory of the ukrainian state
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. therefore, i believe it doesn't make sense to be his own. also the up when you want, i understand that there's a risk of a full scale war. but i believe that the parties with managed to negotiate all their disagreement ready for the store and come to a consensus. listen, you could, you can vote for me. but after the u. s. and nato rejected moscow's main demands, including barring ukraine from ever joining nato. every one is waiting to see how president vladimir putin will respond. so far, the kremlin has offered a glimmer of hope that a d escalation may be possible by keeping the door open for further talks. lucas, it's usually concerning the document replying to russia's demand scruples. there is a response that allows us to consider the beginning of a serious conversation, but on secondary issues global, there is no positive reaction on the main issue in this document, only new. another chance for diplomacy will come next month when russian french
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ukrainian and german delegates will meet in berlin for talks all with no solution to the crisis with their rates just yet, the west is becoming clearer on what the potential cost of a russian invasion, new grain could be here is us under secretary of state for political affairs, victoria newland. we continue to have a very strong and clear conversations with our german, alice, and i want to be clear with you today. if russia invades ukraine, one way or another nord stream to will not move forward. oh, i see that for sure. where does your tablets go from them? as i said, we've had extensive consultations at every level with our german alice. i'm not going to get into the specifics here today,
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but we will work with germany to ensure that the pipeline does not move forward. the german parliament has observed holocaust remembrance day with a special ceremony including tributes to victims and witness testimony. remembrance day marks the liberation. 77 years ago of the auschwitz extermination camp $11000000.00 men, women and children were murdered in the hall cost. she survived the delays inch that concentration camp, which she entered with her parents when she was just 7 years old. 20 members of english, our back has family, were killed by the nazi regime. she endured horrible conditions, antilles inch that for 3 years and was bedridden for for more such was the dire effect on her health. to day on holocaust memorial day, alabama warned the german buddhist tug that anti semitism is still alive. oh papa.
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oh oh, and i still have very clear memories of that dark time mentioned o a time of terror and hate live the sadly this come sir, has returned and hate of the jews has become commonplace again in many countries of the world, including germany. either this disease has to be cured as quickly as possible. emer, your high uncle echoed by the president of germany's parliament who said january 27th is not only a day of remembrance points. it's this been off i talk to days will slid day of shame for what previous generations of germans have done. shame that the perpetrators never show typo. few, far too few had to answer to the courts. far too many good off with punishments that amounted to
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a mockery of the victims also in attendance was israel's parliamentary speaker, mickey levy who recalled how democracy can descend into tyranny. so it is here, a new blood within the wolf. at this building a little beam which standeth silent, stone and still witnesses, he had been brought. yeah. we remember and knew how fragile democracy is gone and we are reminded of our duty to protect it at all cost. i'm sure. let me levy recited the jewish mourners prayer, reading from a book used by a german jewish boy on his bar mitzvah. and then he broke down in tears. oh, i don't know, but never again the cold that echoed through the german moon. this tag on this day of remembrance, hilton take a quick look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today.
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north korea has released images of its latest miss all tests the launches on tuesday and thursday were of new short and long range missile systems. young ang has conducted 6 weapons test and january to spine being barred from developing missiles and nuclear weapons under as has sworn in its 1st female president. former 1st lady, seal might accosted, all unseated the right wing national party after 12 years in power. she's promised to fight corruption, crime, and poverty or support for abortion. and same sex marriage has made her a controversial figure. and the traditionally conservative country is 1st to address since raising power. the leader of working fossil military hunter has promised to restore constitutional order. when conditions are right good, he also warned them trio would not be tolerated. thinking of fossil military else
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did president roc come array on monday to widespread protests against his government. highlands navy says an oil spill off the country's eastern coast will take at least 5 more days to clear. the leak from an under see pipeline began on tuesday and was eventually stopped a day later. the government says it's examining the impact of the leak on the environment. when there is also been a fresh oil leak at a refinery off the coast of peru, authority say it happened during work on an underwater pipeline at a refinery owned by spanish energy join reps. all those new league adds to the environmental emergency caused by a massive oil spill, triggered by the recent volcanic eruption in the south pacific ocean. mm queen, a cruise in peru racing to contain the oil spill. a
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painstaking task inland. a call to action has residents lining up to donate their locks. it turns out hair of all kinds is an excellent oil absorber. a method discovered by a hair stylist in the 1990s. the strands are collected and stuffed into sausage like buoys, off the coast. the spills have contaminated more than 20 beaches in peru, and people are willing to sacrifice more than vanity for the greater good if they think, olympic, i have a small breed that belongs to my sister who died 2 years ago from leukemia. the original idea was to donate it to an organization that makes whigs for people
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with cancer, but i forgot to take the breed me. so i said, well, there will be another opportunity some time. and i thought that this is a great opportunity order for others. the chop is a small price to pay w. o could i say it got hair grows in abundance and fast. if animals die, it's also an economic loss. they are living creatures, hair grows back. i don't care much about it. i care more that i can help a cause to have a what the less cake of. well you, that had an oil spills are not uncommon in peru more than 1000 have been recorded in the past 25 years. environmentalists accused the government of prioritizing a foreign investment over the environment. steal authorities are adamant that the company will be held accountable and may even be forced to shut down. but
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ecologists fear the damage is done. it took reps out 2 days to react to the 1st oil spill now peruse worst ecological disaster. in recent history. a quarter finals of the africa cup of nations get underway on monday with 18 still buying for the title. for many soccer fans on the continent, the beautiful game as a source of hope and inspiration. and that certainly is the case for the girls and our next report. after fleeing from nigeria to cameron, they formed their own soccer team. finding a piece on a pitch they weren't denied at home. practice is in session on this dirt pitch. i mean, you might are inspired by the afghan taking place at the moment. these young nigerian women formed this all female football. tea. resources are scarce and
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conditions could be better. so come when we are playing, we don't have a shoes of playing that weighs the problem. spirits were lifted when the team was invited to an africa cup of nations match to watch their nigerian team play. since they came to the gum by think the well 79 dennis l. when we come to they come now do $141718.00. it is a full time for them to go out of become an adventure for them. and with nigeria winnie that match their adventure ended will locally to support our team. virginia well was very happy since we and thought to the car we are starting will. viola smiley, we did desire to be ugly at all. i did read the girls are among the thousands in nigeria who fled across the border to cameroon. to escape violence. by boca hiram's
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jihadists, i now come to leave in a truly wish so that we will hide from didn't we are running away during that time i have used to make by i know where to find me. it is through no way to do anything. i will want to view the play many here have hopes of returning to nigeria, but for the time being football has provided in his school for these young women. from every day hardships the world often feels a little topsy turvy, especially these days, doesn't it? well, one austrian man living in columbia as quite literally turned his world upside down by casa locker. crazy house, better known as the upside down house, is the new colombian tourist and sanction. it's not only the house itself that
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defines gravity, but everything inside as well. even the toilets, hundreds of visitors have already flocked to the new attraction outside the capital bobo, top as hoped that initiatives like this one, will help to boost tourism, which has gravely somewhere we cause of the corona virus and dynamic routing. because you know, we bought about is under the loved watching t w. lie from valencia her. now for a documentary about the megacity of mon bye, if you're looking for more news and analysis, there's always our website that is d w dot com and make sure it also follows on social media. i'm nicole really for me and the entire team. thank you. so much for your company a we're interested global.


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