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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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gateway to the best connections, south air, road and rail. located in the heart of europe. you are connected to the whole world of experience outstanding shopping and dining offers. and john alice services will be our guest at frankfurt. airport city managed by frappe, bought, ah ah, ah, ah, this is the w news live from berlin tonight, a frosty run up to the beijing winter olympics countries including the west or
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staging a diplomatic boycott, protesting the persecution of china's muslin, weaker spiraling corona, vibrant infections. are another calls for concern also coming up tonight, america and britain threatening new sanctions if russia invades your brain and that has drawn a blistering response from vladimir putin. his 1st public comments about the crisis this year was a man on her police killer poacher. a blamed for shooting dead 2 officers here in germany. the men were carrying a legal game inside their car. ah . i burn gov. it's good to have you with this a. we begin this hour in beijing with the winter olympics due to open later this week. the united states and other countries are staging a diplomatic boycott to protest china's human rights record. growing numbers of
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coven 19 cases are also worrying the athletes who continue to arrive. beijing insisting the games will be safe. arrival at the airport in beijing. chinese workers in protective gear. welcome the incoming olympic teams and their baggage. then it's a p c r test. before a trip to the venues in the olympic village where similar tests are to follow on a daily basis. caution as the watchword, china's cross country skiers are being shielded from foreign rivals. their norwegian coach tells us with this team we have been staying in china full time for the past 2 years. so and they have been extremely careful. we haven't actually competed that the nationally for 2 years. of the foreign athletes who have already arrived. 125 of tested positive for coven 19, and have isolated. it's not clear whether they will all get the negative test
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result the need in time to compete. the opening ceremony fireworks have been rehearsed, but critics say that china is using the possess of the games to distract from human rights abuses. so this is a case have hers is, is that k to turn this pause arina in 2 days? oh, clinical is them a c and a tall? 2, white was all those are sizes. but china itself boasts of its strength and promises a safe winter olympics in beijing. the plight of china's weaker community and their hearts repression. it's living large over the winter olympics and with opposition suppressed with in china. many are making their voices heard elsewhere. our washington bureau chief in his poll, met a weaker restaurant owner in los angeles. his father disappeared 3 years ago. these mountains remind book ra kean,
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very much of home. he left china 6 years ago to start a new life in the us. everything seemed to go well until his father, who remained in china, was a promptly snatched from his home during the night of october 25th in 2018. his father owned one of the biggest rigor publishing firms and our king believes that his fight to protect the legal language. and culture was the reason why the chinese government put him in prison. arkwin says his father was like a best friend supporting him financially in the us. my biggest here i really scare like he couldn't her cadillac his grandfather, childrens to his color of his me again. that's my biggest fear. to see thing again. i, you vish u. s. government then you're all,
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they can do more to pressure on china about the edge in the genocide after his father was detained, mcgraw are keen, opened the restaurant in the larger l. a area he named it to lance after the bigger region in east dungeon. john, where he grew up. one of the most popular dishes is lockman. a dish of hen pulled noodles. we can convince them from the far less than harry of china. the border of here has gone in tajikistan, where most of the region 12000000 wiggers. surprising, not many people know about vigorous even there. so many news on the media. so like i have to la attract them to create like curiosity, dan lesser this t shirt. i think it helps a lot like people be asked about vigour. they googled riggers,
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some of his customers already know a lot about the topic. others are just about to find out. as an american, i feel a responsibility as a conscientious consumer. to understand that the wiggers are inextricably connected to american consumer ship and capitalism. that there are so many companies that have direct or indirect relationships, to weaker labor through the forced detention and force labor camps that the chinese are inflicting on them and have been for so long. so i am definitely interested in not knowing more about them, and i plan to google a wicker mater today and here's a round up. now of some of the other stories that are making headlines had begun. flight interrupted in the capital of guinea, beside raising fears of another attempted coup in the west african nation. the president have since issued a state me
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a safe and that com has returned to the country. a court in norway has rejected the parole application of mass murder, unders breville, who killed 77 people in an attack back in 2011. the far right extremist, if serving norway's maximum sentence of 21 years under terrorism charges, amnesty international says israel's policies towards the palestinians amount to the international definition of apartheid. israel has rejected the allegation saying its own arab citizens enjoy equal rights. the government is called amnesty claim anti semitic the international community of stepping of diplomatic efforts to defuse the crisis over ukraine. the u. s. and britain are threatening to impose tough new sanctions. if russia invades the country, you as secretary of state antony blanket as reinforced washington support for keith . russian president vladimir putin. he hit back today in his 1st remarks on the crisis this year, he accused the west of ignoring musk elves,
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concerns about security, its security in the reach. this is roy you with the flags of his allies on proud display. ukraine's president announced a huge addition to his nation's army corps, which voted on we will create a new political co operation format in europe between ukraine, great britain and poland, voice that was within the next 3 years, we will increase the number of the ukrainian armed forces 210-0000 professional soldiers, regina army, british prime minister, boris johnson, flew to give to meet with zelinski in a press conference afterwards. johnson appealed for a diplomatic solution to the crisis. russia. invasion of you, crime would be a political disaster. humanitarian disaster. in my view, would also be for russia for the world, a military disaster as well. and i of the potential
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invasion completely, a flies in the face of president putin's claims to be acting in the interests of the ukrainian people. if you generally speaking from moscow, russian president vladimir putin accused ukraine's nato allies of exploiting the crisis for their own benefit. and so my loan that you've alicia, their most important goal is to contain russia. that's the thing from you in this sense it, ukraine itself is just a tool to achieve this goal in strong decisions. this can be done in different ways, and one of them is the draws enough into armed conflict to russia continues to build up its forces in the region, even as diplomats from both sides are still trying to solve the crisis. russian troops are set to hold military drills and bela roost this month, based from camps like this one. just a few miles from the polish border were here in germany. 2 suspects are being held for the killing of 2 police officers. during a traffic stop,
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prosecutors believe the hunters shot dead. the officers to avoid being caught poaching a legal game. the cases caused widespread outreach. the 2 suspects were arrested on monday evening. police searching their homes found a large number of guns among them. they believed the weapons that took the lives of 2 young police officers, the main suspect to 38 year old man, known as a trader in wild game for so far remain silent. the other man, a 32 year old has admitted poaching, but why such deadly violence occurred? remains unclear. prosecutors say the 2 officers were both shot in the head equally egan, deer. the female officer still had her pistol in its holster. she may have had a flashlight in her hand and the papers when she cannot have seen it come in july, isn't diva arc laws. the officers were on patrol on a country road. when the fatal incident happened. they found
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a number of dead animals in a vehicle and was speaking with the occupants when they were shot. they called for help, but by the time their colleagues arrived, it was too late. even seasoned investigators say they've been shocked by the killings. skirt me thorns of austin and understand it's not our idea of germany that someone just start shooting on the street with hunting weapons and opens fire just because he might be caught poaching. that's why this case is so disturbing. another strict, the things, the foster parent, prosecutors say there does not appear to be any political motive behind this crime, the premier of the state of rhineland platinum, where the shooting took place, expressed her dismay at the deaths, pallets i every day police officers are under streets for us everywhere to protect society and to be there for the community to sign. and those who attack these officers are attacking the whole of society. the thing of the guns that aft on the
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younger police officer was just 24 years old and still completing her training when she died. that fact can only heightened the sense of disbelief across germany at this tragic loss of life. in here, the other stories now that are making headlines, denmark has become the 1st european union country to lift all of its pandemic restrictions. that includes face mass vaccination passes and limited opening hours for bars and restaurants move comes despite record numbers of cove 19 infections. the government says it's now relying on didn't marks high vaccination rate to cope with the o mc ron very. the world health organization, meanwhile, has worn countries not to lift all of their cupboard 19 restrictions at once. the head of the w. h o saying that only crunch should not be underestimated. and he's cautioning the virus continues to mutate workers in me and mar, upstaged, a nationwide strike to mark the 1st anniversary of the army crew which toppled the
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civilian leader on sung, sushi, the people are fighting back against violent attacks by the military regime pro democracy protesters are organizing into armed groups, but this is an uneven contest. as the hunter is determined to hold on to power the meal, my regimes responds to popular resistance, tells a story of indiscriminate violence from the 1st protesters gun down. just days after the military coup to air strikes, launched in a remote area in december, sending people fleeing into neighboring thailand by him. and that more and more the conflict is becoming a civil war. and st protestors are deciding to take up arms with them. i hill fire,
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we hate the military dictatorship and we've decided to end it by routing out the military from the country. he's all i am all making out, we promise to help and try our best to finish them off when the war starts on orlando sit of i will give him a going on model. when united has on him, i don't follow when you fill out all these anti coo activists have joined the ethnic rebel group, putting their lives on the line against a regime they've sworn to resist their decision. a sign of desperation, of having no other option. i see the stage so to set for prolonged conflict need aside, seems willing to back down. i just very difficult to see how the conflicts ah, will, will diminish. i will reduce, ah, in the, in the near term, even in, you know, over a period of several years. neither side may be strong enough to win an outright
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victory, meaning villages and army bases like this one will continue to burn. well, if you are afraid of flying, you may not want to look too closely here. this video shows a dramatic lenient london heathrow airport. now, i know you want to watch a british airways played failed to land on its 1st attempt is winds from powerful storm. corey, you see right there they were blowing, the air crafts wheels touch the ground, but the plane swayed from side to side, forcing the pilot the head back into the air. the plane managed to successfully land on a 2nd attempt, which is why it pays to pay your pilots. well. oh my god. yes. all right, steven birth is up next. business moves to correct. ah ah.


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