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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 31, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, british prime minister, forrest johnson repeats his apology for holding lockdown. park is in downing street promises reform after a key report accuses his government of failures of leadership and foster, a culture of excessive drinking will bring in the latest from london also on the program job. it offers his hon. the suspects believe to have shot dead,
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2 police officers during a routine traffic track. russia and the united states face off of the un security council over ukraine. washington, i demand such of moscow justifies its truth build up ukraine's border. moscow accuses the u. s. of stoking hysteria. i'm your career test. it's most powerful weapon for years and ballistic missiles capable of hitting us territories in the pacific ocean. washington calls for direct talks with paeonia. ah, i'm so gale. welcome to the program. british prime minister barak johnson the has accepted the findings of report into part is held at number 10 downing street during the you case that cove locked out in 2020. we apologize for reports findings
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which looked into more than a dozen gatherings. it accuses parts of at 10 downing street of displaying a family of leadership and judgment, and says the behavior surrounding the gatherings is difficult to justify. mister johnson addressed parliament in london in the last few minutes and said this. but firstly, i want to say, sorry, and i'm sorry for the things we simply didn't get right. and also sorry for the way that this matter has been handled. and it's no use saying that this all that was within the rules. and you know, you saying that people, we're working hard. this pandemic was hard for everyone. we asked people across the country to make the most extraordinary sacrifices not to meet loved ones, not to visit relatives before they died. and i understand the anger, the people feel as go straight to london. oh, john d w. a correspondent to charlotte, chelsea and pell, an westminster in central london. welcome. charlotte. we just had the prime
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minister there apologizing to parliament. has he done enough to quality anger amongst his own party? that's right, so straight off the bat, the prime minister apologized. he told parliament on the british public, i get it and i will fix it. whether that is enough, though, while the jury is still out on that, had been thought, the publication of this report would be the moment that members of his own party would decide on his political future. that though was before, it became clear that not the, the full details of the alleged gatherings wouldn't form parts of the findings of this report. it had been felt, it would be watered down, not perhaps, might bind the prime minister some more time. that wouldn't be the momentum for m p 's to gather around in order to make a decision on his political future. but this report redid to pack more of a punch than some people were expecting, though,
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didn't name the prime minister directly. it did talk about fe is of leadership, which of course, at the top of which is the prime minister, boris johnson. now, there is still a questions and on says i going on in parliament just behind me at the moment, but already in the very early stages of this already i've been a number of members of his own party who come out say they no longer support him including foreign, former prime minister, theresa may, he said, the report shows that number 10 a observing did not, did not observe the regulations that it imposed on the public. not really is the hot of this did boris johnson and those around him not follow the rules that he was asking the rest of the public to do so they were there 12 of these gatherings this reporter sat, talked about 4 of them because of these police intervention a what has been the most dangerous part of, of what has been published for mr. johnson?
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i think you're alluding to it right. that the fact is that none of the alleged gatherings of gatherings would detailed in this report. su gray, the civil 7 to let this report said she didn't think it was fair to detail any of them given that she couldn't go into particular depths on the 12 that are under police investigation. but that is something that we did not know clearly before. it was not a clearly uh, specified how many gatherings, why being investigated by the police. we know now there are 12, including a, some that the prime minister say, we know went to war is alleged to have gone to that's will be crucial. but of course, our police investigation could take weeks, possibly even months before we truly find out the findings of that. and the report does make clear that we should not read into the fact that they haven't gotten to any details on them. makes clear that so the police may not find any arg, any criminal wrongdoing head that is for them to decide. thank you for that. i sean chil, somehow in london, i here in germany,
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a police in the south west of the country are looking for at least one suspect and the killing of 2 police officers. a 38 year old man is believed to have opened fire when he was pulled over in a routine traffic stop in the city of kaiser's lawton, police looking for evidence. the lethal shots were fired here on this county road early on monday morning. the 2 police officers, a 24 year old police officer training, and a 29 year old colleague managed to place an emergency call. but additional officers who rushed to the scene came too late. if i can control it from a police officer's point of view, roadside checks are among the most dangerous situations. you can't know what you're about to get into. you don't know who's in the vehicle, what's in the vehicle, what items you'd find there? and how will the person who's being checked react, and that that was probably also the case here of out of his son, police have started
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a big man hunt for the culprits. not only and ryan and palatinate, but also in the neighboring sov region. it's unclear who the culprits are and which direction they took to flee. the authorities assumed that several perpetrators are on the loose, at least one of them, carrying a weapon. a switched indigo inman as, as the interior minister of the state and the superior of the regional police. and as a father of 4 children, the same age as the 2 police officers who were killed with utmost brutality and deeply shot. your fat, middle beyond the rhine and platen, a police together with their colleagues from the czar region are working urgently. and i hope you understand i won't comment on an investigation that's ongoing. besides the saga, the other, the deed also shocked the federal government in berlin, said to spokesperson for the federal interior minister reading out her statement. nothing is our fault independently of what motivated this deed. it resembles an
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execution i. it demonstrates that police officers risk their lives for us on the job every day. my thoughts, i'm going to victims, families, colleagues, and friends. we will do everything we can to hold the perpetrators accountable, have it in my. i then shot the interior minister run on palatinate that will give him all the support he needs for rapid arrests and investigations. police have edge drivers not to pick up hitchhikers and have asked the population to help in finding the perpetrators. or we can go straight to the sailor jaunty, doubly reporter yashira vega. welcom yashira, bring us up to date. well, as you have heard, there were 2 police officers shot. and the last thing i could do were using their radio and sending out the message to the other police officers in the station. they are shooting at us. which incident that they are could have been more suspects, does them just one. but what's going on now is that the police are searching for
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one suspect, 38 year old, and he has your hands s coming from the region of the silent. and he's armed. that's what we heard so far. ah brown, hair wearing glasses and probably very dangerous. this is for the police said, and as you can see, the district road 22 just behind we 22 are, is still blocked by the police as investigation is going on. and they are still searching for the suspect or even more suspects. that is still right now. unclear. right. so 2 dead officers are at the c. m. had they drawn their guns? well there are reports that they did, but the police folks person i talked to some minutes ago, couldn't confirm that to me. and there are reports saying that one officer is shot all are everything he had on the, on the suspect. but this is not confirmed as,
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as i said. and what we could confirm is that the main police officer who died late later was still alive when police was arriving there. and so that was a fact the police could confirm to us that right now the investigation is going on . and we have to say that this part of germany is quite rule. we have a lot of big forests here. so there are many places where a suspect can hide and maybe duck away from the police, a searching him with helicopters, with doc units searching for him. so we don't know where he is right now, and it could be that this investigation is going on. still some, some hours over the night, right? german police officers are routinely on. this was a shooting act incident. is it unusual for officers or to be involved in this sort of incident? it is unusual or these kind of crimes don't happen very often in germany. and we
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have to say that these 2 police officers were in an unmarked police vehicle. and we learned from the police officer that it's quite unusual that they do routine. police stopped on an on a route rods like this early in the morning air in an unmarked police vehicle. so they, there must have been a quite a sign or something suspicious about the suspect. why they did this control this check on this room road just behind me. all right, thank you for that. your show viber of un security council meeting to discuss russia's military build up along its border with ukraine for the 1st time meeting. we'll see a rush as a you, an ambassador, lined up against is a western counterparts. meanwhile, lawmakers in the united states are preparing further sanctions against the kremlin if it launches an attack on its neighbour in ukraine, civilians, and are being trained to fight and to use weapons authority to say about
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a 100000 people have already received military training in recent years in preparation for a potential russian attack. well, more recruits means a need for more weapons, but germany has upset its nato allies by refusing to send down to ukraine. berlin says the export of lethal weapons the region could increase tensions. russian fighter jets in eastern europe, moscow's military build up on ukraine's border has key of desperate to arm it's defense forces. ukraine has asked germany for support, but as met reluctance from the new coalition government. while berlin has approved the delivery of 5000 helmets, it said no to leave. the weapons is good that i did at one mit. that was right now we're trying to engage russia and diplomatic talks to avert a war in the middle of europe. i believe supplying weapons would send the complete run signal. it would not lead to an easing of diplomatic tensions next panel. as a door to con, the german government is still deciding whether nato ally, estonia,
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continue, crane, heavy artillery made in the former east, germany berlin's policy not to export. lethal weapons to conflict regions is backed by the greens, because in at lodge launched it. of course it's a central question, is it possible to be tough, engage in dialogue with russia and deliver weapons? i'd say no, and that's why our policy is the right one or the only for the night of the subs in megan august. if you've asthma that policy for now doesn't include a stop to the node stream to pipeline. but if russia does attack ukraine, chancellor olive salt isn't ruling out painful sanctions. let's get more from the w correspondent on a salad in washington. a welcome oliver. this meeting of the security council has been called by the u. s. what do they hope to get out of? it will feel clearly the united states want to put the topic on the world stage and to raise more awareness for the ongoing conflict that's already all over the news, of course a but at the united nations security council,
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the goal is to raise pressure on russia and it really is going to be a fight for the public opinion. we're going to see later today, although it's very unlikely that we're seeing any formal action resulting out of that meeting or even a resolution. russia has veto, right? so they're in a very comfortable in a very strong position. also, china has already announced support for russia, but the united states want to use the security council as a forum to press russia hard on the topic over a true filled up at the ukranian border. busy with the ultimate goal to gain momentum of for the ongoing diplomatic effort. now ukraine isn't a member of the security council, but it will take part in today's meeting. so this could be a chance for direct diplomacy between russia and ukraine. also wins 1st and foremost that we're in for a very controversial debate because there are all conflict parties involved is the 1st time the security council gets together on the topic. and we already got a little taste of the rhetoric we're going to hear there,
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the u. s ambassador to the united nations when the thomas greenfield said russia has a clear threat to the international peace and security. so we've, we've heard that rhetoric already, but then russia countering calling that security council meeting a shameful p r stand. and then the russian delegate, you mentioned, will also speak, so we're going to hear all conflict parties. however, that will be largely symbolic, right? the u. s. i already has sanctions against russia in place. what else of a considering now? now the u. s. and the western partners of course, the european union also has sanctions in place. and they were put in place back in 2014 after the russian annexation of crimea considered ineffective by some. and so of course, the west is threatening with a new level of sanctions that are reaching from economic boy cards to cutting off russian bangs from the international financial grid to even personal sanctions. again, flooding putin, which has been considered
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a taboo in former years. but in any way, so those new set of sanctions that are rendered, some of the toughest sanctions that have ever been imposed against a country would hurt the russian economy. it will also probably hurt the world economy. therefore, there's a lot of criticism, of course, also saying that that those sanctions would, would, of course, also support vladimir putin narrative. ok, thank you for that element of a salad in washington. some more, all the app store is making a headlines around the world and will start in brazil where at least 21 people have died following heavy rains, landslides and flooding. in the state of south, paolo destroyed the homes of hundreds of families. the states, governors authorized emergency aid for affected areas. brazil's been experiencing torrential rain and heavy flood since december. powerful storm that swept through parts of europe over the weekend has killed at least 5 people. fatalities were reported in the u. k. denmark, germany, poland,
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and the czech republic. many areas border in the baltic and north seas reported flooding. portugal governing socialist party has been celebrating after a bigger than expected victory and sundays elections resulted as prime minister antonio costa to stay in power with an absolute majority in parliament was poles and predicted a narrow window. for the socialists as being called north korea's most significant weapons test for years beyond yang has confirmed the launch of a miss out. it says can reach us braces in the pacific. north korean state media says the weapons, a horse song, 12 intermediate range, ballistic missile, capable of hitting the west territory of guam with a nuclear warhead. it's a 1st time since 2017 that north korea has tested. a missile of this size report said pictures of the earth taken in space from the missiles that knows, knows cone. their flight was 1st detected by neighboring south korea and japan,
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which has condemned the missile test it gramma dental done door beside it or not because a lot, a series of actions by north korea, including the repeated launches of ballistic missiles, threatened the peace and security of japan, the region and the international community on a little okay. such intense ballistic missile launches are in violation of relevant security council resolutions. and our country has made a strong protest to north korea date again, junior, call your dash semester. the missile test comes as western diplomats negotiate to prevent a possible russian invasion of ukraine and with relations with china. and there was for years. so that is north korea taking advantage of why the tensions in the international community on the w put that question to josh smith, who is a senior correspondent with the reuters news agency in so north korea appears to be testing the limits of what can get away with at this point, it's heavily sanctioned already and it looks around the world as you say,
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most of the major players are distracted elsewhere. the beijing olympics are coming up. and of course, washington is looking elsewhere. so they may see this as a time to make more progress on these weapons, perhaps with less repercussions and they may have had more than a 1000 african refugees living in albania as a wait for the us to approve their asylum applications. washington has promised them thesis and permanent homes once the process has been completed. but after months of waiting in the eastern european country, many afghans in albania and i growing concerned that there might be stuck there. dw correspondent to funding for shar reports from the town of shang june. another day of the andreotti coast of albany, i. d number 140 for alias nav, and dish. the 29 year old flat from afghanistan after the taliban to control in
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august last year. in the us is a journalist, a job risky to keep under the taliban? his thoughts here, revolver on his sister's left, behind, forced to leave school. it's very hard to love to hear that your sister is asking for education and you don't have a power or a possibility for her to to to respond. hair. hideous is thankful to be safe, but his own future is also uncertain alive of being in limbo. he says, there is no way to go back. no way to go for it are that you are stuck in one place for the last 5 months silly us and about 1500 under african refugees have been staying in this hotel complex in change in a tourist resort. they were told it's temporary until they are vetted for a u. s. visa, this rap, lack of the statue of liberty,
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had been erected at the hotel by albanians. the us, as a patron of stability. that's the image. many locals have. this has been here long before the hundreds of african refugees who arrived at this hotel. some of them have told me that a statue has begun to feel like a whole a promise, as they wait out, the vetting process. he us wants to keep busy. he turned the casino room of the hotel into a makeshift newsroom with honor exiled jauntily. once they're gone, informed the world about afghanistan as the world's attention is shifting. it's very important to continue our work. it's our responsibility. it's our commitment to us a journalist, to that paper. he's the online editor in chief or the at the law prost newspaper, one of the most read daily enough county stone. the print no longer exists. the team here wants to keep it alive online with colleagues stealing,
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cobble. the work distracts from their worries about their future. i don't know about my future at that. what will happen? because we don't know when we leave albania, some here want to stay anonymous, fearing repercussions for their families back home. all of them want to know when will they move on? albania, interior ministry says that's difficult to answer, but it seems the united states may no longer be their final destination. no wonder when we will have meetings this month with the canadian government. they are interested in taking a lot of atkinson. but we are also prepared for them to stay in albania, elia and all the honor african refugees, hope they will not be forgotten as time goes on, after all, albania was only supposed to be a transit country. let's look at this, close a river cost rena. sir john, who's a professor in the global governance politics and security american university in
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washington. welcome to date every professor. so we have all of a, some thousands of afghans around the world, still waiting to be evacuated to tune the u. s. a. what do you think is holding up the process? it's a complicated question. a bottom, the challenge has been the evacuation process was halted early december because of tensions between the government and the thought on regime and got are, has been one of the most important transit points for the evacuation flight. and so the halting for 2 months has obviously added to the backlog of the challenge with regards to the evacuation that had been going on in the context of the u. s. history withdrawal in the fall of 2021. so that is one of the main reasons that has obviously intensified the challenges and the grievances and
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concerns and so stranded in transit countries. and now the u. s. evacuation plans are set to renew and if that happens and it happens smoothly, it is estimated that about 2000 pounds, maybe actuated every month in the coming days. but that of course, is barton package of a broader challenge in terms of different kinds of issues that have emerged in the context of border closures in terms of being able to get the kind of people were and of course vetting questions that still continue with regard to the are going back. right. so that, that's, that's a lot of things that have to line up just right in order for this to happen. well, for these people, perhaps a word about those afghans have all ready made it to, to the yes to the rest. what have you heard about them and their ability to settle that the united states army. now,
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what has been deemed to be the largest evacuation of for refugees since the fall of saigon aware 125000 vietnamese refugees where air lifted out and the 1970 s. and so this would have been the 2nd one and it came under what was known as after operation allies. welcome. and it comprises of about 150 different initiatives including some led by u. s. veterans trying to assist in the evacuation process about 75000. the numbers are still a little fluid. but about $75000.00 on pat, evacuated to the united states. and even within that, they were all kept in different military bases across the united states. the majority of them have been released there still about anything between 800-9000 perhaps even 10000. and i've got ready still remaining in the basis for those who have been released from the united states military bases in the, you know,
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in the country. there is a very structured, a system that has been set up as a result of the refugee settlement program. and you know, i'm happy to talk about that a little more in terms of how it was largely hollowed out during the trump. i had to revamp very quickly and then it's working with our gun initiatives on the ground along with local initiatives in order to provide the immediate assistance that a lot of these are gone refugees. so as you said, it's a complicated picture, but it's starting to sort of work. we'll have to leave it there professor, thank you so much feel inside professor touch screen, a judge from the american university in washington. thank you. thank you for ball and in transfer news from germany, ponders they got a striker, a max cruiser has completed a surprise move from high flying union. berlin to struggling vall, spoke cruiser, had become a fan favorite at o'neill since returning in the sum of 2020 and played
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a crucial role in carrying the cup the club up to 4th in the buddhist lega. whenever he completed a 5000000 new euro moved back to fall, spoke on sunday, the team he played for during the 201516 season gallsworthy currently down at 14th in the fullness league tape. that's it. you're up to date. i'll have more world news at the top of the hour. bearish managing has either been used asia in just a moment. and of course, there's always the website d, w dot com have a good day with with
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ah, ah, a with
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a sudden flash this james said to be in a blanket. ah, where she is suspended, gave a show about a aren't 21 in 60 minutes. on the w one of mankind's oldest ambitions could be within reach. oh, what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world are in a race against time. dna
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molecules zone has 28000000 different power. they are peers and rivals with one daring goal to outsmart nature for a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind down the hatch. more life starts february 16th on d, w. i did other news asia coming up today to be doing stuff as a spike in cove at 19 cases ahead of the opening of the olympic games this friday things are stepping up measures to cob this bread, but will they be.


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