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tv   Close up - Living without a Home - What if you cant afford one  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2022 4:30am-5:00am CET

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ah, soccer is a sport of combining colors and the children in this mountain village. oh them all . but can everyone be a dog with them regardless of gender? ama wears blue. the color of her favorite sexes traditions prevent her from going to games and play an insurmountable obstacle balloon girl. football of the peak that starts february 4th on d. w with blue. ah i think i don't think anybody in our society should have to live like these agatha up to 1000000 people in germany are
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considered homeless. many have jobs and seemed to live normal lives. but at night they hide away in vans, carriages or sellers renovated. nobody talks about it and how can you not feel alone, a line of why they can't afford homes at their own. homelessness is an issue that has long since reached the heart of gym and society. then via once for success. if we don't change our social structure, these numbers are going to skyrocket. and one of the problem can't be solved with the social housing system we have currently with. the state has been ignoring the problem for decades. most homeless people are alone in their plight. a thin my sometimes i feel sad. i never imagined that i would become homeless. i worked hard for 45 years. left in 8th, yet the sample. i don't want to be labeled as homeless and treated as such. i just
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want to be treated as the person i am at the 100 bad bad how is it possible that more and more people can't afford to hind despite having a job or a pension? ah, not many people experiencing homelessness. want to talk about this situation. the caro is willing, was 73 year old pensioner was forced to vacate her flat when the owner reclaimed for personal use. a garage has become her makeshift home. this is illegal, but kero cannot find anything affordable with her domes. she walks round the city by day until it gets dark. she fears the neighbors will discover her. it was minor on on. i have to stay alert at all times to make sure people don't notice that i
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disappear inside and then don't come back out of college. but as is living in a garage is forbidden gardener to whom i would get into real trouble. egg clean. how long has it been that is that spite of winter, this is my 2nd to winter. thank. i never imagined that i would become homeless, but i've always worked and made sure we got by the her aunt. i knew a muslim for keith. please hold the chance of getting an apartment here that i can afford is really very slim g o village like when you of course, that are they with fine? if i spent my whole pension on it run against of event did i, i would have nothing left over to buy food and drink. so that's not an option for me. i think it's pretty insulting that i was told i 1st have to put the dogs in an animal shelter, and then there might be somewhere for me to live. and yet none of them might there is not even a guarantee that be a place for me. and the dogs are like, my children,
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my, my babies, i'm not giving them away, give gotten here. homeless women unless visible to the public interest made it to make up around a quarter of those experiencing homelessness. many tried to hide this struggles out of shame including caro. noticing that as people can tell that i'm homeless. i talked to them normally, even they don't realize settles been. and it's a bit embarrassing to talk about. you feel ashamed to be homeless? i'm ashamed say thought does money, but i don't let it get me down just because i'm homeless. it's not like, i don't laugh for mom, anything like that. we can the one that she knew of a portland, i think on the contrary, i'd like to law for a lot longer. you know, you have to laugh. one was slackened by, otherwise you'd break down get like a foot. ah,
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more and more people are becoming homeless in germany, including many refugees. estimates show the number of people experiencing homelessness has been rising steadily since 2008. according to germany's federal association for assistance to homeless people. it may have reached nearly immediately. we sent out to meet these often invisible people and accompanied them to the hidden wretches. a social worker from a charity tied to germany's protestant churches takes us to a camp site. that's where we meet sushi 9 year old sasha is just finish work. good evening ala half a year ago, such as life was turned upside down and he lost his home as at desserts in yellow, i was in a relationship for 16 years, and then we broke up on to the place belong to her. so i had to look for some way i knew to live. i can't go into a homeless shelter because i have my cat and i won't give him up. so i thought 1st
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i'd camp when it was still warm outside i. why on of on those ways, why would you say that the situation has lasted so long? listen makers. first i was busy looking for a job which was more important. i found a temp agency that i'm happy with home was clean. lou lou, sasha has been working shifts for a window manufacturer since september. it pays enough for him to live here. he can find a flat that he can afford. how of the evenings as it gets colder, yet mung of you get used to the fact that there's nothing out here and starve. oh, how is it possible that people like sasha who have a job cannot afford an apartment? and why is so little being done to help we speak to cecilia just andre home.
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he's been researching gentrification and housing policy for years. weiss length of a personal noun them plus here in the wealthiest country in the european union, almost $1000000.00 people without housing. i have to leave in make shift arrangements or even on the street or in state run accommodation, alice campbell. this is a social scandal in my opinion, that we also have a kind of hidden homelessness. most of the visible homelessness. we see people sleeping at train stations or under bridges. that's just the tip of the iceberg em looks. i would expect said his eyes pegasus. pony tells us that the over 20 years social groups have demanded, official dance, should be collected to assess the scale of the problem and tackling long term. but this is our, i'm not just saying this is a social scientist who works with a lot of figures. it's a scandal, but there aren't official statistics on an issue as important as homelessness. statistical. why is it that there is still no official statistics? we come across in 1998 study by the federal statistical office. a nationwide census
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would have been possible at any time, but the political will wasn't. then finally, in 2020 the bonus talk decided to start collecting such data. the 1st results were expected by mid 2020 to. why has there been in action for so long? we asked frank heinrich, who sat on the committee for social affairs fe, is some from his center, right? see to you previously voted against commissioning research on homelessness. these are the about the biz, he swinging this debate off to the point where research has been commissioned. i applaud that, but it is still too late and too slow in my opinion. um with, as i say that as a say to you, politician for social affairs. it's the government's responsibility to ensure that at least a basic framework in place, which often wasn't the case, that's not an excuse, but an explanation as to why we are so behind. now. it still states it better late than never with his official census. the gym and government has at least created
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the 1st basic framework to assess how listeners of for years there's been no national strategy. tackling homelessness falls to the states and municipalities, counseling centers and emergency shelters. provided by variety of organizations are all battling an ever growing problem. these services can be confusing to navigate and vary greatly by region. we travel to the netherlands to meet a social anthropologist who knows the problems of the german housing assistance system inside and out. louisa schneider is an assistant professor in amsterdam as well as a research partner at the max planck institute in holla, which detroit, how does germany's traditional housing assistance scheme work? analysts over the tim momentous. and at the moment we are in a situation where we are managing but not solving homeless. hi, you via all the figures we have now make it look like everything's okay. and most cities and municipalities as best i would. if we look at the problem more closely
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and understand just how many people are affected, mentioned, we see it's really not okay at all now. and i'm get us not only from a social respective and it's, but also financially. and it doesn't work for the health care system. it doesn't work for the social system, and it doesn't work for our society. they're just obvious. louisa schneider has research the living conditions of homeless people for years. she's gained the trust of hundreds of people all over germany, those who rarely or never turn to local institutions for aid. the problems of the housing assistance system often begin with the simple question of how to even find help and cannot and but by the sets and found maryland that we could all start by asking ourselves, sonia, right? if i were to suddenly lose my home, it would, i know which authority to turn to matters which forms to fill out what i can apply for what i am entitled to as a business, if a whole. and of course, most people don't know these answers and then of course, there is the shame, the anger, the fear of being exposed to stay or to skipped out. there is no single clear coordinated strategy because no one has taken responsibility for it so far. if the
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response, spotty, lives with the people who are homeless, they mentioned the owner. ah, in the very end we met 2 sisters through the curtis charity. they're homeless and don't want to be identified. until recently they lived together with their father. when the family had to move out, she to financial problems, friends put up assistance. while their father moved into an acquaintances, sela closes was almost, it's not exactly hon. so as soon as i go out, i switch off and can't think about it, dawn. it's the only way to cope with it hasn't fully, you'd lose all courage otherwise looses to london will blame. the sisters have just turned 18. the father on trash is $55.00. he sleeps in his 12 square meter, broom alongside this moving boxes. their own. he has left this is no way
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to live long term. it's no way to live now either i'm this shouldn't be a solution. the greatest type of the family, a 3 is to find a flat together again. log on for familiar. yes, it's broken up, our whole family, this way of the was the family encountered problems with the authorities and dress was looking for work after a previous company went bankrupt, financial aid didn't com. all came to light. their savings quickly ran out. now and tray us has another job in steel work for for the same, the tradespeople haven't had a wage increase for 10 years, and everything is getting more expensive or grants arising endlessly. others recoiled me from strang. welcome in plus, there are no available flats, or they're ridiculously expensive. the rents here are no more affordable than a munich city center. this is how it is for many people, rents are rising. and with them the number of homeless people affordable housing is
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becoming increasingly scarce. in 1999, germany still had 4000000 social housing units in 2006 when responsibility for social housing was transferred to the federal states. there were only half as many nationwide. in the meantime, the number of social housing units has shrunk to round a $1000000.00. that happened as fast as that we wonder what happened right? was there suddenly a terrible earthquake occurred? how can 3000000 social housing units in big german cities suddenly disappear? scant, the principle is quite simple. i log the logic of the subsidy program is that occupancy is limited to a certain period of time often. so of course, it expires at some point, opened up many social housing units and up on the open market. after 10 to 20 years . germany's previous grant coalition agreement talked about affordable rents and a housing offensive. but the target of $375000.00 new flats per year was never reached. the number of newly subsidized social housing units is also falling. gowen,
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we currently building about $26000.00 social housing units per year with the increased subsidies. so new buildings are being completed, but 60280000 units per year of falling out of the social program. and the austerity policy of the last 30 years is ultimately the reason for the decline in social housing. in addition, flat sort of kept empty of reducing the number of affordable flats, more more people to not have a home secured by a tenancy agreement. and at the same time, the latest estimates show around $1700000.00 vacant plants. it's often a matter of real estate speculation. in this prefabricated building on berlin's hop is that strauser more than 80 flats have stood empty for years. the owner acadia estates wants to demolish the building and build modern apartments in its place. dangled deep men and 8 of the tenants still live here and
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a fighting back and is on bite of and fought gunk gaap has done, we were given no notice in september 2018. so the owners could proceed with their plans. mcfadden. i just want to show you this pile of papers they sent us here, of course is all just part of their strategy to make it clear. we don't want you hear any more additional tv on top. we are still paying our rents, of course. so we're talking about a so called extension of occupancy as well, and i'm angelo's, was that song remonde on ours or to them of it says here on notice of termination would have ended at tenancy on may 31st 2019 but look where still here than they are in minnesota and can you understand why many people said this is too much hassle for me? i'd rather move out to vic then monitor yahveh long. of course, when all you hear for years from the owner is i can tell you one thing about the modernization work will be a huge upheaval for you and it will cause
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a huge racket. it obviously scared many people away soccer. daniel dickman has been fighting for his building for 15 years back then city authorities sold it and it was renovated to be more energy efficient. acadia states has long since lost interest in maintaining it asked comp, they neglected until the building is completely dilapidated. if you wait long enough, it will basically collapse on its own. i know at some point in winter, the doors won't close properly anymore. it's dropped everywhere. it's cause and effect was a home vehicle. the owners recently offered the remaining tenants up to 30000 euros to move out. we asked the owner why the building has been left vacant for years. but our questions go on and said, the district sr. she wants to protect affordable housing like this, through a ban on the misappropriation of residential buildings. and it refuses to allow acadia states to demolish the building, rightly so says fullness. city councilor, ramona rises, jamiria. i'm, and how is this?
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this is a building that can be described as prefab as it, but the plots are certainly habitable and in good condition. oh, in item they may be rather basic, but they're definitely habitable on that about which osborne ball does heist. i'm a decision to demolish, rather than protect such housing would have a ripple effect. ball on it. it would set a precedent to take the rest of berlin down with it, guns, flops, exquisite. i bet enough life if the building were to be demolished, the owner is legally obliged to guarantee replacement housing with the same rental conditions. but a cartier states is taking legal action against this. the battle over a building where most residents have moved out will now be decided in court. a stanford my. i always fight hard for people not to simply accept these vacancies, but we firmly billy's estimate. i firmly believed that housing is a fundamental right. come in, i've got to live somewhere, own lou, while the amount of affordable housing shrinks,
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the amount of vacancies, growth, social housing is urgently needed and it's not being built fast enough. the problem isn't limited to berlin. we find someone who has been homeless in one of jimmy's most expensive cities for 7 years. in hamburg, rents have skyrocketed in the last decade. folk, i can't afford a flat. so he sleeps in an appa a 3 wheel van. so the site, the at the moment i belong to the population of homeless people. and i live on the street here in my little up here and lilac line, harper, it's my food post a bed on 3 wheels. if they, i don't think anybody in our society should have to live like this. and he's agatha . we met the wet weather and the cold war can chill you to your bones. if in the
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66 year old falco has sometimes stayed in emergency shelters at the overcrowded accommodation wasn't for him. he prefers to live hidden away in his upper van. d opt after all, unless people who don't stand out or not noticed at all. gone only if people like you make a film about them out with that, but they left the left yet the sample i don't want to be labeled as homeless and be treated as such. i just want to be treated as the person. i am half a 100 glad that folk who used to have his own carpentry business, but it became insolvent. he always carries memories of his past with him, such as a newspaper, clipping about a school competition in 1966. now her death, our, the whole that i think homeless people also have a desire to keep a bit of their history with them. especially memories of better times. 5 the my
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last law on i was about 11 years old back then. yeah. and i find it amazing that i still have this article it after all, i've been through my blame the 50 think a ticket, a man of harbor i though it could've easily gotten lost along the way. graduated from fairfax. but i still have it right after, and i think that's great culture has come to terms with his situation. even though he think society urgently needs to change anything have fail all. well, if i believe the stories i hear from some like minded people or others who were affected, then even former millionaires have now ended up homeless law. oh, given the millionaire that up i have one here. they get caught it. love that little that god for thinking was that were highly help and there will probably be more of
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them in the future. dark people who somehow don't get things right and end up on the streets again. if there is no majors social change that harvey, unless these politicians have failed to act or take timely measures in the last 8 years, the central f s p d was also partly responsible for this. now at least germany's government, which included a national action plan against homelessness it's coalition agreement. the plan is to create a $100000.00 new social housing units per year. general secretary kevin kuhn, it was one of the negotiators on the issue of a basil and i exist with such an existential issue as homelessness, the federal government, the states and the municipalities cannot keep passing the bach and saying whoever moves 1st loses and has to pay for everything pommy, it is not about getting a few more people out of homelessness, it has to be about eliminating homelessness. kiner, it's not rocket science,
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death. these are goals we have committed to within the framework of international agreements, just recently. also within the european union, supp fist at hub in a joint commitment by e u. member states. germany also pledged that by 2030. no one should have to be living on the streets anyway in europe. recap of this, how credible is that to convey the message that things will suddenly be different and better in the next 4 years with the new coalition and all of sholtes as chancellor better as, as when it's like the climate agreements. we can't backtrack and discuss shortly afterwards, whether you really meant them or not, had the goal it so should no longer be up for discussion only how to achieve it. we will soon have a clear statistical basis for it and it needs to be the last of its kind that from then on the curve can only trend down more than one up fine. as lavishness in spiting of pepsi. i think basically 2 things have to happen,
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and 1st we have to start managing homelessness. we need to solve it was this can only be done when we stop seeing the loss of a home as an individual problem and rather see it as a social problem. and take social responsibility for it and the food of the die that would mean moving away from a, solve your problems and then you deserve housing. approach to an approach were fundamentally and unconditionally. everyone deserves housing or i. and afterwards we solve the social problems. that's the housing 1st concept, emma douglas housing fast concept. housing 1st is a model that started in the united states and has recently been tested in german cities. instead of housing, homeless people in temporary accommodation, they get their own rented flats. this is the basis on which to best tackle all of the problems we fly to helsinki. warehousing 1st has been implemented as a national strategy in finland, reducing the number of homeless people from 17000 to about 4000. we arrange to meet
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one of the key players from the y foundation, finance, largest non profit housing provider. you ha, cocaine, and is considered the architects of finland. new housing policy, hisco government, a be changed her whole 5th hermana on homeless im, independent by by hitting a goal that we want to end to long term homelessness, the growing homelessness 1st. and to do that, we need to start providing permanent housing. and we started the national policy that we call to housing. first. we have had several common elements and all have a crate to continue to work to what's ending homelessness because we see it as her . her human rights, you saw housing 1st is the success in finland. it's helped 4 out of 5. people find their way back to a more structured life to the fins. and this is a sustainable investment since is no longer
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a need to finance comprehensive housing assistance. the country saves 15000 euros annually per homeless person for emergency shelter, such as this one have been converted to housing. some of the money issue. it's always cheaper to provide fermon follow forth permanent coaching than to keep people to manage. try commanded former 5th by providing only on liquor, temporary accommodation in felt that had hostiles. so basically, i think that the big, big question is, is the political oil in germany. it's difficult to get into a housing 1st program, chiefly because of the shortage of flats. so far, only a few 100 people nationwide have been able to sign a tenancy agreement in cologne. the have been 5 so far. the 6 person was housed by the city in this rundown hotel for the past 2 months to residence, sharing 12 square meters. now joe is moving out a cologne, non profit has found
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a flat for him. look, i was really lucky of the people from friends. trevor, who support me. the housing 1st project. these are people who accept you and aren't like love no, i'm prejudiced and you're homeless. it's your own fault, but you're homeless, little swap a lot. no one makes themselves homeless. i really got lucky and i don't know how it, but i would wish this kind of luck on everyone was least over these look really musically for you mentioned vision. oh yeah, it's a new life. mm. i could cry. ah, now i can't get the key and because i'm so excited. yeah . well,
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joe now has 48 square meters to himself for the city. this comes at half the cost of hotel accommodation. nimble i for this muzzle others or 1st of all it takes away all your worries and removes so many obstacles are well no one without a flat. you can't get anything else i fall. it's like a vicious circle and you don't know where to start whether or not, but with an address with a flat, with a job, the whole. so call to get out of that vicious circle. housing 1st is really brilliant, or nothing can top is luke maza congress from kill will have to spend his winter hidden in the garage. she has the prospect of a flash in spring. andreas is still urgently looking for a real home in bad towards his daughter's want to live with him again. joe is overjoyed. he since finished his cologne, flash and works for
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a small association. daniel and the remaining tenants in berlin's harvest, that's just a still threatened with losing their flats. a court decision is pending. sasha, from gomez back, we'll have to spend the winter in his camp event and fall. coble share emergency accommodation with someone this winter. he still dreams of a real flat in hamburg, of anger, against an embassy. if i take the emotional aspect out of it, it will be much, much cheaper and much more beneficial for us as a society if we prevent homelessness before it occurs at from either fuzzy. if we can't prevent it, we need to rectify it. nice tough men, missy behave by 20. so she, the goal is that no one should have to live without permanent shelter. germany has made this commitment. politicians now have to take responsibility to no longer just manage the problem of homelessness. but to finally solvent.
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ah ah ha. we're farming livestock reading bible studies. that's all they need for 200 years. the same way of life. rare insights into the remote world of mennonites. in 15 minutes on d. w. so india dealing with and legal right for rivers with waters here city is that all time
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high people demand radical solutions corporation claim they can handle the crisis. but at what heart eco, india? 90 minutes on d w ah ah, this is dw news live from gwinnett diplomats class over ukraine at the un security council.


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