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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 2, 2022 10:00am-10:16am CET

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they are peers and rivals, with one daring goal to outsmart nature for a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts february 16th on d, w. ah, ah, ah, this is d w. news live from berlin, russian president vladimir putin speak sobs on the stand off over you crime. he
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says the us is ignoring moscow security concerns, but signals that russia is ready for another round of negotiations. also coming up, the situation is under control says president m, below of guinea be so after a coup attempt in the west african country, he says drug traffickers could be to blame what questions are growing over? what really happened ah, i'm gather as well come to the program. rush as president flooding reputed has accused the us and its allies of ignoring moscow security concerns. in his 1st public remarks on the standoff over ukraine in weeks, he said the west was using ukraine to hinder russia's development tooting signals. he was ready to continue negotiations. but so far, neither side has been willing to budge on their positions. for weeks he has left to
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talking to others, but now president vladimir putin has accused the united states of trying to drag russia into conflict. so mc loaner, you feel that the united states most important goal is to contain russia. what that's the thing, what i'm saying is in this sense, ukraine itself is just a tool to achieve this goal using this can be done in different ways. one of them is to draw into armed conflict across the border and key of british prime minister boris johnson. offered a show of support to ukrainian president vladimir cholenski. johnson warned that war would be a lose lose outcome. russia invasion of ukraine would be a political disaster. humanitarian disaster, in my view, would also be for russia for the world, a military disaster as well. and i the how potential
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invasion completely, a flies in the face of president putin's claims to be acting in the interest of the ukrainian people. ukraine is not completely relying on diplomacy to protect them. president to lands gannons a huge addition to his nation's army web demos was the job was told him on over. we will create a new political cooperation format in europe between ukraine, great britain and poland was abusive. within the next 3 years, we will increase the number of the ukrainian armed forces by 100000 professional soldiers army. in a video release, just hours before boris johnson's visit, soldiers tested rocket artillery systems, just north of the crimea peninsula, which russia invaded, an annex from ukraine and 2014. both sides are preparing for war. while the diplomats try to make peace. but more of their story, i'm now joined by the w correspondence magdalena, whoosh, polo cut in
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a war. so i'm glad i was poland. roland this conflict. while poland stands for rather tough scans on russia, claiming that the only language that is being understood in russia is a very, very clear, you know, and to remember, poland is also in the front line of it criticizing the gas pipeline. nordstrom, to that they reckon a ring earnings, russia and germany thing that it will be a risk for the whole of you, of and so far, poland mate cleared it in a crucial question off with the delivery that should be coordinated with the partners. but recently it looks like coolant is also willing to an offer, a direct delivery elf military. good sir, to the ukraine. and you know, in this phase, many here in poland. remember the wars of the former president, liquor chase sky, she doing the georgia crisis when poland offered an express solidarity to georgia
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at this time in georgia, next time ukraine and then it's us. so poland is very, very sensible. with the prospect of and rebuilding a russian empire. so poland prime minister was also an ukraine on tuesday. what kind of support us was offering? well more of yet steer please don't pull into said colon is going to offer you not only as support in defense, but also in other areas and like economical stability or humanitarian aid, which already happened. he claimed and, and a guest supplier here in poland, a state guest supplier, and proclaimed that it would deliver liquid gas from u. s. to ukraine in the future. and you know, when it comes to military equipment, poland would hand over tens of thousands of rounds on to really, i mean uses right mortars, men, portal al, defense systems and roles. that's what her hearing says a few days here or so. now poland,
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there has been one of the most vocal you members about the thread opposed by russia . more of this he said that a living close to enable like russia is like, living at the foot of a volcano. does war? so believe that you can come up with unified response. well, we're hearing also that a uni, a unified response is of course necessary, but on the other and the hand, we know that of course, there are different approaches in the europe and war. so has been very critical in the last days and weeks with germany prime minister, more obvious key even open the as says that he feels disappointed about germany. concerning its hesitations to give is tonia green light and to send german the weapons to keels and, and conceal concerning alternative alliances. yesterday we've heard of and no one between britain, poland, and you cry in which rather for me as seems more symbolic and also a very important general hill in portland. an army officer said yesterday it's,
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it's nothing new indeed because this country's work already together since and $96.00 in a program called partnership for peace to w's. magdalena gosh, follow cough. and i was so thank you that it that's have a quick look at some of the other lines. a court in norway has rejected the parole application of mass murderer under braving, who killed 77 people in an attack in 2011. the far right extremist is serving norway's maximum sentence of 21 years under terrorism charges in the u. s. pharmaceutical companies by on taken, pfizer are seeking emergency authorization for a vaccine developed for children under the age of 5. if approved, the extra low doses would be the 1st to be made available in the us to children. about the age of 6 months. world health organization has warned countries not
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to lift all their coven 19 restrictions. at the same time, the head of the w. h. o said omicron should not be underestimated and cautioned that the virus is continuing to evolve. authorities in canada have broken up a convoy of trucks that was blocking a major border crossing into the u. s. trackers states the protest as part of a larger anti vaccine demonstration that blocked roads in the capital of ottawa over the weekend. as of looking at some of the other developments in the corona virus pandemic, germany has recorded more than 10000000 corona virus cases. since the start of the pandemic, more than 200000 new infections were locked on tuesday alone. according to the federal research institute, france has started started easing cove at 19 restrictions, despite record numbers in january mandatory outdoor mask wary and capacity limits for large events have been dropped and tom garb is going into locked down after port workers delivering humanitarian aid, tested positive for the virus,
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the remote pacific nation was left devastated by a tsunami after an underwater or canada eruption last month. details are emerging after reported qu in guinea. bizarre president, romeros is so co em. barlow. as i said, assailants armed with machine guns, attacked the government palace for hours while he and the prime minister were inside. but that the situation is now under control. the violence in going to be saw is the latest in a series of attempted military takeovers in west african recent month, most of which have succeeded ah, come fire near the government seat and be south forcing bystanders to seek shelter . 4 hours president omar osi chocolate and bellows. whereabouts remained unclear until he addressed the nation, saying several security personnel had been killed and what he called a failed attack against democracy. this i was in the middle of the council of
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ministers with all the members, including the prime minister. we were attacked with very heavy weaponry for a duration of 5. 0 yeah. but now everything is under control. the african union and the un have both condemned the attempted coon. it is for us clear that sir calls are totally unacceptable. we are seeing a terrible multiplication of gauze and our strong appeal is for soldiers to go back to the barracks and for the constitutional order to be fully in place in the democratic context of today's gay nearby sol. emberly's opponents had accused the former army general election fraud after his victory in the december 2019 roles. he had also recently been at odds with his prime minister following a minor government shake home. since independence from portugal in 1970 full guinea
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be south, has experienced 4 coups, and more than a dozen attempted ones to columbia. now, which is facing a dilemma over what to do with dozens of hippos were 1st brought there by notorious drug lord pablo escobar. he was killed by police almost 30 years ago, and since then, a growing population of hippos has been taken over the countryside near his former ranch, our report a travel to marine in northern columbia to discover why scientists and activists are divided over how to deal with the animals a legacy of drug kingpin pablo escobar and a problem that has grown over the years, columbia's hippos, now the largest population outside of africa, which is their natural habitat. the so called king of cocaine, brought 4 of the packet arms to his ranch. they've now multiplied to more than 90
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and a causing havoc. they like it here, especially in high summer, when the hippos gather plano ballet, they swim out there and then reappeared somewhere else. they rammed my boat and kept it over because you can't see them at night. all the males are so aggressive, but one hit my boat with a big bang bombardment. but when will i will? i can only i glenmarie the hippos in columbia. and now the subject of public debate, animal rights activists insist that the large mammals are completely innocent. but environmentalists criticize the effects they both have on the ecosystem and the indigenous foreigner. scientists support an end to the hippos. don't them a lot or is it for voice over the phone? okay, sounds rather harsh, but we must clearly state that it must be done. i think that we from the academy must be able to explain why this must be done. even if no one is happy about it,
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no one wants to kill the hippos, but it's the lesser of 2 evils. in this scenario, mile may north america, almost. the environmental agency has started with harmless birth control, a contraceptive that works with both male and female hippos, willa seating. the medicine donated by us animal welfare authorities is given by injection. moreover called marbella, now we must wait and see how the medicine works. then we will know if it really will, the to few carves been remark, viaz care on up on his. yeah. but young hippos often disappear even without medication. the semi aquatic animals have achieved a kind of cult status among people who wish to imitate pablo escobar.
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yeah i those gay killers, 2 of the little ones have already been taken away when they were sold. there are lots of rich people in this country who once i have something like this, the last young hipaa was brought to a man who is said to be very powerful. i want to put more boys. so now there is a market for these exotic animals in columbia, and they lack natural enemies. that's why this is the largest, hypo population outside of africa, where they are indigenous you are 20 w news. he is a reminder of our top story. russia president vladimir putin has accused the west of ignoring moscow's concerns about regional security. after the u. s. and nato responded to demands over the ukraine crisis. the u. s. and russia have resumed tolts with a phone call between secretary of state lincoln and foreign minister love rob,
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without a breakthrough. and that's it for now for me. but don't forget, you can always get d w news on the go. just download our app from google player from the app store. that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news. and if you happen to be part of a new story and also use the d w app to send us your photos on your videos of what's happening around you. that's it from here, the new steam stay to now for another installment. you know, doc, film series that's coming up often break up to how the alphas supersonic scandal will have an update for you at the top of the i would imagine so many portion of lunch as her now in the world climate change can be very
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comp, the story, this is my plan the way from just one week.


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