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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 2, 2022 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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good call on the p starts february, 4th paul, d w. no, ah ah, this is, did every news live from berlin deter and defend a dramatic escalation of the crisis over ukraine? the pentagon, since 3000 troops to beef up the american presence in eastern europe earlier, vladimir putin accused the us and its allies of trying to draw russia into war in ukraine. also coming up israel back pedals on vaccine passes. experts say they could create a false sense of security because the i'm a con variant is infecting even people who are fully vaccinated. cases still at
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record levels and hospitals struggling to keep up. plus count down to the winter olympics rouse over human rights abuses in the corner virus region. is the actual sports in danger of becoming a site show? ah ok, thank you so much for joining us. while we open this broadcast with breaking developments, you as president joe biden has approved the deployment of 3000 troops to eastern europe and the tensions with russia. $1000.00 of those troops are to be sent from u. s. army bases in germany to romania. a further, 2000 will be sent from the us to germany and poland. they are expected to arrive later this suite. all this announcement is,
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in addition to the $8500.00 us troops put on alert last month. and the pentagon says the person now will not fight in ukraine, but are being sent to reassure nato allies as concerns grow over conflict with russia. the current situation demands that we reinforce the deterrent and defensive posture on nato's eastern flank. president biden has been clear that the united states will respond to the growing threat to europe's security and stability. our commitment to nato article 5 and collective defense remains iron clad. as part of this commitment and to be prepared for a range of contingencies, the united states will soon move additional forces to romania, poland and germany are at. we have team coverage for you did use. terry schultz is in brussels, where nato is headquartered, and oliver salad is in a washington oliver want to go to you 1st. why this deployment now has the security
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situation changed? layla, you just heard the pentagon spokesperson and john kirby as speak. so he basically outlines that this decision comes as a response to the ongoing russian to build up not only in western russia near the ukrainian border, but also in bella, rural. so russia continues to send troops into the area. and that, of course, is a concern for the united states as well for its allies. what kirby also said as a view, as continues to be not sure if who didn't really decided to invade ukraine, but it certainly has the cap of capability to do so. and therefore, he made clear that these troops, the 3000 troops that are sent to the region now are not sent there to engage with russian troops. neither are they sent their to enter ukrainian soil. so what we are looking here at right now is a symbolic move, given that some 60000 us troops are already stationed in europe, is an additional 3000 is really not as much as a big number. also,
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if you consider that 100000 russian troops are waiting on the other side. so the ultimate goal here really is, is a troop deployment in order to deter russia from sending its troop to the ukraine to race. that price tag should put in decide to do so, and if necessary, also to defend neighboring nato countries. terry and brussels could we see nato ascend additional resources to eastern europe. well, layla, every time the u. s. makes a move in, says that it is in support of nato. that of course, boosts nato's deterrent and reassurance effect. and certainly when you send us troops, it has a quality that i think anyone in nato would, would admit, raises the stakes for moscow. quite a bit. so this is in, in defense of, of nato. but yes, i do expect to see other nato allies step up as some have done in recent days. the
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u. k. has announced a significant new deployments, doubling its forces in estonia, for example, sending new defensive equipment. the netherlands and denmark are sending fighter jets and frigates. and another thing that i expect to be coming down the line later this month is that defense ministers will meet here in brussels in the middle of the month. and i would expect that there you will see of force approved for romania, like the enhanced for forward presence. i units that we have now in the baltic states and poland. this is something romania has asked for for a long time. france is willing to lead it, and i expect with all the pressure now from the kremlin, the uncertainty that we will see that approved at the defense ministers meeting here in brussels. later this month. social reporting from brussels and oliver salad from washington. thank you both for your coverage is released may soon be able to put away their vaccine passes. israel was one of the 1st countries to introduce the past, but starting sunday,
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the pass will only be required in high risk areas like hospitals, where healthcare workers are battling record, coven 19 infections. since the early morning, 11 has been on duty on a cove at ward, an elderly patient needs oxygen and some comforting boards. the coven, warts at this hospital in tel aviv are extremely busy, isabella. there are a lot of cases in pick. we have new and takes every day for when one is released. another is submitted at night till i numbers are on the rise. we always experienced a delay or even when the general infection rate seems lower, we at the hospital are still dealing with the higher numbers from the 2 weeks previously or them on the phone with william at i fame valley finish wine. though over all on the grown infection rates show signs of slowing down. the number of
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patients and hospital remains high is where it was one of the 1st countries in the world to roll out a rapid vaccination program. over 65 percent of the population have been vaccinated twice, but only 48 percent have had a 3rd booster shot so far. in january, those and the most violent urban categories were offered a 4th. oh, i began, as i fell ethical talk during this wave of most of our patients have been elderly. it reminds us of the flu or the complications are comparable. people are dying now . the way they would die from the flu shot also, most of your people are dying of our micron. m. i was from your thermal fan. most patients on this board a vaccinated elderly people with underlying health conditions working on the ward is exhausting for every one. adding to this hospital, it's like other institutions are struggling with stuff shortages due to the highly
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contagious ami grown variant. i numbers of doctors and nurses are in quarantine issue. okay, and what's depakote? it's the 1st time we've been at fu capacity here in israel, but we're dealing with it. that's just how it is, is the se, and it's our job to look after patients. and i love them, but it's definitely hard. and there's a lot of barnett among the staff, a selection like what it got to let's of a theme. obama save a whole day. we have to work very hard until with them. but we're happy to do what's necessary lawful. but yes, it's exhausting. and it doesn't look like it's going to end soon. although i'm personally consciously optimistic. i mean, shit can. erica hansley is of the museum on set free. now everybody here must keep going, do the best they can for the ongoing influx of patients. and hoping that the peak of the current wave will soon subside. earlier i spoke to an a davida bitch in appeal epidemiologist,
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who sits on an expert panel advising the government uncovered painting. he told us why the government decided to ditch the vaccine pass for places like restaurants and bars. their green bus actually was introduced in order to have a safe epitome, logical spaces. it was not introduced in order to enforce vaccinations, vaccinations are extremely important. they saved the newsletter according to our estimates about $20000.00 bess m. but currently with the army crumb and with the fact that the people vaccinated they, they, they probably from hospitalizations and death but much less so being infected. so we need to adopt the green path. we don't want to abolish it altogether. we want to keep it also for the future is needed in the currently probably this is best to
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have it either the voluntary measure or when you have high risk situation patches, hospitals really care homes. oh, are the a high risk activities, but to mention the very, very important we are now in the really unprecedented situation and we need to adapt the kinds measures to the demila g a we need to vaccinate. we need to still use them asking for them. i think that the, by the fact that we adopting the green past the very broad those from the trust of the public and after which israeli epidemiologist speaking to us earlier, let's take a look at what some of the other developments in the pandemic germany has recorded . more than 10000000 kona virus cases, more than 200000 new affections have been logged in a single day. france started easing over $900.00 restrictions despite record case numbers, mandatory outdoor mask wearing and capacity limits for large events are dropped.
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and tonga is going into long down after port workers delivering humanitarian aid tested positive for the virus. the remote pacific nation was devastated by a su nami last month. let's get your wind up of other stories and making a world news right now. the european commission has given the green light for some nuclear energy and natural gas investments to be labeled as sustainable officials say private investment can contribute to climate goals. but critics warn the legislation jeopardizes the target of achieving carbon neutrality by the year 2050 austria says it is considering a legal challenge to the ruling at least $26.00 people have been killed in the democratic republic of congo after high voltage power cables. snapped and fell. the incident happened on the outskirts of the capital kinshasa authority say the cable hit homes and a markets killing several people by electrocution. michael women studies are back
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at some of of gone to stones universities in a significant concession by the taliban colleges in and around a 5th of provinces have re admitted women, but classes are segregated. the taliban rulers have been under pressure to improve women's rights. since he's in coward last year, germany and the u. s. have rejected the word apartheid in connection with israel. it comes after amnesty international, published a reports accusing israel of practicing segregation, disposition, and exclusion against palestinians. amnesty said its findings were based on research into seizure of palestinian land in the forcible transfer of people in this israel has rejected the findings not to day even before friday's official opening the beijing winter olympics, are mired in controversy. concerns about human rights abuses, and the high number of corona virus cases threatened to overshadow the games.
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almost $3000.00 athletes will be competing for glory. but is the actual sports at risk of becoming a site show? billions have been invested into making beijing 2022, an extravagant festival of competition. but the build up has been about so much more than sport politics. for instance, some nations including the u. s. and the u. k. you have declared a diplomatic boy called over, schumann writes issues and wilson competitors, but no ministers or officials. meanwhile, organizers have threatened athletes with punishment for any behavior or expression that they deem in breach of chinese law, and would expect the see to rigorously enforce its own rules. limiting protests, they saw the same now indian pic charter, there are very strict rules. so for the meadow ceremonies and during the competitions, political protests are not permitted on other occasions, like at press conferences or during interviews or on personal platforms,
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the athletes are free to express their opinions. but the athletes must be responsible for what they say about. that's what you sound far do to covey athletes and journalists will be kept insecure bubbles, while no spectator tickets will be sold to the public. organizers say, health and safety are paramount, valor of cool covey counter measures are still on top of our agenda. we have been making effective measures and everything is under control. without a safe games, there would be no guidance. so we will make sure that the health and safety of all participants is our top priority. financially. a total of $32.00 new cases were reported by olympic authorities on wednesday alone. as expected, the pandemic is proving to be one of several headaches for the organizes of beijing 2022. your washing date of your news live from berlin?
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stickler this coming up next a d w documentary on rethinking capitalism. i'm while rocket, brilliant on behalf of all of us here. thanks for watching. ah ah, what people have to say matters to us. mm. that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d w.


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