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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  February 3, 2022 3:02am-3:29am CET

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and this is japanese from berlin. there is much more on our website at www. dot com . ah, ah, the number is modest, the message is anything. but today, the pentagon announced that it is sending 3000 additional troops to nato allies in eastern europe, polo romania, and here to germany, the u. s. making it clear the soldiers are prepared to defend nato, not to fight in ukraine. and yet, this is all about ukraine and the 100000 russian troops standing at ukraine's doorstep. russian president vladimir putin could easily order an invasion. then we would have a new european battlefield bordering for nato countries, including those new u. s. troops. i'm brit guffman berlin. this is the day. ah!
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the door to the remains open. we don't know what decision president couldn't pull make when needed, the more we will not give up our whatever tree you come in, matter what the prices providence to nibble on to have to pay huge surprise for that. what it is to pipe, i believe we believe that you only roach to solution ish through de escalation diplomacy and a dialogue history of police. if it depends on russia, there will be no war. we don't want war with the lot. we have to put birthdate weapons, and i'll head and defend the country. i think unfortunately, the di may have been cast also coming up former drug lord pablo escobar, of columbia was once known as the king of cocaine. he also created a private palace for his packet d'oeuvres, escobar got arrested, his hippos,
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they got away. no one wants to kill the hippos. but it's the less of 2 evils. in this scenario. mild main order and owners and medical most a to our viewers watching on p b. s. in the united states and to all of you around the world. welcome that we begin the day with what looks like a 3000 response to of 100000 questions. today the pentagon announced that it will be sending $3000.00 additional u. s. troops to germany, poland and romania, the shore up natives. eastern borders in the baltics and the black sea. and to reassure nato allies that the u. s. is committed to collective defense for nato countries. in eastern europe. share a border with ukraine, which shares a border with russia, where now more than a 100000 russian troops are station the pentagon emphasized to day no
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u. s. troops were going to ukraine. now that will offer little comfort on either side of the atlantic to night. the threat of war in ukraine, despite official denials from the kremlin, is real. and the threat of that military conflicts spilling over into a native country is just as real to another day. another increase intention over ukraine. the u. s. is sending 2000 soldiers to poland and germany, while another 1000 moved from germany to romania. the current situation demands that we reinforce the deterrent and defensive posture on nato's eastern flank. president biden has been clear that the united states will respond to the growing threat to europe's security and stability. our commitment to neo article 5 and collective defense remains iron clad. the pentagon made it clear that no us soldiers will fight in ukraine. he, the ukrainian president, volota me, zalinski said diplomacy comes 1st,
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but no options are off the table. me. we only think about peace from when we only think about the return of our occupied territories. it had only through diplomacy, lamentation of snow, isha vish. we will not give up with a single piece of our land to day yolanda. we will not give up our territories. we needed them no matter what the pricey. yeah. cops, enough? cheese. bravo, nimble la. despite zalinski is reassurances, others are preparing to do battle. if it comes to a fight. the click go boxing brothers one now the mayor of give both signed up for the army. other calling we not week. and any aggressor have to understand you, they do it activity, aggressive activity against you brain. you have to pay huge price for that site directly in ukraine. they're being sent to an ada. nato allies are a sign of support, and i think they're supposed to provide reassurance,
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but they're not anything that truly changes the military dynamic, if the situation on the ground and they're not going to fight in ukraine, they're not going to be sent to ukraine. but today's announcement is really all about ukraine, isn't it? me that there is this fear. and we just heard from a member of the polish parliament this evening that if there were to be an invasion of ukraine by russia, that, that conflict within spill over into one of the native neighbors is how concerned are you that that could actually happen? that's certainly a very significant concern. if you think of the size of your brain as a country, you think it's possession. you also think about russian military hardware and troops have been moved into the other rooms. you can see that the regional security dynamic is changing in europe. and, you know, i think it's imperative that washington, reassure its allies. but i think that the troops are being sent precisely. so the conflict doesn't spill over beyond the borders of ukraine. i think that's the hope
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behind the dissenting of the troops, not an expectation that it will spill over. we have seen reports of what the u. s. is offering russia, for example, it's what's being called a transparency mechanism to confirm that there are no cruise missiles in romania and poland. do you think that that is something that the russians will see is progress here? i think it's potentially, it's potentially possible. the nato document that was leaked to european newspapers sort of came out this this morning as details it's, it's constructive. it doesn't give the russians by any means what they're asking for in terms of the 3 demands or ultimatums that were put forward a couple. ready weeks ago by moscow, but it's certainly a beginning of a conversation. and one that sort of practical minded could lead an interesting diplomatic directions if the russians are willing to follow through on that. we know the u. s. has made demands of russia and vice versa. apart from the concrete
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threat of sanctions, we're not seeing a lot in the way of red lines here. does that leave the u. s. in russia with wiggle room, with the flexibility to negotiate away from this confrontation? absolutely. at 1st, a lot depends on what intentions are if you decided to go to war already than the diplomacy is merely theater. of course, we don't know that. and if putin is signaling that he wants to have a new and different conversation about european security, you know, the, by the administration is not gonna make dramatic concessions and they're not going to, you know, sort of do anything substantive, probably in the short to medium term but i think that they're willing to be interlocutors, and of course you have european countries, france and others that are engaging in diplomacy with russia as well. so, you know, nobody is closing the door, which i think is a very good thing. we've been hearing,
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especially in the past couple of weeks, that one reason, perhaps why vladimir putin seems to be so stubborn this time is because he has china to rely on me. the kremlin is claiming to day that china banks russian calls for security guarantees from the west. how likely is it that china will give any real backing for russia when it comes to this ukraine standoff? so i think that's probably bluster. i don't think china would, would be involved, and it's not clear that china, in any sense, wants a conflict with ukraine, which is an important economic partner of china's where china is important for rushes that it could help with sanctions if those were to come in greater volume from the west, and what china will do in the event of a conflict with ukraine is not bother russia on its eastern border so that in a sense, fries russia up to lucas miller, military assets westward. but china is not going to partner with russia militarily
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. and anything on your grade, i think that that's, that's absolutely clear. whatever the rhetoric may suggest. we, we've heard also that russia military is much better equipped now than it was in 2014 modernized, i'm able to, you know, walk the walk and talk the talk. we've also heard that the kremlin has amassed a huge surplus of foreign currency reserves, especially dollars, but also euro's with both of those factors. if they are true, would they help to explain why russia may be blustering so much, or why russia may think that it's worth, you know, taking the chance here and invading ukraine. well, that's correct. i mean, i think if russia does make that move, it's going to be because it has political ends in mind. so it's not just, you know, flexing of military myself. but certainly, if you look at the time between 2014, in the present, the key adventure russia is, it's military move into syria,
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which i think russia as a success. yes. they've been pouring a lot of money into the military and i think they feel in a general sense that this gives them a voice in europe. and they're very clear about trying to use that voice. it truly does and what the response of europe is, is, is something that remains to be seen. but no doubt russia is looking at its military assets and feels a degree of confidence in them. and that is playing a role in russian diplomacy at the present moment. professor michael kimmy is always professor, we appreciate your time and your insights. good to see you again. thank you. thank you for having me. ah, what it is a 1st and he was history and it's not a good one. the national debt of the united states has exceeded 30 trillion dollars for the very 1st time. figures released by the department of the treasury show the overall debt climb to $30.00 trillion dollars at the end of january. that's 7 trillion dollars higher than the figure just a year ago. the corona virus pandemic demanded binge borrowing by congress to
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finance coven 19 recipe plan. however, the commonest also point to the trump administration. $1.00 trillion dollar tax cut is a major catalyst in running up. the national debt aren't enjoyed here. the video now by my colleagues, david beardsley from the w business we are, we have to do is look at the numbers here and sort of 30 plus $120.00 steve. and i mean, this is truly astronomical, so we can relate to it. how does this number though? what does it tell us about the help of the u. s. economy? i mean, let's keep it in perspective, right? i mean, it is a nice, big, fat round number. but the same time, it doesn't tell you that much by itself, it give you an example, a home loan 410-0000 or say $200000.00, right? that's more expensive for someone who earns maybe 30000 dollars in year than someone who earns $100000.00. so we have to look really at g d p. in this case. what is that compared to debt that is higher than it has been in recent years at
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the end of fiscal year, 2021, the congressional budget office saying it was around 100 percent exceeded actually 100 percent. and that's projections are that by 2031, it could be 100 percent. that would actually eclipse it's high just after world war 2 when america was, was cleaning up when it was a going through a, basically a big basically dealing with war debts. right. so, so, you know, this is controversial at the same time. there are countries that have higher debt to g d p ratios, look at japan, for example. it also controls its own currency. so there's been a lot of readjustment about how we should look at debt, especially for countries that control their own currency. and the u. s. is the world's biggest economy. we're talking about the politics of driving up the debt. this is a bi partisan disaster. if you will, yeah. you mentioned the trump tax cuts. there's no doubt about that democrats in recent years because of the pandemic. they would say have been spending quite heavily. republicans would counter that. they've gone beyond their mandate to improve the economy. they've done a little too much social spending. interestingly,
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if you look back, you know, back to, let's say, right after the reagan years were there was a big deficit that greeted george h. w bush. upon his arrival. he, you know, went to the democrats and together they created concessions. they created compromises, and he raised taxes despite promising not to do that. and they managed to work out that deficit and bring the debt down a little bit. and that was something that we actually haven't really seen in the same measure in decades since, you know, for. busy conservatives, tax hikes is anathema. that's something that is not politically possible. george, it h, they'll be bush lost the next election. right. we should mention because he was pummeled for going back on that promise. no, no, no, no taxes. right? and at the same time, you know, democrats are very, hasn't hesitant to rein in spending on social services, the ones that the republicans often pump, whether it's social security, whether it's medicare, medicaid. so there is this reluctance. we've seen that kind of vision recent years
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. and we see it here with a debt levels as well, and people are complaining about the project they see in the grocery store now inflation now it rates we haven't seen the early eighty's, the u. s. fed says it wants to start raising interest rates as early as next month . what does that going to mean for the debt? yeah, i mean, honestly, inflation actually would help pay off the debt more, but it would be terrible for people. so no one really is going to pursue that route . we want to pull down inflation. interest rates will also increase the amount of debt service, right? that will make that interest, that that interest more expensive to pay off. so the question is, you know, how are you going to do that? what's going to happen now? some would say that as long as you s growth as well above the interest rates, then naturally things are going to come down. the only problem is that really, that still taxes, those who have asked it is, for example, those were savings. so in a way the country pays off its debt through a tax on those on the wealth of normal american. so, you know, there's criticisms of both side, you know, it's not a $1.00 to $1.00 ratio that if the country is growing more than the interest rates
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that is going to be able to pay that off. so there, there is pushed back on this idea. i mean, it's about the other big economic story today that is the great resignation. it's not slowing down. we got numbers of today for december, more than 4000000 americans quit their jobs. in december, for 2021, a total of more than 40000000 people said take this job and shove, it, that's never happened in the us before. either in the u. s. has a very flexible job market. it's very different from here in germany or in europe. for example, so people have always left and come back to jobs very easily. yeah. we're seeing something that is very different than normal. you know, what we saw was a lot of people who left, they had work at home, they maybe left precarious jobs jobs. they didn't like coven shook things up and now they're not coming back. we have to remember there is still a virus in the u. s. so there are some people who don't want to come back, maybe afraid of coming back. but they're obviously has been re evaluation by others . there are plenty who maybe on the margins they found that they could afford to not have to work. maybe they were close to retirement. maybe they weren't the breadwinner in their family and they found that they didn't actually have to be at work or,
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or maybe there are others who want to try something different. they found that cove, it gave them a chance to reset and they weren't scared to maybe go in a different path. so it's hard to say what exactly is going on, but with a flexible job market like you have in the u. s. one, it's so fluid. it is easier to come back so we still might see something happen, especially after, you know, this virus is finally when that happens. if that happened, we did, the teachers have been quitting in alarming numbers in also i can imagine that a lot of people who have been working from home have discovered like you, like you were just describing, you know, why do i need to sit in traffic jams anymore, right, i mean it's the work life balance that thanks to the corona virus. now, i've realized i want to live better than i did before. that for sure. i mean, you know, recruiters for example, have been saying in recent years that more and more younger generations of workers more, more younger workers in these younger generations, their value assessment, when it comes to work and what they want out of it is shifting fundamentally, it's not as much about the paycheck is not as much about the position,
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but it's about the work life balance, as you said. and cobit has given workers even more reason to see 1st hand what it's like. if they spend more time at home, if they don't have to sit in traffic, commutes are a big thing in the u. s. as both of you and i know so that's no small thing when it comes to quality of life. so if workers are preferring better quality of life and they're giving a total reassessment in general to what they may be doing as their profession makes you feel lucky when you can take a bike to work. absolutely, exactly. even beardsley, thank years always ah, yesterday denmark in norway lifted all coated 19 restrictions. the u. k is dropping demands that health care workers be vaccinated. the pendant mixed grip. it appears to be weakening here in europe and also in israel. israel was one of the 1st countries in the world to introduce a corona virus vaccine pass. now it's getting ready to discard their pass. beginning sunday. the pass will only have to be shown in high risk areas such as
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hospitals, where health care workers are battling record, coping 19 infections, or reporter tanya crane. soon as this report from television since the early morning, ellen has been on duty on a cove at ward, an elderly patient needs oxygen and some comforting boards. the coven boards at this hospital in tel aviv are extremely busy. isabella. there are a lot of cases, in fact we have new and takes every day for when one is released. another is submitted at night till i numbers are on the rise. we always experienced a delay or even when the general infection rate seems lower, we at the hospital are still dealing with the higher numbers from the 2 months previously over the phone with william other fame valley finish wine. though over all on the ground infection rates show signs of slowing down. the number of
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patients and hospital remains high. is where i was one of the 1st countries in the world to roll out to rapid vaccination program. over 65 percent of the population have been vaccinated twice, but only 48 percent have had a 3rd booster shot so far. in january, those and the most vulnerable categories were offered a 4th. oh, i began, as apple fell ethical talk during this wave of most of our patients have been elderly. it reminds us of the flu or the complications are comparable. people are dying now. the way they would die from the flu shot also, most of your people are dying of armor chron. am i spammer thermal fan? most patients on this board a vaccinated elderly people with underlying health conditions, working on the ward is exhausting for everyone. adding to this hospital, it's like other institutions are struggling with stuff shortages due to the highly
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contagious ami grown very and i numbers of doctors and nurses are in quarantine is who who chron courts. depakote? it's the 1st time we've been at flu capacity here in israel. but we're dealing with it with him, that's just how it is as the say and it's our job to look after patients and i love them, but it's definitely hard. and there's a lot of barna among the staff section like what got to let's of a theme. obama save a whole day. we have to work very hard and told them that we're happy to do what's necessary law. but yes, it's exhausting. and it doesn't look like it's going to end soon. allow me, i'm personally cautiously optimistic initiative danica actually as of the museum on set free. now everybody here must keep going, do the best they can for the ongoing influx of patients and hoping that the peak of the current wave cliffs subside. columbia is facing a dilemma over want to do with dozens of hippos. they were 1st brought thereby
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notorious drug lord pablo escobar. he was killed by police almost 30 years ago, and since then, a growing population of hippos has been taking over the countryside near his former ranch, our reporter travelled to mid ead in columbia to discover why science is an activist . find themselves in a pack of derm pickle, a legacy of drug kingpin pablo escobar. and a problem that has grown over the years, columbia's hippos, now the largest population outside of africa, which is their natural habitat. the so called king of cocaine brought 4 of the packing terms to his ranch. they've now multiplied to mold and 90 and a causing havoc. they like it here, especially in high summer when the hippos gather but i know it, i don't know but and i, they swim out that and then reappeared somewhere else. i remember they rammed my
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boat and kept it over because you can't see them at night. like, i don't know the miles on so aggressive, but one hit my boat with a big bang them yet, but when, well, over like our only i glenmarie the hippos in columbia. and now the subject of public debate. animal rights activists insist that the large mammals are completely innocent. but environmentalists criticize the effects, the hippos have on the ecosystem, and the indigenous foreigner, scientists support an end to the hippos. don't them a lot of that from those hoping on follicles sounds rather harsh, but we must clearly state that it must be done. i think that we from the academy must be able to explain why this must be done by necessity, even if no one is happy about it. or, you know, one wants to kill the hippos. but it's the lesser of 2 evils. in this scenario. mile may north america, almost. the environmental agency has started with harmless birth control,
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a contraceptive that works with both male and female hippos willow seating the medicine donated by us animal welfare authorities is given by injection regarding, well, now we must wait and see how the medicine works. then we will know if it really will the to few carves, then lamarcus care on up, on his. yeah. but young hippos often disappear even without medication. the semi aquatic animals have achieved a kind of cult status among people who wish to imitate pablo escobar. yeah i those gay killers, 2 of the little ones have already been taken away when they were sold. there are a lot of rich people in this country who once i found something like this, the last young hipaa was brought to
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a man who is said to be very powerful. own people with boy rosen. so now there is a market for these exotic animals in columbia, and they lack natural enemies. that's why this is the largest, hypo population outside of africa, where they are indigenous and finally massed and sanitizer social distancing. as we enter pandemic year, re every day feels like groundhog day, but today is february, the 2nd, the real groundhog day. you know what that means? america's famous very forecaster emerged from his world today in novel, hers. gardner goblins knob in punxsutawney, pennsylvania. insiders say that punxsutawney phil did see his shadow. and according to legend, that means we're in for 6 more weeks of winter as what they say in gobblers. no. these almost done, the conversation continues online. you'll find us on twitter either. at the w news you can follow me on twitter at brit got tv. every member,
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whatever happens between now and then no matter how much shadow you see tomorrow is another day we'll see you live with a new fast fashion, a 1000000000 dollar business for gross exploitation, for the men and pollution for everyone. the chinese fashion giant shaking eclipses anything like it before ever faster and ever cheaper,
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but it will cost the world so much more than money made in germany. dw, into the conflict zone with sebastian. as mounting international. confer? no, but tens of thousands of russian troops that getting along the border with craig, we told this week, so i respected foreign policy. i'm with them off both the other you can of the west, misunderstood russia position and just hoping to see if the current situation conflict zone in 60 minutes on d. w. o. one of mankind's oldest ambitions could be
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within reach or what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world for in a race against time. they are peers and rivals with one daring goal to help smart nature. more life starts february 16th on d, w o o m.


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