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would have gone on the trail, i would not have put myself and my parents sang, joe, god, it's a female for that. he was late who loved one. centreville hunted one with him. i had serious problems on a personal level, and i was unable to live there with you want to know their story, migrant verified and reliable information for migrant. ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin,
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keep calm and carry on. ukraine's president warns against panic. i made a stand off with russia after a call with the u. s. president, volota marcella. he says, western warnings of war are hurting his country. he's calling for more diplomacy amid fears of a russian invasion. also coming up defiance in sudan for weeks. thousands have been braving bullets and tear gas to demand, to return to civilian rule. after a military coup, we'll get an update from the capital cartoon. this surveillance footage helped police arrest the suspects in a german museum, ju heist. they're on trial today, but the big question remains. where are the missing jeff? and could he go on to make history profile no doubt the spanish had a star surgeon into the final of the australian open in style. his dream of events record 21st grand slam title i just ever closer. ah,
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ah, i'm certainly so misconduct. a warm welcome to our viewers. joining us on p. b us and around the world. we start with the latest efforts to defuse growing tension between russia and ukraine, ukraine's president volota mer soleski is calling for calm after speaking with us president biden. he said there has been no further escalation with russia at the moment, and he is asking allies to dial down talk of war. earlier. russian president putin, whose country has mast tens of thousands of troops near ukraine's border accused nato. when the u. s. of ignoring russia, security concerns, nato says it is prepared to put more troops than eastern europe after washington warned ukraine to be on alert. for an invasion. scanning the landscape on this ukrainian border city troops try to gauge moscow's next move. one soldier believes an attack here in lou haskell is unlikely filled with national fulfillment,
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anavia is not strong enough to withstand heavy attack cleaning the coastline could be easily captured, but as not selina with that's my opinion. everybody thinks about invasion to hockey for don bus, but that's the wrong point of view chit as you should as them. but if they attack, they will do it from the see. go with the shows more in the black sea rushes navy carries out drills on friday. still the kremlin says it wants a peaceful resolution. used to be at the lease. if it's up to us, that's the russian federation. there will be no law. you know, we don't want a war for all you will not allow interest to be violated. yes, we will not allow an interest to be ignored. you either. it's hoped a diplomatic offensive will deescalate tensions. high stakes talks with various players are giving hope that a war in eastern europe can be averted for those stuck in the middle. life
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is on hold. doing so, we just hope russia takes us for good because it has to stop at some point. what? years of conflict with somebody at the reduced lane as diplomatic efforts advance, the u. s. is still warning ukraine to prepare for a russian invasion for more of the story, we can speak now to read us last quarter key, who played a key role in formulating the response to russia when he served as polish foreign minister during the ukraine crisis in 2014 and mr. course ski is now part of the conservative, locked in the european parliament. welcome to d. w. a good evening to you. if we look at what ukraine's president has been saying today, he has a saying that the west and journalist in particular are playing up this panic, then it's time to dial down the tension. now, the us says, a russian attack is distinctly possible next month. what do you think moscow was
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planning? well, president zalinski needs to keep or his economy, his, the finances of ukraine. stable. so he needs to reassure people. but we know from satellite imagery that over a $100000.00 troops, a mast are all around ukraine. ukraine is surrounded on 3 sides by russia that this has been exercised before and that russia is making demands at present, put in regards to ukraine as a temporary artificial stage. and he's made it very plain with i was the at the nature summit in bucharest in 2008 with where he spoke about it quite openly. and he last july he published a manifesto for the subjugation or dismembering of ukraine. so this is very serious . so russia has, of course, on the record, denied any plans to invade ukraine, but why do you think we're seeing this troop build up now,
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what prompted it is that you think a, some analysts have suggested that i'd like to put in is taking advantage of a time where europe is distracted. oh, of course, you know that the russians lied about not wanting to take over crimea, and then they lied again about don boss, and they lied about the malaysian alina and so on. so yes, i mean, aggressive like nothing you about that. but why do they have a 100000 troops mast ukraine is a democracy, a member of the u. n. in good standing. a member of the o. c. u. crated has russian security guarantees. budapest, memorandum of 1994 on the which ukraine gave up. what was then the 3rd largest nuclear arsenal in return for these guarantees which, which russia has already broken. well, i have to ask you about what russia says here,
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because it actually says that the u. s. and nato already aggressors here and not russia itself by expanding its eastward presence by stationing troops and sending arms are to eastern member states. so what's your response to that? well, at the nature summit, i've already mentioned that germany vetoed giving ukraine a membership action plan. and nothing has happened about that since then. except that russia has invaded georgia. russia has taken over crimea. russia has invaded dunbar. russia has installed iskander nuclear tipped missiles with arranged to reach you in berlin, and russia has shot down that malaysian airline a with citizens on it. so actually, it should be us that should be asking russia for security guarantees. i've asked mr . sure, course you actually, as we mentioned at the beginning, worked hard to bring ukraine closer to the european union when you, with a polish foreign minister. how did you expect russia to respond to that?
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well, why should russia respond to it at all? countries have the right to choose which should trade, which customs areas they belong to. we were negotiating a similar arrangement with russia herself. it's none of russia's business. your credit is an independent country. in the face of what you say is very clear aggression here from russia. what do you think the european union should be doing now? well, decisions to supply defensive equipment or national decisions. but if you are against war, you should be helping ukraine defend itself. because that's what the president putin and we should be, are conducting our foreign policy in common as we pledged ourselves to do the lisbon treaty. but unfortunately, some of the biggest member states are freelancing to not to not have heard. i hear what you're saying. so i'll ask you directly, should germany be sending defensive weapons to ukraine?
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of course i'm a, you know, you and member in good standing is being threatened with dismember meant by an aggressive neighbor. i remember that, you know, germany reek to huge destruction. ukraine mainly and beulah rose, not russia during the 2nd world war. you have a special duty to preserve the peace in europe. butterfly 6th gorski, a former polish foreign minister joining us here in our program. thank you much so much for sharing your insights with us today. my pleasure. now, in sudan score is the protesters have been killed by security forces and some military coup. last october, demonstrators gathered earlier this week in the capital cartoon to demand justice for the victims, and 2 more were shot dead. despite the danger, more people are taking to the streets, increasing pressure on the regime. he'd be a correspondent, either increase reports from cartoon a call for action for
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demonstrators in sedans, capital r, to including sheriff abdulla, since the military crew in october, people have taken to the streets every week, calling for democracy. let us, i'll help my lead and i want the civilian government to return to power. in fact, she had the military turn back to clock because they don't want a civilian and democratic government shower. they raped women with any they killed . revolutionaries asked us a little more hollow, and with our protests, i think we will make sure the democratic system comes back to sharon dental, the latin amanda emilio, me ali for sharif abdulla, the fight against the military regime is personal on the banner, the picture of her son was a doctor shot dead while trying to help other protesters recently sedan had been moving towards becoming a democracy, but this latest military take over his crushed all hopes. general upton,
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idaho han is now in charge and the protesters want him out. but once again, they're facing a stiff pushback from the security forces. so this has been the reality of 4 weeks again, please, lot of people are getting injured during the protest. the security forces are responding with violence towards the demonstrators. more than 70 demonstrators were killed since the military. coups in october and thousands were injured. neighborhood committees are blocking access to their streets, fearing attacks by the security forces. it's the grassroots movement. the protests are not being organized by political parties, the people who want a civilian government and no compromises with the military. but the military has lots to lose, says human rights activists without e let him add them after the cool he was offered the position of a new civilian prime minister by the military to a peace protesters, but he refused. he doesn't believe they wants to reform on the discussion. i said,
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you know, i know you're scared that young giving porky civilian doesn't live in and in. you're going to face, don't, you know, will be taken to local justice is also what sharif abdulla once back at her house. and mura reminds her every day of her son, bobby cur, aaliyah kentoya, who said about he would be happy seeing us continuing what he started feeling and, and what he believed in a ma haifa septa. oh, shall alice. and it would make him even happier. and if we succeed in getting democracy, this all up in the 5th or that on by the truth is, is that people are still dying. that is very tragic. will issue that we will succeed. i'd go and this will make him very happy this as an image added, louis said harry fab duleigh says she will continue to join other protesters in
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their goal of democratic change, fussy, done. she says they owe that to the many people who have paid the ultimate price now to some other stories making headlines around the world, the west african block eco was, has suspended burkina faso after last week's military to the regions heads of state condemned the takeover and called for the release of ousted president, rocca boring, who was detained in the co. the leader of the new military junta says constitutional order will be restored when the conditions are right. a group of canadian truck drivers have staged a protest with their vehicles against the government's vaccine mandate for cross border drivers. they are due to arrive in the capital ottawa on friday. industry officials say 90 percent of drivers commuting between canada and the united states are already vaccinated. a bridge in pittsburgh, pennsylvania has collapsed just hours before us present. joe biden was due to give a visit to the city to give a speech about rebuilding the country's infrastructure. 10 people suffered minor
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injuries and the collapse triggered a major gas leak. biting later visited the site. what the huge challenges facing afghanistan since the taliban take over a few people are focused on the country's tourism industry. but prior to the taliban coming to power, tourism did boat boost local economies and help sustain communities. afghans traveling to different parts of their country providing much needed employment for tour guides, food operators and other professionals. but since august of last year, all of that has dried up leading tourism industry workers struggling the deep blue lakes of bundy amier, a pristine mountain landscape. 3000 meters above sea level. it's afghanistan's 1st and only national park. the area usually attract thousands of visitors a year. all that changed with the taliban takeover. now it's deserted. the normally busy kiosks, empty and padlocked cobbler who held it used to be very good and there was scheme,
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programs, and competitions. in the winter, they used to be so many tourists. but since the taliban came in the last 4 months, we haven't seen any tourist in bondo mia who received the one as well. the when them met him. today, visitors are greeted by arm taliban soldiers and vehicle inspections. of count once flocked to bundy mere looking for a break from decades of conflict. the region prospered, but now it's taken a double hit from the pandemic, and the economic crisis following the taliban victory over certain merlin, when the mid 70 to 80 families are living in the village and their livelihoods depend entirely on tourism couldn't oh the if their tours their income is good. if not one, they have nothing. when monsieur, without the tourists, the striking beauty of the mountains remains. but the people who live here are facing a winter of hardship. you're watching dw, still to come on,
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our show unsolved questions still linger as the suspects in germany's green volt jewel highest go on trial today will bring you that story in a moment. but 1st, the co chair of germany's for right a f d has announced he is leaving the party. yog whiten has been co leader of the 50 since 2015. he said he was upset with the parties extreme right wing accusing it of rejecting basic democratic principles. he was co head of the 8th t for 6 and a half years longer than any one before him to day. he's not only resigning from office. he is leaving the f t completely ear morton confirmed this in an interview with german state broadcasters. thus had to day the heart of the party beats far to the right. and at a high frequency which isn't healthy, i see echoes of totalitarianism. will these right wing extremists soon be in charge
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of your party didn't size they already have more influence than they should be? or it she can go as high as i has and of might. and says factions of the party don't believe in the basic tenets of a free democracy. and that's one reason he thinks the f t has no future other than as a regional eastern german party. some accused morton of not having opposed the right wing extremists firmly enough. he at the head of at 1st he made those on the right wing extremist side seemed socially acceptable and led them to the center of the f t. he was a figure for right wing extremists. his rebellion came too late. it appeared he was just trying to save his own reputation when i can walk through it. morton wants to keep his mandate in that you, parliament. but 1st, he has to deal with the trouble cost by his alleged acceptance of illegal party donations. the parliament has said to lift his immunity, clearing the way for an investigation by public prosecutors. 6 men have
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gone on trial today in germany over their alleged role in the green volt museum jewel theft. the robbery at the dresden museum took just 8 minutes investigator say the suspects made off with lute worth at least a 113000000 euros. though their cultural value was priceless, the stolen gems are still missing. security was high as the trial of 6 men got underway in dresden. they are accused of belonging to the criminal gang that masterminded the theft of the priceless treasures from dresden green vault. mr. village, another of the nixon for it is one of the most complicated cases of recent years with huge media interest. people are fascinated by this case. one of the offers on the scores and the reason the crime took place on november 15th 2019. shortly before 5 am an electricity distribution box near the green vault burst into flames and local street lights went out. the burglars climbed into the jewelry exhibition
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room through a window screen that was tampered with an advance. they used an axe to smash the security glass and pocketed priceless diamonds and precious jewels. the 1st arrests were made one year later. the prosecution based its case on traces of dna found at the crime scene, videos and witness accounts. the jewels themselves have yet to be found. but the museum hasn't given up hope that they can still be recovered. bus woodside, but it is very helpful that this case is getting international publicity once again with the sonata it increases our chances of finding the precious jewels, the highest prompted criticism over the green vault security. it's now being upgraded to help keep the museums remaining treasures safe and caring home stuff from d. w culture is covering the story for us. hi, karen. i was more about the, the suspects, the gang behind this robbery because they're actually behind another big ne museum
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robberies was absolutely amazing. 2 of them were already convicted last just last year of the fact of that 100 kilogram gold coin known as the big maple leaf from berlin's boredom museum. and that was another very, very daring and spectacular heist back in 2017. now the remo clan is just one of several arab origin plans in germany and they're well known to police. they originally came from southeastern turkey, in fact, for 1st 11 on. and then they came to germany in the 1980s where they started off relatively small. but they've been in the meantime grown to be about 13 families and with between 500 to a 1000 family members of the criminal arm of this family, which is really i, i, i'm quite sure it's a mon minority, but they have no use for german law. they've been linked to many, many types of organized crime, including drug dealing, money laundering, arms dealing, also violent assault. but their main state is really drugs and brake ins,
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bank robberies and, and spectacular high like this. so the 6 suspects in dresden are in fact, all related and so far not saying anything which is to be expected because they are credo, is you don't route anyone out. so these de la gems are still missing. tell us about their cultural significance. well, this is really amazing to me because the green vault is one of the oldest museums in the world. it was founded in 1723. i think only the vatican actually has older show rooms augustus. the 2nd of course, wanted to, to show off his dynastic treasures collected from his family to the public at the time. and so he built a special series of treasure chambers for this. and i had amassed about 4000 objects of this collection is really considered to be one of europe's greatest cultural treasures. hugely significant from a historical and cultural perspective and, and valuable in that sense, but not really salable on the open market. you know, and, and if you take all those pieces apart and try to sell the individual diamonds and, and rubies they, they've lost massively in value. so it's
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a huge loss culturally big house in berlin and address. and what does that tell us about museum security in germany? while as we heard there, there's been a lot of criticism after these 2 events. and we of course, just saw back just last year, own active vandalism in berlin's noise museum. and the coin theft of the border museum was actually a bit of an inside job because the, the thieves did have a guy in the security staff at the museum. so this puts museums definitely in a really tricky position because the extra security and the vetting that's needed costs a lot of extra money which, you know, the, the money sources are, are different depending on where the institutions are. security and germany is generally pretty good. but i think that shows that there are always going to be gaps and staff has to be very, very, very on the alert current helps that from dig up. you culture. thanks so much for bringing us that story. pleasure to sports now in spanish tennis star, i found the doll as powered into the final of the australian open he beat at least my tale bearer teenie, and as a step closer to
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a record 21st mans grand slam singles title. he will play danielle medea in sundays, showpiece match. oh, the brink of history. rafa nadal needs just one more triumph to become the 1st man to 21 grand slam singles titles. he faced italy's mateo betty name is a strain open, semi final. taking the 1st set, 63 needle is only one the a still you know, once before in 2009, but a 2nd success edge closer as he took a to set lead the routine. he managed to claim the 3rd set in melbourne and threatened to come back but no doubt would not be denied. he is level on 20 titles with no that talk of it and roger federer, but we federal injured in 2021 champion, joke of it, deported for not being vaccinated against covey. 19 the door has opened for the spaniard. the 35 year old now has the chance to become the most successful men's
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grand slam tennis player of all time in sundays. final let's talk about the australian open with tongue and away from the w sports. i top so work on a doll, he is on the brink of something pretty amazing and this all look pretty unlikely a few months ago in yeah, it's certainly dated. so you've been a very long and bumpy road to the australian open for rep on the down. now he missed the last half of the season in 2021. that meant he wasn't at the us open. he wasn't at the atp finals due to a foot injury that he had for a long time. then he also came through cove infection in december. now he was speaking to journalists after that match against martini, and he said that there were moments during the 6 months that he's been out nursing and recovering from this foot injury last year. whether he in which he wondered whether it was time to say goodbye altogether. to tennis. now that is, you know, obviously a mark of how far he's had to come to get back to the australian open and to the
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top form that we seeing that we're seeing him in, at the moment. and you know, here he is now in the final, at the tournament without talk of it without federer. and he's just 5 sets away from another title. so does that mean for sunday's final that he says she when to when? well, this certainly something of a sense of faith about this final how it's out from the doll at the moment. now, of course, this is a huge chance for him to take to be the 1st man to win his 21st grand slam singles title ahead of federal and joke which you are also of course, both on to see with him. he's only one the australian open ones as we heard back in 2009 and federal joke of it's really are the real kings of the hard core. so the fact that they're not there at this tournament to, like i said, the sense of faith about this really possibly being the dolls time. it certainly looks a bit like an open goal, but you have to also say there are no foregone conclusions in this spore unmet
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today is the us open champion now when he won that competition back at the end of last year, he beat a joke of it in the final preventing joke of it from becoming the 1st not to take 21 grand slam. tied to do so ruining joke, which is hopes of getting the cat and the grand slam last year. so if anyone is capable of ruining that all day tomorrow and spoiling the party it and before that the women's final will come up as well. and we could tina australian window for the 1st time in over 40 years. that's right. yeah, of course. so it's more of the women's final and then sunday was the demands final . now tomorrow could be the actually bought the party in full swing. if she comes through against daniel collins of the usa, daniel collins of us, i should say, now bought yours. he goes into this one as well. number one, she steve wrote her way through to the final so far the, the straight open. she hasn't dropped a single set on her path to the climax. she took just 62 minutes to come through her semi final. so yet
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a lot of signs pointing to her as the 1st australian champion of the home tournament, since 1978 as with the men's tournament. so with the women's there on a foregone conclusions. and yet we'll have to wait and see what happens in tomorrow's fine and exciting. we can do tennis then i can, i can do that before. thanks so much. thank you. and let's get a recap of our top story now. ukraine's i've let him hear savanski has said there has been no further escalation with russia and he is urging the west to avoid creating panic about a potential invasion he's calling for more diplomacy. we'll have more up to date on the day coming up next that we'll have more in depth news rather. and you can always have the latest information on our website, d, w dot com or for the headlines you can follow us on twitter act d, w. news. thank you for watching
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