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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2022 11:00am-11:15am CET

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every was doors of gender, a blue, the color of her favorite sexes, traditions prevent her from going to gauge and play with an insurmountable obstacle. blinker football on the peak store to february 4th on d w. ah, ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, a show of force from north korea as a test it's, it's most powerful weapon in years,
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a ballistic missile capable of hitting us territory in the pacific ocean. washington calls for direct talks with pyongyang, also call and coming up the u. s. calls and emergency meeting of ukraine crisis. united nations security council is to meet within hours to deliberate on the threat of a russian invasion. meanwhile, washington prepares what it calls that the mother of all sanctions on moscow. and digging out after a massive blizzard on the west, east coast major disruptions after some places get up to 80 centimeters of cell. ah, i'm see me so much going to it's good to have you with us. we will get to our top stories in a moment, but we want to start with some breaking news. a manhunt is underway in southwest germany. after 2 police officers were killed during a traffic stop. the 2 officers had star the vehicle near the city of kaiser's law
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turn when shots were fired. when back up arrive, the 24 year old female officer and a male colleague, age 29, were found dead. the suspects fled the scene and we are monitoring the latest details on that story. we'll bring you an update in the next show. now to our top story, it's being called north korea's most significant weapons test. in years, the reclusive regime has confirmed it has launched a missile that can reach us spaces in the pacific state. media said the weapon was a while song, 12, a ballistic missile of intermediate range. it is capable of hitting the u. s. territory of guam with a nuclear warhead. it is the 1st time the north has tested a missile that sy, since 2017. the report said pictures of the earth were taken in space from the missiles, nose cone. it's flight was 1st attracted by neighbouring south korea and japan, which condemned the new test. a good am i gonna dondo rizoto torn or per because i'm not a series of actions by north korea,
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including the repeated launches of ballistic missiles, threatened the peace and security of japan, the region, and the international community. luna, this is all the great such intense ballistic missile launches are in violation of relevant security council resolutions and our country has made a strong protest to north korea. ghost june junior. call your dutchman. we can speak now to josh smith. he's a senior correspondent with the reuters news agency and sol. josh. thank you for joining us, sir. south korea, japan, as we just heard there. and the us have been quick to voice their concern. are they right to be concert? well, analysts and officials that we've spoken to here have underscored that these advances by north korea, as well as the tests of older mrs. like watson well represent real military progress and real military capabilities. so of course, that could all become a real threat in the event of a war,
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which they say is all the more reason to ensure that a war never breaks out. but what they do say is that the test do not appear to be simple. propaganda moves by north korea, obviously it has messages for the international community as well as domestic audiences. but these are vo missiles with real military capabilities. and this was the biggest missile, the north korea tested since 2017 comes after months of smaller tests. and yet we haven't seen as much propaganda from pyongyang this time around. why do you think that as well, they appear to be bent on developing their missile capabilities? perhaps at a time when there's less international focus on them, as there has been in the past. the kind of messages that we have seen have been ones from them depending this kind of testing as the kind of normal self defense military measures that many countries around the world take. and that seems to be the message that they're putting out there,
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that these are message are. these are missiles that are not pointed at any one country, or their sovereign right of the country to defend themselves against the policies from the united states and its allies. out korea in japan. i want to ask you about the timing of this test. josh, because diplomats are working around the clock right now to prevent a russian invasion to ukraine. we know that relations with china are at their worst in years of is north korea perhaps taking advantage of the west being distracted at the moment? that is certainly one theory by many watchers right now. north korea appears to be testing the limits of what can get away with at this point, it's heavily sanctioned already and it as it looks around the world, as you said, most of the major players are distracted elsewhere. the basic lucas are coming up. and of course, washington is looking elsewhere, so they may see this as a time to make more progress on these weapons,
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perhaps with less repercussions than they may have had in the past. and josh, just one last question, the u. s. is calling for direct talks. what could that look like? mean we're unlikely to see a face to face summit between the leaders of the us and north korea. there does seem to be a lot of pessimism about the chances of those talks. not just because of the very difficult nature of differences between the 2 sides. washington once, not really give up the weapons and not korea has shown very little sign that they're willing to do that. but then there's also the issue of the ongoing pandemic i. north korea has, has a very strict lockdown that they're only the very beginning to ease a bit there. so there are many obstacles scanning the way to feature talks. josh nathan, your correspondent with writers in sol. thanks so much. the un security council is due to meet for the 1st time over russia, the military build up along the borders of ukraine. if it goes to had the meeting,
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would see russia un ambassador square off in public against those of the us, britain and other countries. the u. s. is also considering imposing further sanctions on russia. that's as ukraine trains civilians and the use of weapons and how to fight authority, say a 100000 people have received military training and recent years in preparation for a russian attack on their country. let's bring in our correspondence on the story we have emily, sherwin and moscow melinda craned here in berlin. good day to both of you and we want to share with you there in moscow. there is a meeting today at the un security council, as we mentioned, will that change anything for the kremlin? well, i think mostly assuming this is just the, the newest site for the war of words between russia and the u. s. that we've been seeing in the recent weeks, so it'll be kind of a new place for them to square off to face off and ahead of this meeting today. russia already said that the u. s. initiative to hold this un security council
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meeting about ukraine is just a p r stunt from the russian point of view. they've been saying again and again, they never have plans to attack ukraine, that they still don't plan to attack it. and in fact, the russian focus isn't really so much on ukraine at all. it's been in the last few weeks actually on trying to get these security guarantees, particularly on the, on a stop to nato eastern expansion. when it comes to the actual meeting. today, observers have been saying that russia will potentially try to derail the meeting by holding a vote on whether that meeting should take place at all. and when it comes to concrete outcomes, they have a veto in the un security council. as one of the 5 permanent members, members in that council, so there's unlikely to be a concrete outcome from the for the, for the kremlin there. ok, melinda, coming to you. now, here in germany, leaders from the biggest governing party,
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the social democrats, they're going to be meeting over how to deal with russia. can you tell us why germany is so reluctant to fend defensive weapons to ukraine? germans often attribute aversion to participating in any kind of military action to world war 2, to this country's responsibility for a war of aggression that caused unfathomable suffering all across europe, including in russia and ukraine. and especially for the social democrats, germany's cold war experience, reinforced that stats in the eyes of many s p d members. that conflict was overcome, not by deterrence, but by diplomacy. not because nato station purging missiles on the border to communist eastern europe. but because s p d chancellor really brunt introduced us to politic and cultivated closer economic and diplomatic ties to the east. so reflecting both parts of that history german law formerly prohibits sending weapons to conflict regions and that's what social democrats are citing when they, when they say they don't want to,
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to send weapons. but in fact, this countries, one of the world's biggest weapons exporters and these arms often wind up in war zones. so it's a little hard to understand why the government is being so dogmatic here. and those $5000.00 helmets that it's now agreed to send, almost look like an insult for some allies. while germany continues to point to diplomacy in the possibility of economic sanctions. and emily, we've heard also that russia could possibly be excluded from the bank transfer system. swift, how hard would that hit russia? well, ah, russia has been under a pretty tough sanctions since they annexed the crimean peninsula from ukraine, back in 2014. and they've also been preparing for further sanctions. and since then, um, so including swift and they actually created their own financial messaging system to kind of avoid potential sanctions. they could use that,
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but it would cause some economic pain. i think for russia, at least in the 1st few weeks, if that were to cut to come to pass. and melinda, one more question for you, germany, chancellor, olaf shoulds have signaled he might be ready to scrap this very controversial gas pipeline or stream to is that a serious proposal? unclear, foreign minister, bear book has been stepping up her rhetoric and making it clear that germany will get on board with tough economic sanctions, including possibly suspending operation of the north stream to gas pipeline. but chancellor schultz is still perceived by many allies as, as equivocating, possibly reflecting the brush a friendly position of many of his fellow social democrats, including former chancellor gerhard schroeder, who is a lobbyist for gas problem. the german gas company, the russian cast company. so it would be interesting to see how today's meeting of espy leaders to discuss the parties. russia strategy turns out, and also of note,
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is that olaf shorts the chance or will travel to washington to meet directly with joe biden on february 7th. so there's clearly an awareness that germany's allies expect more melinda crane and berlin and emily, sherwin in moscow. thank you both so much now to some other stories making the news around the world. protesters angry over canadas. vaccine mandates have blocked roads for a 2nd day in the capital ottawa, the demonstrators include truck drivers who organize a convoy from the western part of the country. prime minister justin trudeau and his family were moved to an undisclosed location as a precaution. portugal governing socialist party has been celebrating after a bigger than expected victory in sunday's elections. the result allows the prime minister antonio course not to stay in power with an absolute majority in parliament. nearly all poles had predicted a narrower wind for the socialist music streaming service spotify as taking new measures to combat coven,
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19 mis information that follows. a dispute that saw artists neil young and joni mitchell roof moved their music from the platform. the you case, prince harry and his wife megan markelle, who have deals with spotify have also expressed concern over vaccine misinformation . english premier league football team, manchester united have suspended their player mason greenwood following accusations . he had assaulted a woman. manchester police said they had arrested a man on suspicion of rape and assault images and videos had been posted on social media by a woman reporting incidence of physical violence. in the u. s. tens of thousands of households on the east coast are still without electricity. after a winter storm left, several states snowed in resident started digging out from the blizzard snowfall. as crews worked to restore power and clear road. a sunny sky over the u. s. east coast, only a day after it was hit by a powerful winter storm. that left behind
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a thick blanket of snow. more than 100000 people lost power during the blizzard. boston tied, it's record for the biggest single day snowfall, busy days for the snow blows, clearing the runway of the nearby logan airport. the storm prompted the cancellation of hundreds of flights. several states if declared emergencies as many residents begin to dig out and got some work to do little bit. yeah. yeah, my neighbor helped me out quite a bit though. yeah. with this back up, some school districts canceled classes on monday. well, the snow is still being cleared. meanwhile, cruiser walking around the clock to restore electricity as soon as possible. and just one sports item for you in the africa cup of nations, senegal have made it into the semi finals. they beat equatorial guinea 31 and we'll
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face burkina faso in the final 4 on wednesday earlier. egypt got past morocco an extra time and will play hosts, cameroon and thursdays. other said my final let's get a quick reminder of our top story. police in southwestern germany are searching for a suspect after 2 police officers were killed near the city of kaiser lawton. the 2 officers aged 24 and 29, had stopped a vehicle. one shots were fired and the suspect fled the seat. have more details for you on that story at the top, the, our coming up next. the pandemic continues to dampen global growth, including the european economy. chris kolber will have the w business for you stated i.


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