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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2022 2:00am-2:16am CET

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right now, climate change, if any, off the story. this is why plus the way from just one week. how much work can really get we still have time to work. i'm doing all with his subscriber or more with a with this is dw news. why? from berlin, a total over reaction, that is how d w is condemning rushes decision to ban this network deutscher bella. russia has
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moved to shutter dw is moscow bureau after germany band and german language programming of russian state broadcaster r t. i'm coming up, the united states accuses russia, planning an elaborate plot to create an excuse to attack the crate. the pentagon says moscow put a graphic video to justify taking military action against his neighbor and a major blow to the so called islamic state. last night operation took a major terrorist leader off the battle. president joe biden says the leader of is womach state group, blew himself up as us special forces approach during a raid in northwest syria. ah, hello, i'm clare. richard. welcome to the show. the german government has condemned moscow's
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decision to shut down the russian operations of this network. deutsche avella, germany's foreign ministry said the move would put a renewed strain on german russian relations. moscow made the decision to shudder. d. w. after german media regulators ban german language programming of russian state broadcaster r t, due to its lack of license dodge of l as moscow office has to close by order of the russian government. on wednesday, german media regulators banned german language programming of rushes, state media broadcast r t for operating without a german broadcasting license. d w's director general piece. a limburger called the russian government's decision, a disappointment, and a total over reaction. this is another sign that russia is not interested in. the russian government is not interested in press freedom and freedom of opinion, but i can only say um, even if we have to leave the country,
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we will intensify reporting on the country. so i think this must be also clear to the russian side that we will not just ignore what's happening. russia, we will report and we will do more and more for the team at deed abuse moscow studio losing their press accreditation in russia takes a more personal toll. yup. that effect correspondence produces camera, men, editors, and so on. according to russian law, they are now no longer allowed to work for the traveler. and let me say, when a personal note for me personally and for people who support our coverage from russia, this is a big shock. i, i've been at the bureau chief and correspondent for deutsch avella, he in moscow for 7 years. and like all my colleagues, i have loved to reporting from russia even more. we all wore our and we will stay passing that passionate fans of rush, marashi i dont necessarily mean russian politics but the people of this great country for now d,
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w is weighing its options and considering possible legal avenues or rushes, nova to bandy w comes as german chancellor, all i've shawls prepares a trip to moscow for talks and fears. russia is preparing to invade ukraine, short called the build up of russian troops on the same order. very serious that any invasion would come with consequences, easy. german chancellor has been under pressure from other nato members to take a harder line on russia. and we have an update from d to these political correspondence. simon young can tell us more about what leverage a chance or short might have during his upcoming trip to the kremlin. well, i think the main thing is what we've talked about again and again it's, there's no stream to gas pipeline. it's very important for both russia and germany. russia wants to sell it more gas through that pipeline into
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europe. and of course, any potential decision that's being talked about to stop that going ahead would have economic consequences for russia. so there is some leverage there at the same time. of course, the kremlin knows that germany is very reliant on energy ports, particularly on rushing gas. and so it's a tough call for life sholtes it to say that he's ready to just pull the plug on that as it were. but that's what he said. all options are on the table if there were military aggression by russia, against ukraine, that, you know, they would definitely look up to taking that measure and stopping that to that gas float, famine young forest there. meanwhile, us intelligence has said it has evidence of russian plans to stage a fake attack as a pretext or invading ukraine. tension between russia and the west has been
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escalated, the russia massing troops along the border with ukraine, parking fears of an invasion, the u. s. and some nato allies have sent equipment to ukraine and troops to eastern europe in response. and he was a visual, did not provide detailed information backing up their claims. but here's what pentagon spokesperson, john curry said about. what about what they allege russia is planning. you always discussed this idea false fledged by the russians before we made no secret of that . and, and we do have information that it is that the russians are likely to want to fabricate a pretext for foreign invasion, which again, is right out of their playbook. one option is the, the russian government we, we think is planning to stage a fake attack by ukrainian military or intelligence forces against russian sovereign territory. so earlier we spoke to dw, correspond oliver's salad in washington to find out how reliable this allegation of
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a false flag attack really s. the pentagon is quoting intelligence and it says, and you just heard the spokesperson, john kirby speak. it says it has evidence of a plan, and so that's really important when we talk about this. now that we point that out, that this plan doesn't exist yet. however, the pentagon does believe there is something in the making and the strategy coming out right now with that information is to discredit the authenticity of a potential video that the pentagon is talking about on before it even exists. and that's very important because this conflict is shaped by misinformation, by wrong allegations. and the u. s. government feels it's important to act swiftly to share that intelligence with the public. so it won't stir up any k as in case it plays out how they predict and how they believe it could play out with regards to the question, how that would change the u. s. position. that is very unlikely because the u. s.
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has warned time and time again that they believe an attack is imminent. they just changed their wording and they don't use that word imminent anymore. but of course, russia, they want that russia would create a reason to justify an attack. and such a video that they've been talking about would be just what the u. s. for saw. and under these circumstances, of course, the kremlin will have to think twice about this plan if it exists. of course, he'd be, of course, why oliver's outlet for us there. now let's get a round up of some of the other stories making world news at this hour. british prime minister boris johnson has lost 4 more tea aids as his popularity plummets over lockdown parties. johnson's chief of staff, private secretary and communications director, have all resigns and policy unit chief members. i quit over johnson's controversial comments on monday. attacking opposition, leave her leader here. stop to use the economic community of west african states. echo was,
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has asked me whom to have as his power in burkina faso last week to propose an election time table. the group held an emergency summit in gone as capital across. you discuss measures against burkina faso, as well as what the group called a dangerous trend of military power grants in the region of great yosemite, italy's president. sergio, my dad, allah has been sworn in for a 2nd term. 80 year old. didn't want another 7 years in office, but was persuaded to stay on after lawmakers failed to agree on a compromise candidate in last week's election. but even in his speech to parliament matter, ella appealed for greater unity. you as president joe biden has announced that an overnight raid by us special forces in syria resulted in the death of the leader of the so called islamic states. the news comes amid growing concerned that i ass maybe trying to regroup in the region. a collapsed
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roof and a dead terrorist leader. the result of a us special forces raid in the pre dawn hours on thursday morning in assyrian village near the turkish border. abo abraham, a shimmy r karachi, reportedly blew himself up as about 2 dozen troops back by air support. moved in on a house he was in karachi, was considered the head of so called islamic state. he took over the terrorist group when his predecessor died. much the same way in 2019 u. s. president joe biden told reporters after the raid that the group, while smaller than a few years ago, is still dangerous. he referred to karachi by his other name hush abdulla isis as director terrorist operations targeting americans. our ally and our partners had countless civilians in the middle east, africa, and in south asia. hi, jeff duleigh oversaw the spirit of isolated terrorist groups around the world after
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savaging communities. murder reduces us. officials say the operation biden ordered, took weeks to plan. it happened to mid growing concerns that i asked may be trying to regroup. in january i s attack to prison in northeast syria. in an effort to free it's fighters held there. it took days for us backed kurdish forces to retake the prison, killing hundreds, and the process with no americans were harmed in the overnight raid on alcaraz. she's home despite an exchange of gunfire, and one helicopter making a forced landing due to mechanical issues. at least 13 other people, including other fighters, women and children, were killed as well. u. s. officials attribute the deaths to al karate his own bomb . they said they chose to risk putting boots on the ground rather than an air strike to avoid civilian casualties. the u. s. military has been under pressure to review its targeted strikes,
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some of which have killed more civilians been initially reported. so let's turn our attention now at to some of the developments in the coven 19 pandemic. germany's vaccine commission has recommended a 2nd covert 19 booster be given 2 at risk groups, and that includes the over seventy's, those we have compromised immune systems and health care workers. the world health organization, meanwhile, has said europe may be entering the end of the pandemic. i vaccination rates, the milder omicron variant and at the end of winter me in europe is set for a quote, period of tranquillity. and austria's vaccine mandate has passed in parliament. austria is the 1st european country to make vaccination mandatory for all adults. with some medical exemptions, well, believe it or not, we are just hours away from the opening ceremony of the beijing, which are olympics that the chronic virus pandemic isn't the only issue that is
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looming large over the games. china's human rights abuses are also in the spotlight . oh, with less than 24 hours until the games officially open, the political clouds over beijing showed no signs of clearing. despite the repeated efforts of, i will see president thomas back to resist what he views as the instrumental ization of the olympics. cctv danger greeks knew that they did it for the games would be used for good would come in between those are the political tensions which were higher at the time between his father and her things and in others. if her they're the games would not be considered to be neutral. they would not have her survived. therefore, 1000 years australian open spectators were accused last month by china of
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politicizing sport. after tennis fans handed out, whereas peng schwein t shirts, but confirmed that he will meet the chinese tennis star who disappeared from public life in november after she accused a high ranking communist party official of sexual assault. thanks, wiley to retract to that allegation, that there are concerns she may have done so under duress it's a necessity to, to respect her and then to listen to her and how she sees her, the situation, how she wants to, to leave her life. china's treatment of weaker muslims here, and she, john province, has prompted countries like the u. s. and the u. k. to stage a diplomatic boycott of the beijing games, asked for comment back sighted his know politics pledge, the position or for the the i you see her must be given via pony to glue neutrality. there too, we are not her commenting on her political,
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her issues as the curtain rises on a beijing olympics surrounded by political intrigue bikes, insistence that they be kept out of the games remains unwavering. and it will of course, be bringing more coverage from the beijing winter olympics in the days to come. for now though, that is your news update at the sour stay tuned for dark film coming up next with a village at fighting for a football field in the mountains of kurdistan. and there is, of course, always more news and analysis on our website, dw, dot com. or you can check us out on social media at it of units. i richard fin, infer land from the team at thank you so much for joining us. ah
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