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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2022 9:00am-9:31am CET

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ah, the hash moral life starts february 16th on d w b ah ah, ah ah, business dw news live from berlin. a show of force from north korea as
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a test is most powerful weapon in years, a ballistic missile capable of hitting us territories in the pacific ocean. washington calls for direct talks with john. yup. and the u. s. calls an emergency meeting on the ukraine crisis. united nations security council is to meet within hours to deliberate on the threat of a russian invasion. meanwhile, washington prepared for it, caused the mother of all sanctions on moscow. afghans find refuge in the eastern european country of albania as they wait for the us to take them in as promised. and he fear that dream will never come true. and facing a growing backlash, music streaming company, spotty fide change, its changes, its tune on cove, it 19 misinformation blue . ah,
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i'm go ahead of us. welcome to the program and more about all those stories in a moment. but we want to start with some breaking news. a manhunt is on the way in southwest germany. after 2 police officers were killed near the city of kaiser slaughter. the 2 officers had stopped the vehicle when shots were fired. when back up arrived, the 24 year old female officer and the male colleague, aged $29.00, were found dead. the suspects of fled. this scene law correspond, belinda crane is following this story for us permanent. what more can you tell us? we don't have a lot of facts as yet, as you say, to young police officers were shot as they were carrying out a perfectly routine, a traffic control. and they are then i was the perpetrators fled the scene. there is a major man hunt, now going on,
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not only in the state of highland palatinate where this occurred, but also in the neighboring state of czar land. and the police assume that several, a potential perpetrators were involved in the shooting. but we don't have any details whatsoever yet on their identities. the police are asking for twitter for any tips that any bystanders might have had their off. so warning people in the area not to let, not to pick up hitchhikers, saying that they are those who are flea and could well be doing so on foot and, and by hitch hiking and i had this happen not far from the french border. could that complicate matters? no, not really. in fact, there is very close cooperation between our police on both sides of that border.
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that too is a perfect perfectly, a routine operation that the police would notify their french counterparts. and that, that the search would be conducted in the border area. so i think know, complexity there. melinda cram there. thank you very much. is being called north korea's most significant weapons test in years, the reclusive regime has confirmed that as launched a missile that can reach us basis in the pacific state. media said the weapon was a war song. 12, that's a ballistic missile of intermediate range. it is capable of hitting the u. s. territory of guam with a nuclear warhead. it's the 1st time the north has tested a missile that size since 2017. the report said pictures of the earth were taken in space from the missiles, nose cone. its flight was 1st detected by neighboring south korea and japan which condemned the new test. a grandmother not done door beside it or not because i'm
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not a series of actions by north korea, including the repeated launches of ballistic missiles, threatened the peace and security of japan, the region, and the international community on a little, okay. such intense ballistic missile launches are in violation of relevant security council resolutions. and our country has made a strong protest to north korea day again, june equal your dutchman. from order i'm joined by a judge. smith is a senior, corresponded with the reuters news agency in sol. josh, we keep hearing about these tests and south korea and japan and the u. s. have been quick to voice their concern. do we need to be concerned? so all of these missiles have been smaller than the really large intercontinental ballistic missiles that got a lot of attention back in 2017 when tested them. those are the ones that could reach as far as the united states. but one thing the analysts have increasingly
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pointed out in the officials here and sold and japan, as you mentioned, have said, is that these missiles that north korea has developed the lately are increasingly capable. and they are the types that could be potentially used in the case of war ever breaks out. and so for people that are down here potentially in the firing line, amid all of these tensions, it is something that is very concerning. and military analysts and officials like say that not prayers making real progress in increasing the capabilities. they're not for sure show. they're not purely a propaganda tool. they do have military potential. but it's off of the propaganda that this was the biggest missile north korea has tested since 2017 and follows month of smaller test. however, contrary to 2070, that's been far less of the bombast than the shrill threats from young young this time ron, can we make anything of this?
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that's correct, that there has been a much less talk of fire theory that we saw in 2017. north korea has mentioned, it's a displeasure with united states, particularly with sanctions and with ongoing military activities by the united states and south korea here. but it's really all of a state media coverage of most of these tests that really focused on the technical aspects of it. and liter kim don't only showed up at one of the 7 tests, unlike many of the test back in 2017. and this is something that analysts point to as evidence that north korea is in many ways trying to normalize tests in back get the world to accept that these are normal self defense operations by country that is just trying to protect it. so that's a look at the timing of this test. the diplomats, i working round the clock at the moment to prevent russian invasion in ukraine relations with china that worked in years. what do you read into the timing of this
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missile test? so there are a lot of internal things going on in north korea outside of that, this is comes ahead of some very key holidays that they usually like to show a display of their military power around. and they of course have some economic crises. so this is in part of the government to show strength in the face of those problems. at the same time. analysts and officials that we talk to have noted that north korea could be taking advantage of a bit of distraction by a lot of the world. you know, is seeking to continue to make the real military advances at a time when united states its allies. other countries around the world only have so much bandwidth to concentrate on calculating perhaps that they can make some progress with less of the attention that they got in the class. just a so for us, thank you josh. the un security council is due to meet for the 1st time
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of russia's military build up along the borders of ukraine. if it goes ahead, the meeting would see russia, u. n. a. bassett, a square off in public against those of the us, britain and other states over the possibility of russia invading ukraine. the u. s . is also considering imposing further sanctions on russia. that's as ukraine as training civilians in the use of weapons and how to fight authorities say a 100000 people have received training in recent years to act in case there's a russian invasion of their country. western states also considering a range of sanctions against russia in case it invades its southern neighbor, include removing russia from the international payment system called swift base in belgium. swift is used by banks around the world to wire money to one another. and here's how it works. swift handles trillions of dollars of transactions between
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them more than $200.00 countries and territories territories. it is used by around 11000 financial institutions. so when a business in germany, for example, wants to send money money to russia, swift coordinates the transactions using an intermediary bank in the us. if russia were to be kicked out of swift, it would limit its ability to receive payments from abroad, including 4 key exports, like oil and gas. and that, of course, would harm russia's economy. for more that i'm joined by the w. as emily sherwin in moscow, emily, the possibility of more sanctions like the bank transfer system, swift throughout an exclusion of russia. from it. how much of a threat is that for russia? well, i think it's worth pointing out. first of all, that the narrative, at least publicly here in russia is look, we've been under sanctions for so many years. we can deal with anything that they
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throw at us. and it's true that russia has been heavily sanctioned since they annexed the crimea peninsula from ukraine in 2014. and in the years since the idea of cutting russia off from swift has been floated several times, and russia has actually been preparing for several possible sanctions scenarios since 2014 including that. so they've actually created a parallel russian financial messaging system at the moment that's hardly used and only a few countries are part of that, including bella. ruth, one chinese bank is in that messaging system. so i think cutting russia off from swift would be a painful measure for the russian economy. but russia does have the possibility of kind of in the long term, you know, within a few weeks i can economists say, kind of circumventing that and creating a parallel system. but of course, it would be an unpleasant measure that russia would have to work hard to deal with
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. one of the sanctions that would really hit russia hard would be of jeremy strap, the a gas pipeline called north a stream to is that threat being taken serious by the kremlin? i think it is being taken seriously. first of all, economically, of course, russia's economy is, is very dependent on income from oil and gas. so that would be a hit to russia's economy. i think symbolically though the significance of northridge too is even bigger. you know, this project has been in the works for so many years. it's prestige project for the russian government. and also, i think, politically, you know, germany has actually been defending north stream to for years, at least from the russian point of view against attacks from the us, against attacks from other you partners. and if they decided to halt north stream to that would be a seek,
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a signal. i think that one of russia's most important trade partner in germany is willing to take a hit to its own economy to punish russia. and that's, you know, that's a significant step at least politically. certainly, emily, what's the mood like in russia does, does to, to have support for an invasion of ukraine. i think that most people here don't think that an invasion is likely. there's a sense also that actually it's the west. now that's acting hysterically. that's been the narrative in russia, at least. and i think, you know, a war against, against ukraine would be unpopular here among many people who have family ties to ukraine and see you grand, kind of as a brother nation. and of course, economically this would be a long war where people here are already worried about how much money they have. so i think that would also be unpopular among russians,
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corresponded emily sherman in moscow there. thank you, emily, get a quick round up of some of the other stories making headlines to day. at least 18 people have been killed in brazil, after heavy rains. the state of south palo saw landslides and flooding. authorities say around 500 families have been left homeless. the states governor has authorized emergency aid money for the affected areas. brazil has experienced torrential rains and flooding over the past month. protesters angry over canadas vaccine mandates have blocked roads for a 2nd day in the capitol. ottawa, the demonstrators include truck drivers who organized a convoy from the western part of the country. prime minister just intruder and his family were moved to an undisclosed location. as a precaution, portugal governing socialist party has been celebrating after a bigger than expected victory in sunday's elections. there result allows prime minister antonio costa to stay in power with an absolute majority in parliament. in
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your polls had predicted a narrow window. for the socialists over a 1000 african refugees are living in albania as they wait for the us to approve that asylum applications. many of them used to work for the us in afghanistan, and washington promised to provide them with visas and permanent homes. now, after months of waiting in the eastern european country, many afghans in albania are growing concerned. there might be stuck land sea, their dreams of a life in the us fading our correspondence fun. if a chart fall, this report from the town of change in another day and the address 80 coast albini, i. d number 140 for alias nav and dish. the 29 year old fled from afghanistan after the taliban to control in august last year. elliot is a journalist, a job risky to keep under the taliban. he thought he
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a revolver on his sister's left behind, forced to leave school. it's very hard to ah, to hear that your sister is asking for education and you don't have a power or a possibility for her to, to, to respond. hair. hideous is thankful to be safe, but his own future is also uncertain alive of being in limbo. he says, there is no way to go back. no way to go for so are that you are stuck in one place for the last 5 months. silly us and about 1500 on the raft, and refugees have been staying in this hotel complex in change in a tourist resort. they were told it's temporary until they are better for a u. s. visa, this replica, the statue of liberty, had been erected at the hotel by albanians, the u. s. as
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a patron of stability. that's the image. many locals have. this has been here long before the hundreds of african refugees who arrived at this hotel. some of them have told me that a statue has begun to feel like a hollow promise. as they wait out the vetting process. he asked wants to keep busy . he turned the casino room of the hotel into a makeshift newsroom with honor exiled john only once. they're gone informed the world about afghanistan as the world's attention is shifting. it's very important to continue our work. it's our responsibility. it's our commitment as a journalist to that paper. he's the online editor in chief for the at electron newspaper. one of the most read daily in afghanistan, the print no longer exists. the team here wants to keep it alive on line with colleagues stealing. cobble the work distract from their worries about their future
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. i don't know about my future at that. what will happen? because we don't know when we leave albania, some here want to stay anonymous, fearing repercussions for their families back home. all of them want to know when will they move on? albania, interior ministry says that it's difficult to answer, but it seems the united states may no longer be their final destination. no wonder when we will have meetings this month with the canadian government. they are interested in taking a lot of atkinson. but we are also prepared for them to stay in albania, las and all the honor african refugees, hope they will not be forgotten. as time goes on, after all, albania was only supposed to be a transit country. the audio streaming service spotify, as promised to take action after a followed over the airing of covey. 19 misinformation on the platform. the dispute has seen artists like neil young and joni mitchell removed them music from the
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platform and the case. prince harry and his wife megan michael, who signed deals with spotty 5, also expressed concern over vaccine misinformation. the company has now said, we'll add advisory warnings to any podcast that discusses cove 19 for decision has been welcomed by the us podcast. the joe rogan, who sparked the controversy after interviewing a prominent vaccine skeptic on the platform. one things that spotify wants to do that i agree with is that at the beginning of these controversial podcasts, like specifically ones about cove, it is to put a disclaimer and say that you should speak with your physician and that these people in the opinion that they express are contrary to the opinions of the consensus of experts, which i think is very important. of him on this experience. got rocks, broad culture correspondent discard so. but if i breaks his silence, will this draw a line under the matter you think?
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and i very much doubt it, i mean, this whole controversy shines a light on basically what the amount of content that's on spotify, that many people find objectionable. specifies tried to be a non political in its approach absence for the entire company's history. and this issue with joe rogan and with the coven 19 podcasts. a controversy makes it much more difficult for the company to stay non political. so although with its statement that it will point people towards accurate coated information, it might settle a few of the people's minds and mate might help smooth things over for the, for the short term. i think this issue will not go away for spotify. that is, why is this such a headache for spotify? what? because they basically bet the company's future on a podcast, which of course, are extremely popular. i'm and they spent
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a lot of money investing in popular podcasts. i mean, joe rogan's podcast. spotify reportedly paid a $100000000.00 for the rights to carry it, and it's been incredibly popular on their, on their platform. and you've seen do a lot of deals like with the royals with harry and megan, who have done a multi year deal with spot. if i do a series of podcasts for the platform, but podcasts are not pop music, they're often inherently political. that means inherently divisive. so what a spot if i never wanted to do was get in the middle of a culture war, but that's definitely where they find themselves a now. and it remains to be seen how they will get themselves out of it. is there a possibility that more artists follow neil young and joni mitchell? probably not. the biggest money's been as on that platform and move that platform or leave that platform as well? yes, i think i think that could happen. i'm, as you mentioned, the joni mitchell and neil young are the sort of cutting edge of, of modern pop music. but i think this whole issue does shine a light on, on
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a bigger topic, which is, who takes responsibility for the content on these platforms as platforms like spotify, like facebook, like instagram become bigger and more influential. who takes responsibility for what's put up on them. do we stole out? would we keep up the sort of free for all or should, or these platforms between more like a traditional broadcast, like say, deutsch avella where the content that's put up on our channel is take the broadcast or takes responsibility for it. i think that issue is sort of the core of this scandal, this discussion, and that issue definitely isn't going away. our coach responded to scott roxborough there. thank you, scott. israel's head of state isaac hats oak has arrived in the united arab emirates. the 1st ever official visit by an israeli president, 2 years ago, the 2 countries normalized diplomatic ties. assal clue to abu dhabi the capital of
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the amorites, where he met crown prince and defacto ruler, muhammad been zion, the 2 sides disgust, security, and economic relations. ah, israel's president isaac had so on his way to the united arab emirates historic visit, the 1st of misery leda, to the gulf states at the royal palace and abu dhabi had sent me the crown prince mohammed bins. i it is a mess. i b as part of the u. s. mediated abram accords. israel the u. e, establish diplomatic relations in september 2020 almost overnight, commerce and tourism between the 2 countries flourished. $400000.00 israeli tourists have already visited the emirates freight to the 2 countries has multiplied by a factor of 12 within
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a year. is ready. technology is boosting the u e. economy and even arms deals are in the pipeline. is in a need to combine lend on july the day. the synergies between the 2 countries are immense forgotten, and it will benefit from each other during the corona virus pandemic, when the and on. and they thought technology handle it set of built on mutual benefit. these ties are set to strengthen further. in the united states, tens of thousands of households on the east coast are still without electricity. after a winter storm with several states snowed in resident started digging out from the blizzard snow for as crews work to install par. and clear roads. a sunny sky over the u. s. east coast. only a day after it was hit by a powerful winter storm. that left behind a thick blanket of snow. more than 100000 people lost power during the blizzard.
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boston tide, it's record for the biggest single day snowfall busy days for the snow blowers clearing the runway of the nearby logan airport. the storm prompted the cancellation of hundreds of flights. several states if declared emergencies as many residents begin to dig out. he got some work to do little bit. yeah. yeah. my neighbor helped me out quite a bit though. yeah. with us back of some school districts cancel classes on monday . well, the snow is still being cleared. meanwhile, crews are working around the clock to restore electricity. as soon as possible. rough elena, dumb has won the australian open making tennis history. it's a record breaking 21st grand slam title for the 35 year old from spain. his opponent done your move yet if we took a to said lead, but failed to get the match,
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wrapped up, not our cloth is way back. when in 2 sets, $64.00, he then claim the 5th and final said after more than 5 hours of playing time, that puts in a head of novick, joclett and roger federer as the soul grand slam record holder in men's tennis are moving on to the africa cup of nations where synagogue have made it into the semi finals. they beat it for tauriel guinea 31 and will facebook in a fossil in the final for wednesday earlier. egypt got past morocco off the extra time and will play hosts cameroon. in 1st days, other semi final and the teams are set for one of the biggest sports classes of the year. american football super bowl. the los angeles rams booked their place with a thrilling 20 to 17 victory over the san francisco 40 niners. the rams will face a cincinnati bengals in 2 weeks in front of a home crowd at
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a sophie stadium or host the final game of the season to determine the top ti, the nfl. it watching the w. c. as a reminder of the top story, we're following for you. police in southwest and germany, i'm searching for a suspect off the 2 police officers were killed in the city of kaiser lawton. 2 officers aged 24 and 29 ad stopped the vehicle when shots were fired, the suspect has fled. the sea and north korea is tested, a ballistic missile, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to us targets in the pacific ocean. it's the largest weapon, tested by the country since 2017 washington has called a direct told with john. yeah, that's it from me and the news team for now. i love an update for you at the top of the hour of next is sports them. thanks with
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who a little bit it will be here by india, a city growing at breakneck speed at the expense of we were kind of younger bands when we got an eviction notice. this is where our family lead a megacity wound by from slums to skyscrapers in 45 minutes. d w. ah, with the green do you feel worried about the planet we to i'm mil,
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host of the on the grievance of cost. and to me it's clear. we need to change the solutions or out the join me for deep dive into the green transformation for me to do with it. 2016 as like a bunch of the clean cut wants to see if germany was for me the last few years have been quite a ride, getting poorly in touch with averted on the home when it comes to job is. and of course i always look right in the eyes. birch is, but perhaps the biggest on the new hobby of mine, i'm no longer approved. i want to be in the newspapers, americans, but when you're feeling altogether, you'll realize that coach is just another way of living. are you ready to meet the driver and then join me right to do it on b, w ah,
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