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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 2, 2022 8:00am-8:31am CET

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war line starts for june, 16th on d, w ah ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. russian president vladimir putin speaks out on the stand off over you crank. he says the us is ignoring moscow security concerns,
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but signals rushes ready for another round of negotiations. also coming off a tax on churches are on the rise in india, new laws cracking down on religious conversion. i'm bolding right wing him to groups, and christian leaders, fear harassment, or even jail and outrage. as a 4th journalist is killed in less than a month in mexico. the government is under growing pressure to step up protection for reporting plus an icy road to the beijing winter olympics. as countries are staging a diplomatic boycott over human rights. and some olympic teams are also already tested positive for corona voc as infections in china increased ah,
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i'm gabels as welcome to the program. russia's president vladimir putin has accused the us and its allies of ignoring moscow security concerns. in his 1st public remarks on the stand of over ukraine in weeks, he said the west was using ukraine to hinder russia's developments put in signals. he was ready to continue negotiations. but so far, neither side has been willing to budge on their positions. for weeks he has left the talking to others, but now president vladimir putin has accused the united states have trying to drag russia into conflict, but found mc loaner, you village the united states, the most important goal is to contain russia. what that's the thing with them, some is in this sense, ukraine itself is just a tool to achieve this goal using them. this can be done in different ways. one of them is to draw into armed conflict and across the bordering key. as british prime minister boris johnson offered
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a show of support to ukrainian president vladimir to lensky johnson warned that war would be a lose lose outcome. russia invasion of ukraine would be a political disaster. humanitarian disaster, in my view would also be for russia for the world, a military disaster as well. and at the out potential invasion completely flies in the face of president putin's claims to be acting in the interest of the ukrainian people. ukraine is not completely relying on diplomacy to protect them. president lensky announced a huge addition to his nation's army. mableton was to jot west william on over. we will create a new political cooperation format in europe between ukraine, great britain and poland was missing. within the next 3 years, we will increase the number of the ukrainian armed forces by 100000 professional
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soldiers army. in a video release, just hours before boris johnson's visit, soldiers tested rocket artillery systems. just north of the crimean peninsula, which russia invaded, anne annexed from ukraine in 2014. both sides are preparing for war. while the diplomats try to make peace of more of this, i am now joined by our correspond mathias bellinger in here, mateus. however, a president prudence remarks received in ukraine. well, fortune has had a few our remarks about ukraine in the recent month. he has also elaborated on his historical view, has called ukrainians and russians of has said there and they had been being in a, in a historic union. there were brotherly peoples and has justified his, his claims on ukraine by these historic um her,
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these historic claims are, this has not been received very well in ukraine. ukrainians see themselves as very distinct off russians. and increasingly so while the country was 20 years ago, still divided out of whether on whether it should be leaning towards russia or other to the west that has dramatically shifted in the past few years, especially since the 2014, since these proxy was in the don bass, where russia is engaged and since the seizure of crimea and her and unsurprisingly, ukraine is looking for other allies to help itself for protect, to protect itself. and that is, of course, sir, and for that ukraine is looking to the west. so i'm in pause, there's a clear majority now saying that ukraine should join the not nato of, of, or, of course, this is not on the table right now,
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but this is the direction where ukraine is heading. now in for the president putin's view, ukraine has become a tool for nato members to be used against russia. hottest ukraine respond to that . yeah, as i said, it has a majority of ukrainians, is now favoring a membership in nato and her. this is something that is very important from for, for many here. and her, you can, is do not see themselves as a tool, but they see themselves as a nation. that is choosing its allies according to their own necessities but ukrainian present. soleski has announced an increase and no ukrainian troop numbers tell us more. yeah, days are going to be a reform, according to the president of the ukrainian army, the ukrainian army is now
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a conscript army. there are conscripts and there are professional soldiers. the number is about 250000, currently serving, plus another 100000 plus, plus who are, who are have convert experienced. but we're currently in reserve and jersey lensky has announced that he will enlist more professional soldiers and my face, our conscription ah, and her one of the things he has announced is to make i'm service more attractive by raising the payment of soldiers. that is the most important part. what is billing are there for us in here? thank you. what is let's have a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. president, tomorrow's. the circle and barlow of guinea. bizarre has issued a statement saying he's safe and that com has returned to the west african nation is statement came after. heavy gunfire erupted in the capitol. security forces
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reportedly repelled an attack on a government compound in the u. s. pharmaceutical pharmaceutical companies. by on taken pfizer, a seeking emergency authorization for a vaccine developed for children under the age of 5. if approved this week, a version of the vaccine would be the 1st to be made available in the u. s. to children above the age of 6 months. the world health organization, meanwhile, has worn countries not to lift all their coven 19 restrictions at the head of the w . h. o said army crunch should not be underestimated to that and cautioned that the virus is continuing to evolve. wave adoption publisher has halted printing of a new book, which suggested was a jewish notary who betrayed direst. and a frank to nancy forces in world war 2. the author's research has been fiercely criticized back that makes and historians the publish apologize saying they should
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have taken a more critical stance to india. now whether it has been arise in the number of attacks on churches and christian gatherings, their being carried out by right wing hindu groups emboldened by new laws that crack down on religious conversion. critic say these groups are abusing the laws to push their own agenda. often facing no consequences themselves, dw delhi corresponded the massage as well traveled to the town of bali and that the southern state of karnataka to meet a pastor who has shut down his church in the face of continued abuse. oh, the highlight of pastors over there this week has always been the sunday service. but now he's being alone at his church and hopefully it is the 1st time he has been back in more than 3 months earlier last october. as the pastor was on his way to the church,
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he received urgent phone calls wanting him that wall and dylan linked with him to right wing groups, were disrupting the sunday bray gathering that they had lodged in and started loudly chanting him. c when the bastard, i had to question them, the claim that they had proof, he had tried to forcefully convert a hindu man in them. it's the pastor said he never met the alleged victim before. yet he was still taken to the police station on charges of bubbly abusing a man from a protected kara on. well, i was the one who called the police. i was going to file a case against them, but they pushed me aside and started beating me like they beat 7 members of my church gamble. they entered the police station and abused and threatened to hold them in. no action has been taken against the hinder group. it was the pastor who spent 11 days in jail and he continues to face charges. it didn't end that. the past has family was standardized in their neighborhood. the landlord threatened with harm if he didn't evict them in,
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but they were forced to move. they also had to pull their daughter out of school because she was being bullied. my children's classmates were harassing them, daunting them that their father had been sent to prison when that my children were embarrassed and i had to pull them out of school. they haven't been able to return . over the last year. christian groups have reported a spike in similar acts and had a smitten karnataka, especially after plans for the new law, but announced method of her not i'm in the process of passing, an antique and rosa loss, which target can voice in think the fraudulent affords. but the definition of what is illegal is very broad and the punishment metric right wing hinder groups here strongly support the law. mind you not hip sir, was amongst the men who stormed pastor of it at these church. he alleges that christian congregations like over these been wash hindus into the jack thing, their religion or offer financial incentives to convert the law. he says,
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will give them strong grounds to put an end to this. they always happen once the law comes. we can demolish the strategy, so the already prepared to demolish. we are, but we are waiting for the law ruler wants to just passed on. our hands are no longer day and we are free to take action. we can guide students and report them to the police and good luck all day that the following up for now passed over the visits george members at home and only in areas considered safe on this man and his family, but also forced out of their village after the attack on the church, but these see the find comfort and pledge all the want is the freedom to do so. in all the ws delica responded to mr. jones was filed this report and she joins us now from debbie herb namisha. these attacks have been going on for some time. why is the government not doing more to protect these christian communities? baker had the simper jesus in,
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is that the government is often one of the doors making these allegations in the case that we just watched. bill b, timmy's elected representative, was actually one of the people who led the protests following the past as it all at arrest and actually called for action against him. now of course it's important to note here that the in that india christian community is one of the oldest in asia and did fact centuries in the target of these groups as well as be debbie legislators is daughter was born hinder. when of an have i been officially converted or covertly believing in christianity, but of quite be dimly led. slater themselves had actually been present or have made suite of the directly called for action and sometimes even violence against these communities. and the out of was all for pushing andy conversion laws across the country are tell us more about this, this anti conversion. a bill. what's its purpose? where to look at the one and good not to forget hard. interestingly, it's called the freedom of religion bill, and if you look at it,
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simply actually just prescribe for me is to can word. for example. it says that you should lead authorities know a month before can wording and also to port your conversion a month after it. however, all these reports actually allow for die of a dime for trisha, for a hindu rate when golds to attack would abuse these people for this is generally a winded. in addition, many kinds of conversions are considered fraudulent or force and can be charged. the word only autumn went, for example, is used for what is considered illegal and that has such a broad definition that pretty much any one can be charged with forcing conversions . and anyone can afford these conversions as well. not just family, but neighbors and bystanders door and strict action of deacon against these people . mister india has also been recording arise in the attacks on minorities for quite some time as this impacting the modi government's popularity. but while international condemnation and attention has been brought to the fact
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that attacks and minorities are raising and india domestically, political analysts believe that this could actually be adding to them or the government's popularity because of the government's agenda, offer hinder, our shorter hinder nation, but has been promoted, not only to policies, leg these, but also laws and, and as well of silence on attack on minorities. now this for example, again, can include to call a thing that christians are forcing conversions or thing that muslim formatting handle girls and practicing love. she hired all of these allegations, demonizing, minorities, and thing that hinder was on the threat. and that hinder, should take over by and should be than a should be the religion that drives the nation. this, of course, please. well, among the war does for parameters to millions or more, these government as well the w's and the me, such as, while they're reporting. thank you very much. the mission here in germany, 2 suspects are being held for the killing of 2 police officers during
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a routine traffic stop. prosecutors believe the hunters shot dead, the officers to avoid being caught poaching. illegal game federal tax on police are rare in germany, and the case is caused widespread outrage. the 2 suspects were arrested on monday evening. police searching their homes found a large number of guns among them. they believed the weapons that took the lives of 2 young police officers. the main suspect of 38 year old man, known as a trader in wild game for so far remain silent. the other man, a 32 year old has admitted poaching, but why such deadly violence occurred? remains unclear. prosecutors say the 2 officers were both shot in the head. equally egan, d. o, the female officer still had her pistol in its holster. she may have had a flashlight in her hand and the papers when she cannot have seen it coming job eisen, diva arc laws. the officers were on patrol on
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a country road when the fatal incident happened. they found a number of dead animals in a vehicle and was speaking with the occupants when they were shot. they called for help, but by the time their colleagues arrived it was too late. even seasoned investigators say they've been shocked by the killings. skirt me, thorns, aforesaid, understand it's not our idea of germany that someone just start shooting on the street with hunting weapons and opens fire just because he might be caught poaching . that's why this case is so disturbing. understood the things to fall faster and prosecutors say there does not appear to be any political motive behind this crime . the premier of the state of rhineland, platinum, where the shooting took place, expressed her dismay at the deaths, pallets i every day police officers are on the streets for as everywhere to protect society and to be there in the community. it's a sign. and those who attack these officers are attacking the whole of society. the
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thing of the guns of the thatch and the younger police officer was just 24 years old and still completing her training when she died. that fact can only heightened the sense of disbelief across germany at this tragic loss of life. one year after the military coup that's toppled, mere mass defacto leda on sansa cheap streets. and some main cities were nearly deserted as workers staged. a silent strike in defiance of the takeover. widespread nonviolent demonstrations over the past year were met with lethal force. and now some pro democracy protesters organizing into armed groups. but the hunter is determined to hold on to its power. the myanmar regimes response to popular resistance tells a story of indiscriminate violence from the 1st protesters gun down.
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just days after the military coup to air strikes, launched in a remote area in december, sending people fleeing into neighboring thailand. i mean more and more, the conflict is becoming a civil war. and st protestors are deciding to take up arms with them. i hill fire, we hate the military dictatorship and we've decided to end it by routing out the military from the country. he's all i am all making out. we promised to help and try our best to finish them off when the war starts in. i wanna know, sit of, i don't with him as a model when you, i don't have any, you know, follow when you, the lot of these anti cou activists have joined an ethnic rebel group, putting their lives on the line against
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a regime they've sworn to resist. their decision, a sign of desperation, of having no other option. i see the stage started set for prolonged conflict need aside, seemed willing to back down. i just very difficult to see how the conflicts, ah, will, will diminish. i will reduce, i'm in the, in the near term, even in, you know, over a period of several years. neither side may be strong enough to win an outright victory, meaning villages and army bases like this one will continue to burn. let's have another quick look at some of the other stories making headlines. authorities in canada have broken up a convoy of trucks that was blocking a major border crossing into the us truckers stage the protest as part of a larger anti vaccine demonstration that blocked the roads in the capital of ottawa over the weekend. gotten no way has rejected the parole application of mass
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murderer under the bravest who killed 77 people in an attack in 2011 the fall. right extremist is serving norway's maximum sentence of 21 years under terrorism challenges. supporters of again, sinners, government took to the streets to call for the resignation of supreme court. judges accusing them of bias and siding with your position the protesters in whereas iris also choose them of corruption. the opposition said the demonstrations are an attempt to destabilize the state. journalists in mexico a morning, the murder of yet another colleague, the 4th to be killed since the start of the year. mexico city ranks as one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists. reporters are being targeted for exposing corruption. at the top, the murders have sparked angry protests. of the government is under mounting
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pressure to make his safer for journalists to do their work. journalists, roberta to leather, was preparing to record an interview when he was shot. he died from his wounds in hospital the director of the online paper to lead a worked for money toward me. sure can set the team had been receiving death threats for months. leroy to day those threats became concrete till sylvia policy on exposing corrupt administrations and corrupt officials and politicians to day led to the death of one of our colleagues the as annoying mozilla. one of the loan was to respond van. yes, to lead us killing follows those of 3. are the mexican journalists in january 2022 alone? one of them was reporter louis de maldonado lopez. she was found shot dead in her
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car, in the border city of t juana. board of he said that the in 2019, she had appealed to mexico's president of the door himself. after becoming involved in a dispute with a prominent politician and media owner, will you seen it? but the law then got mister president. i've come to ask you for support help and justice because i fear for my life, him up. what media? the state of killings has put reporters across mexico on edge and sparked protests, asking the government to step up protection for media workers. the bay ging winter olympics are due to open later this week and the u. s. and other nations are staging a diplomatic boycott to protest. gina, china's human rights record. it means the countries will only sent athletes, but no government officials. and that's not the only thing casting
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a chill over the games. growing numbers of cove 19 cases are also worrying. athletes and officials, they're b. j insists the games will be safe arrival at the airport in beijing. chinese workers and protective gear. welcome the incoming olympic teams and their baggage. then it's a p c r test. before a trip to the venues in ill and pick village where similar tests are to follow on a daily basis. caution as the watchword chain, as cross country skiers are being shielded from foreign rivals. their norwegian coach tells us with this team we have been staying in china full time for the past 2 years. so and they have been extremely careful. we haven't actually completed that the nationally for 2 years of the foreign athletes who have already arrived. $125.00 of tested positive for covered 19 and have isolated. it's not
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clear whether they are all get the negative test result the need in time to compete . the opening ceremony fireworks have been rehearsed. but critics say that china is using the possess of the games to distract from human rights abuses. is tan purse is, is that k to turn this cause arina into a space, political intimacy and or talk to white was all those are sizes. but china itself boasts of its strength and promises a safe winter olympics. in beijing, salt sues and now nfl superstar and 7 time super bowl. when a tom brady has confirmed his retiring. at the age of 44, brady recently hinted that he was considering his future. but as now confirmed the end of an astonishing 22 year career ready retires as the most successful quarterback in nfl history. having won 6 super bowls with new england patriots,
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and a final one with the tampa bay buccaneers. just last year. before we go, if you're afraid to fly, maybe you want to look away. now this video shows a rather dramatic landing at london's heathrow airport. rather amiss landing, a british airways claim fail to land on 1st attempt as wind bat at the runway. look at this aircraft wheels just touching the ground to place a side to side. it will when force of the pilot as a back up into the air. the good news is the plane managed to successfully land on its 2nd 28th 8. 0 my god. jelly, this is the w news and has a reminder of the top story we're following for you. rush us president vladimir
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putin has accused the west of ignoring moscow concerns about regional security. after the u. s. at to nato responded to demands over the ukraine crisis. the u. s. and russia have resume talks with a phone call between the secretary of state lincoln and foreign minister love roth about failed to achieve a break. and that's it for me. and it is seem a fun. i'll have an update for you in half an hour. don't go away though. stay tuneful. close up an episode that looks at housing affordability that's coming up. just after a short break. there's always a website for a lot more news and business stories. that's d w dot com. i'm gab office in berlin . thanks so much. with
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who living without a home. oh, close to
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a 1000000 people in germany are homeless. even with a job or a pension, they can't afford a permanent place to stay. their fate is the result of a housing market policy that was doomed to fail. why is it more being done to help clues on next on d, w a n. n, a legal right for with what is your city is an all time high people demand radical solutions corporation. the claim he can handle the crisis, but at the what hot eco, india in 60 minutes on d w o
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