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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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a noon ah, to see w news long from berlin. rough on that del winds, the australian open and makes history. the spaniard bathed danielman veda from russia in 5 sets, taking his 21st grand slam title. it's more than any other male player beforehand. also on the show, deep freeze on the us east coast. tens of thousands are without power and travel is disrupted after a bomb. cyclone drops up to 80 centimeters of snow. will hear from a meteorologist in new england in northern ireland commemorates
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a massacre that changed its history, families, march and the city of dairy to mark 50 years since the bloody sunday killings. when the british troops opened fire on civil rights protesters leaving a trail of tragedy and political turbulence. ah, america furnish welcome to the show. rafael nadal has won the australian open and made tennis history. it's a record breaking 21st grand slam title for the 35 year old from my yorker in spain, and that puts him ahead of no joke of it. and roger federer, the dal defeated russian daniel madrid. if in a final that was nothing short of epic, it all began as a one sided affair. after striding to a 1st set victory,
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daniel med would have kept his cool to claim the 2nd and seemed ready to double his grand slam tally. he even began to win some fans over, though the crowd was firmly in the pals camp. that may just have been the boost, the 35 year old needed. so awesome the come back king in his career let out who his way back into the match, willing to set 6 for that his opponent was with him all the way after 5 hours of playing time, the exhaustion. and the 5th and final set was there to see method of again threatened to be the man to deny a player the reco 21st grand slam title after his us opened when over no back joke a bitch. but natal somehow found the energy to reach the all time record for a 6 month injury layer and catching cove at prior to the tournament, the spaniard says he now feels ready to play on with his favorite french, opened the next opportunity to make history and dw voice max meryl followed the game for us all 5 hours or less. this is remarkable on so many levels. next,
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how does he come back after 2 sat down against the man who's 10 years his junior? yeah, i mean the dal even himself, couldn't explain it. he said he was not physically ready for a battle like this. having had a 6 month foot injury lay off, then was bedridden with covey before the tournament in his preparations really disrupted, and he said he couldn't even celebrate. he couldn't even remember much of the match . so for him really leaving everything on the court and med bed. it was in the form of his career and took him out of the comfort zone in those 1st 2 sets. it was really close in every single set after those 2, which made a better one and now just threw everything at him and he was still so close. but i think no doubt the edge was the fans were on his side, which really helps. and also he made these in game adjustments, these little tweaks, these big game experiences really help in a sport like tennis, where you cannot rely on your coach to give you feedback off the sidelines. it's not allowed. so he's having to make all these tweaks himself and even in the 4 set,
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it looked like 2 heavy weight boxes who just sort of said, you know, there's not going to be knock out. let's just sort of get this over with. and past midnight was when the 5th said start local times. so mad, but it was still laser focused in that said it was still super close. so he was right there all the way in that al, just got it done. may live last against possibly the best there ever was. is being called and go. the green is of all time any regrets i'm his part as he leaves melbourne. i think so for sure because those that 1st said he was dominant. the 2nd set, he still got over the line and then a, you know, he had opportunities and all the sets as well. and he's beaten jock of it on his path to the 21st title in the us open. last september, there were long rallies in this match. both players ran more than in the tournament . average of their own. serv. so really exhausting match for both to play. but med bennett had 23 aces turned out 3. so the opportunities were there. i think he was frustrated by the lack of crowd support we saw in the report. him sort of getting
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this, but i mean, is he's not yet a darling of international tennis or neutrals aren't necessarily on his side. and this changing of the guard from the big 3 federer adalyn, jock of it still hasn't happened. and at all is now the sole record holder. and he's headed to the french open, which is basically his home, away from home. yes, he's one there 13 times more than any other players. one any grand slam themselves and singles. men's tennyson. i mean phaedrus: 40 years old. he was out of this torment with injury jock of it as these vaccine issues which may keep him from performing at the french open as well. so a big chance for him, for a 22nd grand slam, he's not called the king of clay for no reason. max, now i think at least for the thing is i'm the east coast of the united states has plunged into a deep freeze as a major winter storm has left several states. snowden and their coastline flooded tens of thousands of households are still without power. severe weather alerts were
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issued across the region of around 70000000 people. the bomb cyclone, as meteorologists are calling and generated a dangerous mixture of snow and hurricane force winds. the worst of the blizzard is now expected to move into canada, where several provinces are under warnings as well. massachusetts is one of the worst hit states in the us, and that is where meteorologist matthew caputo is standing. by for us, matthew, tens of thousands of households throughout the state are still experiencing power out. it is why can you tell us about the overall toll of this weekend storm in the us? yeah, guys, that's exactly right. you know, at one point we had the entirety of provincetown on the tip of cape car without power, but 25 percent of the cape still remains thou power. and the rhodes i got to say are horrible shape behind. you can see only one problem come through the past 80 hours, which is really unusual for a place that deals with heavy snow. like we are a new england or most impressive pen centimeter per hours. nope. or no road crews
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up at all. we wind up with about 55 centimeters worth of snow here, but some areas saw 75 centimeters, almost raking records and boston saw there was no yes, the january day ever recorded. and their 2nd most founder did every quarter with records back hundreds. it doesn't necessarily seem like the authorities have the situation under control. how are people they're coping? yeah, that's a really good point to the point we actually had to call our town because we haven't seen a snowplow come down in about 18 hours. only one person drove by and now we have roughly 20 plus centimeters of snow on the ground since the last time they plowed, which was yesterday afternoon. so it's been a full 18 hours. nothing. if somebody had a medical emergency in this neighborhood, they just wouldn't have any access to medical care because obviously bruce can't get by which is pretty concerning. at the same time to, you know, it's clear behind who have no blanket of cloud covers to hold onto our temperatures
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overnight. so tonight you will get bone chillingly cold, with double digits below 0 celsius. and anyone who's lost power, including the majority of cape cod, will see temperatures in their household gets dangerous levels. so children, elderly, vulnerable populations, we're really concerned for them as we have throughout this next bitterly cold night . how are people bracing for them being chill? that is now coming her way. well, we've heard a lot of people firing up generators, and one thing i think is really important distress. you cannot run generators near your house or in your house. a lot of people are buying them now. they haven't used it before, but we had a big spate of recent storms and past couple years that have left people without power for days or weeks of times. a lot of folks now buying generators so they can stay warm, but it's important people know generator safety, carbon monoxide, stuff like that. we're also hearing people just trying to stock upon blanks and everything that can largely folks in this area know what storms can do. they bought non perishable food, they bought water,
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they made sure they have all the medications they need. it's one of those things where it no one can really go out about for about 48 hours time and years. that's gonna stay home. enjoy the beauty of it, but make sure you stay warm too. that's the lice given to us by meteorologist matthew company in cape cod, massachusetts. thank you so much. thank you must, i'll get a roundup of some of the other stories making news around the world to day is really president is our hertzog has arrived in the united arab emirates. it's the 1st visit by an israeli, had a state to the gulf country. the u. e and israel normalized relationships and a us brokered accord in 2020 so to me, security forces have shot and killed a 27 year old anti coo protester in the capitol. cartoon medic say, the man died from a chest wound. his death brings the number of those killed, demonstrating for civilian rule to 70. 9 says the military took over in october
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britain as preparing to offer nato, a major deployment of troops, warships and jets, to eastern europe. u. s. president joe biden also plans to send american troops to boost nato's presence in the region. u. s. defense officials are warning that russia has deployed enough forces on ukraine's border to invade the entire country . and people in portugal have been voting for a new parliament to a year sooner than scheduled. the early election was called after a political deadlock on spending brought down the minority socialist government. bullying suggest a tight race between right and left wing parties. northern ireland is marking 50 years since the bloody sunday massacre with events across the country. on this day and 972 british soldiers shot dead, 13 unarmed civilians during a protest in the city of london. dairy, also known as dairy, and the consequences can still be felt today. good. these people,
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the commemorating one of the darkest chapters of the north, not in conflict, one that unfolded 5 decades ago today. thousands of mostly catholic pres, says, had gathered for a rally against a new law, allowing imprisonment without trial for his troops were deployed to block the marches of to you started throwing bottles and stones, soldiers responded with tear gas rubber, bullets, and water cannon. the paratroopers also had been fi with live rounds shooting at the march as after less than half an hour of shooting, 13 marches were dead with ever does more injured. the 14th would succumb to their wounds. months later, the soldiers claimed their talk. did gunman and bomb throw as a government enquiry supported the armies account, but was planned as a whitewash. only in 2010 would his 2nd inquire report ever one shot was unarmed, but no bombs were thrown that soldiers had lied. the conclusions of this report are
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absolutely clear. there is no doubt. there is nothing equivocal. there are no ambiguities. what happened on bloody sunday was both unjustified and unjustifiable. it was roll. the british government issued a formal apology. but to this day, no one has faced trial over the killings. and i'm joined now by the w. a political correspondent, emanuel charles. she lived in ireland where she studied irish history and give us a little more context here. why was bloody sunday such a watershed moment for northern ireland? well, the northern ireland conflict doesn't start with a bloody sunday. in fact, it's fans over well 3 decades of decades of irish history. and we see an opposition within the population between people who are, are the people who wanna stay remain, are within the united kingdom's and people overdraw their a joined d,
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a which hardly a vine. and so the, on the so bloody sunday happened. and you know, we just saw in the reports, we said i sat in unarmed people were killed our day in the streets of the city of a dairy. they were all catholics. they were all unarmed. and this will just add a few to the fire of the northern irish, a conflict, also known as the troubles. and so we see just how significant disadvantage it was in, in irish history in exactly what we see here in hundreds of people taking to the streets to commemorate at event with families are marching the same past. their relatives did a carrying portraits of the victims versus so a children are in the streets of dairy or carrying white roses. so it's a, it's a tipping point in irish history and into history of the troubles. why is the commemoration so important? the one we're seeing today is a part of the healing process, but of
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a healing process. and no, so actually pointing out of the fact that the healing isn't is not complete for many relatives. you know, day, most of them are when we, when you talk to them, you realize that didn't get closure because after de savvy then inquiry or the killings the shootings were deemed and justified and unjustifiable. but no, as sol, dear has been tried so far, which is something that their families would very much like to see. the conflict officially ended with the good friday agreement of 1998. but was there ever a true reconciliation in northern ireland? partly yes and there, but it is a, it is a fragile piece though is see in northern ireland and a piece that is easily shaken and has been the case a was brag seat. and a question of the, a border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland has revived a d, you know, a good old, a foods between
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a island or the republic of ireland and northern island inhabitants. so there is a piece of, but it's still very fragile. and much as thank you so much for yourself. is that a pleasure? haven't you? you to washing dw news, lie from berlin, stay with us for a documentary about the megacity that is won by thank you so much for help with soccer is a sport of the many colors and the children in this mountain village. oh, them all. and emma, where's blue, the color of her favorite teen, but sex its traditions, prevent her from going to games and play an insurmountable obstacle. girl football on the peak starts february, 4th on d, w. ah.


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