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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 2, 2022 7:00am-7:16am CET

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to the best connection, sophia, road and rail, located in the heart of europe, you are connected to the whole world. experience out standing shopping and dining office and try our services all. be our guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by frappe waterloo. ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. russian president vladimir putin speak south on the stand off over ukraine. he says the us is ignoring moscow security concerns
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about signals brushes ready for another round of negotiations. also coming up a tax on churches on the rise in india, new laws cracking down on the religious conversion. i emboldening right wing hinder groups of christian leaders for harassment, or even jail plus an icy road to the beijing winter olympics as countries stage a diplomatic boycott over human rights. and some olympic teams are also already tested positive for corona virus, as infections in china increased. ah, i'm glad i was welcome to the program. russia's president vladimir putin has accused the us and its allies of ignoring moscow security concern. in his 1st
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public remarks on the stand of over ukraine in weeks, he said the west was using ukraine to hinder russia's development. putin signal, he was ready to continue negotiations. but so far, neither side has been willing to budge on their positions. russia still in dialogue with the u. s. and its allies about ukraine, but president vladimir putin express skepticism about the process. so for the film, a glow neck evolution, the united states, the most important goal is to contain russia. what that's the thing you wouldn't believe in this sense. ukraine itself is just a tool to achieve this goal. this can be done in different ways. one of them is to draw into armed conflict across the border and give british prime minister bores johnson met with ukrainian president followed amir zelinski in a press conference. afterwards, johnson warned that war should be avoided at all costs. russia invasion of ukraine
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would be a political disaster. humanitarian disaster, in my view, would also be for russia for the world, a military disaster as well. and i have the potential invasion completely flies in the face of president putin's claims to be acting in the interests of the ukrainian people. but ukraine are not completely relying on diplomacy to protect them. president zalinski announced a huge addition to his nations army web demos was the job was thought you wanna wait for them. we will create a new political co operation format in europe between ukraine, great britain and poland was to be within the next 3 years. we will increase the number of the ukrainian armed forces 210-0000 professional soldiers army. in a video released hours before boris johnson's visit, soldiers tested rocket artillery systems just north of the crimean peninsula,
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which russia invaded an annex from ukraine in 2014. both sides are preparing for war, while the diplomats try to make peace at earlier we all saw corresponded nixco, an inquiry about how ukrainians are feeling about their role in what essentially is increasingly seen as a conflict between the west and russia. this is what he had to say. i mean, i think for ukrainians, the fact that they are going to be, as long as they are not part of nature, not part of the you or not closely controlled by russia. they're always going to be tensions around ukraine. ukraine is too big in terms of population in terms of its size, geographically and in terms of its strategic location out of europe, to be a kind of strategic after thought in the way that the country like finland can be. that is a given. i think most ukrainians are not surprised by that. i think the big thing for most ukrainians is whether ukraine is at the table when these discussions are taking place. now vladimir putin has consistently ignored the ukrainians. in recent
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months, russian leaders calling ukraine of western vessel and talking only to the u. s. administration. the u. s. fritz part has made a big effort to try to include ukraine's this format. we even hear anti blinking. you a secretive state saying nothing about ukraine without ukraine at the table. so finality, ukraine's feeling relatively calm that they are being kept in the loo. nicolai, they're reported from give. let's have looked at some of the other stories making headlines. president, tomorrow's, his soccer and barlow of kinnear. a guinea bizarre has issued a statement saying he is safe and that com has returned to the west african nation . his statement came of the heavy gunfire erupted in the capitol. security forces were supposedly repelled an attack on a government compact in the u. s. pharmaceutical companies, biotech and pfizer are seeking emergency authorization for a vaccine developed for children under the age of 5. if approve this weaker version
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of the vaccine would be the 1st to be made available in the u. s. to children above the age of 6 months. meanwhile, the world health organization has warned countries not to lift all their cove at 19 restrictions at once. the head of the w h o set omicron should not be underestimated and cautioned that the virus is continuing to evolve. and it's really, really careful to india now where there has been a rise in the number of attacks on christian churches and gatherings. they are being carried out by right wing hindu groups, emboldened by new laws, cracking down on religious conversion. critic say these groups are abusing the laws to push their own agenda, often facing no consequences themselves. w's ha delica responded the message as well traveled to the town of who bally in southern state of karnataka to meet a pastor who has shut down his church in the face of continued abuse early to the
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highlight of pastors oh i've read these he has always been the fan d'silva, but now he's being alone at his church and hopefully it is the 1st time he has been back in modern c monday. last october. as the pastor was on his way to the church, he deceived urgent phone calls, wanting him that wallen deals linked with him to right wing groups were disrupting the sunday. brag, add that in there. they had barged him and started loudly chanting him. when the bastard i have to question them, be claimed that they had proof. he had tried to forcefully convert a hindu man and them it's the pastor said he never met the alleged victim before. yet he was still taken to the police station on charges of bully, abusing a man from a protected garage on well, i was the one who called the police. i was going to file a case against them. but they pushed me aside and started meeting like the beat 7 members of my church down. they entered the police station and abused and
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threatened with no action has been taken against the hindu group. it was the pastor who spent 11 days in jail and he continues to face charges. it didn't end that. the past has family was standardized in their neighbourhood. the landlord threatened with hom if he didn't evict them in, but if they were forced to move, they also had to pull their daughter out of school because she was being bullied. my children's classmates were harassing them, daunting them that their father had been sent to prison when the my children were embarrassed and i had to pull them out of school. they haven't been able to return them over the last year. christian groups have reported a spike in similar facts and had a swinton cut nautica, especially after plans for the new law, but announced the theatre for not higher than the process of passing an antique and was in law switched august convoys insisted or fraudulent afford. but the definition of what is illegal is very broad and the punishment very strict. right
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wing hinder groups here strongly support the law. monday not hipson was amongst the men who stormed pastor of it at this church. he alleges that christian congregations like overread these been wash hindus in injecting that a legend or offer financial incentives to convert the law. he says, will give them strong grounds to put an end to this only for them. once the law comes, we can demolish these judges or the already prepared to demolish them yet, but we are waiting for the lobby. a rule once it is passed on, our hands are no longer day and we are free to take action. we can get them and report them to the police and legal arizola day that the following up for now passed over the visits church members at home and only in areas considered safe. and this man and his family, but also forced out of their village after the attack on the church. but they see the find comfort and place all they want is the freedom to do so in
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all the ws delica respond an image or jaguar file. this report and she joins us now from daddy, err, namisha, these attacks have been going on for some time. why is the government not doing more to protect these christian communities? baker had the simpler jesus is that the government is often one of those making these allegations in the case that we just watched. bill b timmy's elected representative was actually one of the people who led the protests following the past as it all at arrest. and actually called for action against him. now of course it's important to note here that the in that in young christian community is one of the oldest in asia and it's back centuries yet the target of these groups as well as b, debbie legislators is daughter was born hinder, one of and have either officially converted or covertly believing in christianity, but of white be debbie legislators themselves had actually been present or had made suite of the directly called for action and sometimes even violence against these
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communities. and the out of was all for pushing and the conversion laws across the country are tell us more about this, this anti conversion. a bill. what's its purpose? where to look at the one and good not to forget hard. interestingly, it's called the freedom of religion. bill and if you look at it, simply actually just prescribe for me is to can word, for example. it says that you should lead authorities know a month before can wording and also to report your conversion a month after it. however, all these reports actually allow for die of what time for tricia, for a hindu rate when golds to attack would abuse these people for this is generally awaited. in addition, many kinds of conversions are considered fraudulent or forced and can be charged. the would only autumn wind, for example, is used for what is considered illegal and that has such a broad definition that pretty much any one can be charged with forcing conversions . and anyone can report these conversions as well. not just family,
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but neighbors and bystanders door and strict action of deacon against these people . mister india has also been recording arise in the attacks on minorities for quite some time as this impacting the modi governments popularity. but while internationally, condemnation and attention has been brought to the fact that attacks and minorities are raising and india domestically, political analysts believe that this could actually be adding to the more the government's popularity because of the government's agenda, offer hindu josh, georgia, hindu nation. but has been promoted not only to policies like these, but also laws and as well as silence on attack on minorities. now this for example, again, can include to call a thing that christians are forcing conversions or thing that muslim formatting handle guns and practicing love. she hired all of these allegations, demonizing, minorities, and thing that hindus on the threat. and that hindu should take over bar and should
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be the a should be the religion that drives the nation. this of course, please well amongst the waters for payment to millions or more these government as well as the w's and emitter jazz, while they are reporting. thank you very much. the mission the beijing winter olympics, are due to oprah later this week, and the u. s. and the other nations are staging a diplomatic boycott to protest china's human rights record. it means the countries will only send athletes, but no government officials. that's not the only thing costing a chill over the games. growing numbers of cove at 19 cases are also worrying athletes and officials, bitching and sis. the games will be safe arrival at the airport in beijing. chinese workers in protective gear. welcome the incoming olympic teams and their baggage. then it's a p c r test. before a trip to the venues in the olympic village, where similar tests are to follow on
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a daily basis. caution, as the watchword, china's cross country skiers are being shielded from foreign rivals. their norwegian coach tells us with this team we have been staying in china. full time for the past 2 years. so and they have been extremely careful. we haven't actually competed that the nationally for 2 years. of the foreign athletes who have already arrived. 125 of tested positive for coven 19 and have isolated. it's not clear whether they are all get the negative test result the need in time to compete . the opening ceremony fireworks have been rehearsed. but critics say that china is using the possess of the games to distract from human rights abuses. this is tan purse is, is that k to return this cause arina into a space? political is m a c and or talk to why it was all those are size of his. but china itself boast of its strength and promises
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a safe winter olympics in beijing. some sports news now. nfl superstars 7 times super bowl when a tom brady, as confirmed his retiring at the age of $44.00. brady recently hinted that he was considering his future part has now confirmed the end of an astonishing 22 year career. brady retires as the most successful quarterback in nfl history. having 16 super bowls with the new england patriots. and a final one with the tampa bay buccaneers. last year that said from me and the news team here in berlin, i don't go away. business uses up next with stephen beardsley. i'm got office. thanks photonics. what secrets lie behind these walls discover new.


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