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tv   Doc Film - Muranow - The Ghosts of Warsaw  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2022 10:15am-11:01am CET

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serious lozano, i don't want to bring trouble to my home town on my way. i've tested negative now, but what if it changes to positives and i have no choice but i am determined to go home the coming days will see a difficult balancing act. how to keep the army crown variance in check and still allow my grants to return home for what's the biggest festival of the year. st reminder, the top story we're following for you here to the on the w news. the united states is asking the un security council to convene on monday to discuss rushes, military build up along the ukrainian border. in recent weeks, russia has mast some 100000 troops near its border with ukraine. you're watching d. w. news from berlin up next to got a documentary film looking at boom. bought thanks for watching. soccer is a sport of many colors and the children and this mountain village of them all.
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emma wears blue, the color of her favorite teen, but the sexist traditions prevent her from going to games and playing an insurmountable obstacle. blue girl football on the peak starts february 4th on d. w. ah ah ah ah
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ah. ah a with
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your new years oh i was one or so i live here in this apartment all my life. i think i was teenager when i started this dream, i'm escaping from concentration camp. and this is always the same story. i'm hiding in a wood and there are gentlemen sweet dollars or something for me. i'm afraid i'm stressed. it's a lot of emotion. one of my
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friends is and doctor, he told me what you listen. we're on off. i said the yes i live. so maybe someone with so saying just think it's my purse. allow thinking about why i hadn't dream but i didn't find any other connection they're leaving here
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with us we inherited this apartment for one to the ladies friend of mine. ground one of the ladies died and the 2nd who stayed was sure that this apartment killed her. this place q some years ago i moved in this apartment and i had close friends who are asking by few ok because their friend for no drinking water, they're because they don't want to drink water from the pipes from the cemetery. and had a friend who saying, oh, are the trees in your neighborhood already losing leave because the 3 thing where
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move the leaves 1st. so i should tell him when they started, because that will tell him when the ultimate comb electricity, classical radio turns on. the light was and i was living her alone. i had telephone calls from my house to my cell phone. we were making potato cakes about the sour cream, so we went down to the store, came back upstairs into not forgotten from the place.
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we were standing in this room, and then we heard violin playing in the other room. i had this feeling that it was a woman. sometimes i got scared. sometimes i was more annoyed. i named her. i named her. hello rachel. i don't know why. the 1st name to me. i thought that maybe she's as scared as me sometimes just as freaked out about this situation as i am ah the
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ah, the love african war saw was the largest most important jewish city in the world, human. and what they say about new york today, if you'll make it there, you'll make it anywhere. it was true of warsaw for the jews both a yarmouth because this was the hub of all the political parties and youth movement and the literary world. and the rabbinic literature on orlando, whoever wanted to change the jewish world, came here. michel salazar told me this was the place for that there are. yeah huh. the
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that about it. i grew up in israel in jerusalem. the i served in the navy for 7 years. i was a submarine commander, and i studied history. my grandfather's last words were the polish national anthem will not. and as he recited them, he suffered a stroke from which he never recovered. he never said another word. and 2 and a half months later, we were here, we've been here almost 4 years. my thought was the director of the institute where i work asked, where do you live? and i said, and morano fucked him. and he said, the majority of how can you with all the memory, another one that is ingrained and people are like one of the most shifting cell on ashamed, but over the warsaw ghetto was the largest ghetto. it's the most prominent symbol of the holocaust. my masculine figure
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ah, ah, i, i use the if you don't know who got the 3, the same name with us before the war during the holocaust,
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this was actually the place where the worst will get located. so this is the place where the fact that it was from which most of the jewish population, of course though, was sent to trip the in the car. so this was their, their last final place in war. so, and the building where i am working today, the department of psychology of the university of war. so is the historical headquarters of this is the building in the beginning guy was not very, very easy for me personally to study in his building that i think about the 5 it may be, you know, in this room there were assess officer commanding the protection of young car truck or finish maybe to tribune car. and he was working here from this part of the ghetto nerd to building which survive. because then the gets our pricing to say here. i
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work from different pricing was the 1st one to rely in the 2nd world war in the 1st time when the maintenance of the city organ i park isn't a struggle against this attack of people who wants to remain with i'm phone or to die with some dignity urines were very surprised and didn't know how to react to them. they decided to burn house after the house of the house. the people who are who who were on the i r g
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mm. ah me. the musician when we took possession of the building, some one told me they had found drawings on the wall by prisoners held here by the church and lunches
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so we could get in. so i've lived in marana for my life, to me, all of moran off is a tragedy. not, not. this picture was obviously taken from the building where we are now standing. zip for you can clearly see that nothing remains of the old vibrant. moran often so complex she is called the german. he blew everything up for tactical reasons.
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closer to church of saint anthony was bad as i understand it only because the germans used it to hide the valuables. the jews left behind the paintings, anything of value lanyard bought associates, and that by the church was never demolished into blown up post news news news hey ah .
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whole home through the summer sidney, this is my grandfather. he lost both his parents and both his sisters and the war, and after the war,
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he returned to warsaw specifically to gain sha street now on the levy chest street . this is more or less where his father store stood before the war, and he lived one block further south of a sudden, the woman who who been my the co vote from many of the street, not even the orig, in a route, but only the name, remain the same shift and stop key, there are no legs level the just the name, aka shaminy, sal me wa street is no longer charming on that. just the name of the 70 nova lip key and nova olympia and smote shop and gain shot out of the game. show if you went there to day, you would find nothing that even resembles what was there before the war and down
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below lie the ruins of buildings that stood there before the apartments with their contents, and apparently also their inhabitants. and the machine people died beneath us and were never buried lambert, they simply built over everything. afterwards he studied the chicago. when i moved to warsaw from cracow, i was surprised not to find anything about the history of the place after the war. that no one wrote any thing and won't be writing anything in the foreseeable future . so i started to delve into the subject. ah,
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gaston estallion studied the plug in the look love every one living in warsaw wants to help rebuild it up in september, tens of thousands of polls helped clean up the ruins of murano. that end of them would i know ah, that everything was in ruins. the newest, they were as high as 3 story buildings. it was impossible to clear the whole district took that under patricia. it was simply impossible to keep marie bush, the hugeness. ah, did the bricks that were selected and clean will be used to build the foundations and interior walls of the new residential neighbourhood in the heart of morano, that every brick made from the ruins cost 6th latino, a google not adama yoga, so much the buildings were built from the ruins of the jewish homes that stood here . hello, humboldt cushion. you with the bricks but crushed along with everything else. is a fellow dozens of shoes over the multiple will call human bones and remains were
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found in the sellers under the rebels, full dentures. and i do the meta museum mixed everything with cement, to produce huge numbers of cinder block has become a fabric katya. ah, this is murano, the biggest residential district in warsaw designed to house 50000 people with other numbers. agenda. these are propaganda films. just i'm sure we have no. where do they mention explicitly that there was a ghetto here? so to me it will always be a neighborhood that was built on the ruins of the ghetto. you bet will never be just another war, so neighborhood to shop it. it's a unique place in the entire well that they either nightmarish kitchen when you get to school to miss room. ah
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jesus, the valet. i wonder what they see when they dig just travolta. 15 years ago when they changed the pipes, they found the skeletons of a mother and child or something like that ignition. switch to the clothes, just skins cable. the
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i know for sure that the grid for that or this is one of the places we bury the bones that were found during the excavation room building with a holidays with a couple of those kill him. we say you tell me a little humming at least they are buried at the the jewish cemetery. ah, ah, there is a beautiful spray saying that it's
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a perfect neighborhood for that. and for leaving my from this place when i was doing something and covering bricks and they won't leave there. exactly. but basically those are, brings from the rebel and the bones. and that's your weird, the if you're in the making a hole or something, you know, i can of course held up by somewhere else, but i like the place i'm leaving for center. this is a quiet green me, i know the meaning of us. but if i, if i will think about unless it was right crazy.
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i remember learning about the history of this district in my senior senior year of high school, realizing that this is the place where all this took place. it was like discovering a world that slung past it's, it was a huge mystery loss of realization. there was a horrifying just like a taboo telford. and i wanted to know why i was living here and i didn't know any answers, all those questions. and i went to city architecture,
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i used to walk and know that there used the street used to be going further. i used to end here especially in the dark, recreating, you know, recreating the streets that used to be used to stand here at random little things started happening. coming back from work with my friends getting out of the elevators. we smelled cheeks being baked and we thought it was the neighbors of course. but afterwards i sat down here, she sat down there and suddenly from the kitchen we hear dean wept. and i asked, did you hear that? and she said yes. after 5 minutes we compare the i started checking on the internet, it was something like you put or something where that day my friend
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sleeping on the couch and in the living room felt somebody sit down on the couch at night and she was lying there. it was weird that usually the lights only went out when it was late dark. they turned out at midnight now so. okay, rachel, give me 5 more minutes. i'm going to bed. just chill out when you're sitting and working in silence for 3 hours. just start to tap into things that require time and require ability. it's a different kind of hearing and tapping into another dimension, maybe and picking up those sounds that are somewhere else i
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we do the study in we're on the and the question is, what do people who leave their field? how people think about the fact that they explain the doesn't ghost coming to me. i think this is something that comes in a moment where the histories is covered. but when the awareness pops up, that something flashes in your awareness they discovered in the place that they've encountered on a daily basis that has some different history. and the history has been suppressed. because maybe they leaving the house, which was a jewish house for their parents. didn't want them to think about the dark history
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. this is the most extreme version of a very universal story. and it makes it more extreme defined that we all know about the holocaust. in think of many places in the world where you have this same problems, maybe in ghosts we went to school. did we invoke chu church in the home? this felicia times to present holland as a nation of big things that were together victims with jews. and he's also done
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with using this heritage of murano. and this is what sir is striking today to the strategic uses of, of the history of for the holocaust in the history of the warsaw ghetto, the history of murano whom we are witnessing every year. the march of independence, the before marching in the middle of the city was a neo fascist symbols. it should be a day of celebrate. and i think it's very upsetting not only to the jewish inhabitants, of course so, but to every but because as some liberal views because his day has been taken from us. oh ah.
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your cost to assist them. but i thought him, i work as a photojournalist they saw lucy when a crowd shout slogans like poland belongs to the poles. it worries me from out a letter she stuck the historian column. she thought i thought history repeats itself and people forget and you don't know what will happen 30 years from now. they've given me said this is this basement is from before the war,
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like the rest of the building to several of them to i'm active in a theater group and theaters need props. get on with we collect objects from pre war warsaw, including many from jewish war. so you might, if you're lucky and have the knowledge, you can find 100 the road objects in these basements. shamartha can give this for the but i guess today is profess, anyhow beloved from the university of warsaw center for the study of prejudicial we discussing polish anti semitism. again, colleague does not have the ease. indeed, our study showed that more people agree than disagree with the statement that there is a jewish conspiracy against the state. this is what the ss and hitler wanted to put into the heads of the poles through the use of post as they put up in polish cities to pluck that the jews plagues that the jews are rather, that the jews are disease. and we see that the propaganda of that period is a wall,
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a much higher wall than the ghetto wall. it's a psychological move, move gotta move to get the fact that we never thought through. very honestly what happened here. that's a southern south part of it is when you look how long it takes and it's not that everyone comes into the process. so like it's been so long ago. let's talk about the very french know this covering things that we don't want to know more and more about how poll start dissipated and killed just there is a cause of their way there will be leaving in the underworld under this neighborhood . and there in those on be pulse who are fighters of the worst for pricing. and
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then there was a book, publications, and neither will even just be just the main character goes down to his basement, who finds this whole under world with those don't be just living in a jewish officer from the underworld. answer the question of, of the guy and faith. you can rest. and because only if someone cried after you know, credit after i think that anti semitism does exist in what i know. i think it's hidden, but we heard that people are afraid that the jews are going to come back and take the land. this kind of unknown cheer, you know, the fear of the unknown. i've been living in orlando for 20 years. my friends told
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me to get a rabbi in here to do some exercises. when i said no wind a harlem, a choice, never done anything wrong. ah, i'm sure that living in murano has made me a different person. the whole history of morano for me, i think, is something that i want to close right now, letting go of the heaviness, little and for this time being in my life, i think that i want to change and one be so morals for at least a couple years so i decided to leave more and, and move to things that are her law. my ghost is definitely a moron of inhabited there's nothing happening and you guys
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ah ha mazama. can you come here a minute? look at this building at 40 less no street. but it's one of murano obs main and most typical streets, which is what i'm over. what family don't we? are we creating the old warsaw and trying to save this life from oblivion as if the war never happened? you know what? i'm not what? sure not when i was a child, i was told that there was another city before war and, and there were so many people that i'm aware that there was something before that's why i started to rebuilding the city and to bring the history back to the people
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the know, drink and back to life. hopefully the and we'll go over it in the cation including vigilant and graphic projections, reminding everyone how it was a ah, people who would be politicizing this. they don't want to acknowledge that someone else is older and it was before remembering isn't that nice for the what do you remember?
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first of all, people have to learn for those leaving people where you can interesting piece based on some folks, which maybe i should really get the list of the people we can address. it says i'm researching who lived at 9 nova was given please. now, this is under dorval's name, the $99.00 of streaming. and then she said to russia, wishes, yvonne, hear what you say. say it was another card, kleiner. he died on miller street and he lived at 9 novel it history in apartment. 15 is nice.
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and he is speech. this is an excerpt from a text in yiddish, which mentions a center for refugees at 9 know a lip case straightened up so they could register that. sure. what's the we'll need to do. they were housed there by force with no belongings and killed that the 1st opportunity on the issue that i had little upon you said, why are you trying to find them little as well as to why am i trying to find them as lima bucklin? that's a hard question to answer. let's take that, especially when i'm looking at this person. never, when he obviously couldn't go back to 9 of a key street, it was in ruins. i'd rather not imagine how it felt to go back after the war and
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look for the building at 9 of liberty street in terms of what could be seen or found then. so it was probably nothing to find. as in any case, the basements there under my building, so linda moved me . ah, ah, ah, i
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was looking over her bill because i feel i want to be with them on august 31st. i think it's the last moment you can understand them outside of the context of the war that changed everything. shinta core must daniel sibyl. melana say, what i'm doing by living here. and it's my way of keeping the story alive and present here. it's not only the life that was la, it's an entire culture that was lost with its lemme, she hasn't done yet. let me know if it makes me so sad. you know, when it is. yeah. i
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can imagine only these people were walking here in the alley, sofa, kasinsky park. and you can just think about them as people who still believed and nothing will happen. and this is a believe that we are psychologists. we know that will remain with them until the end and maybe today we have the same situation that i also maybe leave in illusion that the disasters will not come. maybe this is a way we got used to living morano that with stop imagining this past in have you done sold a dime is when you think forever about them, and you couldn't live here anymore, and you couldn't be happy with the beautiful green grass and bird singing and doc swimming in the water and all of this beautiful landscape that we have to day here .
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the, oh, i me, i, i me, i
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ah, [000:00:00;00] with
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