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tv   Arts.21 - One Photo - A Whole World  Deutsche Welle  January 29, 2022 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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the streets of hong kong are quiet these days. the pro democracy movements have been tamed. this week we talk for a 2nd time to regina long time law may get in hong kong legislative council and head in the pro, begging new people's party. what kind of future for hong kong, now her conflict in the 60 minute dw, ah, what people have to say matters to us. m. that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d. w. a . be using visuals to speak on what is not most as booking at
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a distance, one things we love to explore multiple identity. ah, i think i wasn't really photography was it was notetaking malcolm play open the thing back and take a photo with . ready ready a good photograph takes us on a journey to new worlds, to times past and into the lives of other people. it shows a stage as well as identities and allows us to explore
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places as they once were were beginning our journey in south africa, where for more than 20 years, black algae b t q i. communities have been the focus of photographers and nearly more holly's work. danella mahoney's powerful self portraits are politically charged there. the visual artist, exploration of black identity, and nobody ended with them, with an addition to continental and nobody undergone lisa. i not selfish i really photographed and they took him there with the provisional camera. i am one of them coley just called me professor sam will coiling the balance. i feel empowered, i feel actually good because people get to see somebody. i am not doing what i do
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to make money, but i do it to become this. somebody said l m a julio identifies as non binary. what we caught up with him and kept her at an exhibition in the stevenson gallery, when a good one works on display or diverse photographs, paintings, and installation and the document and celebrate the lives of south africa. lesbian, again, trans, queer, and intersects communities with the world. the world is visual in the world is a globe of pixels that forms a picture. so to make sure that we have like, good, high quality pixels, it means that we need to read this history. and now i'm a holy, grew up in a township near durban, in the 19 seventy's that was during the apartheid era when south africa white minority ruled over the country's black majority. holy was in the early twenties
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from south africa, held its 1st non racial democratic elections in 1900 for there. well came to south africa, what document elections are fest elections? and a lot of us who are so deflections, who had elections, who have what's in the couldn't access our own history, our on visual history. how sick is that? that's why them. i wish i had an opportunity to document that fest so definite can elections by due to lack of resources with holy uses or camera to show the realities of the l g, b to our community to continue to face discrimination and ostracism to this day. many people here seem almost sexuality as non africa who's called their 1st future series. only half the picture with
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a lot of people have been here. a lot of people have been violated on daily basis because of the agenda expression, or because of their sexual orientation. so i come on board as a messenger of god. speaking on these issues as an inside there in the entropy, see i, community speaking as a black person understanding that politic of existence. so visual activism is about activism basically. but we using the visuals to speak on what is not and most has spoken about a denellin. holly is in a position to take portraits of a wounded and vulnerable community. others could not. the artist describes the people in these pictures, participant seeking recognition rather than subject in 26
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holy photographed martin, singer at their church there, whose friends to this day. oh, i mean i could teach these human beings that i work with that i have photograph austin, photographing of a period of time as participants who informs, as in wish without been these know, 4 to 5 business videographer. there is no academic pass, all calls later that they are knowledgeable more then these participants. holly's 1st meter exhibition in germany is that the group is bo, in berlin, is a collaboration with london, st. modern. natasha can well the curated the berlin sherman was speaking about questions of sexual violence and sexual rights. these connect to all of our histories, really, so not only thinking about south africa,
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but really also looking into how minorities address their desires, often without fear embracing all premises of love. and i think that is what brings me really close to these images. ah, so too long, we've been done, and distorted mostly. and now i saying it is our time. it is our time because we are black. we are smart. we exist and our experiences is what makes many people see and feel and cry because they get it. they get it here lou. ready ready our next are just brings us back to
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berlin, a city that is for ever changing. ready ready ready alexander stephanie has been documenting the change in faces of berlin for years. he photographs old shops, snack bars, abandoned buildings, industrial plants, and open spaces. the photos speak of the past as well as of the present, and create visual memories of places before they disappear forever. liberties and mob eden, charm that i love the cities morbid charm hardened visor. mike drawn to these places as if by magic and i can't resist one and they speak to me. yeah. on twitter . graphing them is basically my, you, i, for my oldest yellow my we have capturing them for myself and for posterity fest zyden remnants of the berlin wall relics of
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another time and spaces where artists lived and worked in divided berlin. and after the women fell, been in shoveling west 1000000000. i grew up in scruffy, west berlin wanted to mitchel call an exciting all those big baron spaces were like, fast adventure, play grand for to be applied. i go baking there with friends, my mom, and find it exhilarated under foreign on font as we are offering. one of the city's biggest construction projects is currently underway, new berlin, central station. it's called you ropers city, and will include 3000 departments and offices 416000 people. not so long ago, the area looks like this. a disused well laid grounds at the 60 t as in size. when the lin was divided after world war 2. this area was more rude in no man's land between east and west. since the war fell, its central location has made an attractive place to build and admire. schleiden fun there, ma'am, blown away by the sheer quantity, common reason, last year's,
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of kind, design, air where i'm standing, it looks like it could be anywhere in the world. i love my sister at the house. what bothers me, the most high. what does that interchange ability, rhoda does. this is one area where i wish they had preserved of it, like 10 years ago, a little didn't verify these new buildings along the spree. less and make it nostalgic without losing radar was over. there is what was once the curry felt that world famous french graffiti, by street artist blue la blue on i photographed this place regularly for over a decade in ya ligaments. it was the most hotly contested place in the chrysler district. often in the last remaining open space, where any one could have a barbecue, we are group, then i became berlin's 1st fidela, 1000000000, whom to refugees and towns on the thrift it. ah, so in chronic spec is gleiss strike park, which covers some $31.00 hate days. it's
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a full morale wide area that stood empty during the time of the world. traces from its former identities still remain among the green. alexander stephens started coming here long before it became a popular park. he captured what has since disappeared. for instance, the gulf driving range that closed in 2009. but there's still plenty to do here. marcia sherman vaguely found a great way to keep the memory of the parks history alive, and he saw or creasing a space for all berliners and relax and enjoy themselves on the shower and park the fog. lillian still has places where time seems to have stood still. he is experiencing a construction dune more and more alexander chef and feels the need to hurry so that he can capture the soul of his home city in time before it changes again.
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these next to artists can't get enough of change and of the possibilities it opens . ah, behind each image there's a personal story. many of the videos and photos by the french. you else a para and you had a banana show the artists themselves. and yet, they are also always someone different. the 2 women appear as different characters and stage portraits. the results are versatile, an unsettling mix of performance and disguise. to invent their characters, stories and spaces elsa and you. hannah, are always observing everything around. this is to call her consider store as we tell a bit like a magical puzzle made up of aspirations. we have and share images from the films we like observations about found them through,
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inspire us for people we pass on the street, woke up. those are the starting points which allow us to play these characters in their meadows with their best sellers or the resulting photos resemble film stills. elsa new hannah don't just disguise themselves for their future series. the also scout out and style interiors as well as x 2 years to suit each story and character mm. occasionally chance also please apart like when a dog happens to come is can use up the restroom watch. we are really interested in all that is the magic of the moment. so for instance, if we want to shoot in a room, we'll do it at a specific time of day when we know the lighting will be good. so we been to reality rather than the other way around and we like that because it makes for plenty of surprises. so kids,
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oh elsa and you. hannah use natural light and few high tech tricks. in terms of photography, the jews approach is rather minimal, but it's a different story when it comes to their vast treasure trove of wigs, accessories, clothing, and makeup. oh, it's a 2nd mix. it is one thing we love to explore. it's our multiple identity, melnik, household and admit the illness van off. but we also know our limits and don't take things too far. oscar. it's very important for us because it's the authenticity which brings our characters to life. jonathan, as it's a song, it isn't altered. thinking of these identities resemble us in some ways that are very far away from us and others on general as a dialogue between the characters and us would you know, the sense of intimacy and an affinity. it was, we like some of the characters a lot, only perhaps because they don't resemble us, but that,
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but rather remind us of people, we love them. all the characters are extensions of ourselves, but in a bad way, so to speak. don't oncology may early move us us whenever possible. the 2 women design the exhibitions to hear it calls raj. natasha gallery. they decorated one space to look like a $70.00 hotel, bobby low, sam roselle. we had fan creating an ambience a bit. likewise, anderson, it's something we like to do a lot because it was an extension of how we tell stories into this and an invitation for the public to understand how we work as artists of how we discover a place to observe things on the details. text is in colors that den inspire our stories. it's our own universe. we're presenting you back hopeless. children's bedrooms can also feel like private university. james madison, travel the world photographing where children sleep.
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ah, child fantasy and reality of image. what would the world look like if we were made by children may be like this. the domain, a full year old kaya from tokyo. a child's room often reveals the biggest streams. samantha from new york is a 3 time karate will champion who trains 4 hours a day. this is her bedroom other times a place where a child placed the head for the night provides insight into their families, difficult living situation, and daily fight for survival. for at the 15 years, british photography, james madison has documented where children sleep i was asked to
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come up with a project for a children's charity. they're either of a child in kind of smiling a lot or a child in a disaster situation. so i began to think about my, how could you know a little bit more about a child. and i thought back to my own childhood, i kind of looked at the kids in the pictures and i kind of thought, i wonder what bab bedroom is like. the pool home to 7 year old indira, she and her family live in a single room. the children sleep on the floor. indira has worked at a granite quarry since she was 3 years old for 5 to 6 hours a day with any protective deal. mm. james madison met many boys and girls who have been robbed of the very things that make childhood special, being free from care and responsibility. ah,
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i live in a fayette in rio de janeiro. she's 14 and pregnant for the 3rd time, 8 year old ro see from cambodia lives on a garbage town. it's home to 5000 people. not only were they living in these terrible conditions, but they were also having to pay rent, it still almost makes my stomach turn because i can remember that one of the things that the family do was that when they're going through the rubbish, they kind of pull out, you know, some of the leftovers they'd made these mattresses out of har tires, which they had found on the rubbish dump. that was a very, very difficult situation. children having their own room is mainly a western custom. in the best case scenario. there a place of refuge and freedom. it's a recent privilege, but one more and more germans have been able to afford in the last 50 years. these days on average, parents spend several 100 years
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a year on children's furniture. ah james madison so photographed with these children sleeping in design of rooms that look like the child's paradise. he captures things that are contradictory, absurd, and shocking, and presents them without judgment. he knows that kids can change. can do, for example, jazzy. who is a young girl the i photographed a beauty pageant to house just had hundreds and hundreds of these are crowns from all of the competitions. and i did actually go back and meet her now is not into beauty pageants, but she's really into swimming. and she gets up at kind of 4, 35 in the morning. her life has kind of gone in different directions since our photograph madison says his photos aim to provide a window into others,
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lives and coaches to p curiosity and promote understanding. some also reflect the huge conflict in our world. and israeli settlement in the west bank is fetus. where religion is the most important subject in school. his orthodox family strictly follows the torah. just a short distance away, it's palestinian, did her brother killed himself and 23 others in a suicide bombing in retaliation, these railey military destroyed her family home. they've lived in a refugee camp ever since. i also think that children a, quite a good way of looking at issues that are going on in the world is if i was to photograph an adult, you kind of somehow implicitly blame them for the situation around them. whereas the child is kind of so clearly kind of born into that situation is it is could, is kind of innocent. so you can kind of,
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i've used the project to look at some kind of quite complex issue. burlison's project raises big questions. like how can we make the world a fair, a place for children? he says the short answer is more education. indira still works the granite quarry, but thanks to an aid organization, she can also attend school. she longs to be a dad, so when she grows up, kaya wants to be a cartoonist. and le mean had to be the teacher. no matter where and how these children are growing up. they all have victory. ah! we don't know what fell maker van ben ness tramped up when he was young, but he started taking photos, age, sex, and remains passionate about photography to this day.
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taking pictures once required a lot of machinery, big cameras, photo booths, labs and the results were all analog film directive in vendors started telling his great stories with little photos, with polaroids instant prints that had 1st just functioned as quick sketches ah, mature auto, you'd hunt for locations in mother and one she'd found one you shot there. come on and if you had several, you'd want to be able to compare the lies and shoe others all. and it wasn't really photography of last year. it was no taking long notice. and you could also affix them to the stream playing or pin them on the wall at night. i'm slightly below the camera fascinated vendors so much that he gave us a role in his film. ah
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. the photos in the movie act like words in his story. in a window into the world beyond is 100 images were often blurry and a bit i shall focus a little side because the exposure time was really long on i thinking that was great when it was sunny, who traveled when it was darker, you had to keep incredibly still to pull as no one photos a polaroid on a tripod. other this is from what fuzziness was almost the stylistic devices by them doing. plus, the photo always came with its own frame. that was nice was, was a frame, was part of the attraction. so she was granted, and one at the object, her person being photographed, he was still there. you compare what you had in your hand or you just photograph,
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quantify something you can normally do and taking pictures of them doing in the how does come i love my love. i love all of you unleash the image is a faded, fuzzy blurred, weathered and have color casts, but that's part of their appeal there. and i love the fair morality has become great and special, and the depth and breadth that vendors also sought to convey in his films the world beyond the horizon. it's always evident here as well. mm. noon. these days vendors always has his smartphone camera on him. but it's not the same person digger, it's such a shame really. and this is the train stopped in the country where i took my wife
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yesterday with hawkins, that i'm glad to know about that. what happened was such a nice nighttime atmosphere and that, and view someone had a room that was completely lit up in purple. and i photographed it to my daughter that in. so that was a moment where i thought it belated by what a shame as having to put in that would have made a good photo shot. now it's only on my phone who to sort of the reason it is not mandy. his polaroids records of the past full man lives in a quieter, more peaceful time, or may be timely, ever existed for that one moment in the eyes of the photographer, ah, what is good for mom? so she was good to boost that when you're conscious in the moment of taking it, that it's a good photo. i mean, you just knew it a month month, but muncie, the more you photograph, lindsey memo, the less you need to lou man was one mccourt with he essex 70. but as exhibited my
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body could do that. i the coupled but i didn't need to mess around with the soup. was i hip i opened the thing back and take a photo. don't ever think it? just press the shutter. it's that simple. one photo po, world. ah. it and that brings us to the end of our picture, shall we hope you enjoyed the journey. see you next time with me. ah, with
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who into the conflict zone with sebastian the streets of hong kong acquired these
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days the pro democracy movements have been tamed. this week we thought for a 2nd time to regina long term law maker in hong kong, legislative council, and head of the prob, aging new people's party. what kind of future for hong kong now? conflict in 30 minutes on d. w. rethinking capitalism. yep. mm hm. and i created myself because i no longer believed that a company was success depended on another people should belong to one single person need entrepreneurs for putting people in the environment for a lot of money. but i just realized that i've never been motivated by money more sin, less greed. 60 minutes d, w with
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located in the out of europe. you are connected to the old world. experienced outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by frappe waterloo. ah, ah ah . this is dw news lines from berlin. italy's political leaders convinced their 80 year old president.


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