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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 2, 2022 4:00pm-4:31pm CET

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hunters one week how much work can really get we still have time to work. i'm doing with his subscriber or more minutes late. ah ah, this is news line from berlin fighting words broken glass, the west over the you praying crisis. the russian leader accuses the us and its allies of trying to draw moscow into war. the by the administration says america is
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beefing up its military presence in the region. also coming up, athletes are preparing to go for gold at the winter olympics in beijing of political issues. and the ongoing pandemic are causing headaches for organizers and israel uses the rules on vaccine passes for new cove. at 19 cases are still running at record levels, and many doctors and nurses are important team. ah, i like thank you so much for joining us. russian president vladimir putin has launched a blistering verbal attack on the west. as the crisis over ukraine shows, no signs of easing in his 1st public remarks this year on the stand off, president putin has accused the u. s. and its allies of ignoring moscow's concerns
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over security in the region. and he says, the west is trying to draw russia into war for weeks, he has left to talking to others, but no president vladimir putin has accused the united states. they have trying to drag russia into conflict. so mike loaner, you go that the united states, the most important goal is to contain russia. what, that's the thing, you know, what i'm saying is in this sense, ukraine itself is just a tool to achieve this goal union. this can be done in different ways. one of them is to draw into armed conflict. across the border and key of british prime minister boris johnson offered a show of support to ukrainian president vladimir cholenski. johnson warned that war would be a lose lose outcome. russia invasion of ukraine would be a political disaster. humanitarian disaster, in my view,
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would also be for russia for the world, a military disaster as well. and i had the potential invasion completely, a flies in the face of president putin's claims to be acting in the interests of the ukrainian people. ukraine is not completely relying on diplomacy to protect them. president lensky announced a huge addition to his nation's army, mobile demos, as the shot west volume on over. we will create a new political cooperation format in europe between ukraine, great britain and poland was abusive. within the next 3 years, we will increase the number of the ukrainian armed forces by 100000 professional soldiers army. in a video release, just hours before morris johnson's visit, soldiers tested rocket artillery systems, just north of the crimea peninsula, which russia invaded, an annex from ukraine in 2014. both sides are preparing for war,
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while the diplomats try to make peace. and we're also hearing reports that you as president joe biden has formerly approved a u. s. military deployment to eastern europe were troops ready to deploy quote, in the coming days to the be correspondence and nato experts. herschel says, watching the situation a closely. terry, what more are you hearing from nato on this? and as nato planning a similar move. well, it, this announcement from president biden is about u. s. troops, but anything the u. s. does as the largest nato ally of course, reinforces nato operations. i am hearing from my sources here in brussels, that there will be up to 2000 us troops designated for poland, put on high readiness in case russia should make any further moves. and we will surely hear more specifics from the pentagon. now, what allies do is they announce additional resources,
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additional contributions that they are willing to send to eastern allies or to ukraine. some of these are put under nato operation. some of them are bilateral reassurance and deterrence measures as this latest announcement from the biden administration is expected to be. and i should point out the u. s. already leads a nato operation in poland. the enhanced forward presence. that is something that was deployed there. and in the baltic states after the 2014 invasion of ukraine. and terry, how is nito managing this crisis? what? what can nieto and europe at large? you also cover the you for us. do to deter vladimir putin from possibly invading ukraine. again, there very much hoping that exactly was going to be announced here today will work as a deterrent. nobody knows for sure what vladimir putin is intending to do and what the u. s. and it's european nato allies are hoping is that by building up forces and diplomatic pressure to make clear to the kremlin that it would suffer
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consequences like it's never seen before, should it continue this build up? should it even consider crossing the border into ukraine again? that the price would simply be too high to bear. so the u. s. and nato are very much hoping that there is still a diplomatic way out of this crisis, but they're backing it up militarily to make the kremlin see it their way. and terry finally, we understand that the russian president is due to meet the chinese president of the president's shipping on friday. now there have been unsubstantiated suggestions that russia would not start an incursion as long as the beijing olympic games are on. is there anything to this suggestion? we have been hearing that in serious foreign policy discussions that president clinton would not want to diminish the chinese games. that the olympic games held in china. but by doing something that would take attention away from the olympics,
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which have already, you know, been very beleaguered by diplomatic boycotts by the u. s. and other countries. but that's just one theory. there are also more scientific theories about when president putin could invade ukraine based on, you know, the, the ice on the ground, the frozen the frozen turf that he could get his tanks across. so there were all kinds of, of you know, possible scenarios under which he would or would not invade ukraine. and simply we always come back to the fact that nobody has any idea what putin has in his mind. t w's, terry schultz reporting from brussels. terry, thank you so much for your continued coverage or you know, before friday's official opening the beijing winter olympics, are mired in controversy concerns about human rights abuses. and the high number of corona virus cases threatened to overshadow the event. almost $3000.00 and athletes will be competing for glory. but is the sport at risk of becoming a shy sideshow?
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billions have been invested into making beijing 2020 to an extravagant festival of competition. but the build up has been about so much more than sport. politics, for instance, some nations including the u. s. and the u. k. you have declared a diplomatic boy called over human rights issues and wilson competitors, but no ministers or officials. meanwhile, organizers have threatened athletes with punishment for any behavior or expression that they deem in breach of chinese law, and will expect the audio see to rigorously enforce its own rules. limiting protests they show out. now in the olympic charter, there are very strict rules. so for the meadow ceremonies and during the competitions, political protests are not permitted on other occasions, like at press conferences or during interviews or on personal platforms, the athletes are free to express their opinions. but the athletes must be
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responsible for what they say. and that's the downfall, due to covey. athletes and journalists will be kept insecure bubbles, while no spectator tickets will be sold to the public. organizers say health and safety are paramount, bela, of course covey counter measures are still on top of our agenda. actually we have been making effective measures and everything is under control. without a safe games, there would be no guidelines. so we will make sure that the health and safety of all participants is our top priority fun definitely. a total of $32.00 new cases were reported by elliptical authorities on wednesday alone, as expected to pandemic, his proving to be one of several headaches for the organizes of aging 2022. all right, so 2 days away from the beijing winter olympics. and so happy to have here with meet tombly from d, w. sports. tom. just how much disruption do we expect as
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a result of the ongoing pandemic? plenty, i think is probably in a word about the answer to that question. now of course the has already been a fair bit of disruption as we heard then report 32 cases registered just today in beijing. obviously the athletes are inside the closed loop coded bubble and they're subject to daily testing. the worst case scenario, of course, for any athlete is to test positive and then it's games over. they won't be allowed to compete. of course, for reporters and for other participants for officials. they're also in bubbles in beijing at the moment, subject to a lot of testing as well, and also for spectators. the disruption has basically already happened. now it was at the end of last year, when the decision was announced that beijing organizes wouldn't be selling any to any tickets to international spectators. they then earlier on this year in january, announced that they wouldn't even sell public, you know,
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stage of public sale of tickets to domestic spectators. there will be a few who especially invited along. it's slightly unclear exactly to whom those tickets will be going. but yeah, obviously, cove, it costing a long shadow over the games. and another thing that's also casting a long shot, of course, a diplomatic boycotts by the likes of the united states and the united kingdom. how has that been received by beijing yet? well, i mean, of course it's not being taken we've not been received with glee, obviously doesn't go as far as a full boy of the games that was discussed in some countries by the u. k. and the u . s. also astray. you have elected to state a diplomatic boycott that just means that they won't be sending any government officials or any diplomatic representatives. now china, she's the usa of grandstanding, political posturing and of undermining the games when the diplomatic boycott was announced. and it's one of several political issues to our thorns in china's side
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during these games. another example, of course, is the participation of taiwan. now, taiwan is a territory that's claimed as part of china by the people's republic. they can be at the games under the banner of chinese taipei and the delegation from the chinese taipei had said that they wouldn't attend the opening or closing ceremonies. now they've now been told by the i o. c, that their participation is required. but you know, for these kind of things to be making, the headlines obviously distracts from the games. and of course, it's inconvenient. china is not what they hope people would really be talking about . and in a few words, tom, what can fans expect from beijing? 2020 tale in sport, in terms obviously plenty of highlights. now, one of the things that a lot of people are looking forward to is the bobsled, because we will see the return of jamaican bob sitting teens of our competition after 24 years of absence from the games. we've also heard great things about that track. it's brand new, supposed to be very interesting, very long, lots of interesting corners and things. so that's something to look out for that starts thursday, next week. curling of course and are going for the winter games that's actually
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begun to day. the 1st preliminary rounds. so yet in sporting terms or so, plenty of highlights, obviously on offer. we can't wait town tonight. thank you so much you israelis may soon be able to put away their vaccine passes for good. israel was one of the 1st countries to introduce the pass, but officials now worry it could give false assurances. the army con variant is infecting many who are fully vaccinated. starting sunday, the pass will only be required in higher risk areas, like hospitals, where health care workers are battling record cove at 19 infections. since the early morning or early on has been on duty on a cove at ward, an elderly patient needs oxygen and some comforting words. the covey divorce at this hospital in tel aviv are extremely busy,
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isabella. there are a lot of cases in pick. we have new and takes every day for when one is released. another is submitted at night to lie. numbers are on the rise. we always experienced a delay or even when the general infection rate scenes lower, we at the hospital are still dealing with the higher numbers from the to its previously or their mother full of italian mother fame. valley finished wine, though over all army gren infection rates, show signs of slowing down. the number of patients and hospital remains high. is where it was one of the 1st countries in the world to roll out to rapid vaccination program. over 65 percent of the population have been vaccinated twice, but only 48 percent have had a 3rd booster shot so far. in january, those and the most vulnerable of categories were offered a 4th. oh, i began, as i thought, tell ethical talk during this wave of most of our patients have been elderly. it reminds us of the flu or the complications are comparable. people are dying now.
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the way they would die from the flu shot also the rest of your people are dying of armor crohn. m. i was from your thermal fan. most patients on this board a vaccinated elderly people with underlying health conditions working on the ward is exhausting for every one. adding to this hospital it's like other institutions are struggling with stuff shortages due to the highly contagious ami grown variant . high numbers of doctors and nurses are in quarantine issue. okay, and what's depakote? it's the 1st time we've been at flu capacity here in israel, but we're dealing with it. that's just how it is, is the se, and it's our job to look after patients. and i love them, but it's definitely hard. and there's a lot of barna among the staff, a selection like what it got to let's of a theme of army save a whole day. we have to work very hard until with them. but we're happy to do what's necessary lawful, but yes, it's exhausting and,
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and it doesn't look like it's going to end soon. although i am personally cautiously optimistic. initiative jenika is eltony museum. hold on for now. everybody here must keep going. do the best they can for the ongoing influx of patients and hoping that the peak of the current wave will soon subside. that report by tanya kramer, we can take her to tel aviv and speak to an adapt. david david o v h a epidemiologist from the ben gordion university of the negative a professor. welcome to d w. news. i understand that you sits on the panel that advises the israeli government. and you've been critical in the past of some of their approaches with cases still high in your country. is this the right decision? the green pass actually was introduced in order to have a logical spaces. it was not introduced in order to enforce
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vaccinations, vaccinations are extremely important. they say the news went according to our estimates about $20000.00 deaths em. but currently we only crumb and with the fact that the people are vaccinated, they say probably from hospitalizations and death, but much less so being infected. so we need to adopt a green pass. we don't want to abolish it all together. we want to keep it also for the future if needed in the country. probably this is best to have it as a voluntary measure or when you have high risk situations such as hospitals are really care homes. are the a high risk a activities, vaccinations are very, very important. we are now in the really unprecedented situation and we need to
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adapt the current measures to the g. a. we need to vaccinate. we need to still use the mask of course. and i think that by the fact that we adopting the green past, it's very important also from the trust of the public right now dr. israel has been slowly rolling back curves. is there widespread support for that? i think that the current government, you know, was trying to balance the measures in terms of keeping as much as you can, the number of cases. but remembering the public, it is also about a social support and economy a i think it currently we could do much better in terms of opening schools. i think it was an important factor, but there was also confusion and tension between the ministry of health and ministry of education and also criticism about the economic support. because so
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many people are in isolation. learning to leave with if you compare each relative situation in other countries, you know what happened there about a year ago. things are very different. we have an option of testing and many other things we need to learn to leave the virus because the coffee is going to stay with us. we learning that day that day is going to hear about having vaccines below the age of 5. and i think this will be another important measure because of the national going to enter, i think a finally to the regular schedule of children and a we're going to deal with strengthening to have a system as much as needed. they suffered a lot during the last 2 years. epidemiologist, no dad david off it in tel aviv sir. thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions. thank you. of now round
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up are some other stories making world news today? drug makers, biotech, and pfizer, are seeking emergency authorization from the us authorities for a covert, 900 vaccine for children under the age of 5. if approve the extra low doses would be the 1st for small children. at least 26 people have been killed in the democratic republic of congo after a high voltage power cable snapped and fell. the incident happened on the outskirts of the capital can shut off authority, say the cable hit homes and a market killing. several people, buy electrocution, and australia to lodge bush fires. have prompted evacuations on the outskirts of perth and emergency warning has been issued with blistering temperatures and high wind threatening to intensify the fires in the coming days. the fires of burned through some 100 hector's of land. the european commission has given
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the green lights for some nuclear energy and natural gas investments, to count as sustainable official say. private investment can't contribute to climate goals. but critics claim the plan jeopardizes the blocks target of carbon neutrality by the year 2050. you remember states remain fiercely divided over the so called energy taxonomy. australia is considering a legal challenge. you to polish is and m e p a member of the european parliament for the greens and she joins us from brussels. thank you very much. we're making time and the speaking to us a d. w. news, i miss post a global warming threatens our common future when it comes to our goals to achieve 0 carbon neutrality. when we can't rely 100 percent on renewables, we do need nuclear and gas as transitional technologies,
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as you know until we have enough renewables. well, it is true that we will need gas for a limited time to come. where for nuclear would probably not even be online in time to actually make a significant contribution to go. but that should not be a reason to label them to the table, which is the name of the thought of me gave assigned to the investors. what is a green investment, and this, i'm very sorry, is not green because it goes against the principal. now right now, most you households are more worried about how much their energy costs are rising. not how it is generated. when do you expect renewables to provide cheap, plentiful, and reliable energy? while actually talking about cost,
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the the least expensive energy which you can bring online today is in fact wind and solar look. for example. in portugal we have sola for less than one and a half cents per kilowatt hour, even in germany, which is not a major for the provider. we have price of about $4.00 to $0.05 and cook, or whereas nuclear, it comes with 12 cents one hour and gas. if you buy gas not even having built a power plant, you're already have to pay and brush your cheaper it's cheaper. but is there enough of it? can it bridge that gap that we need to have reliable sources? sources of energy right now? this is true, but will we have reliable sources of energy by building more power plant for gas, which is as we just found out board expenses, we should reserve our precious green investments for renewables. of course, people can build gas pro plans,
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but sorry that this should not be brought to the gold standard of the took some me now we've heard that austria and luxembourg. they are prepared to legally challenge this plan. do you think anything will stop this from being implemented well before a legal challenge will occur, we will of course, have the opportunity of your p. paul, you meant to object against the look at the act and my politic google, and i will fight like hell in order to find a majority for this. but in case that a legal challenge is necessary, i will find it very interesting how the court of justice will just the fact that this delegated act violates article 2990 off the treaty of the functioning of the union. meaning that it doesn't detail out something, but it's something new to
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a primary legislation which is in fact not delegated act. supposed to do you to, paula said green m e p in brussel. thank you so much for coming on. thank you. if here in germany debate as raging over whether a former far right politician can go back to his old job as a judge, you inspire was a member of parliament for the far right a f d party. he now wants to return to the courts after failing to win reelection. he used to be a member of parliament for the far right s b party, and recently was categorized as extreme is by the domestic intelligence agency. hence maya is known for his far rights and unconstitutional statements. also, while he was in parliament, back in 2017, he was reprimanded for trivializing the holocaust. this whole propaganda and re education directed against us, which is supposed to persuade us that outfits was factually the consequence of
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german history. i hereby declare this call of guilt to be over to be finally, over in september, last year, maya was not elected for a 2nd term in parliament. now he wants to go back to his previous job as a judge in the german state of saxony. according to the law, he is allowed to do that, but many believe the justice minister can stop him from doing so. can you perhaps wiseman? oh yes. behavior during his time as a member of parliament gives reason to at least initiate disciplinary proceedings and to examine whether one can also use his statements to accuse him of having violated his official duties or what's wrong with furnishing tradition. let's this could possibly even leave to his dismissal as a judge. also victor, who and quintal, the justice ministry and facts. and he doesn't think it can pursue this route. but there is another possibility,
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a so called judge impeachment. if judges violate the german constitution, they can be removed from office after a vote by a 2 thirds majority in the state parliament and the decision by the federal constitutional court. but the hurdles are high and the clock is ticking for those who want to stop maya, you're watching it renews life from berlin, coming up next made, and germany asked whether capitalism can ever be environmentally friendly. i'm loyal. how i can ruin on behalf of all of us here. thanks so much for watching. we'll be back with the world headlines at the top of the hour to catch ah, ah!
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