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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 2, 2022 12:15am-12:31am CET

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glad i was not on that plane. that is your news update at this hour. stay tuned for the business headlines coming up next with stephen beardsley. and remember there is always more news and analysis on our website. as we found at d. w dot com. i'm clear richard and jennifer lynn from in the t here. thanks much for joining us. with my 1st vice i was a sewing machine ah, where i come from. women are boned by this ocean, given something as simple as learning how to write a by side note isn't since i was a little girl, i wanted to have a bicycle off my own, but it took me years to life. finally, they gave up and went to buy me on my side and returned with a sewing machine. sewing, i suppose, was more appropriate for girls than writing a bite. and now i want to reach out to those woman back home for bone to buy their
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duties and social rules and inform them about their basic rights. my name is de about with the who whole. and i work at a look. ah, so much for peak oil, exxon mobil and chevron, prove that there's still plenty of reason to drill. rising oil prices catapult both companies to their highest profits in years and draw investors back to the fossil fuel giants. also on the show. berlin next is a 4500000000 euro take over of german semiconductor firm, still tronic from a taiwanese company. and we'll drop in on a cafe and tyler, we're coffee is served up with a healthy portion of investment strategy encrypted hello of the show. i'm see from
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beardsley in berlin. it was almost 2 years ago that the pandemic gutted oil prices . briefly turning contract prices negative and leading some investors to declare that oil's best days were over. well, take a look at what oil majors did last year. exxon mobil recording $23000000000.00 and profit. chevron meanwhile, almost $16000000000.00. both for both of them. their highest profits in 7 years. so what happened? well, oil prices simply rose again. brett crude, the global standard is up from $51.00 a barrel and january 20, 21 to $89.00 a barrel. now analysts from gp morgan even expect that the price will reach $100.00 this summer. earlier i spoke with our financial correspondent in new york ian's quarter and asked how long oil prices could continue to rise. well, i mean, there are some estimates, sir, by j. p. morgan, for instance, or even by goldman sachs, we could reach the 100 to a dollar, a crude mark,
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or even a within the next couple of months. so there is a feeling in the oil market that traders actually want to see this. so $100.00 mark per barrel it's, it's really going to happen a depends clearly on a plenty of factors. let's see. for example, what wednesdays, opec plus meeting will bring to the supply side. then if you look at the demand side, i mean the weather is still a pretty cold, so that good to lead to more a demand for m heating oil. and then at what happens when at the locked on measures in china as are over. so that could bring more demand and drive prices and higher. so if that's going to happen, nobody can tell you for a 100 percent, but there is the feeling that we might actually approach a $100.00 a barrel, a pretty soon you know, yes, exxon has said that other companies, like b, p and shell were moving too quickly away from oil or that they were under investing
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in oil. and that their strategy was to benefit from that by bennett, by, by investing more in oil. they seem to be right, aunty, or at least in the short term the enemy exaggerated bit. i mean, not that long ago, a 12 years ago there were a lot of voices, some saying that oil is dead, or i remember the year 2015 when saudis prince of alva lead, said we will never, ever see a $102.00 per barrel oil and again, assault. well, that seems to be a rather wrong if you look at what us, but not just to exxon, but in general you as all companies are doing a clearly they've seen that trend at that the market is changing. there is more investment into renewable energy, but at the other side, we will need a lot of oil for quite some time in the future. and the u. s. oil companies are pretty much doing all of the above and they're also trying to be the last one
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standing when it comes to a delivering to deliver all that oil that still remediated in the future. and, and yes, i mean, those results are clearly show was all price, especially at the level where they are, you can still make tons of money with a pumping and selling for oil, or i so plenty of money to be made with oil eons court in york thank you very much . let's go to some of the other business stories making headlines. last year, german breweries produced and sold less beer. sales volumes falling by 2.2 percent, 84500000000 leaders. that's the lowest ever recorded by the federal statistical office. the latest fall was worse by the closure bars and restaurants due to the pandemic. however, the overall trend isn't new. beer cells in germany have fallen by 24 percent in 3 decades. u. s. federal trade commission says it will perform an antitrust review of microsoft proposed acquisition of call of duty maker activision blizzard. the
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$68000000000.00 deal was announced last week. the f t c wants to see whether the take over will harm competition. the german government has rejected a propos, multi 1000000000 euro take over of german way for maker cell tronic by ty wants global wafers by failing to act before the approval deadline of both companies make so called wafers. the roughly one millimeter thick sheets of silicon necessary for the manufacturing of semiconductors. those of course, being of the backbone of the global technology sector of berlin's review as part of a recent law allowing the government to analyze for and take overs involving sensitive or critical technologies in joiner by did. he cursed and taught low. she's a senior fellow at the german council on foreign relations and author of a book on china's relations with europe and technology transfer. did he welcome to the show? the german government has said here that there was too little time to review this deal before the establish deadline. is that plausible? when we think that there is key technology including semiconductors,
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they've said they have have an interest in keeping in the country. right, well they did have a lot of time. it must be said and many, many months. i think it was just about every year in fact. so it's a little hard to understand what's going on here. except if one thinks that there were serious concerns in the german government against allowing a non german non you company to invest in germany 6 as successful gem company. so there's a lot to be asked about there as an outsider, looking at this, were there security issues that were obvious here or that could have come up, especially when you consider this is taiwan. a country that's an am. it's an a long term crisis situation with china, for example. yeah. so it's, it really is quite some complicated. i think one thing is that clearly germany, the germ government and the european union wants to increasingly keep this type of
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industry growing in germany. they're becoming more protective and are scrutinizing investment from overseas much, much more carefully. however, this big question, whether once you just define, you know, from like my just investments from, say, investments, it could be proper medical, so it no fit. i think the german government to one would be considered as a friendly state. i don't think they per se, have a problem with investments from taiwan. yet, of course there is the concern about she wants to do political location as you point out. and in fact, it's worth pointing out here that the chinese government approval on this investment, which was required because in these sorts of investments approved is required market market, regulatory authorities in many countries. so the fact that many people don't realize came with so many conditions attached, that in fact it would have guaranteed future supply to china from global wafers. and so tronic the future company. and that was possibly something that the german
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government in its own way was quite concerned about what kind of message does this into other companies who are investing in building this kind of technology or other key technologies when they're looking at their options for selling their production or for merging? well, i think it's, you know, questionable that the german government frankly, has said no to the steel from taiwan, where we see countries like japan, which are like minded countries to germany, which are in, in, in the pacific. you know, in the, it, we're in that region are in fact welcoming investment from taiwan for example, from t s. m. c 10, a taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company into japan to build semiconductor companies there. so it does send a signal that europe is not entirely open for business when it comes to these types of investments and germany or europe, the european union were able to differentiate little bit more between what kinds of investments are safe for europe and what kinds of paps not safe. my don't think that they've particular done that in this case. all right,
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so more questions perhaps, and answers coming out of this deal or no deal. dickerson taught low senior phil at the german council on foreign relations. thank you very much. thank you. a good investment advice can come from anywhere, but what about your local cafe? when coffee joint in ne, highland has become a hot spot for crypto currency traders and is even offering investment advice. of course crypto markets can be more jolting than a double espresso. at the hip coffee and restaurant cafe in thailand, customers are being encouraged to eat and drink in front of their screens. these screens, however, show the latest prices and trends in crypto currency, and it's attracting a whole new order of clientele. van, it's all having so many screens helps along like 4 or 5 days ago when the market crashed, we immediately know and get to analyze crashing factors and decide whether we
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should execute the by order or not. to me it's exciting because i get to meet people with the same interests as traitors. we get to exchange information because in the trading world, the more information you have, the stronger upper hand, you will have won, and we are competing against millions of people, not just one. along with coffee, the cafe offers free investment advice. it says it's aiming to provide cash, making alternatives to people in the province, and it hopes to start its own crypto currency coin some day to crypto currency is gaining traction in thailand, where the government introduced a crypto tax in 2018, the southeast asian country traded more than $7000000000.00 us dollars in digital assets last november, according to data from the securities and exchange commission. it's finance minister recently announced the government would issue guidelines to make trading simpler for tie citizens. the screens at hip are making things simpler for cafe
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owners to who have doubled their customer base since installing them in 2020, and below. and finally word all the free online word guessing game that's become a sudden hit has a new home. the new york times company has purchased the application from its developer. josh ward, all the games a play on his name says the deal is a 7 figure. amount of players have 6 attempts to guess the 5 letter word of the day we're. it'll has a mass millions of daily users since it's october release. but some fans are worried they may now have to pay to play. the times however, says will initially keep the game free. and that's it for me and the dw business team here. berlin, you can find out more about these rather stories online. he's of g w dot com slash business. it's roger
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ah, dry facts. and most parts of the water at least 4 months a year, you're experiencing some wooten stress. there's plenty of sea water, but desalination is energy intensive and expensive at berlin based start up shows us it doesn't have to be this way. global 3000 next on d, w. knew best basha, blue,
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a $1000000000.00 business for gross exploitation for the men and pollution for everyone. the chinese fashion giant shaking eclipse is anything like it before ever faster and ever cheaper, but it will cost the world so much more than money made in germany. in 60 minutes on dw, ah, in the amount of cost is increasing every in many im gonna working on landfills with the only wife, very holiday destinations drowning in plastic white wine and allie ward. at the call with every year europe exports over 1000000 tons of plastic waste. is there another way?
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after all the environment isn't to recyclable? make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah ah ah ah, welcome to global 3000 new life in the step villages in trans india, a replanting forests, and encouraging the rains to return precious and scarce in many regions of the world. fresh water is in short supply. what's the solution? in lebanon to water supplies a do.


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