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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2022 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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for conglomerates make their own laws with strew words. it doesn't matter. be only criteria is work. we'll hook people. we should light on the opaque world. who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle? ah, oh, peak wolves. this week on d, w. mm. hm, ah ah, this is dina. we news line from berlin us from parents to send troops to eastern
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europe, but ukraine calls on the west not to panic. president of a lot of me as a landscape says, warnings of a russian invasion are hurting his country. also coming up, germany is green party comes together to elect new leaders out there. and these 2 took higher ranking ministerial posts in germany's new coalition government. and in tennis, there is no place like home australian native ash party wins. the australian open ended a 44 year dry spell for the country. it's her 3rd major title. ah, i'm french, welcome to the program. you s defense officials are warning that russia has deployed enough forces to invade all of ukraine. u. s. president joe biden,
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meanwhile, has said that he will send american troops to nato's eastern flank in europe, but the ukrainian president followed him years. lensky has cautioned the west against stoking fears of russian military action. meanwhile, the president of the federation of german industries says germany's economy is not dependent on war spring to the pipeline has been a point of tension and might be used in possible sanctions against russia. ones open at wilson to gas from russia directly to germany circumventing ukraine. and for more, i'm not now joined by onrush rods. he is an expert on russian security and defense policy at the german council on foreign relations. welcome to d. w. ukraine calls for com. but there are reports that russia has even started sending blood supplies to its true own troops along the border with ukraine. it really does seem like russia is ready for war. how far do you believe putin is
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willing to go here? to shoot the $1000000.00 question right so far seems to be did the russian capabilities or so great along you raise border, including recently also you can order neighbor bellows. these russian capabilities are soon going to vary, to select a little permit russia to take, or launch a major authentic against ukraine. should the russian president decide so, so far, however, it seems to be that the very final decision has not yet been taken. nevertheless, the 2 course of gratiot is indeed very lost in terms of scale vocation and hopefully show you as president bible wants to boost nato's presence in eastern europe. russia plans the stage of military exercise in belarus, min february, that is really a far cry from de escalation. when do you believe we could see tensions reduce and in what way?
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this is something you have too early to tell. unfortunately, right now, the trend is quite the opposite. military tensions are growing, but all of the growth of russia military contract concentration in bottles. there are some fundamental flows about the official and russian americans concerning this exercise, even more importantly, and the location of the russian groups move to bottles do not correspond to the location of the visually designated training areas. in other words, rush, i am asking groups right along the ukraine by russia border back, there are no training grounds. school should be doing an exercise to groups shall not just be on, not be there about the de escalation more, more credible sign of the escalation would be some kind of a declaratory move. but if the group concentration would start decreasing significantly, unfortunately, there germany has strong economic ties with russia and the gas pipeline north
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stream too is increasingly mentioned as a bargaining chip, but would putting more stream to on the line really have much of an impact on negotiations with russia so far the defeat of north to, i mean better, it finally get commission. so can officially be put in use has been one of the blocking factors. one of the problematic issues in the transfer. the call here, as regarding russia and from the rational side north into has been one of the kinds of state hopes that russia has been relying on, hoping to divide the community. if the german position of the north city will change. in this recent declaration about that north into would not be fundamental necessary for government industry. this would become the core main position. it would be kind of rush of bargaining position and grant grant that the people here from the german council on foreign relations. thank you so much for your analysis.
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thank a sound take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world to day. a powerful winter storm packing, heavy snow and high winds has homo new york city and other parts of the us east coast. thousands of flights were cancelled as severe weather alerts were sounded across a region of around 70000000 people. new york city mayor eric adams urged citizens to stay home if possible. spanish rescue workers have picked up 86 migrants who have been stranded in 2 days off the canary islands. the archipelago off the coast of west africa has become the main destination for migrants trying to reach a member country spain. sergio monterey la has agreed to serve a 2nd term as italy's president. he was asked by leaders of the ruling parties to
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stay on as head of state offer. they failed to reach an agreement on a candidate who could secure broad support from parliamentarians and regional representatives. germany's green party has elected new leaders to cap off. it's today conference and berlin delegates selected to recada lung deputy co leader of the greens and omit lulu pool member of the committee and foreign affairs, as well as electing new leaders. the conference is meant to reassure members, the party is capable of steering germany in the right direction. following a scandal over coven 19 payouts reporting for the i believe all members on spring and political corresponded julia. so deli who's add the grains party conference julia, the greens have elected new leaders. what more can you tell us about them? so 1st started, missouri had a long who has been one of the 2 newly elected leaders was not present here today
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because she tested positive for coal this. so she had to be live streams for her acceptance speech via the web. but she is 28 years old. she is a feminist and has been the speaker for women's policy for the party. and she represents the more left leaning and a young, a party members. on the other side, we have all the movie for he is 46 years old. he was born in iran and moved to germany as a child with his family. he is a foreign policy expert and has a long experience being a member of the german parliament. and he is a more part of the more realist and politic wing of the party. and in contrast to the previous 2 leaders on the lena bear book and of about how they were both of the more realist current, these 2 new leaders bring together 2 of the 2 main wings of the party and will try to bring unity in that sense. which is
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a difference compared to the previous 2 leaders. the previous 2 leaders and elena back now germany foreign minister and little red, hobbit economy minister had to give up the party's leadership. why is that? that's because the green party itself has a rule that says that if one is a member of the party as leadership, one cannot also hold a government posting. so it was expected that they would step down and they had been in charge since 2018 and they brought the party to reaching their biggest ever results in national elections last september and into government. so the new leaders are now going to have to build on on, on those results. the green party received huge support during last year's election . could that momentum still be felt at the conference? well, we've seen that of the 1st few weeks in government of underline a babel chemical about topic as foreign minister and economy minister has been
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welcomed positively, also in the press, also internationally and also within the party. so that is something that was also felt here at the party conference. this is a moment for the party to take stock and to start defining the future of the party, the next steps and start to fit in to its new role as a government party, which they hadn't had in the last 16 years. but certainly there is enthusiasm here within the party to now be in government and to bring forward green policies in a strong way. the delay is julia, so deli reporting from the grange party conference. thank you so much. with the huge challenges facing afghanistan says the telephone take over, a tourism may seem like the least of people's concerns. but before the taliban came back to power, tourism provided a livelihood to tens of thousands of afghans across the country. tourists traveling within the country gave employment to tour guides,
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boat operators and many other workers. but since august last year, all that has dried up leaving entire villages without an income. the deep blue lakes of bundy, amier, a pristine mountain landscape. 3000 meters above sea level. it's afghanistan's 1st and only national park. the area usually attracts thousands of visitors a year. all that changed with the taliban take over now its deserted. the normally busy kiosks, empty and padlocked. clubland hill, it used to be very good and all there was scheme, programs and competitions in the winter. the used to be so many tourists. but since the taliban came in the last 4 months, we haven't seen any tourists in bundio. mia? hoody? see that the one is will the when the mid 90 day to day visitors are greeted by arm taliban soldiers and vehicle inspections. afghans once flocked to bundy. amir
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looking for a break from decades of conflict. the region prospered, but now it's taken a double hit from the pandemic, and the economic crisis following the taliban victory over to the merlin, when them used 70 to 80 families living in the village. and they livelihoods depend entirely on tourism, couldn't go if they are a tourist. their income is good. if not one, they have nothing. when monsieur, without the tourists, the striking beauty of the mountains remains. but the people who live here are facing a winter of hardship and sports now in women's tennis world. number one asked party has won the australian open after beating daniel collins in the final on saturday. artie becomes the 1st australian and 44 years to win the home tied on and 25 year old till the 1st then $63.00. the 2nd sat was a back and forth battle with her american opponent. taking a 51 lead, but 45 back to when on time read. mcdear 8 as her 3rd major title. after the french
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open in 2019 and wimbleton last you guys did elise? it's max merrill with me to talk about the bank. went by the end of 44 here. dry a spell, but it wasn't on smith sailing far. was it? yeah, i mean as you mentioned that 1st that she's actually romped through this tournament . and after that 1st set had still only lost her serv one single time in this australian open. in that 2nd set you got to give credit to daniel collins is the world number 30, who really put up a fight. put her on the back foot, the crowd there really probably pushed boss you back. maybe some nerves on her part, a lot of pressure on her shoulders that was lifted and she joins. serena williams is only the only 2 plays active plays with one on re services. like you mentioned, clay french open grass wimbledon last year and now the hard caught in melbourne and claims at 1st home single since 1978. and it was twice as nice or even slice is
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nice because the double, the men's title, also in australia's way nic, curious and death. and that's the cook in our kids who are good friends, a real feel good story. wildcard entry to the tournament. curious, had coven just before the tournament? coconut because injury troubles. so really great day for australian athletes. definitely all. and although the most talked about player wasn't even and on the court. yes. china's padre who activists, we're back to support again. she appeared only rarely on chinese social media since making sexual assault allegations back in november against former vice premier jango lee in november, retracted those in december with an interview which was questioned by many with a single florian state controlled media outlet. there are many doubts about her well being and the activists who were last week refer, refer, forced to remove t shirts in the stadium. then there was uproar. a band was taken back by tennis australia, an activist made good on a promise to distribute a 1000 t shirts at all. the entrances before the final,
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not many picked up by the t v broadcast, but obviously on social media. also, the debate goes on about her, well being these t shirts, where is punch, why the activists have said they will take this to the for open to wimbledon, says us up and they want to keep going on. i can't let you go without talking about tomorrow. but yes and to history makers, potentially, i found that out on 20 grand some titles tied with jock a bit and federally he could win his 21st. daniel medive, his opponent will be thinking, when will these finally retire? i want to be the top dog in tennis, he could become the 1st man to win his 1st 2 grand slam titles back to back after winning the us open in september. so a big claim for him to maybe finally break up this tree hopefully that we've had for so long and men's tennis. next meryl, thank you so much and that is our time. thank you so much for letting me with .


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