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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2022 4:00pm-4:31pm CET

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aah ross! getting 200 people to sign agency around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge as to why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d w. made for mines. ah ah ah! this is dw news life from berlin,
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europe's diplomatic push to the fuse. the crisis in ukraine, russian president vladimir putin says his country's demands are being ignored in a call with his french counterparts. nato. meanwhile, warrens is willing to step up its presence in eastern europe. it fears of a russian invasion, also coming up defiance in some dot for weeks. thousands have been breathing bullets and tear gas to demand a return to civilian rule after an army group or get an update from the capital part 2. plus the coal leader of germany's far right 80 quits the party. he says he lost a power struggle with the d extremist wing. and this surveillance footage health police arrest the suspects and a german museum jewel heist. they are now on trial, but the big question remains. where are the missing jams?
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ah, on my heart, thank you so much for joining us. we begin this broadcast with europe's latest push to diffuse, growing tensions between russia and ukraine. earlier french president, a month around michael spoke with russia's vladimir put, whose country has mass, tens of thousands of troops on ukraine's border. mr. brewton told prison michael, that nato and the u. s. were ignoring russia. security demands, but kept the door open to further diplomacy. nato secretary general jones, the stolen berks at the alliance, is prepared to put more troops in eastern europe after washington warned ukraine to be on alert for an invasion. scanning the landscape on this ukrainian border city troops try to gauge moscow's next move. one soldier believes an attack
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here in lou haskell is unlikely filled when natural thought that when anavia is not strong enough to withstand heavy attack. finn and the coastline could be easily captured. but of but i was not selina with that's my opinion. everybody thinks about invasion to hockey foot on bus, but that's the wrong point of view. chit as hockey chit as them. but if they attack, they will do it from the see with it. though with the shows more in the black sea rushes navy carries out drills on friday. still the kremlin says it wants a peaceful resolution. used to be at the lease. if it's up to us, that's the russian federation. there will be no law that's, you know, we don't want war before. it's all we will not allow interest to be violated. yes. and we will not allow an interest to be ignored. and you either it's hope to diplomatic offensive will deescalate tensions. high stakes talks with various players or giving hope that
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a war in eastern europe can be averted for those stuck in the middle. life is on hold. much in the games, we just hope russia takes us for good because it has to stop at some point. it's been what, but then you would 8 years of conflict with somebody. it was really to blame them as diplomatic efforts advance. the u. s. is still warning ukraine to prepare for a russian invasion. a 2nd are to paris france, where we can speak to martin can say aig, security, and defense alice with the german marshal fund. they're very warm. welcome to the w news. what's your take on the outcome of this phone call that took place or earlier today, between the present president of my call and president putin, where mister burton told them a call. he is unhappy that the west ignored russia. security concerns
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while the outcome is somehow expected that the call took place. after that you were sent a written answer to the kremlin. and, and i think it was important for france to show that it was possible. it was important to continue the dialogue with russia and to clarify each other's positions. and this is what the discussed now france called with russia this morning and then later with ukraine. ok, sort of contribute to the overall european and trust. i don't think diplomatic effort to find a way to de escalate the situation in the ukrainian russian border. i think what we can expect now is that france will turn to nato and european allies, discuss what has been said with the president of russia, and see what ways could be explored for more talks in the, in the next days, i want to get your view on this, of course, france and germany are making a concerted ad diplomatic, a push to diffuse prospect of,
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of potential ground war is paris, worried about the american approach to ukraine? tensions? so the, actually, there is quite a remarkable coordination among other departments during this crisis is something that has to be noted because we've seen over the past year criticisms from european allies over the way. if i the how to handle the form of canister, or the creation of the orchestra packed in the case of this russian brain crisis, trazadone coordination has been excellent. the french position is that they have the same. they see the same things as the americans are. they see the same things as the grid, but they don't necessarily have the exact same analysis of the situation of the board. and in particular, there might be some disagreements over the imminence of russian action in ukraine.
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it seems that the american and british analysis is that something is coming very, very soon with the french defense analysis is a bit more prudent. there is something to discuss here, but overall, the coordination is quite good. in conclusion, in germany, as you know, has come under heavy criticism recently over ties with russia, especially when it comes to north stream through the pipeline that will bring russian gas directly to germany by bypassing ukraine. what is the alias position when it comes to north stream? to so there is as, as remain rather quiet on the matter. what we've heard from the french minister of foreign affairs is that russia would face that massive consequences. massive sanction this exact same language used by his american counterpart, tony lincoln. so france supports the idea that europeans need to build sanctions regimes, in case russia acts. but france has not taking
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a clear position over what kind of sanctions need to be implemented now, almost from 2. in particular, the french have been quite clear in signaling to the german partner that they're not happy with the way no stream increases our vulnerabilities and our dependencies to wash up. and that this is something that needs to be discussed among europeans. and this is not only a german decision, but i can say a deputy director of the year paris office of the german marshall fund. thank you for taking our questions. thank you. let's get a quick ok. what some of the other stories in the headlines north korea has released images of its latest missile test. the launches on tuesday and thursday were of new shorts and long range missile systems. pyongyang has conducted 6 weapons tests in january, despite being barred from developing missiles and nuclear weapons. malawi has declared
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a states of natural disaster after tropical storm anna made landfall. much of the country lost power for several days. i was, am beek, and madagascar were also hit by the storm. at least 77 people died in the 3 countries. the west african block echo us has suspended burkina faso after last week's military coup, regents heads of states condemned to take over and called for the release of asset present roc a boy who was detained in the coop. the leader of the new military junta says constitutional order will be restored when conditions. all right. let's a pivot now to su, dawn and the broadening crack down on pro democracy protest. scores of protesters have been killed by security forces since a military coup. last october, demonstrators gathered earlier this week in the capital, hard to, to demand justice for the victims. and 2 more were shot dead on despite the danger
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where people are taken to the streets, increasing pressure on the regime. dw correspondent adrian crash reports from cartoon a call for action for demonstrators incidence capital 2, including sharif up since the military crew in october, people have taken to the streets every week, calling for democracy. i. then i want the civilian government to return to power, that you have been sure that the military turn back the clock, because they don't want a civilian and democratic government shower. they raped women with any they killed . revolutionaries asked us up on the ha boom aqua with our protest fighting. we will make sure the democratic system comes back to sharon dental, the latin. amanda emilio, me any more? sharif abdulla the fight against the military regime is personal on the banner, the picture of her son was a doctor,
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shot dead while trying to help other protesters. recently sedan had been moving towards becoming a democracy, but this latest military take over his crushed all hopes. general upton, idaho hahn is now in charge and the protesters want him out. but once again, they're facing a stiff pushback from the security forces. so this has been the reality of 4 weeks again, please, lot of people are getting injured during the protest. the security forces are responding with violence towards the demonstrators. more than 70 demonstrators were killed since the military coup in october and thousands were injured. neighborhood committees are blocking access to their streets, fearing attacks by the security forces. it's a grassroots movement. the protests are not being organized by political parties, the people who want a civilian government and no compromises with the military. but the military has lots to lose, says human rights activists without e. william adam after the cool,
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he was offered the position of a new civilian prime minister by the military to a peace protesters, but he refused. he doesn't believe they wants to reform on the discussion. i said, you know, i know you are scared that young people, civilians and doesn't live in and in england i don't know will be taken to local justice is also what sharif abdulla once back at her house. and mura reminds her every day of her son bobby co, aaliyah kentoya, who said about he would be happy seeing us continuing what he started feeling and, and what he believed in my heifer septa. oh, shall alice. and it would make him even happier. and if we succeed in getting democracy, this all up in the 5th or that i'm babbling, the truth is, is that people are still dying. that is very tragic. will issue that we will
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succeed. i'd go and this will make him very happy less as ellen m as added. louis said, hurry far. duleigh says she will continue to join other protesters in their goal of democratic change. first done. she says they owe that to the many people who have paid the ultimate price. and that was a increase reporting from sudan. next, the co chair of germany's far right h d has announced he's leaving the party. juerg morton has been co leader of the evening since 2015 is that he was upset with a party is extreme right wing accusing it of rejecting basic democratic principles . he was co head of the f t for 6 and a half years longer than any one before him to day. he's not only resigning from office. he is leaving the f t completely. you're more than confirmed this in an interview with german state broadcasters. thus had to day the heart of the party
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beats far to the right. and at a high frequency which isn't healthy, i see echoes of totalitarianism. will these right wing extremists soon be in charge of your party? didn't fuss? they already have more influence than they should be on it. she can go as high as i has under might and says factions of the party don't believe in the basic tenets of a free democracy. and that's one reason he thinks the if he has no future other than as a regional eastern german party, some accused morton of not having opposed the right wing extremists firmly enough. he at the head of at 1st he made those on the right wing extremist side seemed socially acceptable and led them to the center of the f t. he was a fig leaf for right wing extremists. his rebellion came too late. it appeared he was just trying to save his on reputation when i get off of it might and wants to keep his mandate in that you, parliament. but 1st, he has to deal with the trouble caused by his alleged acceptance of illegal party
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donations. the parliament has said to lift his immunity, clearing the way for an investigation by public prosecutors. we can talk to these of you. we're chief political editor, michela christner in berlin, mckayla r critics, right? who we just heard? is this a resignation only to save his reputation or is there more to it? there certainly is more to it. i mean, he may have not that terribly much to lose any more as he faces an investigation for potentially with the allegation of having accepted illegal part to funds. interestingly, some of from some of the same names that seem to here on a list of donors for vinyl, who is a co leader in parliament and seen is very friendly to the extreme y wing of the a party. what your mike did try to do is to years ago he stood up and tried to steer the car to party back towards unless extreme more centrist course. it's
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a spectacular resignation that we're seeing here today. but it is the recognition that he basically lost in his battle against coley, that you know, co holler and beyond hucker be seen as he most extreme end of the fall, right? a if d and that's why we're also hearing some very, very tough rhetoric with martin after all, until just a short while ago the co leader of the party accusing his party of being very close to if not in parts anonymous with neo nazis. we had to put this in perspective for us, contextualize at how much of a conflict with right wing extremists is there within the a f d party. well, that sets the tone for any party gathering. in fact, it is part of the history. he is the 3rd leader to resign of failing to steal the coffee pots and back to the most interest and conservative course. and the far
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right one every single time. the big question is, how much further to the light will the f d drift under this leadership that is very much open, that is not throwing any red lines. and how much of an opportunity is this now for angela macros? conservatives, and now led by a mass who wants to clinch back those voters who went to the far right? a f d. now if this is clearly going into more extreme, is course, the probably has maxed out and how many votes can get. that's what the last elections proof they didn't increase their share and no longer the strongest opposition party. and they mag may now be fighting an uphill battle to display from the fact that they are interesting towards the extreme. right. did you chief political editor mika, in a christian or thank you?
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6 men have gone on trial today in germany over there alleged roll in the green volt museum jewel theft. the robbery at their driest and museum took just 8 minutes investigator say the suspects made off where the lute worth, at least 113000000 euros. though their cultural value is priceless, the stolen gems are still missing. security was high as the trial of 6 men got underway in dresden. they are accused of belonging to the criminal gang that masterminded the theft of the priceless treasures from dressed in green vault. mrs . village, another of nixon for it is one of the most complicated cases of recent years with huge media interest. people are fascinated by this case. one of the offers on the scores and the reason the crime took place on november 15th 2019. shortly before 5 am an electricity distribution box near the green vault burst into flames and local
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street lights went out. the burglars climbed into the jewelry exhibition room through a window screen that was tampered with an advance. they used an axe to smash the security glass and pocketed priceless diamonds and precious jewels. the 1st arrests were made one year later. the prosecution based its case on traces of dna found at the crime scene, videos and witness accounts. the jewels themselves have yet to be found. but the museum hasn't given up hope that they can still be recovered. bus woodside, but it is very helpful that this case is getting international publicity once again with antenna sonata, if it increases our chances of finding the precious jewels, the highest prompted criticism over the green vault security. it's now being upgraded to help keep the museum's remaining treasures safe. let's go now to where did of your correspondence, and when you have shows that she is in dresden of following the trial, am
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a good to see you. what do we know about what do, what more do we know rather about the suspects? well, to seek sir suspect, sir, who are before the court to call to day all belong to the same class there in their twenties. and they are suspected of having taken part to what is germany's biggest hides, highest a so far you see behind me where these are all a took place in the green volt at museum. whereas where jewels are invaluable jewels belonging to a german museums and which are reflecting german history, ah, is teal, a cat. so to day and the child began any to expect it to bring to light a chain of responsibility and a role each of those are those a man all belonging to the same plan or hard on to night of the heist. emma talked to us about the jewelry. i mean, these are irreplaceable pieces of historic value. they're gone now for good.
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well, this is the thing layla a day or value day monetary value is it is estimated at over a 113000000 euros bed. lackey. se at those places are, is simply inestimable. they are part of their german history and, and, you know, our art historians are now, so the investigators fear that we will never find them again as some of the men who actually are all before court to day who stand accused accuse also involved in, in other robberies and not least one of the goldman a gold medal that was a 100 kilograms gold medal that was stolen from the board and museum in berlin. and as it was never found found again. and that's the fear that many people have a hearing. jason wallace talk a little bit more about the people in dressed in the stall and a treasure, of course, well, part of their heritage. how is this trial being viewed?
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well i to day the museum re open its doors and you could see a we were there earlier on. you could see a lot of people visiting the green volt again. so it really shows the attachment of people here and raised and to and their history. but as the trial began earlier today, you could also see that the tension in the city, and not least by say, seeing how many, how many police vans and how many police officers were, you know, it was a, we're wearing a machine guns around at the place where the trial at ease taking place, so you can really see that is something that people here are following a following was it was a lot of interest. like he said, it's a part of their history. emory went, shes reporting from drake. and thank you, emma. the spied rising, coven 19 infection rates. denmark is set to become the 1st country in the european
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union to drop almost all corona virus restrictions starting next week for i minister and metaphysics and wants to quote, welcome life. as we knew it before cove, it all is an experiment that is being closely watched by neighboring countries. then marks got to this point, mainly because if it's highly successful vaccination campaign, it's on everyone's lips. the end of restrictions, even though an estimated $1.00 and $5.00 in copenhagen have had cove, it many are relieved that there was little time. now i think people have been longing for this. because if that a prime minister met of huddled exxon warned people not to underestimate the virus but said covered was no longer a critical threat to society the as to promote for the restrictions over the last 2 years. we're proportionate. but we've always said we won't have restrictions if they are not necessary. and they no longer jaeger,
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as indie denmark has already dropped restrictions once that was in september. now the rate of infections is more than a 100 times what it was back then. the end of restrictions is not possible due to the high vaccination rate. more than 80 percent of people have had 2 jobs. 60 percent have had the booster that makes the illness milder and the pressure on hospitals lower interest and how many would in compared to germany, more people are fully vaccinated in denmark 95 percent of the elderly. i jabbed here. so almost every one who can be vaccinated has been vaccinated deck can't new vaccinated uploaded for now. bars and restaurants still have to close as 11 p. m. but from the 1st of february, the party can go on into the night. sports and deer is now the quarter finals of the africa cup of nations get underway on saturday with 8 teams still vying for the title. for many soccer fans on the continent in the beautiful game is
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a source of hope and inspiration. and certainly the case for the girls in our next report. after fleeing from nigeria to cameron, they formed their own soccer team, finding peace on the pitch that they were denied at home. practice is in session on this dirt pitch. i mean, you might are inspired by the afghan taking place at the moment. these young nigerian women formed this all female football. tea. resources are scarce and conditions could be better. so come when we are playing, we don't have issues of playing, outweighs the problem. spirits were lifted when the team was invited to an africa cup of nations match to watch their nigerian team play. says they came to the gun by think the will 79 dennis l. when we come to to come, now do $1417.00 it in. it is
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a full time for them to go out of the come and adventure for them. and with nigeria winnie that match their adventure in did well well, good to support our team. and julia, well was very happy since we and thought to the cut glass that there will be a smiley we did. did that and the angry at all i live there with the girls are among the thousands in nigeria to fled across the border to cameroon. to escape violence by boca hiram's ye, heidi's remaining day now pontoon, leaving his and his duty. apple running through the bush so that he will hide from them. we are running on the man seemed outside. during that time i have his nick bay. i know where to find me, it is who no rate to do anything. i will want to be easy, cried minnie here have hopes of returning to nigeria. but for the time being
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football has provided an escape for these young women from every day, hardships. a reminder now of the top story that we are covering right now. russian president vladimir putin has accused nato and the us of ignoring security concerns and a phone call with his french counterpart. moscow has mast tens of thousands of troops near its border with ukraine, fueling fears of an invasion in washington, every news life from berlin coming up next to eco india. the environment magazine looks at how water balance is ecosystems and acts as an indicator of climate change . i have more world headlines for you at the top of the hour. for now, thanks hearted. ah
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ah ah, with
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legal right for with what is your city is an all time high people demand radical solution raising the claim they can handle the crisis. but with on d w. oh. who the to go beyond vs with all in as we take on the world. we're all about the stories that matter to
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whatever it table leafs meant. following dfw on fire made for mines. welcome to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings, were organized crime rules. were conglomerates make their own laws? we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to what's all opaque worlds this week on d, w.


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