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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 2, 2022 5:00am-5:15am CET

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now, oh oh, this is dw news. why from berlin doubling down on diplomacy as tensions mount over ukraine. the u. s. and the u. k. threatened new sanctions. if russia invades drawing a blistering response from vladimir putin also coming up on the ship. the situation is under control, so says president em, below of guinea for so after a crew attempt in the west african country reports a, the attack on the government palace involved nearly 5 hours of gunfire and an icy
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road to the beijing winter olympics in coming athletes already testing positive for coven 19 and countries including the u. s. station, a diplomatic boycott over china's treatment of its meager minority. ah. hello, i'm claire richardson. thanks so much for joining us. the international community is stepping up diplomatic efforts to defuse the crisis over ukraine. the u. s. and britain are threatening to impose tough new sanctions. if russia invades ukraine, u. s. secretary of state antony blanket has reinforced washington support for keith . and meanwhile, russian president vladimir putin has hit back in his 1st remarks on the crisis in a month. he accuses the west of ignoring moscow's concerns about security in the region. russia still in dialogue with the us and its allies about ukraine,
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but president vladimir putin express skepticism about the process. so for them, i guess. so my glow net, the village of the united states, the most important goal is to contain russia. what, that's the thing you wouldn't believe in this sense. ukraine itself is just a tool to achieve this goal. this can be done in different ways. one of them is to draw into armed conflict across the border and give british prime minister bores johnson met with ukrainian president followed amir zelinski in a press conference. afterwards, johnson warned that war should be avoided at all costs. russia invasion of ukraine would be a political disaster. humanitarian disaster, in my view, would also be for russia for the world, a military disaster as well. and i, i, the out potential invasion completely flies in the face of president putin's claims
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to be acting in the interests of the ukrainian people. but ukraine are not completely relying on diplomacy to protect the president. zalinski announced a huge addition to his nation's army. mobile demos was to shop west volume on no way for them. we will create a new political co operation format in europe between ukraine, great britain and poland, was to be within the next 3 years. we will increase the number of the ukrainian armed forces 210-0000 professional soldiers siena army. in a video, released hours before boris johnson's visit, soldiers tested rocket artillery systems, just north of the crimean peninsula, which russia invaded an annex from ukraine in 2014. both sides are preparing for war. while the diplomats try to make peace. earlier we asked our correspondent nick huntley in key if, if the latest diplomatic efforts by the as prime minister well, has helped the situation?
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well, it's definitely all about the optics. it's about a show of diplomatic. so there to the ukraine, you get the sense right now, that volume is lensky basically has little in the way of breaks between all the western european and central european leaders here coming to visit him in kiff is definitely not business. as usual, we have the polish premise to day tomorrow, the dutch prime minister in town. and there was little in the way of escalation in terms of concrete steps that with threats of sanctions, as you mentioned. but given that they're already being spoke about. now you would imagine that any exposed russian companies would have long done their best to remove any assets from the u. k. y u k jurisdictions. but it's the ukraine's a very happy to see this. this is a sign of the ukrainian population that this issue is not peripheral to the agenda across europe, that europe is paying attention to what's being done here on ukraine's borders. and the u. k. has already provided the ukraine army with anti tank missiles. so that is something that has gone down very well and has been seen as a significant contribution to ukraine's ability to defend itself. and as such,
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something that sir makes it more unlikely that russia will actually intervene. nicoli forests and key of there now was get a round up of some of the other stories making world news. at this hour. denmark has become the 1st european union country to lift all of its pandemic restrictions . that includes face masks, vaccination passes, and limited opening hours for bars and restaurants. the move comes despite record numbers of covey. 19 infections. the government says it's now relying on denmark's high vaccination rate to cope with the omicron variance the world health organization. meanwhile, has warned countries not to lift all their coven 19 restrictions at once. the head of the w. h. o said omicron should not be underestimated. and cautioned that the virus is continuing to evolve. woof in the u. s. pharmaceutical company biotech. pfizer is seeking emergency authorization for vaccine developed for children under the age of 5. if approved,
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this weaker version of the vaccine would be the 1st to be made available in the u. s. to children above the age of 6 months. german police say the motive for a deadly police shooting on monday was likely an attempt to cover up illegal poaching to men aged $38.32 are accused of shooting dead to police officers during a routine traffic stop in south western germany. police say they found wild animal carcasses in the trunk of the car. details are emerging after a reported crew in guinea was south president. tomorrow's to so co and ball low has that assailants, armed with machine guns, attacked the government palace for hours. while he and the prime minister were inside, with its situation is now under control. the violence in guinea was sow is the latest in a series of attempted military takeovers in west africa in recent months, most of which have succeeded ah,
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come fire near the government seat and be south forcing bystanders to seek shelter . 4 hours president, omar o. c h o n barlow's whereabouts remained unclear until he addressed the nation, saying several security personnel had been killed and what he called a failed attack against democracy. this, i was in the middle of the council of ministers with all the members, including the prime minister. we were attacked with very heavy weaponry for a duration of 5 iowa, but now everything is under control. this is the african union, and the un have both condemned the attempted coup. it is for us clear that the calls are totally unacceptable. we are seeing a terrible multiplication of goes and our strong appeal is for soldiers to go back to the barracks and for the constitutional order to be fully in place in the
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democratic context of today's universal. em barlow's opponents had accused the former army general election fraud after his victory in the december 2019 roles. he had also recently been at odds with his prime minister following a minor government, chicago. since independence from portugal in 1970 full guinea be south, has experienced 4 coups and more than a dozen attempted ones. while the beijing winter olympics are due to open later this week with the united states and other nations staging a diplomatic boycott to protest china's human rights record. and it's not the only thing casting a chill over the games. growing numbers of cove at 19 cases are also worrying. athletes and officials of beijing insists the games will be safe arrival at the airport in beijing. chinese workers in protective gear. welcome the incoming olympic teams and their baggage. then it's a p c r test. before
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a trip to the venues in ill and pick village where similar tests are to follow on a daily basis. caution, as the watchword chain, as cross country skiers are being shielded from foreign rivals. their norwegian coach tells us with this team we have been staying in china and for the past 2 years. so and they have been extremely careful. we haven't actually competed that the nationally for 2 years of the foreign athletes who have already arrived. 125 of tested positive for coven 19, and have isolated. it's not clear whether they all get the negative test result the need in time to compete. the opening ceremony fireworks have been rehearsed. but critics say that china is using the possess of the games to distract from human rights abuses. is tan purse is, is that k to return this cause arina into space? o, connecticut is m a, c aga tall?
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2 wide was all those us houses. but china itself boasts of its strength and promises a safe winter olympics in beijing. now one year after the army crew that toppled man mars de facto leader on song suit, she streets and some main cities were nearly deserted as workers staged. a silence strike in defiance of the takeover. widespread non violent demonstrations over the past year were met with lethal force. and now some pro democracy protesters are organizing in 2 armed groups. the hunter is determined to hold on to power. dameon mer regimes responds to popular resistance, tells a story of indiscriminate violence from the 1st protesters gun down. just days after the military coup to air strikes. launched in a remote area in december, sending people fleeing into neighboring thailand by him. and that more and more,
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the conflict is becoming a civil war. and st protestors are deciding to take up arms a little in san mateo, all fire. we hate the military dictatorship, colorado, and we've decided to end it by routing out the military from the country. eat all i am, i'll making out we promise to help and try our best to finish them off when the war starts. you know, on orlando sit of i will give him a going on model. when you know, i don't have any model follow when you the law. these antoku activists have joined the ethnic rebel group, putting their lives on the line against a regime they've sworn to resist their decision. the sign of desperation, of having no other option. i see the stage so to set for prolonged conflict
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need aside, seems willing to back down. i just very difficult to see how the conflicts will, will diminish. i will reduce, ah, in the, in the near term, even in, you know, over a period of several years. neither side may be strong enough to win an outright victory . meaning villages and army bases like this one will continue to burn. and journalists in mexico, our morning, the murder of yet another colleague, the 4th to be killed since the start of the year. mexico city ranks as one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists. reporters are being targeted for exposing corruption at the top. the murders have sparked angry protests, and the government is under mounting pressure to make it safer for journalists to do their jobs. journalists that are better to lay, though i was preparing to record an interview. when he was shot. he died from his
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wounds in hospital the director of the online papers to little worked for money thought me sure can set the team had been receiving death threats for months . the are going to day. those threats became concrete, 2 vehicles, human exposing, corrupt administrations, and corrupt officials and politicians to day led to the death of one of our colleagues. b. as in boy, mozilla, one of the little moon was little company to lead us killing follows those of 3 other mexican journalists in january 2022 alone. one of them was reporter louis de maldonado lopez. she was found shot dead in her car in the border city of t juana. board of you said that the in 2019, she had appealed to mexico's president obit adored himself. after becoming involved
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in a dispute with a prominent politician and media owner, hulu. if the, you know, a broader level banquet, the mr. president of come to ask you for support help and justice because they fear for my life. mobile to me via the spate of killings, has put reporters across mexico on edge and sparked protests, asking the government to step up protection for media workers. and before we go, we're going to leave you with a nail biter. and if you're afraid of flying, maybe now is the time to look away because this video we're about to show you includes a dramatic landing at london's heathrow airport. my british airways plane failed to land on a 1st attempt, as wind battered the runway. look at this, the aircraft wheels touching the ground, bought the plane swaying from side to side in the wind, forcing the pilot to head back up into the air. the good news is the plane managed to successfully land on it's 2nd attempt. z a z, a z,
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a z. oh my god. jenny. glad i was not on board for that one. you're watching a d. w. stay tuned for the business headlines that's coming up next with stephen fiercely. i'm clear, richardson in berlin for me, the entire team working behind the scenes for joining us with imagine how many portions of lunch us heard out in the world. climate change very often story. this is my plan, the way from just one week. how much was going to really get we still have time to work. i'm doing all with.


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