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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2022 12:00am-12:15am CET

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i'm a change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing. download it now, feel free. ah ah ah, this is dw news life from berlin. diplomats clash over ukraine at the un security council. russia accuses the us of stirring up hysteria over a potential russian invasion, and washington cause ma supposed to build up on ukraine's border. dangerous. also coming up, britain's prime minister boris johnson, says, sorry, once again,
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officer report plans, illegal lockdown parties at number 10 downing street is accuses his government of leadership. fate is killed in the line of duty. 2 german police officers are fatally shot during a traffic stop. ah, i'm really mohammed, welcome to the program to you and security council has met for the 1st time to address tensions over russia's military build up along ukraine's board. up in the heated session, russia accused the us of theatrics and whipping up tensions by saying moscow is preparing to invade. the u. s. called the situation urgent and dangerous, because accusing russia of destabilizing europe. has some of the exchanges between
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the u. s. and russian ambassadors to the un. the threats of aggression on the border of ukraine. yes, on its border, is provocative. our recognition of the facts on the ground is not provocative. the threats of action, if rushes, security demands art net is provocative. or encouraging diplomacy is not provocative that provocations from russia not from us or other members of this council. william, we are serious. you assure us that russia's military action against ukraine is coming in just a few weeks time. if not a few days time. there is no proof whatsoever to support this serious accusation. presidio good. however, it is not preventing people from whipping up hysteria to such an extent that an actual economic impact is already being felt by our ukrainian neighbors. and
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i'll get more details on that story from our dc correspondence shortly. meanwhile, u. k prime minister bars johnson face, a grilling pot, grilling in parliament of an investigation into a series of parties held that his downing street residence during the cove at 19 lockdown. the findings accuse him and parts of his team are failing in leadership and judgment. johnson has apologized but says he will not step down the prime minister. a crunch day for boris johnson leaving his headquarters in london's downing street to give a statement in parliament on what's become known as the party gates scandal. firstly, i want to say, sorry, and i'm sorry for the things we simply didn't get right. and also sorry for the way that this matter has been handled and it's no use saying that this will, that was within the rules and is no you saying that people we're working hard. i
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don't the opposition lead a care storm. i was quick to pounce through the same johnson repeatedly claim the lockdown rules were followed. despite the parties in downing street, the house died. we now know that 12 cases have reached the threshold for criminal investigation, which i remind the house means that there is evidence of serious and flagrant breaches of lockdown a contract. johnson acknowledged the reports, findings of failures of leadership and judgment. mister speaker, i get it. and i will fix it, ah, and i want to soon to the people of this country. i know what the issue is. yes is whether this government can be trusted to deliver. and i say to speaker, yes,
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we can see if we can be trusted to deliver a separate and continuing police investigation means the full party gate report has not yet been published. the only question is, does anybody else have anything else my way or a detail that they could yet release into the public domain? particularly the prime minister's former advisor, dominic cummings, who has gone public over the weekend, saying that he's trying to actually remove maurice johnson from office for the moment that looks unlikely. johnson has survived countless scandals in the past. his many enemies are now eagerly awaiting the outcome of the police prob i'll d w 's. charlotte chelsea pill has more from london. the publication of this report had been built as a make or break moment for the prime minister,
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a time off to which members of his own party would decide on his political future. now that report has now been watered down in light of the fight. there is a police investigation also ongoing. the c grier port. this as its being cool, does not go into any detail about any of the alleged gatherings in light of a request from the police not to do so. so isn't, doesn't carry the weight that it once is thought to have done full members of the prime minister's own party. they'll have to decide whether it's enough for them to gather to hand in that lattice recognizing that they don't have any confidence in the prime minister, triggering this vote of no confidence the jury is out on them. i am at the moment over whether or not that will be the case that were a number who stood up earlier today in parliament criticizing the prime minister as some have done before in public as well. namely to day to resume the former prime
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minister. she said, the report shows that number 10 was not observing the regulations it imposed on the public. not really, as the crux of this why there's been so much anger here and i think some will decide that regardless of what, so members of the prime this is own party, do you going forward? the public has and has been making its own judgments on the prime minister. and it's returned to our stop, our top story, the un security council meeting over ukraine. let's get the latest from d, w. 's on of a salad in washington, d. c. so both united states and russia tried to make their mark to dominate this narrative. what came out of that meeting? yeah, that was certainly one of the sharpest clashes rahile of the united states or the united nations rather security council has seen in years the russian ambassador and a ben z are saying the u. s. is whipping up his tyria and then it had brought quote, unquote, pure nazis to power. there were some other bizarre hitler comparisons made there.
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that the security council u. s. sam baset are in contrast. thomas greenfield said russia wants to fabricate a, provide text for an attack, recognition the evidence at all. so it really was a controversial debate, a fight for the public opinion really. and that was the plan of the united states to put that topic. ukraine on the world stage rayleigh and ukraine isn't a member of the security council, but it did take part in the meeting. what are the chances that we could see direct diplomacy between russia and ukraine? well today we, we saw in particular high attentions and sharp attacks rather than diplomacy. but of course, on the other hand, all conflict parties are involved were involved in that meeting. and it's the 1st time also that the security council got together on the topic of russian true built up at the ukranian border. and so the plan of the u. s. was to put that topic on
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the world stage. and it was also clear from the start that there were no hopes, really of any formal action resulting out of that meeting. of course, russia has veto rides in a very strong position. there's also supported by china, but that was not the goal. the u. s. wanted to use the security council to gain momentum in their diplomatic efforts. and president joe biden has said that the united states will continue to push for diplomacy, but also he's ready. no matter what happens. what more do you have on that? well, there are sanctions, of course, that were already put in place years before, and they were considered ineffective. following the annexations, the annexation of crimea in 2014 and all the west, including the united states and the european union, are threatening a new level of sanctions that could reach from economic boy car to cutting off russian bangs from the financial grid from the international financial grid, also to personal sanctions against vladimir putin. then
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a new thread came to day from washington and london. and that would impose or include punishing, leads that are close to prudent and freeze their assets. also include travel bands for these people. should russia invade the ukraine? so again, what we're seeing is a mix of threats and diplomacy to deter russia from doing exactly that. under the sun. it's in washington, d. c. thank you very much. on a 2nd. look at some other stories making news around the world. at least 21 people have died in brazil, off to heavy rains, landslides and flooding in the state of sel. paolo has said hundreds of families homeless. the states government has authorized emergency aid for affected areas. brazil has been experiencing torrential rains and heavy flooding since december. canada's pi wanna set just and trudeau has tested positive because at 19 he made
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the announcement of virtual press conference with. he also called out anti vaccine demonstrators. since last friday, truck drivers have been jamming the capital ought to him in protest against pandemic restrictions and faxing mandates. in turkey, hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside israel's consciousness. in his stumble to denounce the planned visit by israel. any president he soc herzog turkeys president. much a type ado on announced last week that he is extending and best in invitation there a turkey and israel on trying to improve ties amid plans for a possible gas pipeline between the 2 countries. a 2 men have been arrested in southwest germany after the fatal shooting of 2 police officers. the attack took place during a traffic stop in the early hours of monday. it was on this country road in the early morning darkness that this tragic incident unfolded. the 2 police officers age 24 and 29. survive just long enough to make an emergency call,
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but died soon after by the on the not from they were on overnight patrol in the area at about 4 20 am during a spot check on a vehicle on district road 22 was fatally injured by chance by the chauffeur to the phillip. throughout the day, the police search continued in the air and on the ground plain clothes and uniformed officers examined the crime scene in rhineland, platinum, and also locations in nearby sol. and the police announced they wanted to speak to a 38 year old man from czar land known to the authorities and the holder of a gun license. he and another man age 32 were later arrested in the town of wilts by federal interior minister, nancy phaser tweeted, regardless of the motive. this act is reminiscent of an execution and shows that the police risk their lives every day for safety. the 24 year old who died was still a train,
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a police college. among the questions the investigation will now look at why the 2 young police officers decided to stop this particular vehicle and what led to them losing their lives in the shocking way. the japanese bank or i get is following the story in southwest germany and has more on the us next. the 2 men were arrested a 38 year old man in a 32 year old man. and the older one is a deadly the main perpetrator. he shot at the 2 police officers early monday morning. those men were arrested more or less or only 40 kilometers from the crime scene in their home towns, the one men in his car, the other men in his fled and the older men also turned himself in via his attorney . so he did not resist the incarceration to set the police,
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and it's not here. what role the other men, the young men has, is the only somebody who helped him or was he actually on the crime scene that is unclear. bozeman are not talking to police. so now the prosecution has to establish what really happened and he has some sports news in the transfer from germany's been the sake of striker max cruiser is moving to william berlin is moving from union berlin to salzburg. he's become a fan favorite at union and played a crucial role in carrying the club to 4th place in the plymouth seger. he completed a 5000000 euro move back to volts work on sunday. the team he played during the 2015 to $16.00 season, also work a current down at 14, in the table. and danish football star christian ericsson has joined the west london club brentford. he hasn't played professionally since suffering a cardiac arrest last year during denmark's match against finland at the european
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championships. his contract that into milan was dissolved because it's least football rules forbid players from playing with implanted defibrillators, which he had installed after his collapse. you're watching dw live from berlin up next. the latest business with my colleague stephen betsy. i'm working on it as watching to take care of what secrets lie behind these will discover new adventures in 360 degrees.


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